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Sullivan’s Island • Isle of Palms • Goat Island • Dewees Island

Mayors convene against

The run for offshore drilling
Town Council B I - PA R T I S A N S U P P O R T



ongressman Joe Cunningham (SC- to conserve our natural resources… I invited
STAFF REPORT 1) won his seat last November despite Mayor Goodwin to the State of the Union and
FOR THE ISLAND EYE NEWS running in a district drawn to favor we both heard the President say America is
his opponent by approximately 13%. He energy independent. That we’re exporting oil,”

he Town of Sullivan’s Island’s campaigned on opposing offshore said Cunningham underscoring the
municipal election is on Tuesday, May drilling and seismic testing; a lack of need for more. Mayor
7. The Island Eye is interested to know fulcrum issue in his coastal Carroll didn’t hesitate to
where the candidates stand on popular district. He announced voice his agreement.
issues and has invited each candidate to decisive action to Tourism is a $22.6
answer the final three of six questions. The keep that promise, billion industry in
first three questions and responses can during a roundtable South Carolina, and
be found on our website, IslandEyeNews. discussion with two thirds of that
com. Candidate’s answers are reprinted local elected comes from the
here as submitted, in alphabetical order by officials held coast, recounted
candidate’s last name. in council Carroll. He went
chambers of on to thank
1. The Town of Sullivan’s Island has Folly Beach Cunningham
several capital improvement projects City Hall on for defending
that have been deferred, delayed or not March 29. not just SC, but
addressed, that will need financing the entire U.S.
in the very near future. How will you Cunningham coast. “There’s
prioritize capital improvement projects authored and an onshore
and what are your ideas for determining introduced H.R. aspect to oil
additional revenue sources? 1941 to congress [exploration]; the
on March 28 infrastructure
HAMMOND with bi-partisan needed to support
Our island needs to be more prudent in support. The and process it.
establishing reserves to cover the future Coastal and Marine Condé Nast has
maintenance and replacement of capital Economies Protection picked Charleston as
assets, while simultaneously expanding Act ends all aspects of oil the number one tourist
regular maintenance expenditures to better exploration along both the destination for the past
maintain the quality of our parks, beaches Pacific and Atlantic coasts. A eight years running, and
and access paths in face of increased day- half dozen Lowcountry luminaries Southern Living picked us number
tripper traffic. gathered to show their support and discuss one for the past three. Do you really want to
As of our most recent Audit, our town’s the next moves. Mayor Tim Goodwin of Folly give that up,” said Carroll.
capital asset depreciation totaled $700,000 Beach, Mayor Will Haynie of Mount Pleasant, “Our coast is developed unlike much of the
per year.  Our capital reserve fund currently Mayor Pat O’Neil of Sullivan’s Island, and Isle Gulf coast. What coastal town do you want
totals $414,500.  This clearly doesn’t work.  of Palms Mayor Jimmy Carroll had seats at to give up? Georgetown? Kiawah? Seabrook?”
Each year we should set aside an amount the table with the congressman, along with asked Mayor Goodwin rhetorically in support
close to our annual depreciation to fund representatives of the Nature Conservancy, of Carroll’s observation.
the future maintenance and replacement Oceana, and the Coastal Conservation League. Mayor O’Neil also nodded his agreement,
of capital assets.  Is it a surprise that A consensus formed around the idea; we but with a soupcon of disagreement over the
buildings need new roofs, fire trucks don’t need what little oil may be out there. marketing of the idea saying, “This isn’t a bi-
need replacing and infrastructure needs “This district, and South Carolina is leading partisan issue. It’s a non-partisan issue.”
a national charge for conservation. We’re on
Candidates continues on page 4 point. If you want to be conservative, you have Cunningham continues on page 11


