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VethathiriDasan - Prof. Dr. Madhavan Ph.D.,
VethathiriDasan - Prof. Dr. Madhavan Ph.D.,


Scientists are in search of Reality. Whether is it the God’s particle or dark energy or
absolute knowledge or consciousness? Saints are also in search of Reality. Whether is it
God or All pervading energy or Supreme Knowledge or Brahmam? However they seem
to have convinced about it and say it in many ways like Poetry, Verses or metaphors.

The search for reality will continue as those who have found it, can’t say it either, or those
who say about it have not found it yet. For reasons they probably dissolve themselves in
it completely as they are the fraction of the Totality real.


Reality is the one that remains unchanged for ever. Reality is the one that is the source
for everything. Reality is the one that powers all the movement in the universe. Reality is
the one that contain all the knowledge / wisdom.

One of the Tamil poem of Sri Vethahthiri Maharishi about reality goes something like this.

“Neti, neti, neti – says Upanishad,

as a formula to find the ultimate Reality.

Neti in Sanskrit means “not this” – a questioning method

to find out the Reality of Truth.

When you try neti with onion, peeling off the skin one by one
You are left with nothing but inner space as the reality.

Try the same with Atoms, peeling off the electrons and nucleus
You are left with inner space at the centre of atom.

Such attempts of neti reveal the Reality.

Let us check with matters on earth.

Neti with physical forms reveals reality as formless,

Sound as Silence; For Light as Darkness.

For things, it is Nothing.

For moving, it is stillness.

And for Consciousness

It is Brahmam, the ultimate Reality.


One cubic meter volume of water has more number of molecules than one cubic meter
volume of steam. It is the play of the particles that matters than their numbers. For the
play to take place faster, more space is required around. Nothingness of more space is
the reason for greater power and energy than the particles stay put together. Particles by
themselves may have the potentials but for space there will not be any play.
Universe is a closed energy system. According to the Law of conservation of energy, we
can’t add or take away energy, as it can only transform and not expended or gained.
Mass, Matter, Stars, Planets, Universe are filled with particles which are not static, but
dynamic. Therefore they are moving energies. The moving energies need space. If space
is zero, the energy is zero, the particles do not exist and the entire universe is zero. You
& I are all zero. Now let us think what is real and what is illusion? Though the space looks
like nothing that seem s to be the cause of everything.


If Reality is changeless for ever in time, then let us understand that one of the pillars of
reality is Time. If reality is the source for all things, then let us understand the second
pillar of reality is the Nothing / Poornam / Totality. If reality is the power that powers the
Universe, then let us understand that the third pillar of reality is the Almighty. If reality is
the bank of all knowledge, then let us understand that the fourth pillar of reality is
Universal Consciousness. All the four pillars of Reality form the Ultimate Reality; some
may call it God / Nature / Unified force / Theory of everything etc.

Our Saints and Scientists are in continuous search of reality. That is the Absolute Space
within and without. Realizing this truth dissolves our illusory identity into the ultimate

“May the Whole World enjoy Prosperity, Happiness, Wisdom and Peace”.
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