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This Is Your Promise!

Blessed [is] the

nation whose God
[is] the LORD; [and]
the people [whom]
he hath chosen for
his own inheritance.
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Psalms 33:12.

Vol. 7, No. 7 NOVEMBER, 2010 Price: Rs.2/-

IN a hard-hitting speech, anyone, neither the person Horst Seehofer, the leader of the
German Chancellor Angela concerned, the country, nor the CDU’s Bavarian sister party,
Merkel asked Turkish and Arab society,” the Turkish president CSU, who represents the right-
immigrants in her country to adopt told the Suedeutsche Zeitung in a wing, recently said Germany did
Christian values and learn the recent interview. not “need more immigrants from
local language. “That is why I tell them at every different cultures like the Turks
Addressing a meeting of opportunity that they should learn and Arabs” who are ‘more
younger members of her German, and speak it fluently and difficult’ to integrate.
conservative Christian without an accent. That should The integration of Muslims has
Democratic Union (CDU) party at start at nurseries,” he added. been a hot button issue in Europe.
Potsdam near Berlin recently, she
said attempt to create a multi-
cultural society has failed
First things first!
This is the first time that Merkel THAT IS ON THE MENU !
has weighed in a blistering debate PAID YOUR BILL !
sparked by a central bank board
member saying the country was
being made ‘more stupid’ by
poorly educated and unproductive
Muslim migrants.
‘Multikulti’ (multiculturalism),
the concept that “we are now FIST OF FURY: German Chancellor Angela Merkel addressing a
living side by side and are happy meeting of her conservative Christian Democratic Union near Berlin.
about it,” does not work, she told them don’t have a place here,” said Sometime before her speech,
the meeting. the chancellor. ‘Subsidizing Turkish President Abdullah Gul
“This approach has failed, immigrants’ isn’t sufficient, also urged the Turkish community
totally,” she said, adding that Germany has the right to ‘make living in Germany to master the
immigrants should integrate and demands’ on them, she added, language of their adopted country.
adopt Germany’s culture and such as mastering German and “When one doesn’t speak the For no matter how many promises God has made, they are
values. “We feel tied to Christian abandoning practices such as language of the country in which ‘yes’ in Christ. And so through him the ‘Amen’ is spoken by
values. Those who don’t accept forced marriages. one lives that doesn’t serve us to the glory of God. - 2 CORINTHIANS 1:20 NIV

NAMASTE, INDIA: The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, greets Uthradam

Thirunal Marthanda Varma, head of the erstwhile Travancore royal family, during the
golden jubilee celebrations of the South Kerala Diocese of the Church of South India in
Thiruvananthapuram on Oct 24. At left is J.W. Gladstone, Bishop of the CSI South Kerala
Diocese.Courtesy: The Hindu
THE Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan church is one which has learnt to trust God.
Williams asked the Church to be selfless in “A church must be a questioning church.
its service to society. It must be asking questions about itself. A
Speaking at the golden jubilee praying and questioning church must also
celebrations of the South Kerala Diocese of be a selfless church,” he said.
the CSI in Thiruvanathapuram on Oct 24, “It does not exist to protect itself or
he said the Church had to be a questioning acknowledge itself,” Archbishop Rowan
church and a praying church, one which has Williams said.
learnt to trust in God. Earlier, Uthradam Thirunal Marthanda
A church with numbers and vision Varma, head of the erstwhile Travancore
should be doing several things. First and royal family, inaugurated the golden
foremost, it should be a praying church. jubilee celebrations of the CSI diocese.
“A praying church is one which knows it Bishop of the CSI South Kerala Diocese
cannot do everything by itself. A praying J W Gladstone spoke at the meeting.
E-mail: REGIONAL Page 2 | November, 2010
We undertake orders for
THE Kashmiris Prayer points bridal bouquets, veils, MESSENGER
live in the Jammu * Ask God to raise up prayer teams who will begin flower girls / maids
& Kashmir state of breaking up the soil through intercession.
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requirements. We make
India. They are * Ask the Holy Spirit to grant wisdom and favor to 3-tier wedding cake, Per column centimeter: 50/-
descendants of missions agencies focusing on the Kashmiris. decorative giveaway Book space now for
Indo-Aryan * Pray that the God will give the Kashmiri believers cake pieces. December, 2010 issue
immigrants and are boldness to share Christ with their own people. We also supply home-made
generally tall, fair * Ask God to deliver the Christians in Kashmir from Grape, Passion Fruit, Call 0-98840 63345 /
skinned, and have persecution.
features like the Amla and Lime/Ginger 91-44-65145334
* Pray for the effectiveness of the Jesus film among the
people of Central fruit juices.
Kashmiris. Email:
Asia. * Ask God to soften the Kashmiri hearts towards the Contact:
Most of the Gospel of Christ. * Pray that God will give these precious 129/1, Emerald Flats,
Kashmiris are people a revelation of who Jesus truly is: their Lord and Tirumangalam, Anna Nagar,
farmers. They raise Savior. * Ask the Lord to bring forth a triumphant Chennai 40. For Correspondence
rice, wheat, maize, Kashmiri Church for the glory of His name! Phone: 044-2615 7846 |
barley, lentils, and fruits such as apples, peaches, Text source: © Bethany World Prayer Center. Mobile: 97100 71540. 329/4, HIG Flats,
and apricots. The men primarily tend to the Poonga Apartments,
farms, and the women usually stay home and 2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar,
tend to the household chores.
Chennai 600 040.
The Kashmiris are very hospitable people and
enjoy entertaining guests over tea. Their diet is Working hours: 10 am to 5 pm,
similar to that of other Indians. In addition to Monday to Saturday
farming, many of the Kashmiri are skilled
crafters of wood furniture, wool carpets, and The purpose of the newspaper
sweaters. Industrial development is limited in is to report newsworthy religious
Kashmir. events and activities within the
What are their beliefs? local community, nationwide and
Most of the Kashmiris are devout Sunni around the world, to increase the
Muslims, who follow a strict code of conduct. awareness and activism of
Their civilization has been heavily influenced by believers regarding the moral
Muslim mystics and Persian culture. Only a issues of today, to provide
small minority are Hindus. thought-provoking commentary,
The Kashmiri Muslims are convinced that the and to provide an effective
Bible is wrong because it contradicts the Koran. advertising vehicle for Christian
Those who convert to Christianity are viewed as ministries and organisations,
immoral, degenerate people; Christians in this events and businesses that want to
region are often persecuted. reach the Christian community. -
Many Kashmiris have heard of Jesus Christ, Editor
but view him merely as a prophet and teacher.
Today, there are less than 1,000 known (Readers are advised to make
thorough enquiries before acting on
Kashmiri believers. any advertisements. This newspaper
These precious people who live in a highly does not necessarily agree to the
volatile area of the world need to meet Jesus claims or representations made by any
Christ, the Prince of Peace. advertiser.)
Page 3 | November, 2010 NEW IN MEDIA E-mail:

that prophetic timelines have been intensely interested. In either case,
the stomping ground of fringe I hope I can replicate for you the Independent house in
groups and end-time cults, may I shock and awe I felt when I first Navalur, Chennai.
suggest that it has defaulted to discovered ‘The Atonement 3-bedrooms with bath
them due to neglect of the subject? Clock’,” he says. attached, modular kitchen,
Conservative scholars forget ‘The implication of this CCP with servant quarter.
sometimes that history and research is significant, and for Rent: Rs 16,000/-
prophecy are two sides of the same those who care to look you will not Only for family;
coin and I believe for this reason be disappointed,” adds the writer.
To buy the book ‘The Atonment
Christians preferred.
we should take the matter of
prophetic chronology more Clock’, contact the writer Chris Contact 9940054807
seriously.” Gedge at his email ID:
“Some folk may balk at a few of Annual Subscription:
the technicalities or when asked to For details about the book and Rs.100/- Get 12 issues at your
pull out a calculator and check the the writer, visit his website doorstep. Call 044-65145334
numbers, but others will be for details.
FROM time immemorial,
prophecies have fascinated the
Scores of books have been
written on the book of Daniel and
the book of Revelations claiming
to shed light on the last days.
While some of them have
faithfully stuck to the Biblical
revelations, some have gone off
tangent like a loose canon.
New Zealander Christian
Gedge has written a book that
seeks to throw light on the verse
found in Mark 1:15 (’The time is
fulfilled’). It is difficult to describe
Gedge’s ‘The Atonement Clock’
as a simple book. If you do not
follow the author closely, chances
are you may end up putting it
aside. However, to Gedge’s credit
it must be said that the book does
not use high academic knowledge.
It is written for the average person
who is seriously willing to study
the subject.

Says Gedge: “While it is true


YOGA was in the news recently when the secular press in India and elsewhere
Reader’s Offer: New Books!
kicked up a storm over US pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church, Seattle,
calling yoga ‘demonic’. Even before him, R Albert Mohler Jr, president of the
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky, US, had warned believers ‘25 Best Interviews of
against yoga, which he calls ‘pagan’ in its roots. He also adds, “All forms of yoga The Christian Messenger’
involve occult assumptions.” So what is the real Biblical position on yoga? Find out... Volume 1.

F OR many Christians who don’t without incorporating the spirituality or

understand the history behind it, philosophy behind it? Yoga originated with
yoga is simply a means of physical a blatantly anti-Christian philosophy, and
exercise and strengthening and improving that philosophy has not changed. It teaches
flexibility of the muscles. However, the one to focus on oneself instead of on the
Price: .150/-

philosophy behind yoga is much more than one true God. It encourages its participants
physically improving oneself. It is an to seek the answers to life’s difficult ‘Pulpit Humour’
ancient practice derived from India, questions within their own conscience 101 Clean Jokes
believed to be the path to spiritual growth instead of in the Word of God. It also leaves Price: .75/-
and enlightenment. one open to deception from God’s enemy,
The word ‘yoga’ means ‘union’, and the who searches for victims that he can turn
goal is to unite one’s transitory (temporary) away from God (1 Peter 5:8).
The first 3 books are ONLY available with us and not in any bookshops!
self with the infinite Brahman, the Hindu Whatever we do should be done for
concept of ‘God’. This god is not a literal God’s glory (1 Corinthians 10:31), and we
being, but is an impersonal spiritual would be wise to heed the words of the
substance that is one with nature and the apostle Paul: “Fix your thoughts on what is
cosmos. This view is called ‘pantheism’, true and honorable and right. Think about
‘The View From The Pew’
the belief that everything is God and that things that are pure and lovely and
Editor’s Columns
reality consists only of the universe and admirable. Think about things that are
Price: .100/-
nature. Because everything is God, the excellent and worthy of praise”
yoga philosophy makes no distinction (Philippians 4:8, NLT). Courtesy: Got
between man and God. Questions?
Hatha yoga is the aspect of yoga which
focuses on the physical body through How you can help in this
special postures, breathing exercises, and media ministry! ‘The Journey of A
Christian Job Seeker’
concentration or meditation. It is a means to
Ü Subscribe to TCM today Price: .120/-
prepare the body for the spiritual exercises,
Ü Distribute our copies
with fewer obstacles, in order to achieve Advertise with us
enlightenment. The practice of yoga is
Ü Keep us in your prayers
Payment should be made by Cheque / DD in favour of
based on the belief that man and God are Ü Be a freelance reporter ‘Messenger Communications Pvt. Ltd.’
one. It is little more than self-worship Ü Purchase our books
disguised as a high level of spirituality. MESSENGER COMMUNICATIONS PVT. LTD.,
The question becomes, is it possible for a 20/20, Bharathiar St., Srinivasa Nagar, Padi, Chennai 50.
Christian to isolate the physical aspects of
yoga as simply a method of exercise, To order by phone: Call or SMS: 044-65145334
E-mail: INTERCESSION Page 4 | November, 2010

W E encourage you to use

these points in your
daily prayer as a family,
prayer group or an individual. We
would be glad if you take copies of

Nov 11: A double whammy of

natural disasters rocked Indonesia
last month in just 24 hours: a

Nov 21: Pray for the Roman

Catholic Church denomination
today. It has more than a billion
SEVERAL far-right European
parties have vowed to seek a
Europe-wide referendum on
Still, Austrian Freedom Party
chief Heinz-Christian Strache
Turkey’s accession to the warned against letting the country
these prayer points and share them tsunami and a volcano eruption, followers constituting about half European Union. into the European bloc, vowing
with other believers in your with the combined death toll of o f t h e w o r l d ’s C h r i s t i a n That was the conclusion of a that his party and its counterparts
church, prayer group or more than 300. Pray for the Lord’s population. recent two-day meeting in Vienna would put together a Europe-wide
workplace. hand to be upon the nation. between the Austrian Freedom citizen’s initiative to block
If you have a specific prayer Nov 22: There are an estimated Party, Belgium’s Flemish Interest Turkey’s accession.
point that you would like us to Nov 12: According to a 2006 50 million plus Muslims living in Party, the Sweden Democrats, the Strache told reporters that
pray for along with our readers, census, 87.4% of the Irish the Arabian peninsula. How can Danish People’s Party and others, Europe would be headed down ‘a
you can email it to us at population is Catholic while 2.9% we reach them with the Gospel? concerning the “EU’s situation dramatic wrong path’ if ‘non- belong to Church of Ireland. Pray The Word of God asks us to pray. after the Lisbon Treaty.” European countries’ were Blessings, Editor. that the Irish people will know Let us pray according to The focus of the meeting landed accepted into the EU.
Lord Jesus Christ in a more Philippians 4:6. on Turkey’s bid for EU accession. “That would be the end of the
People intimate way. Turkey began EU membership European Union and the
Nov 23: Of the 1.5 billion talks in 2005, but has not come far beginning of a Eurasian-African
Nov 1: Pray for ER today. The Nov 13: Pray for Israel today. Muslims worldwide, probably due to its disputes over EU- Union that would completely go
mother of two young children she May the Lord’s protective arms be only one-third know any member state Cyprus and against our European peace
suffers from constant pain in the around the country. Psalm 122:6 Christians at all. Pray for more resistance from other EU project and must therefore not be
back. Pray that she is able to claim has a promise for those who pray evangelical workers and members such as France and allowed,” he added.
God's healing and be a mighty for Jerusalem. ‘Pray for the peace missionaries to reach out to them
witness to the Lord. of Jerusalem: they shall prosper with the message of love, hope and
that love thee.’ salvation.
Nov 2: Pray for CS today. The THE Brazilian government has year. In Amazon’s state 27
young minister of God needs the Nov 14: Italy is identified as an Nov 24: The United Nations announced $13.5m in emergency municipalities have declared a
healing touch of Jesus Christ. Pray important gateway for Latin says by 2040, Europe will be 55% aid for Amazon regions hit by the state of emergency because of the
that the sickness in the body does American cocaine and Southwest Muslim. Already the signs of this worst drought in decades. dry spell.
not hinder his ministerial Asian heroin entering the happening are seen in the UK, The money will fund water Several tributaries of the
responsibilities. European market. Money Germany and France. Pray that pumping and purification, as well Amazon have almost completely
laundering by organized crime Gospel reaches them soon. as food deliveries to towns cut off dried up, paralysing river
Nov 3: Pray for KV today. The and from smuggling is a by the drop in river levels. transport and the fishing industry.
Christian businessman is in huge flourishing trade. Nov 25: Pray for specific issues The Brazilian air force has The rainy season in the region
debts and needs a miracle to get such as Muslim leaders and already flown 500 tonnes of usually begins in November.
out of the mess he is in. Pray that Nov 15: Ninety-eight percent of governments, Muslim families supplies to areas that usually The Peruvian Amazon,
the Lord’s hand guides him and the Iranian population of and children. Pray for increased depend on water transport. 2,000km (1,240 miles) upstream
protects him. 66,429,284 adhere to Islam (Shia numbers of missionaries and The River Amazon at Manaus has also been affected.
89%, Sunni 9%). workers to work among Muslims, has fallen to its lowest level since Environmental groups say
Nov 4: Pray for 25-year-old JT. The others are Zoroastrian, and pray for new believers among 1963. severe droughts are likely to
A juvenile diabetic patient, the Jewish and Christian. There are them. (1 Timothy 2:1). Scientists say the region is become more frequent in the
young man is underweight and has r e p o r t s o f i m p r i s o n m e n t , facing its worst drought since that Amazon.
bouts of vomiting and stomach harassment, intimidation, and Nov 26: Pray for a supernatural
pain. Doctors have stated there’s discrimination based on religious move of the Holy Spirit to reveal
no medical remedy. Claim Isaiah beliefs. Jesus to the many Muslims who POPE Benedict XVI says peace plight of Christians in the Middle
53:5 for the young man. will seek God (Psalm 118:21, Acts in the Middle East is possible, East.
Nov 16: Iraq’s population is 4:33). urgently needed and the best way The exodus of the faithful from
Nov 5: Prayer for JK. A retired 28,945,569. Of this, 97% are to stop the emigration of people the birthplace of Christianity has
bank employee, his heart’s desire Muslims (Shia 60%, Sunni 37%). Nov 27: There are from the region. been a major theme during the
is to build a house on a piece of Since 2003, the Government has approximately 83 million Bibles Benedict also said religious synod. The Catholic church has
land. He has been claiming a generally not engaged in the being distributed around the world freedom in the Middle East should long been a minority in the largely
promise given to him by God that persecution of any religious in a year. Pray for more Bibles to be expanded - an issue that could Muslim region but its presence is
he will indeed build his own group. Pray for a new outbreak of be made available in several be the subject of dialogue between shrinking further as a result of
house. Pray that God opens doors revival here. languages to meet the growing Christians and Muslims. conflict, discrimination and
for him this year. search for peace with God, others Benedict called to discuss the economic problems.
Nov 17: Sadly, 62.5% of the and oneself.
Nov 6: Pray for RS. He needs Jamaican population belong to a
the Lord’s healing touch. Pray that cult, the Seventh Day Adventist Nov 28: According to an
he is healed from gingivitis. Pray w h i l e 9 . 5 % o f t h e m a r e estimate, there are 306,000
that he sees the Lord’s guidance in Pentecostal. foreign missionaries to other
his life and ministry. Pray that Jamaicans may know Christian lands. Also 4.19 million
Lord Jesus Christ more closely in full-time Christian workers (95%)
Nov 7: Pray for KB. This the coming days. work within the Christian world.
widow is fighting a court case over The need of the hour is to get out to
her land in Kerala. Pray to the One Nov 18: Pray for Japan today the non-Christian world.
who sits on the throne judging in where Christianity is a minority
righteousness (Psalm 9:4). religion, with less than 1% and Nov 29: In the unevangelized
possibly less than one-half of one world, there are 20,500 full-time
Nov 8: Pray for SS. He works in percent of the Japanese population Christian workers and 10,200
a Christian organization, knows claiming Christian belief or foreign missionaries. Pray for
Jesus Christ is God and yet has affiliation. Many cities and towns more laborers as the harvest truly
refused to accept him as his savior. still have no Christian church. is plenteous (Matthew 9:38).
Pray that God will continue to use
him for His kingdom. Nov 19: Though Christians Nov 30: In the evangelized non-
have resided in the territory Christian world, there are 1.31
Nov 9: Pray for Sam, who is constituting the modern state of million full-time Christian
heeded the calling in his life. This Jordan since shortly after the workers. Pray that their needs are
young man, an engineering crucifixion of Jesus Christ, met and more resources made
graduate, is in the Philippines Jordanian Christians now number available to them.
studying in a Bible college. Pray at about 6% of the population of Why pray?
that the Lord keeps him under His approximately 6,500,000. What other nation is so great as to
wings. have their gods near them the way the
Nov 20: Pray for Haiti today Lord our God is near us whenever we
Nov 10: Pray for your pastor. where most observers believe that pray to Him? Deut 4:7.
That God will give him more grace at least 15% of the Christians are Yes, it is true. Our God is near us
(James 4:6), spiritual revelation Protestant evangelicals. Pray that whenever we pray to Him. He sees our
life just the way it is because He is our
through the Holy Spirit (John the people don’t fall a prey to creator, provider and savior. Whatever is
14:26), anointing (Isaiah 10:27) voodoo and witchcraft, still your petition today, have this assurance:
and holiness (1 Peter 1:15,16). popular in many areas. He is by your side when you pray!
Page 5 | November, 2010 THE WORD IN DEPTH E-mail:

Your newspaper is very decided to take up an annual

SERMON NOTES 1. He and his coworkers were b. In the age to come, eternal
useful for Christian life subscription.
Key passage: Luke 5:1-11 astonished at their success - Luke life! - Luke 18:30b May God the Almighty bless
5: 9-10a -- Do we have the mindset to you richly and abundantly.
2. Jesus reassured Peter, and become a disciple (“Nevertheless I AM 19 years old now and live

J ESUS charged His apostles to

make disciples of all the
a. Baptizing them upon His
authority - Matthew 28:18-19
then called him and his partners to
follow Him - Luke 5:10b-11
a. Though he did not think he
could be any good (“I am a sinful
at Your word I will”)?

B. In being His disciple

1. The Lord may ask us to do
in Chennai. I have finished my 12th
standard and also done airline
course in IATA.
I recently got a copy of your
C David Ramachandran

Blessed through your

man, O Lord!”) things we don’t think will work newspaper. It’s really nice to read. great spiritual messages
b. Teaching them to observe I got to know a lot of new things
what He commanded - Matthew b. Though it meant leaving a. Such as laying up treasure in
behind a successful business and heaven, instead of for self - Luke through it. There are several good I got your evangelical
28:20 information and messages useful newspaper ‘The Christian
- Are you a disciple of Jesus family 12:15-21
1) Peter left his wife (for the b. Such as seeking first the for Christian life. Messenger’ at my church through
Christ? I thank God for your ministry one of your distributors in
2. The mindset of a disciple was time being) - Luke 4:38; Luke kingdom of God - Luke 12:22-34;
18:28; 1Co 9:5 Matthew 6:33 and send you my best wishes. God Chennai. I am very impressed by
displayed when Jesus called Peter. bless. the religious articles, spiritual
a. When Jesus was teaching at 2) James and John left their 2. The Lord may ask us to do
father - Matthew 4:21-22 things we don’t yet understand messages and up-to-date news
the Sea of Gennesaret (Sea of Nelson William (by email) articles in it.
Galilee) - Luke 5:1-3 c. Yet they left all and followed a. Why be baptized for the
Him! remission of our sins? - Mark I would like to subscribe to the
b. When Jesus called on Peter to Yours is a very newspaper. I am sending a cheque
let down the net - Luke 5:4-5 3. The result of doing the Lord’s 16:16; Acts 2:38
word b. Why observe the Lord’s interesting periodical for Rs.100/-. Please add me to
c. When Jesus called on Peter to your subscribers’ list. May God
lay down his net - Luke 5:10-11 - a. The Lord called them to even Supper on the first day of the
greater service -Luke 6:13-14 week? - Acts 20:7 bless you and your ministry.
Did you notice the mindset of a HEARTY greetings to all those
disciple of Jesus? b. They would receive even c. Why not to forsake the work at The Christian Messenger.
greater rewards - Luke 22:28-30 - assembling of ourselves together? Annie Aaron
We see the mindset of a disciple I am a member of the St. Mary’s
as we note the following things… - Such is the mindset of a disciple: - Hebrews 10:25 (CSI) Church in Fort. St. George, Your letters may be sent to
I. Peter’s willingness to do the “Nevertheless at Your word I d. Why women are not Chennai. I got your newspaper at Editor, The Christian Messenger,
Lord’s Word. will...” permitted public roles in worship? the church. I must say it is a very 20/20, Bharathiar St., Srinivasa
A. In letting down the net [Peter, together with James and - 1Corinthians 14:34-37 interesting periodical. I want to be Nagar, Padi, Chennai 50. Email:
1. Jesus instructed Peter to let John, illustrate the attitude that 3. For those willing to obey part of this ministry and have
down his net - Luke 5:4 must characterize a disciple of Him, the rewards are great
2. Peter did not think it would do Jesus: a willingness to do a. Our labor is not in vain -
any good - Luke 5:5a whatever the Lord says, no matter 1Corinthians 15:58
a. They had been fishing all the cost, even when we don’t b. We can look forward great
night, they had caught nothing understand why...] reward (“inherit the kingdom”) -
b. Wouldn’t a fisherman know II. Our willingness to do the Matthew 25:34; 2Peter 1:1
more about fishing than a Lord’s Word - Is our mindset that of being a
carpenter? A. In becoming His disciples disciple (“Nevertheless at Your
3. Yet Peter said, “Nevertheless 1. We may not think we can do word I will”)?
at Your word I will led down the any good Finally,
net.” - Luke 5:5b a. We might think we are too 1. Are you willing to become a
a. Though he did not think it sinful, but Jesus calls sinners - disciple of Jesus...?
would work Luke 5:8,32 a. Heeding His call to follow
b. Though it defied common b. Even the worst of sinners can Him?
sense serve Him -1Corinthians 6:9-11 b. Putting Him before family,
4. The result of doing the Lord’s 2. We are to follow Him above work, self?
word - Luke 5:6-8 all (family, work, self) 2. Are you willing to adopt the
a. The catch was overwhelming a. Jesus must come before mindset of a disciple...?
for one net, even for two boats family, even self - Luke 14:26; a. Obeying the Word of the
b. Peter was made aware of his Matthew 10:37; Luke 9:23-26 Lord?
own sinfulness b. Jesus must come before work b. Even when it may seem futile
– Here we see the mindset of a as well - Luke 14:16-24 or unreasonable?
disciple: “Nevertheless at Your 3. For those willing to follow Though it may defy common
word I will...” Him, the rewards are great sense, may we ever say
B. In laying down the net a. In this present time, much “Nevertheless at Your word I
more! - Luke 18:28-30a will...”
E-mail: NATIONAL Page 6 | November, 2010