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2 April 12, 2019
Sullivan’s Island Mayor’s Message
Dear Island Neighbors, treatment plant and much-needed renovations of our fire station.
You can rest assured that the financing of these projects has been
Happy Spring! Or something. anticipated and planned for.
From the hot days we had this “winter” (remember New Year’s Day?) FARMERS’ MARKET
and the chilly days last week after the vernal equinox signaled the Don’t forget that our Fourth Annual Farmers’ Market is now located
alleged onset of “spring”, I think our new reality may be seasons with at the Stith Park, next to Town Hall. Feel free to park in the lot behind
mood swings and commitment issues. Town Hall, accessed from behind the fire station from Station 20 1/2,
But regardless of whatever climatological hand we’re dealt, here are or in the Town lot across I’on behind the Post Office (in front of Battery
some items you may find of current interest. Thomson).
BUDGETARY MATTERS MATTER Lots of great vendors, food, and music…check it all out at
It’s budget time at Town Hall. Council and staff are in the midst SIFARMERMARKET or preferably, at the actual Farmers’ Market.
of planning our Town budget for the Fiscal Year 2020, which begins The Market will be open on Thursdays from 4 to 7 p.m., through
July 1. This is an annual process of substantial importance for the June 27. Come on out, meet your neighbors, hear some music, get
Town and its functions and priorities. Nonetheless, it usually attracts some goodies, support our vendors, and have some fun!
as much citizen interest as the Paint Drying videos on YouTube. (OK, WHAT’S UP WITH THESE “STATIONS”?
I initially thought I was making that up, but then learned they exist!) There’s a reason nearly all our cross streets are called Stations.
However, we will continue to discuss and vote on this important Maybe you know why. But do you ever wonder why you don’t see any
matter over the next couple of months, as we go through the process Stations 1 through 8 here?
of holding three separate readings on the ordinance, which sets the And do you ever wonder how folks got here from anywhere else
budget. before we had the Ben Sawyer Bridge and the bridge at Breach Inlet?
In this context, I’m very proud to say that we have had much Wonder no more, if you can make it to the latest great program from
validation from outside expert sources of the financial health of our the Battery Gadsden Cultural Center folks. On Thursday, April 18, 6–7
Town government. We of course annually have a systematic audit by an p.m., at the Fort Moultrie Visitors’ Center, Dr. Nic Butler, historian
outside firm, and the most recent report again gave us good marks for of the Charleston County Library, will generously offer another very
financial controls and processes, and noted that our “unassigned fund engaging talk, “Trolleys & Ferries on Sullivan's Island.” You’ll learn
balance” (basically, our fund for emergencies) is highly appropriate for about our fascinating Island transportation history going back to the
the special needs of small coastal communities. 1870s, and the relation of that history to our current Island.
More to the point of financial health, last year the Town issued Dr. Butler offers a treasure trove of history on the Charleston area
Installment Purchase Revenue Bonds to finance long-needed capital on his blog and podcast, “Charleston Time Machine”, which you can
improvements, particularly the wastewater collection and treatment access at
system. In the process the Town’s overall fiscal health had to be ISLAND ELECTION REMINDER
scrutinized by the outside agencies we have all heard of. We received Don’t forget that our next Town election will be Tuesday, May 7.
bond credit ratings from Moody’s and Standard & Poor that were the Three Council seats are at stake.
second best possible. Our polling place is the Sunrise Presbyterian Church, which
You may have seen some of the workers and trucks already involved generously offers their facility. On Election Day, it will be open from
in repairing our wastewater collection system (AKA sewer mains), and
you will soon see much more work on the upgrades to our wastewater Mayor continues on page 3
9 April 12, 2019 3
CIVIC OP-ED Lucky Dog Publishing

30-Day public comment

o f SC, LL C

period open Old Publisher of the

The Island Eye News

homes on
and The Island Connection


he National Park Service invites the public to comment on the
environmental assessment for the rehabilitation project during
the 30-day public review period ending May 3. Lynn Pierotti
The preferred method of providing comments is through the NPS
Planning, Environment, and Public Comment (PEPC) website at: publisher
Katy Calloway
9&documentID=94291. Comments may also be submitted to:
managing editor
Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Historical Park
1214 Middle St. Jennifer Tuohy
Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482
Only written comments will be accepted. Please submit your contributing editor
comments by May 3 on the PEPC website or to the Superintendent.
Your comment(s) will become part of the public record, so if you Swan Richards
wish to remain anonymous, please clearly state this request within senior graphic designer

your correspondence; however, NPS cannot guarantee that personal

Alejandro Ferreyros
information, such as email address, phone number, etc., will be graphic designer
A limited number of printed copies of the Environmental Lori McGee 843-614-0901
Assessment are available in person at the front desks of the Fort advertising executive
Moultrie Visitor Center, located on Sullivan's Island at 1214 Middle
Christian LeBlanc
St. and the Liberty Square Visitor Center, located in Charleston at
340 Concord St.
social media

Mayor continues from page 2

Gregg Bragg
7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Absentee voting is available before then through the Pictured (l-r) are Peggy Wiseman, Clay Mimi Wood
Charleston County Board of Elections and Voter Registration. Cable and Suzy Kopp. staff writers

