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K.Pavan Kumar Developer Phone No: 91-9642407457


Career Objective:

To utilize my analytical and development skills towards a challenging career in industry that
offers security and professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible with
work environments and having good communication and interpersonal skills.

Experience Summary:

Having more than 2 years experience in Microsoft Technologies, I have been involved in various
projects covering different sectors. Through these projects, experience has been gained in all
aspects of the project life cycle, from design through development to implementation and end-
user support.
Good command over Object Oriented Programming concepts.
Good command over hosting and consuming, web services.
Good command on Database and Writing Stored Procedures.

Job Profile:

Worked in Hind Info Way Pvt. Ltd. Visakhapatnam, dec2006 to dec2009 as a Programmer.

Educational Qualification:

BTech in Computer Science Engineering from Vignan Institute of information Technology,

Visakhapatnam (2002-2006)

Intermediate from JVS Junior College Visakhapatnam (2000-2002)

Secondary Education from Mohan Secondary School, Visakhapatnam (2000)

Software Skill Set:

Operating system : Windows 2003/XP

Languages : C, C++,DOTNET 3.5 framework, C#
Web Servers : IIS.
Markup Language : Html
GUI : C#.Net, VB.Net
Database : MS-SQL Server 2005
Testing : Manual Testing

Project #1:

Project Name : Fuel Books

Client : Vankayala Chalamiah & Sons
Environment : C#.NET, MS-SQL Server
Role : Involved in Analysis, Design, Coding and Testing
Organization : Hind Info Way Pvt. Ltd, Visakhapatnam
Team Size :3

Fuel books is a software which is designed to atomize the operation of a filling station the main
module of this software an Registration purchases ,Inventory, sales, billing, Reports, Accounts

The deals will purchases different types petroleum products from the suppliers which are stored
in the software database .Once the purchases an our all the details are updated is the inventory by
using Inventory reports the uses can identify/find the states of the product purchases/sales from
the reports.

Two types of sales will be present
cash sales
credit sales

Cash sales:
Once the custom purchased some item the custom will pay at that term.

Credit Sakes: Custom will purchases the item and pays the bills monthly wise so the database
has to stone all the information relation to credit sales, their purchases then payment details, then
transaction with the dealer After the Customer purchases the bills will be generated and issued to
the customer for payment. Once the payment is over the information is updated to account of
company. Accounts Module consists of generation of balance sheet and ledger details of the
company. This software is very beneficial to the dealers in terms of maintaining their business
which reduces the man power and is maintaining manual books.

Project #2:

Project Name : Human Resource Management Systems

Environment : ASP.Net with c sharp, MS-SQL
Client : Hind Info Way Pvt. Ltd
Role : Involved in Analysis, Design, Coding and Testing
Team Size :2

Human Resource Management System is used to store all the required information of a Software
company. This application consists of different modules like Employees, Departments,
Designations, Interviews, Employee Attendance, Employee Daily Activity Sheet, Work order
Details, Clients Module etc. This application is used to generate the Banks statements, Pay-slips,
Salary statements of the employees. All the required information will be shown to the user in the
form of Reports.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Involved in Analysis and Designing User Interface.
Coding and testing individual module.
Installing the product at client Office.

Project #3:

Project Name : Citizen Recall System(CRS)

Environment : VB.Net, MS-SQL
Client : Sangli(MP)
Role : Involved in Analysis, Design, Coding and Testing
Team Size :3

This is a Database maintained for the people in sangli i.e. complete boi-graphy of the person
were living in sangli. Mainly it consists of regarding family details, qualifications,
responsibilities, occupation etc…

Roles and Responsibilities:

Involved in the designing and coding
Worked at client location
Installing in the client office

Modules involved in the product are

1. Search Module
2. Mapping
3. Email concept

Mapping module: In this module we are having maps (i.e sangli) and in that there are different
areas with the number, name etc then the person has to selected on area and goes for search the
he will find routing of particular area.
This project is developed for the Political leader(MP) in the sangli who want the datails for the
voting of the person who were living there.

Email Concept: After collecting all the details of the persons who were living in the sangli & this
was converted into the excel sheet and this sheet is attached to mail of particular person (data
entry ) & this was forwarded to the main person(MP).

Project #4:

Project Name : Axcess recovery

Environment : with C# (3.5 framework), SQL server 2005
Client : ACA International Bank.
Role : Involved in Analysis, Design, Coding and Testing
Team Size :3

Here it is an International Bank wanted for the transactions in incoming and outgoing
money to the bank. With using of the credit and debit systems.

Modules invovled in the ACA International Bank.

Business Needs/Processes
Applications and Integration Points