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Benguet Electric Cooperative vs. NLRC appeal.

The board member’s appeal was posted

by registered mail on may 3 and received by the
Rule 13
NLRC the following day. Thus it was filed out of

Facts: The board insists that the appeal was made on

time because it was delivered for mailing on
Private Respondent Peter Colasan was the may 1 to Garcia Communications Company a
General Manager of Benguet Electric licensed private letter carrier.
Cooperative (Beneco).
Private letter carrier instead of the Philippine
Colasan Received memorandums from COA post office is not a regocnized mode of filing
regarding substantial inconsistencies regarding pleadings. In case of private carrier the date of
per diem allowances received by officials and actual receipt of court and not date of delivery
members of the board with the directives of to the private carrier is deemed date of the
NEA ( National Electrification Administration). pleading.
The audit report enumerated irregularities in
the utilization of funds amounting to 37 million
released by NEA to Beneco.

Having ben aware of the serious financial

condition on Beneco andx what appeared to be
mismanagement, Colasa initiated
implementation of remedial measures
recommended by COA. The board responded by
abolishing his allowance and subsequently
ousted Colasan as GM.

Colasan filed w the NLRC a complaint. The Labor

arbiter granted complaint and ordered Colasa
tro be reinstated and joint liability of the board
and Beneco in the payment of backwages.

The board appealed to the NLRC. The NLRC

declared that only Beneco is liable. Beneco filed
a petition on certiorari.


WON the appeal was filed out of time.



The board members received decision of the LA

on 21 april 1988. And because may 1 is a
holiday they had until may 2 to perfect their