Unfortunately, if you are not currently registered to vote on the PHOTO PROVIDED
Island, the deadline for registering to vote here (April 6) has passed. •

Being registered elsewhere in Charleston County or SC doesn’t qualify
you to vote on the Island. he original owner of this CONTRIBUTORS
For more information on this election, go to IOP home was the mother
As I said last month: Please learn about the candidates and their of Clay Cable, former Mayor DAWN DAVIS
positions. But if you encounter letters, postings, signs etc. that do not of IOP. The second owners were WESTON PRICE
indicate their author or sponsor, they are best disregarded. Ballots Reid and Peggy Wiseman, who COLIN MCCANDLESS
should be anonymous, but not campaign claims. lived in the home for 40 years, CAROL ANTMAN
See you around the Island! and now me, Suzy Kopp. ARAH REYNOLDS
Pat O’Neil, Mayor The Wisemans sold it to me
(Cell) 843.670.9266 | | @oneilpm1 with a handshake agreement
that I would not tear the home •
down. Reid came by the house PUBLISHED BY
everyday for months approving Lucky Dog Publishing
and on occasion not approving of South Carolina, LLC
the new updates I was making to P.O. Box 837
the home. It meant so much that Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482
they sold the home to me that I 843.886.NEWS
have two lawn chairs in the front
yard with their names on it. Submit your letters to the editor to:
Suzy Kopp is a real estate agent
with Keller Williams Realty and a
resident of Isle of Palms. DEADLINE:
APR. 17 for our APR. 26 issue