A pastor attached to the scene after ‘several Hindu

A group of Christians from Assemblies of God church in extremists physically attacked
Kerala have fallen victim to a Karnataka was detained by police Siddi’ during the service.
pilgrimage scam that had on charges of conducting religious The group said the Hindu mob
promised them jobs in Israel. conversion in the last week of ‘beat Siddi in front of his
According to reports, about 24 September, 2010. congregation for nearly half an
Indians who were part of a 50- I n t e r e s t i n g l y, t h e a r r e s t hour, and then called police at the
member Christian group from followed after fundamentalists Yellapur station.’ Police arrested
Trivandrum, were arrested by belonging to a Hindu outfit Siddi, five women and two girls,
immigration officials in Israel attacked him during a church according GCIC members.
after they failed to show a valid service. BOS News Life reported that
work permit. The pastor identified as 45- while in police custody, Siddi was
The victims had entered Israel year-old Shivanda Siddi, was allegedly beaten again by the
from Bethlehem, where they had taken into police custody on Hindu group members before
come from Jordan, on tourist visas September 26, while holding a being charged and sent to the
arranged through a travel agency. worship service at the Gnanodaya regional Sirsi jail in Uttar
IN perhaps one of the first security for the victims which “During interrogation most of AG Church. Kannada. There was no immediate
official revelations about the discouraged them to return to their them said that they paid two lakh According to the Global response from police and it was
progress and effectiveness of the homes. rupees to the Indian agent who Council of Indian Christians not clear which group was behind
rehabilitation work in Kandhamal A public tribunal on Kandhamal promised them a high paid job in (GCIC), police arrived at the the reported attack.
in Orissa, a top State Government also concurred that most of the Israel,” the Press Trust of India
official has conceded that there victims continue to be intimidated quoted an official as saying.
were still hundreds of people who and systematically denied “The members of the group did ALCOHOL consumption years. More than 32 percent of
are yet to return to their villages in protection and access to justice, have valid visa for a week for among teenagers in the age group teens admitted drinking and said
the district even two years after the another report said. tourism purposes, but no work of 15-19 is growing at an alarming they drink when they are upset; 18
violence. In September 2010, National permit,” spokesperson of the rate, a recent survey has found. percent said they drink alone; 15
On Oct 18, Kandhamal’s Commission for Minorities Vice Interior Ministry, Sabin Hadad, According to the survey, the percent said they drink when they
district collector Krishna Kumar Chairman H T Sangliana visited confirmed to the news agency. alcohol intake is seen more among are bored; and 46 percent said they
told the media that there were still the district after complaints that a After their arrests, the Israeli teenagers in metropolitan cities. drink to ‘get high.’ Each year
200 families to return to their large number of people continue to police imprisoned them as illegal And the reasons the survey cites students spend anywhere between
homes that were ravaged by be intimidated and harassed. immigrants and deported eight of are ‘absent parents, easy money Rs.3,500 to 4,500 on alcohol. This
unprecedented violence in Orissa He later told reporters that many them from Tel Aviv to Mumbai and rising rates of stress and is more than their spending on soft
in 2008. still lived in “temporary shelter earlier this month. depression.’ drinks, tea, milk, juice, coffee,
Before his interaction with camps as their houses were not The others who are languishing The survey, conducted by the movie tickets or books combined.
reporters, Krishna Kumar had built for lack of money.” in Israeli prisons have sought for social development foundation of The survey also indicates that
attended a high-level meeting to However, district officials refugee status which will allow the Associated Chambers of 70 percent of teens consume
review the relief measures of the maintained that about 4200 houses them to stay for some more time. Commerce and Industry of India, alcohol during farewell parties,
riot victims. The meeting of the 4818 houses destroyed were Several members of the group found out that 45 percent of the New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s
incidentally was chaired by Orissa already constructed under the are also said to be hiding in Israel 12th graders in metropolitan cities D a y, b i r t h d a y s a n d o t h e r
Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. special package announced by the as illegal immigrants. consume alcohol excessively. occasions.The study surveyed
Only recently had the government. The Indian mission in Tel Aviv That is at least five to six times in a over 2,000 teens in cities like
Archbishop of Cuttack- In addition to that, about 230 visited the detainees and are month. Its results indicate an Mumbai, Kochi, Chennai,
Bhubaneswar, Raphael Cheenath, churches have been reportedly closing following the case, reports almost 100 percent increase in Hyderabad, Indore, Patna, Pune,
expressed his grief over the lack of provided with compensation. added. teenage drinking in the last 10 Delhi, Chandigarh and Dehradun.
Page 7 | November, 2010 INTERVIEW E-mail:

BY MATHEW VICTOR How should we worship? How about people speaking in them. Wait for the musicians to
tongues during worship? give the key. Let there be anointed

