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Department of Health

‘Six Lives’ progress report

Secure mental health services

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National News

Pledge to cut anti-psychotic drugs for dementia patients

A cut in the use of anti-psychotic drugs for patients with dementia is among a number of
pledges put forward by a new coalition of 44 organisations today

What the spending review welfare cuts mean for social care
Welfare reform has really hit the headlines in the last few weeks, but the debate has been
dominated by one or two ‘big’ issues

Child alcohol admissions up by a third, report warns

The number of under-18s admitted to hospital for alcohol-related reasons rose by 32 per cent
between 2002 and 2007, a new report shows

Problem drinkers could face compulsory alcohol tests

People convicted of crimes when drunk could face compulsory alcohol tests with the threat of
jail if they fail them under a pilot scheme to be introduced in the New Year

CQC: Mental health services risk breaching patient rights

Mental health services risk breaching detained patients' human rights by placing unnecessary
restrictions on their care, the Care Quality Commission warned today in its first annual report on
the use of the Mental Health Act

Are community treatment orders being over-used?

Community treatment orders are being handed out to mental health patients at 10 times the rate
intended when they were introduced two years ago, new research shows

Councils slow on care budgets says Audit Commission

Many councils are struggling with moves to give individual people their own budgets to spend
on social care, a watchdog claims

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.274/1/11/10 2
Burnham admits to CAMHS failures
Shadow education secretary and former Health Secretary Andy Burnham has admitted that
child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) were inadequate under the previous
Labour government

Number Of Older People Being Admitted To Hospital Increased By Two Thirds In A

Decade, Alzheimer's Society Comment
The number of people aged 60 and over in hospitals is increasing at a faster rate than any other
age range according to a report released yesterday


International News

Urgent Action Needed To Treat Depression In Cancer Patients

The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses and the Australian Nursing Federation are
concerned that systematic failures are leading to a lack of depression diagnosis for women with
breast cancer

Latuda Approved to Treat Schizophrenia

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Latuda (lurasidone HCl) -- an atypical
antipsychotic medication -- for the treatment of adults with schizophrenia



Effects of childhood development on late-life mental disorders

The review explored recent findings bridging childhood development and common late-life
mental disorders in the elderly

Ethical aspects of personality disorders

The review looked at recent literature around the controversial diagnosis of personality disorder,
and assessed the ethical aspects of its status as a medical disorder

Substance abuse, alcoholism,

Teens, Parents Often Lie About Illicit Drug Use

Doctors can't rely on self-reporting for truth about cocaine, opiates, study finds

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.274/1/11/10 3
DocGuide TopAbstracts in Addictions

Year-Long Opiate Substitution for Drug Misusers Has 85 Percent Chance of Cutting
Giving people opiate substitution treatment to help with their drug addiction can lead to a 85%
plus chance of reducing mortality

Anxiety Disorders

Common Anxiety Disorders Make It Tougher To Quit Cigarettes

Researchers may have pinpointed a reason many smokers struggle to quit

DocGuide TopAbstracts in Anxiety

Mother–Child Attachment Patterns and Different Types of Anxiety Symptoms: Is There

Specificity of Relations?
The purpose of this study was to test Manassis’ proposal that attachment patterns may relate to
different types of anxiety symptoms, and that behavioral inhibition may moderate these relations


Heavy smokers 'at increased risk of dementia'

Heavy smokers with a 40-a-day habit face a much higher risk of two common forms of
dementia, a large study shows

B-Complex Vitamins May Help Slow Progression Of Dementia

Large doses of B-complex vitamins could reduce the rate of brain shrinkage by half in elderly
people with memory problems and slow the progression of dementia

Crossing Blood-Brain Barrier: New Hope for New Class of Alzheimer's Disease Drugs
Finding a drug that can cross the blood-brain barrier is the bane of drug development for
Alzheimer's disease and other neurological disorders of the brain

DocGuide TopAbstracts in Alzheimer’s

Bipolar disorders

Managing Maternal Depression Before And After Birth

Maternal postpartum depression can have serious adverse effects on the mother and child
relationship, resulting in an environment that can disrupt the infant's development

Gender differences in outcome after acute mania

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.274/1/11/10 4
Results from a Spanish study suggest that there are small but significant differences in short-
and long-term outcomes between men and women who have suffered an acute episode of pure

Follow-ups With Primary Care Doctors Prove Powerful Tool for Treating Depression
A new study points to an encouraging strategy for improving and sustaining mental health
results in chronically depressed patients by providing small amounts of flexible, targeted follow-
up care

Antidepressants ‘ineffective’ for bipolar depression

Antidepressant medications are no more effective than placebo or other standard treatments for
bipolar depression, results from a systematic review and meta-analysis show

Poor School Grades Linked To Increased Suicide Risk

School leaving grades can be an indicator of an increased risk of suicide at a young age

DocGuide TopAbstracts in Depression

Binge eating common, influenced by menstrual cycle in bipolar women

Binge eating is common in women with bipolar disorder and is influenced by menstrual cycle,
researchers have found

Bipolar adults have selective erythrocyte DHA deficits

Results from a US study show that adults with bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder
have reduced erythrocyte docosahexaenoic acid composition compared with mentally healthy

Dual Diagnosis

Impulsivity-related brain volume deficits in schizophrenia-addiction comorbidity

Despite a high prevalence of schizophrenia patients with comorbid substance abuse, little is
known about possible impacts on the brain

Mortality After Diagnosis of Psychiatric Disorders and Co-Occurring Substance Use