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Isle of Palms Tuesday, Apr. 23 Wednesday, Apr. 17 LLC, is a free, independent newspaper
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1207 Palm Boulevard 2056 Middle Street are mailed free of charge to every active
Tuesday, Apr. 16 mailbox in our coverage area and are also
Ways and Means Committee Sullivan’s Island Monday, Apr. 22 available at area businesses. Contribu-
5 p.m. 843.883.3198 tions of information, pictures and articles
Tree Commission are welcomed and are used according to
1207 Palm Boulevard
5 p.m. space limitations and news value and can-
2056 Middle Street not be returned except by special request.
Wednesday, Apr. 17 Tuesday, Apr. 16 Op-ed articles and letters to the editor do
Municipal Court Regular Council Meeting Thursday, Apr. 25 not necessarily reflect the opinion of
3 p.m. 6 p.m. Water & Sewer Committee
Lucky Dog News, or its writers.
1207 Palm Boulevard 2056 Middle Street 8:45 a.m. All advertising rates are listed at:
2056 Middle Street under “advertising”
4 April 12, 2019
significantly reduces our ability to collect more taxes, it has been
Candidates continues from cover instrumental in creating the residential atmosphere that we enjoy
today. Property taxes are our primary source of revenue and for the
overhauling periodically?  No.   first time in awhile, council increased taxes last year to help offset the
How do we free up some of our budget and establish reserves while cost of the capital improvements. I am sensitive to the impact raising
also paying for expanded town services?  We need to stop spending taxes has on our residents and would oppose doing so again in the
on pet projects.  We need to generate additional revenues from day- near term. Since we have accomplished so much over the last four
trippers to pay for the increased maintenance and policing burden.  years, we need to monitor our spending and determine what we need
We need to generate sustainable revenue from town-owned property.  rather than what we want.
We need to work better with our generous private citizens who have B. SMITH
too many times in the past raised money to help improve the island Prioritizing capital improvement projects is a function of need.
only to be discouraged by a difficult or fickle council. Under the umbrella of the Water and Sewer Committee, of which I
HOWARD am chair, there are numerous projects in various stages. Wastewater
This question simply amazes me. Essential major capital projects are treatment plant up-fit is in the permitting phase. The remainder of
currently underway. You have seen the swarm of trucks this year, fixing the inflow and infiltration (I&I) project is nearing completion. The
sewer lines island-wide. Readers of the Mayor’s Column in the Island replacement of the sewer line at Poe Ave. and Citadel St. has just
Eye News know that high priority capital projects are now funded and been completed. A change order for running a new sewer line along
making steady progress. The Sewer Plant upgrade is engineered and Station 20½ St. was approved last week.
nearing the start of construction. The Fire Station, supporting vital I was honored to represent Council over a two-day period as the
fire and rescue services, is undergoing a badly needed update. Water Town played host to both Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s in our
and Sewer, Fire and Rescue, are not often dinner table conversation, effort and ultimate success securing the most favorable rating possible
but make living on our Island possible. Stormwater drainage projects for the bonds we sought. Combining public monies with future sales
are also moving forward. FEMA-funded engineering plans for Stations of select Town owned lots provides necessary funding.
17-19 are near completion, with a FEMA construction grant pending. Other capital projects that fall outside the definition of need and
A joint project with DOT is in development for Station 26½-28½. more along the lines of quality of life (such as beach access) are ripe
Of course more needs to be done, and financing is always the hard for private/public partnership funding.
part. Some suggest paid parking as a significant income source, but Stormwater management (the infrastructure of which is owned
a detailed study of costs versus income for Sullivan’s Island says by SCDOT) provides a prime example for inter-governmental
otherwise. Paid parking is commercialization, is costly to implement partnerships. This includes looking to FEMA for favorable grants that
and manage, and comes with numerous unwanted consequences offer up to 75% of funding for qualifying projects.
for residents. We must optimize all streams of Town income, pursue K. SMITH
grants, and focus on priority needs. Governing effectively requires foresight. Currently we can’t pay for
LANGLEY some basic needs let alone future needs. Having little in reserves is
We have recently completed many of the Town’s long overdue troubling, there will always be issues that need addressing. Street
capital projects or have a strategy in place to complete them over the flooding and drainage are serious island-wide problems. I’ve been in
next few years. The most pressing projects- retrofitting the water/ contact with the DOT District Engineer and there’s no work being
sewer system and the inflow/infiltration systems are fully funded and done on Sullivan’s Island.
underway. We have also completed the new Town Hall, purchased a Problems must be communicated to the DOT for work to get
new ladder truck, resurfaced all tennis/basketball courts, upgraded done, the current Council hasn’t given residents guidance, relief, or
the recreational facility, added sidewalks in the commercial district resolution. Solutions to our current problems and basic needs are
and made storm water repairs. critical before spending on nonessentials like building the presently
Unlike our neighboring beach communities, we chose several years proposed fishing pier. Questions like how to pay to replace our
ago to limit the number of short-term rentals. While this decision successfully patched sewer pipes in the future need to be answered.
April 12, 2019 5
Sound for now, they were given a 25-year shelf life. We must elect within the commercial district, is to also focus on safety. We need a
leaders who put residents’ quality of life first and prioritize our vital safe sidewalk from Dunleavy’s to Sandpiper Gallery. Parallel parking
needs today and for the future. will improve traffic flow, now blocked by the cars backing out. This is
I have raised a lot money for this Island, decreasing the burden the most dangerous portion of our roadways. I would also prefer that
of expenditures on parks/public spaces, creatively and effectively. I’on Ave., from Station 17 to Station 18, become a one-way street. It
Ask anyone who knows me; I’m not afraid to ask people to give. I’ll is effectively a hazardous single-lane street now. I’on Ave. near the
tap new and creative sources, including underutilized grants, to fund commercial district is often too congested to safely provide two-way
necessary projects.   traffic. We must increase the use of County Patrol officers to direct
traffic by hand at Rifle Range Road during peak summer traffic. Town
2. With Charleston’s exponential growth and the increase of day- Council has recently increased allowable hours for Town traffic control
trippers to Sullivan’s Island’s beaches and commercial district, officers and provided them with the T2 wireless ticketing system. This
how will you address traffic flow and parking throughout the increases the speed and accuracy of ticketing by typing in a license
island, specifically in the commercial district? plate number.
HAMMOND Addressing the parking issue was a top priority in the last few years.
Our island is one of three beach destinations for the Charleston With the relatively new parking plan of one-side only parking, we now
area’s 775,000 residents and its 7 million annual visitors.  The have dispersed parking throughout the Island, which has alleviated
ever-growing population and tourism volumes present numerous pressure on many neighborhoods. Emergency vehicles can now travel
challenges to maintaining the beauty, livability and character of our freely through streets that were once unnavigable. With this plan,
island.  We need to think and act pro-actively to protect and preserve when the spaces are full, we have reached capacity --it creates a cap
what we have. on the number of people that can come to the beach at one time.
Unfortunately, summertime traffic is not new.  My wife Kate started In recent years we have added golf-cart parking. This has been
the Co-op in 2012 (since sold) after one summer afternoon it took very successful and we will add more of these designated areas in
me 1½ hours to simply drive across the causeway to Publix.  That the commercial zone and at beach entrances. Sullivan’s Island is
said, we can improve our situation by employing traffic officers to partnering to complete Battery to the Beach, which will encourage
direct beach-bound traffic to go left or straight at the Middle Street / biking to the Island.
Sta 22½ intersection instead of routing 100% of traffic through the Our commercial area congestion is limited to a small area, Station
busiest block of the commercial district.  We need to establish and 20½-22½. As everyone knows, traffic flow can get bottled during peak
enforce specific drop-off / pick-up zones for ride-sharing services season, when it rains, or during bridge closures. Traffic police can
(Uber/Lyft).  help facilitate traffic flow, but there is no silver bullet. Short of limiting
To keep the island livable for residents, we need to expand golf- the number of people who enter the island--which I do not support
cart parking at beach paths and near the commercial district.  The nor would be possible--it's the price we pay for living in paradise.
parking that was removed along Middle Street in the 22½-23 block B. SMITH
should be restored as golf-cart only.  Parking on Middle Street in the Since available parking has increasingly become a matter of
commercial district should be targeted to patrons through a 2-hour convenience rather than an actual issue I feel it important to point out
time limit. that Sullivan’s Island is about three miles long and not a quarter of a
HOWARD mile at its widest. The entire Island is walkable. I am of the mind that
The current parking system, on one side of the street only, which I having to walk three blocks does not rise to the level of inconvenience.
spearheaded during my previous election campaign, is up and running I was involved in crafting and implementing the well thought out
effectively for our residents and visitors. It avoids the complicated plan that is now in place. With input from the Chief of Police and the
details and implementation problems that our neighboring towns Fire Department, we devised a parking plan that allows for the safe
experience. Although designed to improve traffic flow and safety
island-wide, it also reduces parking spaces by half. My inclination, Candidates continues on page 20
6 April 12, 2019 7
letter to the editor CIVIC
Coyotes, cigarettes and Chief of
Speaking of climate change necessary permits on behalf of the City to ensure should redouble efforts on litter education and create
the existing Tidal Wave dock is compliant, passed a robust pack in/pack out policy at Front Beach.
$5.7 million towards climate change mitigation research is a 8-1, with Councilmember Kinghorn registering the Councilmember Bell supported this suggestion and

