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Business & New Technology Vocabulary I

Innova Idiomas: Grupos Estrella

A. Complete the following exercises with the vocabulary provided:

Native apps / Startup accelerator / technology accelerator /

artificially intelligent algorithms / business accelerators / ad blocker / advertainment /
affiliate marketing manager / Agile project management / cloud apps
Unsupervised machine learning /

a. Agile project management is a specialized methodology that's focused on

engineering, IT and business product/service development.
b. There are private organizations that help startups grow, called business
accelerators, which usually offer financial support and guidance to help a
startup develop.
c. Snapchat is the ideal platform for brands to capitalize on advertainment.
d. Even if the ad-blocker program is set to allow nonintrusive ads by default, you
can disable the feature in the program’s settings.
e. SBE Australia, a not-for-profit with the first female-only startup accelerator in
Australia, lead successful businesses in industries including healthtech,
agritech, real estate, wellness and fashion.
f. "Capital Factory and Daimler have come together to create MobilityX - the
center of gravity for innovation in mobility services and technologies. MobilityX
is the first transportation technology accelerator aimed at fostering the growth of
new mobility-as-a service companies and bringing innovative solutions to the
transportation sector."
g. You will have to work collaboratively with the Affiliate Marketing Manager to
develop strategic marketing programs and support materials for distributors.
h. Native apps can provide optimized performance and take advantage of the
latest technology, such as a GPS, compared to web apps or mobile cloud apps
developed to be generic across multiple systems.
i. Unsupervised machine learning is helping humans dig into heaps of data to find
patterns and trends that can improve businesses and keep consumers safe
from fraud. These artificially intelligent algorithms are uncovering knowledge in
a way that other machine learning methods cannot.

B. Read the following article and complete it with the paragraphs given:

LinkedIn raises its ad tech game, launches Audience Network

across “tens of thousands” of sites and apps

Facebook has set the pace for how social networks can grow their advertising
revenues by leveraging advances and ad tech and the information that they collect
about users and their interests through the social graph. Now LinkedIn — the career-
focused social network owned by Microsoft with some 500 million registered users — is
hoping to step up its game in ads and ad tech, too.

Initially, the LinkedIn Audience Network will

cover tens of thousands of sites and apps globally, as well as ad exchanges like
MoPub, Sharethrough, Google Ad Exchange and Rubicon.

The sites and apps themselves tap into some of the properties that are now cousins to
LinkedIn, such as the Microsoft-owned and, while apps include
popular titles like MyFitnessPal, which have affinity with the same kinds of consumers
Business & New Technology Vocabulary I
Innova Idiomas: Grupos Estrella
that might already be using LinkedIn. writes Divye
Raj Khilnani, a product manager at LinkedIn.

Those early users, LinkedIn said, had between

three and 13 percent more unique impressions served and up to 80 percent more
unique clicks.

Adding audience networks has been a logical progression for sites that already serve
ads to users based on information that they collect about people like you: Facebook, as
one example, has been running a mobile-based audience network since 2014.

The reason is clear: Innovations in ad tech make it

possible to leverage that data on a much larger playing field: outside that specific
company’s walled garden.

In LinkedIn’s case, the company is creating “lookalike audiences” to serve you ads
based on your LinkedIn profile and its matched audiences targeting capabilities, the
company tells me.

For the consumer, you are not likely to know when you are seeing an ad served
through LinkedIn’s audience network: there will not be any branding and they will
appear “native” to the mobile app where you are seeing them. The first and only
awareness you may have that you’ve clicked a LinkedIn link might be when you land
on the LinkedIn page linked to that piece of Sponsored Content, but that’s only if the ad
links to a LinkedIn post (as with LinkedIn Sponsored Content, those links can go
anywhere, including to a company’s own site).

Given that companies like Facebook have been offering audience networks for years
now, the LinkedIn Audience Network is a long time coming, and could be a welcome
addition to boosting LinkedIn’s business.

Since closing its acquisition by Microsoft for $26.2 billion, the company has not shared
many details about its financials or other metrics; but historically, advertising has been
a relatively small part of the company’s revenues compared to areas like recruitment

In the last earnings report that LinkedIn filed before its acquisition closed, back
in October 2016, the company reported $960 million in revenues, but only $175 million
of that came from Marketing Solutions (its term for its advertising business). By
contrast, Talent Solutions (its recruitment business, which includes recruitment listings
but also subscriptions to use its premium tools) brought in $623 million.

a. The audience network is rolling out globally to all English-speaking countries

first and follows a limited beta from the beginning of this year, which saw over
6,000 LinkedIn advertisers participate.
b. Today, it launched a new service called LinkedIn Audience Network: a way for
advertisers to buy inventory on a network of mobile sites and apps beyond
LinkedIn itself, but still using LinkedIn’s demographic data, to broadcast their
Sponsored Content — LinkedIn’s term for updates posted by companies that
can be reports or other links, which the companies pay to promote.
c. Social networks and others like Google who can distill information by way of
your browsing and search history have a large trove of anonymised information
that they can use to serve you more targeted advertising.
Business & New Technology Vocabulary I
Innova Idiomas: Grupos Estrella
d. “Advertisers running campaigns in the Audience Network are reaching new
people they hadn’t yet engaged on one of LinkedIn’s owned and operated

C. Match the words in bold with the definitions given:

a. App that enables advertisers to extend the scale of their social networks ad
campaigns beyond them and into mobile apps that have partnered for example
with Facebook to display ads.
b. The income generated from sale of goods or services, or any other use of
capital or assets, associated with the main operations of an organization before
any costs or expenses are deducted.
c. The ability to directly know and perceive, to feel, or to be cognizant of events.
More broadly, it is the state of being conscious of something.
d. To help or encourage (something) to increase or improve.

D. Write four sentences using the words from the previous exercise:

a. _______________________________________________________________
b. _______________________________________________________________
c. _______________________________________________________________
d. _______________________________________________________________

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