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Company Profile:

Thatta Cement Company Limited was incorporated in 1980 as a public limited company. It was a wholly owned
subsidiary of the State Cement Corporation of Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited. The manufacturing facility was
commissioned in 1982. The plant based on dry process technology, had a total installed capacity of 1,000 tons per
day of clinker. The plant was supplied by M/s. Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan. In the year 2004, Government of
Pakistan divested its shareholding from the company through Privatization Commission.

The Company obtained listing on the Karachi Stock Exchange Limited as public limited company in the year 2008.
Share of Thatta Cement Company Limited are quoted on Karachi Stock Exchange. Symbol of Company "THCCL"
assigned by Karachi Stock Exchange (


The plant is located 115 km North East of Karachi at Ghulamullah Road, Makli, District Thatta. The facility is
spread over 233 acres of freehold land consisting of factory area, workers’ colony, officers’ colony, commercial
buildings and water reservoirs. Finest quality raw material deposits are available close to the plant. These
limestone and clay reserves are sufficient for about 100 years. In this respect, TCCL has the mining rights for
extracting limestone from 2,364 acres, shale/clay from 1,121 acres and silica sand from 1,239 acres of land,
respectively. The Company has further acquired mining rights of limestone for a further area of 1,240.02 acres in
December 2010.

Legal Information:

Symbol: "THCCL" link of stock

CUIN: 0007609 NTN: 0712394-9 STN: 0101252300364


Subsequent to the privatization, the management embarked on a number of initiatives to improve performance
and efficiency of the unit. These include:

 Induction of competent and experienced management personnel and skilled workforce

 Capacity expansion by 50% (i.e. from 1,000 tpd to 1,500 tpd) of clinker

 Refurbishment of 35 tons/hour cement grinding mill which was not operational for almost two decades

 Securing ISO 9001:2008 certification

 Installation of 24 tons/hr coal grinding mill

 Establishment and installation of a modern, computerized state of the art operations control system

 Conversion of the plant from furnace oil to multi fuel firing system (coal, gas and furnace oil)

Valued Customers:

Some of our valued customers:

2. Dadex Eternit Limited

1. Directorate General Procurement Army
4. Neelum Jehlum Hydro Electric
3. Saima Construction & Developer Group
6. Ssangyong Usmani Joint Ventu
5. Frontier Works Organization
8. China Fast Wind Power, Gharo
7. Banu Mukhtar Limited
10. Descon Engineering Limited
9. Maqbool Constructions (Private) Limited
12. Central Works Organization
11. China International Water & Electric Corporation
14. Army Housing Directorate
13. Bahria Town Karachi

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