Police discussed at IOP

huge triumph for everyone in the Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island dissenting vote. Kinghorn’s proposed amendment expressed specific concern about cigarette butts on
communities. As mentioned, people and their children in island regions that before the City move forward with permitting, the beach.
will be severely affected by climate change consequences in the next a meeting be held with stakeholders to devise a Councilmember Smith reported that the Rec
coming years even if we are able to stem the climate from rising 1.5 comprehensive plan, did not receive support. Committee has voted to move the Farmers Market
degrees Celsius by 2030. CITY COUNCIL MEETING HELD MARCH 26 The Public Safety Committee report included to the Rec Center. The Committee also agreed to
As a student learning about sustainability at the University of Texas discussion of coyote management, a total of 3 coyotes support a practice of allowing school teams, with
at Austin it is concerning to me that there will possibly not be enough have been trapped in 2019. Nine traps have been Island residents involved, to reserve the field at no
action taken for the adaptation to the changing environment, which
FOR THE ISLAND EYE NEWS removed for cleaning and will be replaced. Coyote cost, rather then renting out facilities.
will diminish the beauty and health of the place I called home as a

sightings appear to be down. The committee is moving Councilmember Moye, newly appointed Chair of
child. he March 26 meeting of the Isle of Palms Town items. forward with a management assessment of the Police the Personnel Committee updated Council on the
Our island ecosystems are already stressed due to the exponential Council got off to a routine start. After the usual Hogue urged Council in their evening’s Department and is asking other municipalities hiring process for the Chief of Police and the City
increase in development and the pollution that comes right along with protocol citizen’s comments were opened by considerations, to “ban the right things”. He then for input. Interim Chief Ursy stated that state law Administrator. The Committee took over the process
it. In fact, many of these developments and even family homes will be in Michael Fiem co-owner of Tidal Wave Watersports. received a landmark standing ovation from Council requires that the beach be handicapped accessible. from the Mercer Group. Vetting for the Chief of Police
danger from the rise in sea levels due to melting ice and water molecule He has been working to come into compliance with and audience members.
expansion in warmer temperatures. Companies and community The Committee plans to address options at their next position is currently being conducted by staff. Staff
DHEC cited violations that precluded his lease at the The Ways and Means report, shared by meeting and have full access in place soon. is sending out the pre-employment assessment
members alike need to be talking about climate change more and how Marina. He stated that he is happy to work with the Councilmember Ward included a couple of highlights.
it will affect them and their children in the next upcoming years as we Councilmember Rice reported that the Public screening for the City Administrator position. There
City on this, and hopes that the City will work with The City recently became aware that the Tidal Wave Works Committee reported that garbage levels are were approximately 60 applicants.
may see drastic changes within the next 20-30 years.
Therefore, it is important to have a stronger push for the him too. dock was out of compliance with the most recent down and yard debris collection is consistent. Front The Real Property Committee discussed a
implementation for the use of more sustainable resources to decrease Henry Hagerty was next up and spoke of his permit issued by DHEC in 1995. The City was told it beach lots have been prepared for the season. Phase moratorium on future lot subdivision, though it
pollution in the environment as well as renewable energy resources concerns regarding Forest Trail Circle and the coming has two options, to submit an application asking for Two Drainage, a seven-year project, is complete. was not recommended, due to the need to address
such as solar power to help decrease the amount of fossil fuels used by development. Numerous residents have spoken over the existing structure to be permitted or to make the The committee voted to expand the exemptions in the underlying issues, which Bell suggested may be
residents and tourists alike. the past months about the flooding issues in this dock compliant. Ward stated the procedure to bring the plastic bag ordinance to include plastic lids and addressed at future meetings.
As members of the island community is it important to keep talking area and the impact that the new development will the dock into compliance is straightforward. condiment packaging, with the belief that consistency Councilmembers jumped to address the second
about climate change to increase awareness and to support the have. Add Hagerty’s name to that list. The Real Property Committee recommended the will make community awareness and education reading of the single use plastic bag ordinance. The
research of climate change and make any mitigations to preserve this Beach Santa, Howard Hogue, was up next. He is City move forward with two permits, one to bring easier. Rice noted that a water bottle refill station is ordinance passed unanimously.
fragile environment. a resident of Monck’s Corner, but a constant on the Tidal Wave and the dock structure into compliance being installed at Front Beach to encourage reusable Several first readings were approved including:
IOP beaches. This past July he was asked to start and two to allow the rest of the dock rehabilitation bottles. • Increasing fees for short-term rental licenses
Shelby Marincasiu documenting what he collects on the beach. He to occur. No permits are likely to be approved before A motion was made to approve a request from the • Increasing the stormwater management utility
Austin, TX presented his results: In 2018 he’s made 34 trips to September. 48th Avenue LLC to tie into the City’s drainage system fee
the beach, collected 279 straws and stirrers, 5138 Numerous action items consisting of contract and was approved unanimously without discussion. • Increasing minimum lot size for subdivisions
All letters submitted to The Island Eye News must bear a full name, address and phone number for cigarette butts, 744 Styrofoam® pieces, totaling awards and change orders were approved Lastly, Dominion Energy is getting ready to trim
verification. Only the author’s name and city will be printed. Submissions are accepted via email to 10,283 documented pieces of trash in 2018. unanimously including a contract for emergency trees prior to hurricane season. There will be a public In conclusion, Mayor Carroll proclaimed April as or mail to PO. Box 837, Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482. So far in 2019, he has made 24 trips to IOP repairs to Marginal Rd., and a contract to pressure meeting scheduled prior to action. Sarcoidosis Awareness month. The next meeting
Letters may be edited for length and readability. The Island Eye News reserves the right to reject resulting in 426 straws and stirrers, 5,523 cigarette wash, caulk and paint Fire Station #2. Councilmember Kinghorn commented that the City of the IOP City Council will be Tuesday, April 23
letters that are libelous, unseemly, not individually addressed to The Island Eye News or that have at 6 p.m.
been previously published elsewhere.
butts, 76 pieces of Styrofoam® totaling 11,538 total The last item, a Change Order to pursue the
8 April 12, 2019

