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Reducing the running costs of the business by 50%

increases profitability of leading MSP
NIENSCHANZ finds the ideal ITSM platform, assyst, to enable
them to develop and implement their strategy effectively
NIENSCHANZ is a multi-brand group of companies, ƒƒThere were no clear responsibilities defined one of the largest IT holdings in Russia and a trusted within DCS, especially in regard to customer
Country Russia solution provider with over 18 years of experience communication.
delivering a portfolio of IT services and solutions to the ƒƒManagement had no view of staff workload or
Sector IT (MSP) largest organizations and government bodies. how much time they spent on certain customers.
Key Statistics NIENSCHANZ customers are large, federal government
The above led to reduced customer satisfaction
ƒƒOne of the largest IT companies in bodies and local government offices, including the
levels and overworked personnel, since they were
Russia [1] Committee of St. Petersburg Local Authorities, the
“fire-fighting” the majority of the time. Also, due to
ƒƒTotal turnover of the NIENSCHANZ Federal Tax Service and Immigration Authorities.
a lack of reporting, it was difficult to communicate
CJSC in 2009 was 8.2 billion RUR
what costs were associated with ongoing contracts,
(USD 0.27 billion) [2] Since 2002, NIENSCHANZ has been ISO 9001:2000
which led to a strained relationship with senior
ƒƒ30,000 configuration items certified, the international standard for quality
ƒƒ22,000 calls closed in 2009 with
1 according to CNews ratings NIENSCHANZ is segregated into divisions – financially Strategy – increase service delivery
2 exchange rate 1 USD = 30 RUR independent business units which carry full responsibility and customer satisfaction by
for developing and selling their products. The Division
of Computing Systems (DCS) is one of the oldest automating processes in accordance
Key Challenge business units. Formed in 1990, its main business was with ITIL recommendations
ƒƒFind the right ITSM platform to initially the production and distribution of computing
support the MSP business in line with equipment. In 2005, due to a significant decrease in DCS devised a five year strategy for which it was
its strategy the demand for computing equipment, it was decided crucial to re-define the business processes, change
ƒƒReduce costs and increased to focus efforts on a new offering – providing IT services the company structure accordingly and gain an
operational efficiency to external companies. Since 2006, DCS has been an adequate grasp of the complex IT infrastructure they
ƒƒRegain control of their customers outsourcer, supporting the IT infrastructure of external were supporting.
complex IT infrastructures customers: mostly governmental organizations such as
the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, the All of this required a platform to automate IT Service
Management (ITSM), with the main goal to improve
Key Strategy Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation
service delivery and customer satisfaction by increasing
and multiple municipal organizations in St. Petersburg.
ƒƒDefine and re-engineer existing the operational effectiveness of the IT services. The
business and IT processes required platform was to enable automation of all ITIL
ƒƒEstablish a Service Desk Challenge - improve efficiency and processes and create cost savings.
ƒƒImplement a federated CMDB and management of IT services Following a comprehensive selection process, the
ITSM platform assyst solution from Axios Systems, the world’s
In 2007, the growth of business prompted the leading ITSM provider, was chosen, most notably
Key Benefits/Results requirement of a conceptually new approach to because it allowed the organization to automate all
manage IT services. By this time, the outsourcer ITIL processes within one single implementation and
ƒƒImproved customer service with
already supported 20 large customers (over 10,000 offered the shortest deployment time.
Service Desk operating 24/7
configuration items) which were spread over multiple
ƒƒReduced incident resolution time by locations in St. Petersburg and the surrounding region.
ƒƒProductivity ratio increased by 34% DCS faced the following issues:
per engineer
ƒƒAverage customer satisfaction level ƒƒLack of a federated source of information in the
increased to 9.8/10 Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and
ƒƒTime and cost savings to support IT es & Solu
information about the assets from different customers vic
was stored in multiple Excel tables, which made


ƒƒCost transparency for customers and reporting virtually impossible.


senior management
ƒƒSince there was no automation of registering requests
ƒƒDefined business processes made, a large proportion were lost or not responded
ƒƒImproved visibility and control on to on time.
assets with assyst CMDB
ƒƒThe calls were not distributed or assigned to personnel,
ƒƒReporting system now powerful tool which led to a non-effective use of resources – often
for decision-making

highly qualified engineers were occupied with



ƒƒGained ISO/IEC 20000-1:2005 and


rudimentary tasks. lG

ISO 27001 certification t

ƒƒLack of a federated platform led to calls being ov
ern men
registered in multiple databases which meant that no m ent ove
analytical data was being collected. bo dies and local G
9 10 CCS Neanschantz US v1.0

Benefits – improved customer service The single, federated CMDB gives control over assets precise and up-to-date information
and their relationships, as well as instant access to significantly decreased the negative
and productivity while reducing costs information on customer assets serviced, either in impact on the business, Timofeev
total or per customer. explains, “It is difficult to calculate
Significant savings were achieved direct savings but, at a minimum,
through: Transparent cost structure I believe that implementing assyst
opened new avenues for our business
Defined business processes and improved development and permitted us to
quality of service provision “Implementing assyst has allowed us to analyze
grow, i.e. sign new customers, without
the workload related to each of our customers”,
the need to hire additional personnel
Timofeev explains. “This information made us re-
The DCS business unit was structurally re-organized to run new contracts. It also gives us
consider the contracts: we can now calculate exactly
to fit the defined business processes and each staff the opportunity to gain additional
whether the conditions we have with a particular
member received a formalized job description. The first revenues as a reseller, since we, as an
customer are profitable for our company. Through
reorganization step was to implement a 24/7 Service authorized partner of Axios Systems,
the assyst reporting functionality, we were able to
Desk in order to provide customers with a single point of include assyst as part of the ITSM
clearly demonstrate that to senior management.”
contact to address concerns and get feedback on open offering to our customers.”
By using assyst, DCS has gained control over its cost
calls. As a result, the call answer rate has improved structure, which has improved the relationship with
significantly and call abandonment has reduced to almost Obtaining ISO/IEC 20000-
senior management, as well as established a more
zero, which was quickly acknowledged by the customers: 1:2005 for ITSM and ISO
transparent relationship with their customers.
“During Q3 of 2008, the average performance rating 27001:2005 for information
given by the customers to our IT team was 7.8/10. In “The most important achievement for us is that with security compliance
Q1 of 2009, it increased to 9.6/10, and to 9.8/10 the assyst implementation we were able to cut the
in Q4 of 2009”, Yury Timofeev, CEO at DCS, proudly costs to support our day-to-day business by 50%” Implementing assyst allowed the
reports. company to gain ISO/IEC 20000-
Yury Timofeev 1:2005 and ISO 27001 certification.
Improved efficiency through effective planning CEO, DCS Not only was this an indication
of transport and resources NIENSCHANZ of improved service delivery and
information security, but also showed
assyst offers improved allocation of incidents, which are Tailored reporting system to support that the maturity of the organization had
now rated depending on personnel qualifications and decision-making grown significantly. NIENSCHANZ
availability. More incidents are now resolved by 1st line has been one of the first companies
support, which has freed up the time of more qualified in the north-west region of Russia to
According to specific business and customer needs
personnel, thus reducing costs by structured workloads obtain these certificates, which has
and requests, a comprehensive reporting system was
and process automation. The federated CMDB and significantly increased the kudos of
developed for each party, based on Crystal Reports
Resource Manager tool within assyst shows the operator the company and demonstrates the
and BIRT products, by integrating them with the assyst
planning on-site customer visits an electronic map where overall quality of their services to their
database. “Our customers receive the information
the calls are located. This enables intelligent scheduling customers.
they need within timescales that suit them. As a
of personnel, saving time and associated costs. result, their business decisions are made based on
facts, not assumptions”, Timofeev explains.
Incident resolution time has reduced by 38% (from 9.2 “The facility to enable decision-making with
to 5.7 hours on average for an incident)
In spite of an overall increase in the number of registered
calls by 60% (due to the continuously increasing number
of customers), the productivity ratio per engineer
increased by 34% compared to the same period in

Improved teamwork and internal

Cost Savings

The reporting within assyst enabled the development of

an efficient and comprehensive staff motivation scheme.
The performance of individuals and teams is rated
against specific KPIs. “Gaining control helped team
spirit within the DCS”, Timofeev believes, “There is now
a better distribution of workload and everybody knows IT Service Management Automation
exactly who is responsible for what. In addition, we
have developed a transparent motivation system through
assyst reporting, which is used to calculate the bonus Speed of deployment
payments at the end of the month.”

Improved control and management of IT Axios Systems in IT

infrastructure through a federated CMDB
Axios has been providing ITSM solutions to the IT industry for more than 20 years. assyst,
is a fully integrated, out-of-the-box solution, available in on-premise and SaaS models,
The assyst CMDB currently holds over 30,000 which helps organizations optimize IT infrastructure efficiency, reduce overheads and
configuration items distributed throughout multiple lower the total cost of IT ownership. Our main focus on helping companies deliver
locations in St. Petersburg and the surrounding region. top line value has been particularly well demonstrated in the IT sector with customers
including SCC, Northgate, LANIT, and Kaspersky Lab, among others.