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Surname: To be completed by the guarantor’s employer when applying for accommodation

First name: I, the undersigned, Mr/Mrs/Miss

Relationship Depar tment/
to applicant: Date of birth country: Position:
Place of birth
(Town where birth registered) hereby confirm that

Street: has been employed since

n°, type of street (street, boulevard, avenue) and street name

additional information (care of, residence, building)


Post code : by (name of company):

telephone number:
Telephone number. Home
by virtue of a contract permanent
Work Mobile temporary until

I would like to receive information from O.N.L.E by text message YES NO Trial period completed yes no
and remains to this date an employee of the company at a salary of:
Email :
@ Un salaire net de , euros per month
I would like to receive information from O.N.L.E by email YES NO
i.e. , euros per year
Employer :
I further certify that Mr/Mrs/Miss
is not currently under threat of dismissal
Documents to be attached to application is not subject to any attachment of earnings
For the student - Photocopy of birth certificate (translated into French in the case of foreign has not resigned from his/her post
- - Certificate of school attendance/qualifications Whereof I therefore issue this certificate with all advantages thereto pertaining.
- Bank details
For the guarantor(s) - Copy of proof of identity, both sides, per person Signed , date
- Copy of birth and marriage certificate(s) (place)
- Proof of income (3 last pay slips and last tax certificate, or proof of pension allo-
wance or last financial statement if self-employed)
Employer’s signature and stamp
- Proof of registration on the register of commerce / Company registration certifi-
cate / Trade registration certificate
- Copy of bank details
- Pay certificate (attached form to be completed by employer)
- Photocopy of 3 last rent receipts or property tax receipt
- Information concerning payment of family allowance
11/13, rue Anthoard 38000 GRENOBLE
Telephone: +33 (0)4 76 70 98 98 - +33 (0)4 76 87 69 85
Fax: +33 (0)4 76 70 98 98
Email: French social housing aid
(aide au logement social, or ALS)

Especially well-adapted for students, It takes:

the residence is also open to young Advance amount: €305
- a 25 minute tramway ride to get to the
people in training courses (trainees, Cheque to the order of O.N.L.E.Anthoard
IUFM (tramway line A) and to the
training contracts, apprentices). (advance on amounts due)
Campus Universitaire Pierre Mendès
France de Saint Martin d'Héres
The Residence is in the centre of town, (tramway line B), ALS application forms can be
in the new Europôle quarter, next to the - a 35 minute tramway ride (line A) to downloaded directly at
SNCF train station. get to the Ecole d'Architecture,
- a 20 minute tramway ride (line B) to
The Anthoard Residence is comprised get to the Faculté de Médecine et de
of: Pharmacie in La Tronche.

Exploitant : O.N.L.E. ANTHOARD Association Loi de 1901 - Siège Social 78, rue de Marseille 69008 LYON
- 84 furnished studios 18 m² to 30 m²
You will find all the neighbourhood
(option of flatsharing).
shops you could need in the quarter:
baker, pastry shop, butcher, hair-
Our tenants may benefit from French
dresser, post office, small food shops,
social housing aid (aide au logement
restaurants and an open-air market
social, or ALS).
every morning on the Place Saint
The tramway stop (line A) is a two-
minute walk from the residence.
Reservations are made chronologically
Services provided
The Institut National Polytechnique and
on receipt of applications, depending on • Digital access lock • Photocopier*
the IUT are a ten-minute walk or a five-
availabilities and after verification of the • Superintendent • Hoover
minute tramway ride (A or B) away.
required solvency guarantees; we also • Laundry* • Guardian
The Ecole Faugier Hays and the Ecole
advise you to return your application file • Bicycle room • Internet*
de Management (GEM and ESC) can
as quickly as possible. • Car park* • Common room
be reached by foot within five minutes.
The Wesford School is a 10-minute * supplementary charge - rates displayed at the residence
Please do not hesitate to contact us for
tramway ride from the residence
any additional information at the
(tramway line A or B).
address and telephone number indi- Schools
The Institut Univeria is 15 minutes away
cated above. • GGSB • SUPCREA
by foot.
Résidence Direction


Anthoard ESC Gare SCNF

en direction


rue Anthoard du campus


Public transport:


T cours Berriat ain


D 523
1001b 3805 M9 GB 04-2010

Place de Verdun


n Jau


Ecole Faugier Hays b u Stade


ea des Alpes
rue Ampère

s Jea

lém in partnership with

av. M. Berthelot
A 480




chal Fo

bd Joseph Vallier bd Maré


Le service Logement du Club étudiant

Procédez à une visite virtuelle :

Un réseau à votre service 1. Un réseau national de résidences étudiantes
2. Un service de logement auprès de particuliers
3. Assurances locatives à prix étudiants
O.S.E. Association étudiante à but non lucratif (Paris n° 071344)
Siège : 11-13, rue Serpente 75006 Paris - carte Professionnelle n° T 8477 délivrée par la Préfecture de Police de Paris.
Garant : Société Générale, 1 bd Vivier Merle 69003 Lyon - O.S.E. s'est engagée à ne recevoir aucun fonds, effets ou valeurs pour le compte de tiers.
Accommodation specially designed for students
Presentation of the studies

Each studio has an insulated landing door with a three-point lock
for your safety, giving onto an entranceway leading to:

Dessin non contractuel

- the shower room (a sink with a mirror, a toilet and shower),
- the main room.
- the kitchen corner has a stainless steel sink, refrigerator, two hot
plates and storage furniture.
Heating and hot water are provided individually.
Each studio has a television outlet and a telephone outlet.
Presentation of services
The payment of the security deposit and fees may be made in
The studio furniture includes:
- two solid-beech beds (190 cm and 200 cm long by 80 cm wide • rent includes:
with slatted bed bases and mattresses),
- electricity and water costs for public areas,
- a storage drawer under the 190 cm bed, - provision of furniture,
- cold water consumption in the studio,
- two tables with drawers,
- maintenance costs for lift, centralised air-conditioning, safety
- two solid-beech chairs, equipment.
- two nightstands which can also be used as stools,
For reasons of hygiene, used mattresses are changed for free at the
- coat hook fixtures, end of each university year for studios receiving new residents.
- a wardrobe with clothes rack and shelving. • The occupant is directly responsible for:
Certain studios are designed for wheelchair passage and rotation. - personal electricity expenses,
- tenant repairs as set out in French Decree 87-712 of August 26,
- the purchase of smart cards for use of washing machine, dryer and
Presentation of the public photocopier,
- housing taxes,
facilities - housing insurance (insurance may be taken out at the residence
The residence has a reception with a photocopier available in office),
self-service during the office's opening hours. - option: parking for vehicles over 50 cm³
Various facilities are made available to occupants: - fees payable on signing the agreement, except in the case of
- lift, instalment payment,
- bicycle storage area,
- The fees amount may vary depending on whether or not you are a
- laundry with washing machine and dryer available at additional member of one of the residence's partner organizations as well as on
cost, the rental payment plan chosen:
- a roofed car park with access reserved for residents (limited to
places available). Rates are posted at the residence reception) - Partner member, payments by automatic account debiting: €200
A guardian is on duty at night and on weekends in the event of - Partner member, payments without automatic account debiting:
emergencies. €240
In addition, all Club Etudiant O.S.E. services are available
during the residence office's opening hours (discount coupons - Non-partner member, payments by automatic account debiting:
for numerous name products and businesses: FNAC, Darty, €290
Castorama, Alpe d'Huez ski packages, etc.). - Non-partner member, payments without automatic account
debiting: €320
Partners: Club Etudiant O.S.E. / SMERRA / institutions having signed
*Rates displayed at the residence a partnership agreement.

Other services available

Document non contractuel

Site Laundry Car park Vacuum Photocopier* Furnished Bike shed Digicode
supervisor cleaner

* Supplementary charge applies. Rates displayed at the residence

Academic year:
2 0 2 0
Application to be returned to the residence address
Date accommodation required
2 0 • I wish to take an option on housing among those available for rent. For this purpose I am including
cheque for an advance in the amount of €305, to the order of O.N.L.E. ANTHOARD.
I have noted that:
• my cheque serves as an advance on the amounts due on signing the lease (first rent payment, fees
First name: and security deposit,
• on receipt of my application you will send me either:
Date of birth: Department/country of birth: - a letter confirming receipt and consideration of my application,
- a letter which will indicate, if availabilities are known:
Was the birth a multiple birth? YES NO Number of births: • the number of the housing reserved for me, the floor and the monthly rent, costs included,
• the final date at which my lease must have been signed; failing signature of my lease at that
Place of birth: date, I will lose my reservation.
(town where birth was registered)


My advance will be reimbursed in the three following cases:
Parents’ address:
Street • 1 – my application was not accepted for reasons of availability at the date of receipt of my pre-
N°, type (street, boulevard, avenue) and name of street registration application,
• 2 – I withdrew my pre-registration application by registered letter return receipt requested sent to the
residence address within eight days of the date of receipt of my application; only the postmark
Additional information (care of, residence name, name of building)
certifies this validly, and only if I have made my request by post,
Post code: • 3 – I withdrew my pre-registration application by registered letter return receipt requested sent to the
residence address within eight days of publication of exam results or competitive admissions
Town: meaning I would be unable to undertake the studies specified in my pre-registration application
Email : dossier. I am required to enclose a document substantiating my having failed at the exams or
competitive admissions together with my letter of withdrawal.

Parents’ telephone number: Home: In any other case of non-settlement of the lease for reasons falling under my responsibility alone, the
advance shall remain forfeited to the residence as a non-refundable indemnity
Work: (1) (2)
I certify that the information provided in my dossier is correct and accurate.
Mobile: (1) (2)
Written in your own hand "Lu et approuvé, et bon pour accord" ("Read and
Email : approved, valid for acceptance")

@ Date :
I would like to receive information from O.N.L.E and its partners by text message YES NO Signature of the student or one of the parents in the case of minors:

I would like to receive information from O.N.L.E and its partners by email YES NO
Enrolment at university for coming academic year 2 0 2 0
Institute/College: .....................................................................................
Year of study: Town: ............................................................... FRENCH LAW ON DATA PROTECTION AND PRIVACY, (6 January 1978): Any personal information provided concerning you will
be subject to data processing by the O.N.L.E. association for the purposes of preparing a rental agreement. Such information may be
Exam qualification:........................................Date examination 2 0 used to communicate by mail or telephone with the tenant(s) and guarantor(s) concerning issues regarding the tenancy. You have the
Student receiving grant: YES NO right to access, amend, contest for a valid reason or delete any data concerning you by writing to O.N.L.E. 43 rue Jaboulay 69349
LYON Cedex 07. Moreover, you can refuse any transmission of your name and address to a third party, or the use of said data to any
Work placement due to start 2 0 other end, and more specifically for the purpose of direct mailing, by checking the adjacent box.
Other cases: