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20 Marheshvan 5771

28 October 2010

To the Arab League and other Arab leaders,

To the honorable Children of Ishmael and all people of Islam,

We, the Organization of Land of Israel Loyalists, the Confederation of Jewish

Communities in Yehuda, Shomron and Binyamin, and throughout the Land of Israel,
who have come together to preserve the legal rights of the Jewish People and its
sovereignty over all of the Holy Land, hereby appeal to you to review the steps many
of you have been taking consistently in opposition to the Jewish People’s Return to
their Land – their Return to Zion – ever since the end of the Great War, i.e., the First
World War – steps which have led unfortunately to the shedding of much blood. This
position of yours is diametrically opposed to the intention of the Almighty, who
bequeathed the Land of Israel to the People of Israel, the Jewish People, as is stated
explicitly in our Holy Torah and in the Books of Prophets, as well is in the writings of
your faith and in the Koran itself.

We enclose with this letter the article written by Sheikh Messimo Palazzi of
Rome: “Allah is a Zionist”, and the opinions expressed by Sheikh Adnan Oktar of
Istanbul, who is not alone in Turkey in this regard. We wish to bring to your attention
that many Muslim nations, located in the main in Central Asia, support these rights of
the Jewish People.

Yet, despite these irrefutable facts, instead of assisting us to return to Zion and
benefiting from our Return, as expressed in the Book of the Prophet Isaiah (Chapter
(4) “Lift up your eyes and look around you: they are all coming together and
returning to you; your children will come from afar and your daughters will
keep the faith. (5) Then you will see and melt, and your heart shall fear and
widen, for a vast sea of people shall come upon you; an army of nations shall
come to you. (6) An abundance of camels shall overrun you, all flocks of
Midian and ‘Eifa; from Sheba they shall come, and gold and spice they will
bear, and the praises of the Lord they will sing. (7) All the flocks of Keidar
will gather to you, the nobles of Nevayot will serve you; they will be lifted up
on my altar and I shall glorify the House of my glory.”

you have chosen a path of opposition, of challenge and even of war. You will
not meet with success on the path that you have chosen.

We hereby draw your attention to the many times where the Holy Scriptures
warn those who beset the People of Israel. We do not understand how you can hope to
escape the decree and the wrath of the Almighty. How can you ignore the covenant
between the Creator and Abraham our Ancestor, el-Halil, who is also the father of
Ishmael our brother, to bestow the Land of Israel upon the People of Israel alone and
to give you all the lands around us?
Thus we beseech you: cease pressuring the Jewish People to give up their
land, for this can only lead to a great war in which all humanity will suffer; yet, in the
end, as promised by the Almighty, the People of Israel will dwell in their land forever.
We call upon you to reconsider and to negotiate with us the place of the Arabs
residing in the Land of Israel insofar as they live according to the Laws given to the
Sons of Noah as laid down in our Torah, and to seek peace and tranquility rather than
war and destruction.

The Jewish inhabitants of Judea and Samaria will not agree to live under Arab
rule, neither do they desire to rule over the Arabs. It is possible to find a way that
meets the requirements of the Almighty without causing harm or insult to the Arab
people or to the faith of Islam.

We are awaiting your reply to our letter and to our call for peace.

Harav Shalom Dov Ber Halevi Wolpo, Chair
Harav Israel Ariel, Chief Rabbi of the Temple Mount
Prof. Hillel Weiss.
Mrs Anat Livny