Redesignation of Ft. Sumter



he National Park Service wonderful to have Fort Moultrie
announces the redesignation elevated by including it in the
of Fort Sumter National name of the park, especially as
Monument to Fort Sumter and the 250th anniversary of the
Fort Moultrie National Historical American Revolution is just a few
Park. The law also establishes years away.”
management authority and Fort Sumter is the site of the
defines the boundaries of the opening bombardment of the Civil
park to include: Fort Sumter, War on April 12-13, 1861. Across
Fort Moultrie and the Sullivan’s the Charleston Harbor entrance is
Island Life Saving Station Historic Fort Moultrie, best known for the
District. patriot defeat of the British Navy
This provision was passed as on June 28, 1776. Combined,
a part of the John D. Dingell, both forts showcase 171 years of
Jr. Conservation, Management seacoast defense. Fort Sumter is
and Recreation Act (Natural located in Charleston Harbor and
Resources Management Act of is only accessible by boat.
Recognizes), which passed both Concession-operated ferry
houses of Congress in February boats depart daily from Liberty
and President Donald Trump Square in Charleston, and from
signed into law on Tuesday, March 12. Originally, SC Senator Tim Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant. The Liberty Square departure
Scott introduced legislation in both 2016 and 2017 to enact the point houses the park’s primary visitor center, and is located at 340
changes to the park. Concord Street in Charleston. For information on ferry departure
Fort Sumter was added to the National Park Service as a national schedules and prices, call Fort Sumter Tours, Inc. at 843.722.2628
monument in 1948. Fort Moultrie was added to the park in 1960 or visit them online at
using the Historic Sites Act of 1935.
Fort Moultrie is located at 1214 Middle Street, Sullivan’s Island and
“This name change to Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National
Historical Park will help the public to understand and recognize is accessible by car. Fort Moultrie has a park entrance fee of $7 per
that Fort Sumter, Fort Moultrie and the Sullivan’s Island Life Saving person, ages 16 and older or an annual Fort Moultrie pass is $20. The
Station Historic District are part of America’s National Park system,” America the Beautiful – the National Parks and Federal Recreational
stated acting superintendent Dawn Davis. “In particular, it will be Land Pass is valid at Fort Moultrie, but not for the ferry to Fort Sumter.
9 April 12, 2019 9

National Historical Parks offer

special programs
C E L E B R AT I N G N AT I O N A L PA R K W E E K A P R I L 2 0 - 2 7


he National of celestial bodies and
Park Service sometimes frightening
is partnering phenomena that a
with the Center for night sky can present.
Birds of Prey-Avian President Abraham
Conservation Center, Lincoln was a self-
and the Lowcountry educated amateur
Stargazers to offer astronomer. By
two special programs chance he witnessed
during National one of most significant
Park Week. First on astronomical events
Saturday, April 20, at of the nineteenth
12:30 p.m., the Birds century: the Leonid
of Prey will bring meteor storm of
live birds to Liberty November 13, 1833.
Square, located at Years later, during
340 Concord St. the Civil War, when
in Charleston for a (left) Educators from the Center For Birds of Prey will be at Liberty Square Saturday, April 20. the fate of Union was
program on the lives (right) The Lowcountry Stargazers will be at Ft. Moultrie on Saturday, April 27. in question, he related
of birds, their valuable PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE this story:
role in the web of Birds of prey have long-captured the “That particular
life, as well as national and international fascination of humans because of their keen evening, some believed that the biblical Day
conservation efforts. eyesight, agility of flight, and impressive of Judgement had come. From my window
Second on Saturday, April 27 at 8 p.m. at strength. These birds, sometimes referred I saw the stars falling in great showers;
Fort Moultrie, located at 1214 Middle St. on to as raptors, include hawks, owls, osprey, but looking back of them I saw the grand
Sullivan’s Island, the Lowcountry Stargazers and vultures. They can be seen and heard old constellations, with which I was so well
will share the wonders and visions of the throughout the Lowcountry. acquainted, fixed and true in their places.
night sky. Both programs are free for the From the earliest days of recorded history, The world did not come to an end then, nor
public. people have been fascinated with the variety will the Union now.”
April 12, 2019 11
Cunningham continues from cover

Congressman Joe Cunningham (center) leads the roundtable discussion with Folly
Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin (l) and Isle of Palms Mayor Jimmy Carroll (r).

