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Lisa Cantwell

Grand Canyon University

TEC- 530
March 20, 2018
Long Beach Unified School Newport-Mesa Unified School
District Acceptable Use District Network Acceptable
Program (AUP) Use Policy (AUP)
Introduction/Preamble Introduction explains the Introduction and purpose
students’ rights and their right explain the intended goal and
to access of information. It is overview of district’s
set up by informing the users acceptable use policy.
that as with all rights, there are
responsibilities that accompany
those rights.
Unacceptable uses In this AUP, they have titled In this district’s AUP, they
section the section Network Privacy have titled it Prohibited uses.
and Guidelines with an This section gives a list of
itemized list of seven items that prohibited behaviors that
are not allowed. These include inform the user of behavior that
items such as material they are should be avoided.
not to access, download, and
Definition section In this district’s AUP, the Included in the AUP is a
glossary is included and defines section titled definitions.
such words as access, computer Words that are defined are
network, and computer system. technology, NMnet and User.
Privacy In this district’s AUP, the This district’s AUP has a
district reminds users that section titled No Privacy. In
information, files and messages this section, the user is
are never private and may be reminded that the network is
reviewed and monitored to not private and will be
maintain integrity. monitored by district
Consequences In this school district’s AUP, a This information was located
subheading is labeled very briefly in the introduction
consequences that is in bold. and purpose. It is not titled and
This section discusses the may easily be overlooked.
consequences of violating the
district’s policy. This can
include loss of access to
technology. In addition, it
states if necessary, law
enforcement may become
Personal devices In this AUP, there is There is no mention of the use
information concerning the use of personal devices on this
of personal devices and the use district’s AUP.
of the district’s wireless access.
It also informs the user that
through its use of the district’s
wireless connection, the
content will be continued to be
filtered as if it was being used
by a district computer.
Internet Use This district informs the user This district has a section titled
what is not allowed under internet access. In this section,
Network Privacy and the district defines what is
Guidelines. Under this allowed and what is not
section it also states that school allowed on the internet. They
computer’s must be used for state that the internet must be
educational purposes, This used for educational purposes
AUP also infers that the only and playing games and for
district’s viewpoint for the personal use is not allowed.
internet is that it is fundamental Internet access must be used
to discovering and learning for educational purposes only.
through connection and This AUP is very matter of fact
collaboration. It also adds that and mainly discusses what is
through research and the allowed and not allowed and
resources available online, used to guide the students in
students can increase their making acceptable choices.
knowledge through
Dear Vanitha Chandrasekhar,

After reviewing the district’s acceptable use program (AUP) for Long Beach Unified

school district, I would like to commend you on the district’s mission statement and position on

technology for our district. In the introduction of the acceptable use program, the idea is

expressed that users of all ages have rights; the right to freedom of speech and the right to access

information. These same values follow the National Education Technology Plan, as you both

strive for the goal of knowledge that is empowered through technology (NETP, 2017).

However, there are some areas of concerns that I have noticed related to the district’s

acceptable use program. One such concern is that as an employee of the district, I was unaware

of the acceptable use program for our district. This should be a concern, because if an employee

of the district is unaware of the policy, how can I inform my students of this policy? After

research, I was able to locate where the acceptable use program for students is located. Placing it

in the district’s guidelines for parents and students may seem like an ideal place to address it.

However, because this document is only accessible online, it may not be accessible for those

parents who do not have access to technology.

In addition to the acceptable use program, the district’s technology master plan, in

Security and Infrastructure, goal 2, objective 2.1, addresses the school district’s intent to support

and provide accessibility to task appropriate online safety resources (LBUSD Technology Master

Plan, 2009). As a teacher for the district, this is a topic that is very important, but has not been

directly addressed in our schools. This should be a matter that should be discussed and reviewed

with teachers and administrators. This goal also coincides with Goal 3 under Teaching and

Learning in the master plan. Objective 3.4 states that students and staff will be educated in

online safety and the ethical behaviors needed for technology use. (LBSUD Technology Master
Plan, 2009). In the California Education Technology Plan, under Ed tech plan criterion for 2e, it

states that goals and a plan should be in place with yearly activities that will address internet

safety and the correct, appropriate use of technology (California Department of Education,

2015). This is a very important topic and consideration should be in place to assist teachers and

provide support with resources to ensure proper internet safety. LBUSD’s master plan should

consider adding a more detailed plan that involves educating teachers and providing proper

training with a specific goal and objective so all teachers across the district will have the same


Furthermore, after further review of the technology master plan, in the area of Teaching

and Learning, Goal 1, Objective 1.1, the information is outdated and refers to the year 2007 for

the International Society for Technology in Education’s standards for students. As the current

update for the standard is 2016, the information should be updated to include the most current

version year. It would seem that a review of the master plan should be considered and brought

up to date. Although your mission statement concedes that the master plan is a living document

and changes do occur, after nine years, it is time our district’s technology master plan is once

again assessed and revised.

Another suggestion is a revision of the title of our acceptable use program. This should

be considered in that the title should be changed from an acceptable use program (AUP) to a

responsible use policy (RUP). The reason this should be considered is due to the intended nature

of the information provided in the acceptable use policy. With our innovative district’s outlook

and vision towards responsible use, the document should convey that message, starting with the


Lisa Cantwell

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