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lay P regular verbs: -ed endings 1 VOCABULARY holidays ste, write down five things you Tike doing when you're on holiday, et relaxing, going t0 muscu. Then compare with a partner. b> p.152 Vocabulary Bank Holidays. ¢ Inpairs. interview your partner with the holiday questionnaire. Ask Why? My perfect summer holiday Which do you prefer? going abroad or going on holiday in your country ing by car, bus. plane or train going tothe beach or going to acity stayinginahatel or apartment) of going camping sunbathing, going sightseeing or going for walks hot, sunny weather or cool, cloudy weather going with fiends or going with your family 2 READING & SPEAKING a Work in pairs. A read about Joe's holiday: B read about Laura’s holiday. Find the answers to questions 1-5. 1 Whece did he J she goon holiday? 2 Who did he /she go with? 3 Where did he J she stay? 4 Whar was the weather like? 5 Why didn't he / shy b_ Now tell your partner about the holiday you read, Use questions 1-5 to help you | © Read your partner's test. In pairs, guess the meaning of che highlighted words and phrases, Whose holiday do you think was worse? Why? 4 Have you ever hada holiday that you didn't enjoy ‘ery much? happened? simple: regular and irregular verbs Right place, wrong person Where did you goon holiday? went to Venice with some friends. The place is perfect, the weather is wonderful, butif you're with the wrong person, a holiday can bea disaster... Joe 28, a fight attendant Last October [went on holiday to Thailand for two weeks with my gicfiend, Mia ‘The holiday began well. We spent two days in Bangkok and saw the Floating Market and the Royal Palace. But things went ‘wong when we left Bangkok. wanted tostay in hostels, which were basic but clean, but Ma said they were too uncomfortable and so we stayedin quite expensive hotels. wanted to experience the local atmosphere but Mia just wanted to ge shopping. I thought | knew Mia very well, but you don't know a person “ntl you travel with them, it was awful We argued about everything, For our last four days we went to Ko Chang, a beautiful sland, Iwas ike being in paradise. The weather was lovely and the beaches were wonderful, but we just sunbathed without speaking. We spent our lastnight back in Bangkok and we went for a drink with some Australians. They were relly friendly and Mia started fing with one of the boys. That was the end When we arrived at Heathrow airport the you don’t know & ert day we decided to Breakup. Person until YOU took hundreds of photos but when I got travel with them home! didrt show them to anyone Laura 26, anurse Last spring my bestfriend sabelleand to Venice one day. | booked a holiday in Venice. We rented but without Linda. 9 a small apartment for aweek witha fantastic view ofthe canals, Atthe last moment another fiend, Linda, askedif she could come too, We Flt sorryfor her because she had robles with her boyfriend, so we said yes Venice was magica and the weather was perfect, but the hoday was a disaster for one simple reason: Linda was so mean! She has a good job so shes not poor, but she ust didnt want to pay fr anything, When we went sightseeing she dct want to go to any museums or galleries tat cost Toney. When we went on 2 gondola she complained that itwas very expensive, When we went to have inch or dinner se always wanted tog to cheap restaurants oF she bought pizzas and ate them inthe iat. Bu the nigh invited her and isabelle out on my birthday she chore the ‘most expensive things onthe menul The worst hing was that although sabelle and pid forthe apartment. nda never once bought us a coffee ora drink Pd ove to go back to Venice one day..but without Linda, 41d love to go back 3 LISTENING a )34}) You are going t listen t Mia and Linda talking about the holidays, First lis to Mia. Does she agree with Joe about the holiday? en b Listen again. What does Mia say about... 1 her relationship with Joe before they went 2 the places where they stayed 3 talking to other travellers + photos 5 going on holiday with a boy end 435) Now listen to Linda. What's her opinion of the holiday? Then listen again. What does she say about. 1 Venice 2 what they did chere 3 the cost of her holiday 4 hernext holiday d_ Who do you sympathize with most, Joe or Mia? Latira or Linda? 4 GRAMMAR past simple: regular and irregular verbs a What is the past simple of these verbs? Are they regular or irregular? Check your answers in Joe's text £0. begin ‘spend Teave want be I stay think know argue sunbathe take b_Now underline the past simple +! verbs in Laura's text. What are the infinitives? ¢ Find and underline two past simple =|verbs in the ewo texts. How do you make =/and 7! in the past simple...? + with normal verbs + with was were + with could d_ > p.128 Grammar Bank 2A. Learn more about the past simple and practise it 5 PRONUNCIATION regular verbs: -ed endings a. 37) Listen and repeat the sentences, * We sunbathed on the beach We rented a flat. We booked a holiday. We walked around the town, om We decided to break up. b Say the past simple of these verbs. In which ones is-ed pronounced itd’? ‘arrive ask end invite Ike love need park start stay © 38) Listen and check PD Regular past simple verbs Remember that we dor't normally pronounce the e in -ed ‘The -edending is usually pronounced or kl. The difference between these endings s very small. We only pronounce the ein -ed when th isatoradbeforeit, = Ad) 2g wanted, ended. with these verbs -ed: 6 SPEAKING a Look at Your last holiday below. What are the questions? b_ Think about your answers to the questions. YOUR LAST HOLIDAY 1 Where / ga? 2 When / 40? 3 Whe / go with? 4 Where / stay? 5 What / the food like? © What / the Weather like? 7 What / do during the day? 8 What / do at night? 4 / have a goad tinte? 10 / have any problems? © Work in pairs. Ask your partner about his / her holiday. Show interest in what he J she says, and ask for more information. Then swap roles. PD Useful language for showing interest | Really? Wow! Fantastic! Great! etc. 5) Oh not How awful ee. | [Bl wasit expensive? wny? what happened? etc. a Ee past continuous V prepositions of time and place: at, in, on P sentence stress The story behind the photo READING Look at a photo which news photographer ‘Tom Pilston took in 2008. What do you think is happening? Read Tom's description of what happened ‘on the night he took the photo, Were you right? Read it again and answer the questions, 1 Why did Tom Pilston go to Chicago? Why couldn'the rake a photograph of Obama? What was the weather like? Where did he take this photo? Where could the people see the elect results? 6 Washe sorry that he couldn't go inside the center? 7 What happened when Obama won? Why do you think the photographer thought is photo was berter than a photo of Obama himself? Do you agree? GRAMMAR past continuous Look at the highlighted verbs in an extract from the text. Do they describe actions that happened...? a afier he ook the phoro bb atthe same timeas he took the photo When | took this photo everybody Was! looking at the TV screens waiting for the election results. Some people were quietly holding hands and smiling - others were tense and nervous > p.128 Grammar Bank 28. Learn more about the past continuous and practise 41)) In pairs, listen to the sounds and. make a sentence using the past continuous and the past simple. ‘They were playing tennis whan it started to rain, What was, happening? PENNE? people were waiting for the results, to photograph Barack Obama and his family in the Convention Center, but when I got there | discovered that | cidn't have my press pass and | couldn't go inside. | walked around the park ‘outside the center. Although it was November, it was a warm night. ‘The atmosphere was wonderful. When | took this photo everybody ‘was looking at the TV screens waiting for the election results. some people were quietly holding hands and smiling ~ others were tense and Nervous. They felt that it was their moment. Suddenly realized that this was a better place to be than inside. | was watching Obama's victory through the faces of all these people, African, Hispanic, Chinese, white. ‘At about 11 o'clock the results were announced, and everybody went ‘mad. People started laughing, shouting, and crying. But when Obama ‘made his speech they all became quiet and emotional. There was only ‘one place to be on the planet that night ~ and I was there. O: 44th November | arrived in Chicago late in the evening, | wanted 3 VOCABULARY 2t, in, on a Which preposition do you use before...? 1 adate (eg 4th November} 2 atime (eg. 11 clock) 3. the morning, the afternoon, etc. 4+ a room or building (eg the Convention Center) b_ Check your answers to ain the text. What preposition do you use with? 1 amonth (eg, January) 2 the weekend 3. home, work, school © > p.153 Vocabulary Bank Prepositions. Do part |. 4. > Communication at, in, on A p.100B p.106. Answer the questions with a preposition and a time or place. -Asotectoma tah newspener