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C1. communicate The student does not Communicates Communicates Communicates information and Communicates information and ideas
information and ideas reach a standard information and ideas in a information and ideas ideas accurately by using a style effectively and accurately by using a
effectively using an described by any of the limited way, using a style satisfactorily by using a that is mostly appropriate to the style that is completely appropriate
appropriate style for the descriptors below. that is 
limited in its style that is somewhat audience and purpose. to the audience and purpose.
audience and purpose appropriateness to the appropriate to the Information is presented clearly Information is very clearly
audience and purpose. audience and purpose. for the most part. Some sections presented. All sections are easily

Niceintroduction Sections of the video are

difficult to understand;
Some sections of the
video are difficult to
are a bit difficult to understand. It
was an adequate representation of
understood. It was an excellent
representation of a Crash Couse
it did not resemble a understand. It vaguely a Crash Course segment. segment

of visuals Crash Course segment. resembles a Crash Course

Excellent use segment.

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Thought BubblesAlliances impact Many nations drawn in from Assassination

D1. discuss concepts, The student does not Analyses concepts,
Analyses concepts, Discusses concepts, issues, Completes a detailed discussion of

issues, models, visual reach a standard issues, models, visual issues, models, visual models, visual representation and concepts, issues, models, visual
representation and described by any of the representation and representation and theories. Includes a thorough representation and theories. Includes
theories descriptors below. theories to a limited theories. There is some discussion of concepts and issues a detailed discussion of concepts and
extent. There is very discussion of concepts that could have led to WW1 issues that could have led to WW1.
Ahh Dule Assassination little discussion of
concepts and issues that
and issues that could have
led to WW1

Inediate triggerhood
led to WW1.

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Militarism Nice metaphor baseof war Good Cant happen without it
Rs af Imperialism t.EE stats
Franco PrussianWars Enemies for 44Years 9 Can
beseen as a cause
Good Point
D2. synthesize The student does not Summarizes information Summarizes information Synthesizes information to make Synthesizes information to make
information to make reach a standard to a limited extent to to make arguments. valid arguments. The analysis is valid, well-supported arguments.
valid, well-supported described by any of the make arguments. Critical analysis is creditable and goes beyond The student shows a depth of analysis
arguments descriptors below. Statements are made lacking. Work does not summarizing. Some ideas may not while justifying which causes were
based on limited factual go beyond be fully developed. most important in causing WW1
information. summarization.

Immediate Cause is

all link together but

Good job of showing how they
No real definitive argument made as
A1. Use a wide range of The student does not Uses limited WW1 Uses some WW1 Uses a range of WW1 Consistently uses a wide range of
terminology in context reach a standard specific terminology terminology accurately terminology accurately and WW1 terminology accurately and
described by any of the and appropriately appropriately appropriately
descriptors below.

Alice Vocabulary

Subject specific

Nicely pronounced
A2. demonstrate The student does not Demonstrates basic Demonstrates adequate Demonstrates substantial Demonstrates excellent
knowledge and reach a standard understanding of WW1 understanding of WW1 understanding of WW1 lead up. understanding of WW1 lead up.
understanding of described by any of the lead up. Support contains lead up. Support contains Support contains accurate and Support consistently contains
subject-specific content descriptors below. minimal satisfactory sometimes detailed thorough and accurate
and concepts through explanations/examples. explanations/examples. explanations/examples. explanations/examples.
developed descriptions,
explanations and

bood sometimes imperialism

Some content lacked Good examples Initiharism lack of eramplegCalaval

A 6 linked Examples
links to WW1
8 Need more
for causes

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