T HE young man who

wanted to be a pop singer
had a dramatic encounter
with Jesus Christ in 1976. The
love of the Lord displayed at
Worship is a lifestyle. Worship
should become the lifestyle of
every Christian. It’s a big question
and it has a vast answer. Simply
When we talk in tongues, it is
our spirit that talks to the Lord.
Singing in tongues should be in
and Godly music. Flow in the
Holy Spirit. Listen to the Holy
Spirit and His leading. Most of
them are not sensitive to the Holy
Calvary turned his life completely. put, we should worship God with worship. 1 Corinthians 14:15 says Spirit; they have their own list for
When he realized who he was in Holiness. People should feel the “…I will pray with the spirit, and I the worship.
Jesus Christ, his goals, ambitions presence of God during worship, will pray with the understanding
and priorities in life changed one otherwise it’s a waste of time. He also: I will sing with the spirit, and What are the changes we
by one. He now wanted to sing is the Hero of our worship, so He I will sing with the understanding should bring about in our
only for Jesus. Later in his life, must be there. If a worship leader also.” Both must be in balance. worship sessions?
compelled by his love for the Lord is not leading the people to the
and a desire to save perishing presence of God, he is not doing Your emphasis is on God’s Every pastor and worship
souls, K Jacob quit his job as a his job right. glory in worship. Can you leader should realize the
college lecturer and decided to elaborate on that? importance of the presence of the
serve the Lord. That was in 1986. How should we not worship? Pastor K Jacob, founder of Lord and take care to dwell in the
Pastor K Jacob, founder of Revival Christian This is the third stage in the presence. They should teach the
Revival Christian Worship Centre We should not worship with Worship Centre praise and worship time. Seeing people to love God. They should
in Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu, hypocrisy in our hearts. You God’s glory in worship is be willing to break the shackles of
has since been ministering to should not stop worshiping God at hours a day. mentioned in 2 Corinthians 3:18. traditions and be willing to have a
hundreds of people all around the the emotional level. It should be an We must worship Him till you are change of worship. They must
country. He is known as one of the exercise where both your spirit What are the qualities of a filled with His glorious presence. realize the need to have the
foremost worship leaders in Tamil body are involved. That is true worship leader? Habakkuk 2:14 says: “For the tabernacle way of worship. They
Nadu. THE CHRISTIAN worship. That's when you feel earth shall be filled with the must take people to the presence of
MESSENGER met him in God’s presence. He should be a committed and knowledge of the glory of the Lord the Lord and worship God alone. I
Chennai recently. Excerpts from dedicated person: committed to as the waters covers the sea.” want more and more pastors and
the interview: Tell us what hinders or mars God and the Church. He should be It’s the worship pattern of the churches to experience the
worship. a model to the congregation and Tabernacle from the outer court to glorious presence of God in the
What is worship? the society. He must be a personal the holy place. And then, from the coming days. It will bring a great
Wrong motives, ego problems, worshiper. He must spend time holy place to the most holy place. revival in our churches, society
Worship is the highest form of unholy living and lack of personal with God in worship and prayer Getting into the glorious presence and in India. My heart desires to
praise. We worship God for His worship could hinder worship. every day. It will be good if he is is like entering into the most holy see the manifest glory of God in
person, character, attributes and The choir should have a worship also a good singer with some place. Unfortunately, most of the our states. As it is said in Habakuk
perfection. We worship Him for session before the real worship music knowledge. worship sessions these days lack 2:14, we should literally see the
who He is. It is the outpouring of starts. The choir should this aspect. We stop at the holy glory of God in the streets. Only
our soul in deep expressions of experience the presence of What is your view on dancing place itself. We are satisfied with then will all people be living holy
reverence, awe, wonder and worship. during worship? it. But that’s not the right lives.
adoration. approach. We should go beyond it
Tell us about your personal Nowhere in the Bible is it and enter into the most holy place. How many songs have you
What is praise? worship time. mentioned as an absolute must in written?
worship. However, if one is led to What are some common
Praise is an expression of It goes beyond one hour a day. dance, he must dance but mistakes worship leaders should Though I have written only 10
h e a r t f e l t g r a t i t u d e a n d My favorite worship time is maintaining dignity and decorum. avoid? to 12 songs, I have translated more
thanksgiving to God for all that He between 11 pm and 1 am. On an Everything should be within its than 100 English chorus to Tamil.
has done for us. average, I worship for one or two limits. First of all, we should avoid ‘Jehovah Shalom Halleluya’ and
prayerlessness. Secondly, timing ‘Aadiyum anthamun anavarae’ in
is very important. Start on time Tamil are some of the popular
and stop on time. Do not preach songs. I have released six ACD
The other is to make all People Union for Civil Liberties. during worship. Wrong selection and 7 VCD titles. The latest among
AMBITIOUS yet highly of songs is another problem. Take VCDs is ‘Neerae parisuthar’. I
controversial, UID numbers will government welfare schemes far “The trouble with a centralized
more efficient by ensuring that infrastructure is that if it is care to sing worship songs during have also written a book called
be linked to fingerprints, iris worship. You can make separate ‘How to lead praise and worship.’
scans, personal information, a they reach “each and every compromised, then all of it will be
deserving poor”, he says. compromised, which can result in lists of praise songs and worship
microchip for easy scanning, and songs and use them for singing. Pastor K Jacob can be reached
more. Led by a new government Critics condemn the UID as a the collapse of the country’s
blatant intrusion to privacy, a tool information systems.” Love the people and be gentle with at
agency called the Unique
Identification Authority of India that will increase bureaucracy and Nilekeni deflects these
(UIDAI), the project is corruption. In addition to being criticisms, saying that the UID
spearheaded by Nandan Nilekeni, hugely expensive and even illegal, Authority will use “the best
one of India’s most famous techie- the UID goes against basic human expertise for security and we also
entrepreneurs as the co-founder of values. have a policy of proactively E VA N G E L I S T F r a n k l i n enrollment is down. Some
Infosys, who has been given “This project, has been initiated publishing strategy policy report Graham concluded a three-day seminaries and theological
ministerial powers and a without any prelude: there is no and committee reports on our evangelistic festival in Japan on department have closed. There are
magnanimous budget to project document; there is no website as well.” But arguments Oct 24 with 400 new very few young Christian leaders
implement the grand plan. feasibility study; there has been no against the project stretch on. commitments to Christ, bringing in our country to assume the roles
According to Nilekeni, among cost-to-benefit analysis and there “The other opposition is the use the weekend total to 1,765. of senior leaders,” reported the
the scores of advantages for the are serious concerns about data of biometrics for ID,” says The Kansai Franklin Graham Rev Yoshikazu Takada, executive
country’s people, the millions of and identity theft,” said Gopal Abraham. “Our fear is that most Festival, held in Osaka, was the chairman of the Kansai Festival,
India’s poor who are without Krishna, Member Citizens Forum parts of the country do not have culmination of efforts by hundreds ahead of the three-day event.
access to the government’s for Civil Liberties. power and if the system mandates of churches, 400 of which had Despite the struggles – which
plethora of welfare schemes Worse, Krishna added, a project that every time a rural resident has invited Graham to preach in the have been compounded by Japan's
would benefit the most from the “that could change the status of the to prove his identity biometrically Kansai region, which represents slow economy, high rates of
new identification system. people in this country, with regard for say collecting subsidized food, about one quarter of Japan's suicides, and reports of school and
“The government has taken up to security and constitutional chances are that the process will be national population. domestic violence – churches in
this project for two reason; one is rights has been initiated without slower and more prone to failure According to media reports, the areas have found hope in the
there are large number of Indians any legal authorization; just on the because of lack of infrastructure.” with an attendance of 30,782, the Kansai Festival, which was
specially those who are urban basis of an executive order.” That could give rise to newer 'Kansai Festival' was one of the supported by church leaders from
migrants and rural poor who do The strongest opposition to the complication or even largest gatherings of Christians in other cities, including Sapporo,
not have any form of project has been generated by the manipulation of the biometric data the history of Osaka, the largest Fukuoka, Hiroshima and Tokyo.
acknowledged existence by the fact that it aims to create a huge - and hence an additional city in the Kansai region, and took “This is God's time for Japan,”
state and therefore they face the digital database containing opportunity for corruption. two years to prepare. Graham said at the conclusion of
challenge of harassment in their sensitive personal information in “A typical unlettered person For Christian leaders in Japan, the service.
lives. one central location. This is a does not understand the the festival was a much-needed When asked how the event's
They do not get access to public security risk of “immense” complexities of biometric data event to not only bring individuals success would be measured,
services either. So the one of the proportions, according to critics. collection and verification,” says into saving grace, but also to Graham told reporters that the
main purposes of this program is “Given that the country has Jiti Nichani, a researcher and an breathe new life into churches in success of any evangelical
to make life easier for the millions hardly any capability in securing advocate, Alternative Law Forum. the Kansai region, some of which meeting depends on prayer.
of poor, migrants and its digital database, and an absence “Given the rampant bureaucracy suffer from small and aging “There have been thousands of
marginalized (expected to be over of privacy laws, UID’s plans of and corruption in the country, this memberships and some even people praying. If one person were
300 million) people. As well as to storing its data in one centralized would give yet another reason for without pastors. to give their life to Jesus Christ this
give inclusion to them,” said database is an immense risk,” said the corrupt to siphon off the “As a result of a decreasing week, it would be successful,” he
Nilekeni. Sunil Abraham, an activist at the largesse.” Asia Times child population, Sunday school responded.
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Licensed to Post Without Pre-payment WPP No. TN/CCN/77/10-12 Published on 2nd / 3rd of every month | Page 8 | November, 2010

