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Releasing 101: Mastering The Basics

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In the Abundance Course, Larry teaches three distinct ways to


Have you been using only one, or perhaps only two of these
approaches? Or, have you been using all three?

You don’t need to use them all, but I have found that using all of them
at different times really helps one to move forward faster.

It seems that some graduates forget they have these three powerful
tools at their disposal.

This newsletter will cover all three approaches to letting go, allowing
you get the most from your releasing.

It will be sort of a “Releasing 101″ class, covering some of the

important basics and perhaps answering some questions you may
have had about one or several of the releasing approaches.

This newsletter will be helpful to both new and advanced releasers as a

review of these “basics.”

Something I learned in gymnastics, which I practiced for twelve years

and in which I eventually became a state champ, was that IT IS ALL

Forget the so-called “advanced” stuff. Get the basics mastered and
you’ll be unstoppable. The basics are everything, particularly with

Before we begin, let us be clear that this is NOT a substitute for taking
the Abundance Course. If a graduate forwarded this article to you
(which would be out of integrity for a graduate to do), and you think
you can learn releasing by reading this article and/or from other
graduate newsletters, then please let me dispel this myth for you. You
will only end up frustrated, not released.
To really learn releasing and master it, it takes an experienced guide,
such as Larry Crane, walking us through the process over and over
until we “know it in our bones.”

I can tell you how to fly a plane, but unless you practice it over and
over under expert guidance to really get the feel for it, you will only
end up crashing badly.

With all that being said. Let’s explore the Three Methods of Releasing.

Method One: Releasing The Core Desires

The first approach is what Larry calls the “Three Wants” approach.
Here we pull up a feeling and then trace it back to the underlying
“want” and let it go.

Whatever feeling or answer we get, we ask ourselves, “Is this coming

from a wanting approval, wanting control or wanting to be safe?”

And then, we ask the three releasing questions:

1. Could I let it go?

2. Would I let it go?
3. When?

This is the most effective approach to releasing. Why? Because it

addresses the underlying desire that created all the other lacking

A single want can create hundreds of lacking feelings and thousands of

thoughts of limitation.

Can you see why you’d want to knock out the underlying desire?

When you strike the root–the underlying want–it is like taking an ax to

an entire thought-feeling structure based on that desire.

I’ve mentioned this sort of thing in previous newsletters, but let’s

explore it a little deeper…

The three questions, “Could I…? Would I…? When?” are invitations to
let go.
They are not commands or demands.

They are inviting and allowing instead of pushing and controlling.

They also bring you up into courageousness and acceptance. We

cannot release from below courageousness. It is impossible.

Finally, the three questions open up discrimination, which is the most

important factor.

The question “Could I let it go?” is asking us to discriminate…

“Is it possible to let it go?”

The answer is always “YES.” It is always possible. YOU are the owner
of the feeling, aren’t you? These feelings are programs in YOUR
computer, right? So, if you can’t hit the “delete” button, who can?

The question “Would I let it go?” is asking if you are willing to let it go.

It takes a willingness to let go and undo the suppression.

If you do not wish to let it go, you won’t—unless you suppress so

much that you eventually explode. And, then you only let off a little
steam. But, that does nothing to the boiler building up more of the
pressurized feelings inside.

The first of Lester’s “Six Steps to Releasing” is most important. It

states, “You must want imperturbablity/freedom more than you want
approval, control or security.”

This is where most people are off.

If that’s not in place, it is going to be difficult, if not impossible, to

release. You’ll just be spinning your wheels.

You must get to the place where you decide, “Okay, I’ve had enough
of this. I want freedom more than I want to hold on this lacking feeling
and I choose to be free of this instead of hold onto it.”

You will then let go of any thought, feeling or desire that is not in
alignment with complete freedom and imperturbability.

Lester said there are only two reasons why a person does not
1. They don’t believe they can.
2. They don’t want to.

The first two releasing questions address these issues.

With the first question, you realize “Yes,” you CAN let it go. With the
second question, you are given a chance to decide that “Yes,” you ARE
WILLING to let it go.

The third releasing question, “When?” is an invitation to let it go

“NOW” as opposed to “working on it” or putting it off to some future
date that seems more “convenient.”

Putting it off is always your ego trying to hold onto your self-sabotage

If you wish to release, the answer to “When?” is always, “Now. I

choose to let it go, right now.”

This third question is more important than most people realize. It is a

significant part of what makes releasing the most effective method of
self-growth on the planet.

Instead of messing around with your programs and knocking out a

single program or negative tendency every few months like other self-
help styles and mind-body therapies, you can knock out a limiting
tendency every second.

In four seconds you can knock out four tendencies, and thus
accomplish an entire year’s worth of growth. And you can keep this
going every moment of your day.

Can you see why Lester’s Method is so powerful?

Another great thing about those first two releasing questions is that
they help pull you out of your “NOs” which are ego resistance, and into
“YES” which is Acceptance and Beingness.

