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NOV E MB E R 2 01 0
Event of the Month
seminar with David Pierce

O n the 7th and 8th of November there will be a seminar titled „Creative Evangelisa-
tion” with David Pierce, leader of the christian band „No Longer Music”.Pierce, lea-
der of the christian band „No Longer Music”.

David Pierce, called by the media „Rock Priest” is the leader of the christian band „No Longer Music”

Artists belonging to the band, make music on the stage at the same time as creating quasi-
theatrical activities (NLM has made its mark through its bold and creative blend of music and
26 Boh. Warszawy st. theatre). It is therefore a unique musical and theatrical experience. The idea behind the show is
to present the gospel to the non-religious public in a non-religious manner.
70-340 Szczecin
Typical concert venues are far from regular places: a bar in Copenhagen run by drug dealer`s and
tel. 91 488 61 16
biker gangs, a public house owned by the mafia in Hong Kong and terrorists clubs run by the
e-mail Basque separatists.
They evangelize through christian music played amongst drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes,
NIP 955-19-37-405 street gang members, marginalized youths and other people who have lost their way in life.

Acc no: Conference schedule:

20 1020 4795 0000 9102 7 Th of november (sunday) 11 am and 5 pm Church „Chrystus dla Wszystkich”; part 1

0090 0928 8 th of November (monday) 5 pm „13 Muz” Club Plac Żołnierza Polskiego 2; part 2

everyone is welcome (details on the next page)

Detailed schedule of Monday meetings 8th of November
5 pm - 6pm Worship Concert - Mate.O Klub 13 Muz 2 Żołnierza Polskiego st.
Mate.O aka Mateusz Otremba - musician, photographer, worship leader of christian com-
munity „Genesis” in Poznan. Author of many songs, that have accompanied us during wor-
ship meetings for nearly 10 years, known from such albums as „Total Worship” or „You Are
Good To Me”. For many years he was involved with „Slot Art Festival” and was co-creator
of the christian movement „Manifest”. His aim is that contemporary polish worship music
will flow from our own experience and passion and not be a copy of foreign worship songs.

6pm - 7.30pm Seminar about creative evangelization - part 2 Klub 13 Muz 2 Żołnierza Polskiego st.
David Pierce since his youth was looking for a relationship with the Lord in many diffrent
ways, acting intuitively. He comes from the United States and that’s where he started his mini-
stry, but God have brought him to Amsterdam in Europe. David is a missionary, who travels to
the jungle of big cities. He is travelling all around the world with band „No Longer Music” to
preach the Gospel by music and drama . He is reaching places with the Gospel, where-as you
would think– there is no place for it. He is preaching among alcoholics, drug addicts, gang-
sters, prostitutes, satanists, young people from various youth subcultures. He often goes,
where even the police are affraid to go, to tell people about Christ in the places where often You can see that
the ruler is rather satan. He is often spat upon, insulted, but he is taking the risk. Is still going forward preaching
the glory of The Lord.

8pm - 9pm evangelistic acoustic concert by Martijn Krale (FRÜHSTÜCK) Kontrasty 7a Wawrzyniaka st.
Martijn Krale, is a Dutchman living in Poland for the last 12 years (ex-bass gui-
tar player in legendary formation „No Longer Music”). He has been married
for nearly 19 years to Ellen and they have three daughters. They founded and
are leading „The Rock” church in Wrocław. He is a musician and likes to listen
and preach.

S T R . 2

We finally have our Website

We would like to take the www

opportunity, to thank to
Our brothers Szymon and
Daniel, who created this

On the Website You can find news, meetings, photo galleries and much more. If
You haven’t visited it yet then please do it quick. I encourage You to browse the
contents of these pages and to be up to date with the events in the life of Our
Church. If You have any suggestions about the website or its content please con-
tact the administrator

O n every Thursday at 10.15 pm on TVP1 there is a docu-
mentary program called „I was a gangster”.

The program is about people, who used to be a gangsters,

but they have met Jesus on their way and now they are tel-
ling us about the change in their lifes.
It’s an amazing event, and a great opportunity to testify in
front of a great number of viewers and tell them about The As you come to him, the living Stone(...) you also, like
Living God who has the power to change the live of every living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to
person. be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices ac-
Enjoy watching the program and pray to The God that He ceptable to God through Jesus Christ. 1 P 2:4-5
can work through these people who witness to His real po-
wer. The program will be on air for six months, which means
that thousands of people in this country will hear The

The parable of the old builder

is nothing wrong with that. The worst thing is when

A n old builder wanted to retire. He told about it his

employer, who asked him to build one more house.
The builder agreed to that but it was easy to see that his
we don’t draw any conclusion from our mistakes or
we’re not trying to prevent these mistakes. We are the
builders of our life and every day, brick by brick we are
attitude wasn’t right. He was imprecise, he didn’t use the bulding it. The way we build it is only up to us. Our
best materials, and was doing everything to finish as attitude and our choices, build our life -our house that
soon as possible. When the house was finished, the em- we will live in tomorrow. We couldn’t walk, write, read
ployer came to inspect it. He stood at the entrance, took or speak when we were born, right? All these things
the keys out of his pocket and said to the builder: „This is we were taught when we needed them. Why don’t we
Your house. Please accept it as a gift from me for all learn new skills now as we did when we needed to
these years of Your work” The builder was shocked. learn how to walk, speak... etc.
What a shame. If only he would have known, that he was
building for himself, he would have done it all differently.
It’s the same with us. We are building our lifes day by day
and often not bother too much. Then we are shocked,
when we realize that we were building life in the wrong
way and now we have to live that life. If we only knew
that it was for us... If only I had known, that I will need
the polish language... If only I had known that it will fi-
nish that way, I wouldn’t have done it..... If only I had
known that I shouldn’t do that... How many times are we
repeating these or similar senteces? How many times are
we asking ourselfes „How could I do that?” or „Why I
didn’t do this?” Mistakes happen to everyone and there


Main events of October

9.10 Leaving party for our Sister Krysia before 16.10 Blessing of the youngest member of the Gie-
going to stay with her daughter in UK
rek’s family-Jonathan

This photo was taken at the end of September but It’s still nice to see You all


Photos from home prayer
22.10.2010 - this time it was the movable home prayer time at the home of Ula and Peter Orszulak from Chojna.
It’s hard to see them on these pictures. I encourage You to open Your home.

Sunday School events

Meetings in November Ogłoszenia drobne:

6th and 20th of November 11am - 1. oddam parom z jednego gatunku miejsca na du-
żym statku pasażerskim, pełne zaopatrzenia,
1.30pm Meeting for High school niewielkie uszkodzenia spowodowane desz-
students czem, okna dachowe, skrytka pocztowa I Księga
Mojżeszowa 8:1
- 6th and 20th of November 1.30am -
2. darmowy obiad dla pierwszych 5000 chętnych.
4pm pantomime group meeting Owoce morza i niebiański chleb domowego wy-
pieku. Skrytka 5C2R, Galilea
Every Tuesday at. 16.30 Meeting for
3. Duża jaskinia, Bardzo przytulna! Wspaniała dla
primary school children. miłośników kotów! Telefon: 123-4567 Lwy, Izrael

4. Słynny podróżny mówca wystąpi w twoim ko-

questions tel: 502 238 480 Magda ściele lub synagodze. Darmowe Kopie własnych
Trust in the LORD and do good natchnionych przez DUCHA listów i ksiąg. Biura
w Jerozolimie, Efezie, Rzymie.. Biuro w Damasz-
ku chwilowo nieczynne.


L i f e o f o u r c h u r c h
Sunday: 11am SUNDAY SERVICE (first Sunday 07.11 –
13 a COMMUNION; last sunday 28.11 – BIRTHDAY AGAPE)
nd 1
sze 4
k Za novem
13 n from ber spe Tuesday: 6pm - Prayer at the church building
ove Strz cial
the mb elce gue
e r O st Wednesday: 6pm - Home Group at the church building
rd a
, sa
turd p olsk Le-
20 n t the ay 6 i e (contact sister Kasia Dwojak)
ove Chu p
for mb rch m Scho
sing e r b uild ol o Thursday: 6pm – Home prayer meeting; place announ-
Poc le w Saturd ing f
zto om a y 5 pm
wa en a ced on Sunday service and via text message
13/7 tM
26 a
nd 2 onik meetin
Goo 8 a’s g Friday: 11am - time with Bible. Meeting for women: at
s Ve Novem
dde ber Helen’s 104/6 Boh. Warszawy st., tel. 514 316 688
r spe
st Last Friday of the month 26.11, at 8pm worship and
Saturday 06.11, 10am Christian meeting for Men at
„13Muz” Club 2 Żołnierza Polskiego st.

Every first and third Sunday of the month meeting for

English speaking people at Loren Ozanne’s place at
November Birthdays 23/21 Niedziałkowskiego st.

If You would like to share Your testimony,

09.11 Chudzio Magdalena reflections about christian life and faith or
13.11 Witek Iwona Your thoughts please do not hesitate to
15.11 Huk Beata contact us at:
19.11 Miller Rafał
22.11 Miklewski Patryk

God Bless You All

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