were urged to be guardians of the THERE are two questions according to where they had
truth in the face of widespread Christians should be asking received an invitation.
indifference to religion and the themselves today: where is the “The people groups who need
‘denial’ of Scripture within parts church not present and what are you the most don’t have anybody
of the church. we going to do about it, said Paul to invite them,” he said.
Addressing over 4,000 Eshleman, founder of the Jesus Although people tend to
evangelical leaders from around film project and vice president of visualize the ones in need as
the world who had gathered at Campus Crusade for Christ “living in villages with small
Cape Town 2010 for the Third International. huts”, Eshleman said many of the
Lausanne Congress on world Eshleman said it was a ‘tragedy’ unreached people today were
evangelization, Carver Yu, that there were still 2,252 living in cities.
president of the China Graduate language groups in the world He told the story of a
School of Theology in Hong today that do not have any conversation he had one time with
Kong, said ‘confusing ideologies’ Scripture in their own languages. his Iranian hairdresser back in the
were creating emptiness and “The incredible thing is that US. When he asked how many
alienation among people, while after 2000 years there are still times someone had invited her
indifference to religion was people everywhere who haven't into their home since coming to
VOICE OF AUTHORITY: Carver Yu, president of the China Graduate the US, she confessed that she had
‘tightening its grip.’ heard and the global body of
School of Theology in Hong Kong, speaking at the Third Lausanne Congress. never received a single invitation.
The recent advertising Christ needs you, needs your
campaign by Richard Dawkins belief that ‘faith doesn’t matter.’ “Everything is relative now organization and whatever you Among Muslims, Hindus and
and other atheists on London The idea of a ‘singular truth’ except for this one new and can give to the cause of the Buddhists - who make up half the
buses was a perfect example of the and monotheism had become ultimate truth – that there is no Kingdom to go where nobody has world’s population - some 86% of
‘enthusiastic zeal’ with which unpopular and were widely singular truth,” he said. “All those ever gone, too to the people groups them do not personally know a
atheists were campaigning against regarded as dangerous, arrogant professing a singular truth should that haven't been reached, to believer. “That’s our fault,” he
Christianity and religion. and potentially violent, he said. be silent in a tolerant world.” people without access to the said. “We need to be involved.”
“Atheism is about to become Gospel,” he said. With only 448 out of the world’s
the new religion,” he said. It was also ‘wrong’, he 8,000 languages having a
“Christians must preach the contended, that there should still complete Bible translation,
Gospel of Jesus Christ fearlessly AFGHANISTAN’S northern Northerners, whose homes be people groups today that have Eshleman said Scripture
because he is the way, the truth and warlords are preparing to rearm were destroyed in fighting during no missionaries, no church and translation was the number one
the life. Only he can lead us away their old militias out of fear that the 1990s, fear that Afghanistan “nobody even planning to go”. priority for the church today.
from the present state of their Taliban enemies are on the stands at the beginning of a peace “It’s absolutely wrong and my “How can we send out a
godlessness.” brink of a return to power in process that could erode their own question to us is: how much longer missionary if they don’t have the
Speaking at the same meeting, Kabul, The Sunday Telegraph power and eventually return will we wait?” Scripture in the language to
Michael Herbst, a researcher in reported recently. Taliban supporters to the heart of Eshleman said the church proclaim Christ,” he said.
evangelism and church Anger is growing in the north of government - a prospect that fills should be thinking about the
development, warned that the Afghanistan at the prospect of a many with dread. people groups with the most
decline of faith among parents was deal with President Hamid Karzai Last month, Karzai inaugurated urgent needs and find a way to go
leading to a whole generation of after emissaries from the rebel a hand-picked ‘peace council’ of to them. He gave the example of
children in Germany growing up group were escorted to Kabul for former warlords, tribal elders and one mission agency which chose
with an ‘atheist mindset’ and the talks last week. clerics. where to send its missionaries
BILL Keller, leader of the
world’s largest interactive
Christian website for 11 years,, has received
BY MARK JACKSON GUEST COLUMN moment? (Source: ‘The EU numerous death threats from
Final World Empire’). fundamentalist Muslims over the
Now the Spirit speaks expressly, Paul spoke with regard to the now good and what was once The good news is that truth is
end time is truly upon us. And the good is now evil (Isaiah 5:20). years for his stand that Islam is “a
that in the latter times some shall still here as the true Bible- false religion, with a false book,
depart from the faith, giving heed sad fact is the younger generation Falling away from what? believing church keeps on
is clueless in spiritual truth, not The truth that has been given to and a false prophet.” Recently, he
to seducing spirits and doctrines spreading the truth of the gospel as received another threat to his life.
of devils (1st Timothy 4:1) knowing right from wrong when us through the Bible (the infallible it is contained in the Scripture. Keller, who has been in the
These know also, that in the last morality is at an all-time low. and inherent word of truth) is that Anything outside of the Scripture national and international press
days perilous times shall come (2nd Look around you and you will all men must come to God through is fallible, man-made and to be recently for opening his ‘9-11
Timothy 3:1). realize that crimes are on the Jesus Christ alone. However, rejected in toto if it is presented as
increase and people across the people do not want this truth now, Christian Center at Ground Zero’
gospel truth. The Bible is very as a response to the proposed
A RE we living in the end
Let me take you on a short
world are living and following
every inclination of their own
and those who once knew this
truth once are turning their backs
on it. They reject the Word of God
clear in its end-time preaching
(eschatology), and those wishing
further information on this would
mosque by the site of the attacks of
9/11, received a detailed call from
What is interesting is the fact and hence reject God Himself. a person stating they represent the
journey into the modern world and do well to read the Bible, the Word Islamic Center of Southwest
then you can answer my question. that every fabric of society is Falling away is the great of truth and the Word of God.
crumbling and yet people still apostasy, the great turning their Florida in Ft. Myers, US.
In the ‘developed’ countries The call explicitly stated that
around the world, most seem to nurse hope that all will be backs on God, and His Word, His The writer is the founder of
well soon. And that the Son, His way of salvation, and Keller would be killed for his
importantly in the US and in Hebron Bible College based in disrespect of ‘Allah’ and the
several nations in Europe, you unprecedented financial problems holiness. They fall away from UK. He can be reached at
that the world is experiencing will what is right so they can embrace ‘Islamic religion.’
would notice three striking things Keller is no stranger to conflict
– mass immigration into the west, soon be over. If you think I am the joys of sin, no matter how
being pessimistic, consider this. short-lived they might be. Little children, let no man with Islam. In 2007, under
an increase in false religions and a pressure from the extremist
growing clamour for alternative At one time businesses used to go In their desire to create a secular deceive you: he that doeth
bankrupt, now we are seeing society, governments of the day Muslim group CAIR, Keller’s
lifestyles. righteousness is righteous, highly rated nightly TV program
Europe is growing larger by the countries go bust. Greece is an take God out of the picture even as he is righteous.
example. It is so heavily in debt completely. They remove the truth that ran for 4 ½ years on a CBS
year with several smaller 1 John 3:7. owned station in Tampa, Florida,
countries joining the European that richer countries have to bail it and replace it with a ‘anything
out. goes’ mentality. Here we have the was cancelled by CBS because he
Economic Committee (EEC). refused to stop telling his viewers
People just cannot seem to near perfect stage for the anti- Let no man deceive you with
Christians must realize that that “according to the Bible, Islam
alternative lifestyle is a cover-up recognize the truth about christ to appear; a godless leader vain words: for because of
alternative lifestyles. ‘Your truth ruling over a near-godless society. these things cometh the wrath is a 1400-year-old lie from hell,
for homosexual proclivities and and that history clearly shows
licentiousness. It keeps God out of may be different from my truth, We are seeing this in Europe, of God upon the children of
but who says yours is right and especially in England where a Mohammed was a murdering
one's life. disobedience. Ephesians 5:6.
mine is wrong’ is the popular spineless leadership that has no pedophile who propagated his
Turn the pages of newspapers false religion through hatred,
and you will see that thinking. They hold up like well power to self govern because it has That we [henceforth] be no
worn-out placards this line again sold itself to the European violence, and death.”
ecumenicalism is gaining ground more children, tossed to and Keller also has numerous
the world over. and again. Parliament in Brussels exists. Like
fro, and carried about with fatwas (sentences of death) issued
Every now and then, you will This synchronisation of the so- the rest of Europe it is being
called truths is an ideology that governed and told what to do by every wind of doctrine, by the against him for a video he sent in
hear a big-time preacher telling us 2006 to Osama Bin Laden that was
that all religions can not only co- comes from pure ignorance, plain the political parties. Incidentally, sleight of men, [and] cunning
and simple. Well, the great falling did you know while the EEC craftiness, whereby they lie in played worldwide in which Keller
exist but also work together for the encouraged Bin Laden to
greater welfare of humanity. There away is happening. People are parliament has 750 members, seat wait to deceive;
stating that what was once evil is number 666 remains empty at this Ephesians 4:14. ‘renounce the lies of Islam’ and
is no greater humbug than this. come to faith in Jesus Christ.
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