“Yes,” is Beingness. “No,” is ego digging in its heels, keeping you stuck
in limitation.
Just answering “Yes” to the first two releasing questions can get the
ball rolling for you.

So, keep it going…

Practice saying “Yes” to every feeling that arises and watch what
happens. You’ll be pulling yourself up into Acceptance and Peace,
which will start evaporating all your AGFLAP instantly.

Method Two: Letting Go Of Figuring Things Out

The second distinct approach to releasing that Larry teaches is what he
calls the “Figuring it Out” Method.

This series of questions, also known as the “Ticket To Abundance and

Bliss Exercise” in your workbook, is designed to undo the biggest
problem we all have—We want to figure everything out! And, all this
does is hold in mind our problems and spin us round and round as we
fall deeper and deeper into turmoil over it. We pour more energy into
it and actually make things worse!

This tendency to “figure things out” guarantees our frustration and

unhappiness—as well as our holding onto an ever-worsening problem.

“The only way to solve a problem,” according to Lester, “is to let it go…
to drop it completely.”

That is what this second approach is about…

…dropping the problem entirely.

Have you ever lost your house keys and searched and searched for
them, but to no avail? Then, exhausted and frustrated, you finally let it
go, and shortly thereafter you knew exactly where they were?

That’s just a hint towards what this approach is about. It actually goes
far beyond merely accessing your memory to solve a problem. It
brings us into the realm of “All-knowingness,” where where we can get
answers to all questions instantly… Answers which were never even
programmed into our mental computer. All of the greatest minds
throughout history have drawn their answers and inspirations from this
realm that sits right behind the mind.
So, what is this realm from which these answers come and from which
all of mankind’s greatest leaps have been born?

I call it the realm of Intuition. It is like a universe-wide Internet.

From our own mental computer, we have the ability to access every
other computer/mind and every space-time event in the history of the
universe. We have access to all information at every point and in every
moment—past, present and future—when we open ourselves up to

Some have called their ability to access this realm of “All-

knowingness” clairvoyance, clairsentience, telepathy, remote viewing,
sixth sense, etc. I just call it “Intuition.” No need to mystify it. We all
have it and we all use it to varying degrees. The most successful of us
use it the most.

And, all we have to do to access this infinite storehouse of Universal

Wisdom and Knowledge is let go of trying to figure things out.

That’s it.

Wanting to figure things out is literally holding in mind “no answers”

and instructing our subconscious mind to withhold information from

Have you ever felt confused? That’s a sure sign you were into trying to
figure something out. Let go of trying to figure things out!

As we let go, the answer comes to us from a deeper place… often

instantly, yet always in time for the situation to be addressed

When we trust Beingness/Intuition to bring us the answer, it will never

let us down, and it will never be too late.

But, it cannot help us until we stop struggling with the problem on our
own. We need to let go of our own mental effort. Simply ask the
question or set the intention, then let it go.

When it is truly our intuition speaking to us, and not our ego
pretending to be this innate Wisdom, the answer will always be 100%
So, in this approach, we start with a problem or a goal in mind and

1. Could you let go of trying to figure things out?

2. Could you let go of wanting to know what the answers are?
3. Could you let go of wanting to know what to do about it?
4. Etc, etc, continuing with the remaining steps in the “Ticket To
Abundance and Bliss” exercise in your Abundance Course
workbook, until you are fully released.

If it’s not completely cleared, go through all the questions again until
you are nice and quiet inside.

You will notice a HUGE sense of relief when you let go of wanting to
figure things out, which is very painful, frustrating and unnatural.

Also, be careful. The mind constantly tries to give us lousy answers

based on our past programming.

It might give us “an” answer that we think is “the answer,” but, it

almost always isn’t— otherwise we would have solved the problem

What you need is an answer that comes from the deeper part of
yourself—that place of greater knowingness and wisdom.

Answers from our intuition take all information into account. They are
based on access to all knowledge, rather than just to what’s available
to your limited “local mind” in that moment. So, it always gives you
the best answer.

Again, your intuition is accessed as you let go of trying to figure things

out. And, what often happens, is that the problem dissolves instantly,
without your even needing an answer.

When we let go of a problem, we generally don’t need a solution for it,

do we? Everything just starts working perfectly.

Method Three: The Kinesthetic Approach

The third releasing method is a more body-centered approach that
Larry calls the “Tube” method.
This is a very effective method for getting out of your head and out of
thinking and into your body to release the suppressed feelings. It is a
more kinesthetic approach that has made a big difference in my own

Sometimes, simply asking “Could I let it go?” etc, throws me into

“wanting to figure it out.” This body-centered “tube” approach very
rarely does that. It immediately brings me into the NOW, as that is the
only place the body exists.

In this approach you take notice of any unwanted feelings in your

“feeling center.”

The feeling center is generally your stomach or chest area. If you close
your eyes and put your head down toward your stomach or chest, it
can help disengage your thinking and help you feel more.