Disorders Among HIV-Infected Patients
The study examined the associations between psychiatric diagnoses, substance use disorders,
health services, and mortality among 9751 HIV-infected patients in a large, private medical care
program, in a retrospective cohort design over a 12-year period

Eating Disorders

DocGuide TopAbstracts in Eating Disorders

An examination of eating patterns in community women with bulimia nervosa and binge
eating disorder
This study investigated typical eating behavior (meal frequency and snacking) and atypical
eating behavior among 311 community women with on-line questionnaires

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.274/1/11/10 5
Practical advice for caring for women with eating disorders during the perinatal period
Pregnancy is a critical time for women struggling with disordered eating and weight concerns

Binge eating common, influenced by menstrual cycle in bipolar women

Binge eating is common in women with bipolar disorder and is influenced by menstrual cycle,
researchers have found

Learning Disabilities

Children with ADHD Symptoms at Higher Risk of Obesity

Hyperactivity, impulsiveness associated with a 63 percent increase, researchers found

Buspirone Versus Methylphenidate in the Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity

Disorder: A Double-Blind and Randomized Trial
The efficacy and side effects of buspirone compared with methylphenidate in the treatment of
children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Obsessive Compulsive

Targets for Deep Brain Stimulation in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a chronic psychiatric disorder

Clinical Correlates of Comorbid Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder and Depression in

A burgeoning body of literature addresses the comorbidity of depression and OCD in adults

Occupational Therapy

Exploration of the occupations of people with schizophrenia

Participation in occupations is a powerful determinant of wellbeing. This study focusses on
obtaining a greater understanding of the occupational experiences of people with schizophrenia
and the factors that facilitate or hinder occupational engagement

A qualitative study of service user experiences of occupation in forensic mental health

This qualitative study explored occupational engagement of those detained in forensic units.
Legal and institutional restrictions on occupation have implications for their health and wellbeing

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.274/1/11/10 6
Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Persistent Diagnostic Challenge

Posttraumatic stress disorder is unique in the nosology of the DSM because it is one of the only
categories that clearly implies a causal agent (ie, trauma)

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Children and Adolescents: A Review of

Psychopharmacological Treatment
PTSD in children and adolescents differs from the adult disease

Post Traumatic Symptoms Among Victims of Workplace Bullying: Exploring Gender

Differences and Shattered Assumptions
The aims of the present study were twofold: assessing the prevalence and intensity of post-
traumatic stress disorder symptoms in victims of bullying, and exploring whether victims of
bullying differ in their basic assumptions compared to a control group

Victims of Child Abuse May Have PTSD

Researchers studying how individuals mentally cope with sexual abuse have discovered that
some children and teenagers blame themselves or their family


Peace of Mind Closes Health Gap for Less-Educated, Study Finds

Psychological well-being is powerful enough to counteract the pull of socioeconomic status on
the long-term health of the disadvantaged

Future Seems to Be Viewed More Harshly Than Past

People tend to be rational about past events but have strong emotions for predicted events

Emotion Processing In The Brain Is Influenced By The Color Of Ambient Light

Researchers investigated the immediate effect of light, and of its color composition, on emotion
brain processing using functional magnetic resonance imaging


Factors linked to homicide by schizophrenia patients revealed

Substance misuse and treatment non-compliance are potentially modifiable risk factors
associated with the perpetration of homicide among patients with schizophrenia and other

Research confirms reduced fertility in schizophrenia patients

Results from a systematic review and meta-analysis confirm that individuals with schizophrenia

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.274/1/11/10 7
have reduced fertility compared with the general population

Personality traits linked to self-stigma in schizophrenia patients

Internalized stigma in patients with schizophrenia is associated with certain temperament and
character traits, researchers have found

DocGuide TopAbstracts in Schizophrenia

First-time dads' age tied to kids' schizophrenia risk

Men who are relatively older at their first child's birth may be more likely than younger first-time
dads to have a child who eventually develops schizophrenia

DUP linked to brain morphology in schizophrenia

Increased duration of untreated psychosis is associated with decreased regional density in the
right limbic area of the brain in patients with schizophrenia

Social Work

The Impact of Adversity in Childhood on Outcomes in Adulthood: Research Lessons and

Current UK Government policy is concerned with the possible connections between childhood
adversity, social exclusion and negative outcomes in adulthood

Contact with Birth Parents: Differential Psychological Adjustment for Adults Adopted as
US Adults adopted as infants in were surveyed to determine the degree to which they
experienced psychological effects of adoption during adolescence and adulthood and the
relationship between psychological effects and whether or not they had contact with their birth


Books, Conferences,
Websites & Journal Tocs

Books and reports hot of the press
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Right time, right place: alcohol-harm reduction strategies with children and young
Alcohol Conncern

Monitoring the use of the Mental Health Act in 2009/10

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.274/1/11/10 8
No health without public mental health: the case for action

Across the Wire: Veterans, mental health and vulnerability

Matt Fossey

Peter Connelly Serious Case Review report 1

Peter Connelly Serious Case Review report 2

Mental Health Act Manual: 13th Revised edition

Cognitive-behavioural Indicators of Substance Abuse

Abnormal Psychology: 5th Revised edition

Talking to Families About Mental Illness: What Clinicians Need to Know

Handbook of Psychosocial Characteristics of Exceptional Children

Cross-cultural Assessment of Psychological Trauma and Ptsd

Psychological Approaches to Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Suicide Prevention

Mental Illness and Public Health Care


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