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Ô  Okey, today we will talk about 2012 doomsday and we know it must happen this year
now we are as Superpower Country that leading the world. We must make a strategy and best
decision for the world. Mr. Scientist. Would you mind to explain our case?

@  Sure , Mr President. Okey let me explain to the forum. (turn on the projector). Nasa has
observed this thing since 20 years ago and still keep it to be a secret case we don͛t share this
information to anyone even our alied, United Kingdom. This thing was identified as UFO 20 years ago
but after 5 years Nasa succed to identify the whole information about this thing, this thing is real
Alien, very very real Alien. It comes from another Galaxy that the distance is 1,2x10 9 lightyears. They
have watched our behavior for years and we predict this year they will strike Earth.

  Astaghfirullah. We should prepare ourselves, Mr Scientist, does they have any special

@  Yes they have. And I͛m worried our species will not survive in this strike.

Ô  That͛s Bullshit, we are most sophisticated country in military. If they want War, okey we
will give War too I don͛t care the Impact because we have to save the earth in the name of God.

@  Excuse me sir, even 7 billions human with weapon that is 20 years more modern than now
we will not kill Alien even one of them.

  Hmm, I think Mr President is right. YOU͛RE saying BULLSHIT. We have a lot of National
Treasure so we can war them. By the way Can I make a request to you?

@  Okey, what kind of request?

 Can you make an experiment or obsevation to imitate their weapon?

@  It is a possible but we don͛t have a time for that. we will be roasted, peoples!

  That͛s way the country pays you as a Scientist. You should make a thing from Science.
you͛re such a stupid nerd! Make it real, bitch!!!

@  Screw you! You just use your muscle but not your Brain!!


Ô  Listen peoples! We can͛t be like a child. Please Grow up. This about the World!! STOP IT!!
Mr. Scientist, okey we will give you 6 month to develop our weapon. The General will help you to
make this experiment.

@  With all of my respect, Mr. President. The time is not enough, and I don͛t want to work
with this Cockroach!!

Hey watch your mouth!!


 YOU SHUT UP, MR PRESIDENT!! Do you think you͛re a king, huh? You just order us like a

@  Yes you right. You just act like you͛re the Savior and we should work for you.

Ô  @   Gudbrak (.)we&F*C#)_Youe!(@sH&TEeaww (&@Bug!UGh_@(#*(@_@


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Alien 1 : Finally, we are arrived. THIS IS IT. Can you take my weapon in the trunk, buddy?

Alien 2 : Okey my friend. :) with pleasure.

Alien 1 : Now we are on Earth the 3rd planet of Solar System and They are located in Milky Way

Alien 2 : Yes and I heard there are organsims that rule this planet called HUMAN. We should destroy

Alien 1 : Okey let͛s the party begin. Let͛s rule this planet.




President : NOOO!!!!

Scientist : YESS!!! Hahaha. Eat that Sh*t.!!

President : Hei, Alien please stop that ! Okey what͛s your Problem?

Alien 2 : We are from Sofaraway Planet. We need a new place to living because our planet will be
striked with another Alien. (T_T)

Alien 1 : Yes they have killed my family T__T

Scientist : -_-͚͛. STOP them president. Maybe this weapon will kill them. (take a lightsaber)

President : NO!! That͛s Immposible. They will kill us. Okey here͛s the deal. Why don͛t we live
together with Peace maybe we can help you.

Scientist : Yes we have Chimphet Gun, It may destroy your enemy, Mr Alien. I have involved this
weapon for 10 years and this is the most sophisticated weapon we have.

Alien 1 : Hmm I also heard Human is good in Science. Let me see your Chimphet Gun, hmm this is
good. Maybe if we work together we can make an experiment to invent a new Powerful Weapon.

President : Okey. We will help you to invent new weapon but don͛t rule our planet. What do you

Alien 1 & 2 : OKEY DEAL!!!


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