Once you get used to disengaging your head, you can either put your
hand on your feeling center, keeping your eyes open and head up, or
you can just keep some awareness on your feeling center, as you

The “unwanted” feeling is generally felt as a tightness, clenching or

clutching in our chest or solar plexus area. Sometimes it is felt as a
burning, a weight, a pressure or simply as an uncomfortable or
unwanted energy.

Note: Drugs, tobacco and alcohol tend to inhibit our ability to feel our
feelings, as they are suppressants. Releasing and suppressants don’t
mix well. However, if you are on medications, don’t get off them
without checking with your doctor first.

In the “Tube” approach, we recognize that the feelings are JUST


Feelings are not dangerous, painful, or something to be feared, hated,

suppressed or resisted. They are simply an impersonal energy that got
pushed down and stored up in our body. And, we have the power to
release this suppressed energy.

In fact, this energy is pushing up to leave. However, 24 hours a day,

every day, we won’t let it.
We expend much of our energy unconsciously pushing this unwanted
energy deeper into our subconscious mind, away from our awareness,
which would dissolve it.

It’s like we’re driving a splinter deeper into our finger instead of taking
a pair of tweezers and pulling it out.

Even a splinter gets pushed up to the surface naturally. Our body

spontaneously starts pushing it up and out. It does this with our
feelings too, but we fight very hard to counteract this and end up with
all sorts of problems from suppressing.

To release using the “Tube” approach, we simply welcome up the

feelings as best we can. We notice the clutching or unwanted feeling in
our stomach or our chest when we think of a certain situation or
person that bothers us.

Then, we put a “magical tube” into this unwanted energy and watch or
feel this energy simply “passing through” and leaving. And, as it does,
we begin feeling lighter and lighter.

Our mind doesn’t know the difference between a fairly decent

visualization and what is “real,” so visualizations can help us let go.

When we “see” and/or “feel” in our mind’s eye that the energy is
passing through and leaving, we will begin letting go of the
unconscious clutching, resistance and holding on that’s been keeping
the feeling stuck in our body. Then it leaves without effort, pain or

Remember, “Every feeling is coming up to leave. So, let it leave!”

That’s all there is to it. It’s an allowing. BE the allowing.

It is NOT a pushing, efforting or forcing. Any push or effort would

simply be our resistance locking it in place. Allowing, accepting, and
welcoming the energy or sensation of the feeling will let it come up
and pass through nice and easily.

Some other visualizations that may be useful include a “fire hydrant”

over the area, with the feeling/energy flushing out through the
hydrant; a “chimney” over the area, with the feeling floating out as
smoke; or a “door or window” over the area letting the energy pass
Perhaps you have your own visualization. Whatever works for you is
the right approach.

This “Tube” approach is also very effective for staying “in release”
throughout your day so that you are constantly clearing yourself more
and more without effort.

To “stay in release,” just keep a little awareness in your stomach or

chest area (emotional feeling center) throughout your day and imagine
“keeping it open” as you go about your business.

A good check on how effective this is and on whether or not you are
actually “in release” is to consciously STOP RELEASING by closing it
off, and notice the difference. It won’t feel good. Once you note the
difference, open it up again.

If you were standing in a canoe holding a converstaion with someone,

you would keep some of your awareness on your balance so as to not
tip over. In the same way, you could keep a little bit of your
awareness in your feeling center to keep yourself “in release” as you
go about your day.

As feelings get stirred up, if you keep a little awareness on your feeling
center, you will notice this immediately and let it go on-the-spot,
instead of letting it build up.

Getting The Most From the Three Releasing

So, there you go. Three tools for your “releasing toolbox.”

Pull out which one feels most appropriate for you in the moment. Trust
your Intuition.

If you can attend a live class, it will help you apply these releasing
tools at an even deeper level. During the live class, Larry often
switches back and forth between the three approaches, training you to
apply them easily and naturally in your daily life.

The approach you use is not as important as your feeling “lighter,

happier and freer.” Those are the tell-tale signs that you are letting go.

If you have questions about any of the three approaches, please call
Larry or consider attending a live class or retreat.
Are You Just “Thinking” You are Releasing?
One of the best ways to tell if you are really letting go, and not simply
“thinking” you are, is to get an iCAP Release Meter.

Soon, I will be sharing with you more about this amazing device. To
keep this newsletter relatively short, I need to hold back for now. But,
I’ve had one of these units for a couple of weeks and—quite frankly—I
am blown away by it.

Let me just say for now that it is not a toy. It is an unique and highly
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nothing like this.

I believe the technology built into the iCAP will revolutionize the
biofeedback industry and transform the entire self-improvement

Its patent-pending design is so cutting-edge in terms of functionality,

usability, accuracy and convenience that similar home EEG (brainwave
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not obsolete.

Right now there are only about twenty iCAP Release Meters available,
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Talk with you again soon. Keep Releasing and keep sharing your gains!

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Article by Peter Michel