Mayor Haynie added there was no debating “the reality of metal in

salt water; it will corrode and fail. So it’s not a matter of if, so much as
when, there will be a [spill]. We have to exhaust all other alternatives
[wind/solar/wave] before we think about it.”
Right on cue, 9 year-old Ainsley Payne said “I made a solar robot
yesterday…” Payne, the daughter of South Carolina Beach Advocates
Executive Director Nicole Elko, continued through the eruption of
“ahhs” and spontaneous laughs her comment elicited like another
day at work. She highlighted the relative safety and availability of
the same alternatives Goodwin mentioned. It wasn’t the first or last
comment from the gallery, but it was the perfect summary for the
hour-long roundtable.
Decorum was observed at every turn, of course. However, there
was also an obvious, collegial familiarity born of common cause, that
simmered among participants and attendees alike. Everyone seemed
to be committed to Cunningham’s re-election, as well. For his part,
Cunningham seems to revel in participatory government. (He even
prevailed on IOP Mayor Jimmy Carroll to visit Washington and voice
his support of H.R. 1941 before the Natural Resources Subcommittee
on Energy and Mineral [sic] on April 2).
“Our office is a conduit to the nation. I am confident this bill will
pass out of subcommittee, will pass the house, and I hope [our
Senators] will join us,” said Cunningham.
“It’s nice to be able to contact him [Cunningham] and get a Nicole Elko, Executive Director of South Carolina Beach Advocates with her 9 year-old
response,” said Goodwin at the close of the meeting on March 29. For activist daughter, Ainsley Payne at the roundtable discussion at Folly Beach City Hall on
more information on this or any other issue, as well as a means of March 29.
contacting your congressman, visit PHOTOS BY GREGG BRAGG
April 12, 2019 13

Fan favorite Keys takes the 2019

Volvo Car Open trophy


he 2019 Volvo Car Open
had a truly local flavor
this year. From plenty of
Daniel Island-brewed craft-beer
on hand, to the not-one-but-two
local girls competing in the field
of world-class tennis players,
plus a brand new local owner
in Ben Navarro, the event did
Charleston proud. Despite the Madison Keys celebrates winning her first
Lowcountry's notoriously fickle Volvo Car Open Trophy Sunday.
April weather desperately trying OPEN/CHRIS SMITH
to disrupt proceedings, the 47th
iteration of this women’s only complete with world class sand
tournament went off without a castle sculptures.
hitch, thrilling fans both on-site The Volvo Car Open is North
and across the globe, courtesy America’s largest women’s-only
of wall-to-wall Tennis Channel tennis tournament, a WTA Premier
coverage. event, the winner takes home a
To top off the successful week, Madison Keys with the Volvo Car Open ball kid crew and her 2019 trophy. prize purse of over $800,000.
which finished Sunday, fan- The tournament is now owned by
favorite Madison Keys took home businessman Ben Navarro, CEO
the coveted trophy on her seventh conquered 2018’s Australian Weekend for free (under 16s were of Charleston-based Sherman
try, having made the semi-finals Open winner and former World able to attend free of charge all Financial Group and the founder
last year and the finals in 2015. No. 1, Caroline Wozniacki 7-6, week thanks to a collaboration of education non-profit Meeting
The American player, now ranked 6-2 in a blistering final, which with SunTrust Bank), enjoying a Street Schools. When he acquired
14th in the world, saw off three saw some tense moments, Fortnite-themed obstacle course the tournament’s sanction along
grand slam champions en route including an incredibly lucky net and a selection of rides from with the operations of the Family
to the biggest win of her season, ball in the second set for Keys to the state fair - including a ferris Circle Tennis Center and Volvo
first beating French Open champ take the first break of the match. wheel, merry-go-round, and Car Stadium last year, Navarro
Jelena Ostapenko, then best pal Despite Wozniacki’s popularity two-story glass house - among said: “Our goal is to continue
Sloane Stephens, 2017’s U.S. here, the crowd was undeniably many other activities. There to grow the tournament’s
Open champion. Finally, she behind the American, cheering were a lot of upgrades and new impact, promote junior tennis in
her on to claim the title and additions to please the older kids Charleston, and make the sport
her very own brand new Volvo. too. New fan-focused elements more accessible for all.” He has
But the prize that appeared to at the tournament included plenty of experience in the tennis
surprise and touch her the most a roof-top restaurant run by world, his daughter, Emma
was when Charleston Mayor John Vintage Cafe and Coastal Crust, Navarro, an Ashley Hall junior,
Tecklenburg handed her the key a much expanded Serve & Volley is a rising star in the sport,
to the city. hospitality tent, run by Food independently earning her way
“I love the support I get from Network's 2017 Great Food Truck into the tournament this year by
everyone here in Charleston,” race winners Braised in the South. winning the U.S Nationals Girls
Keys said, commenting on court A bevy of special events including 18 Clay Court Championships.
after her win that it feels like sunrise yoga with tennis-star Her night on stadium court, along
home to her (she lives down the Bethanie Mattek-Sands and with the return of Mount Pleasant
road in Orlando, Florida). “And a gospel brunch were enough native Shelby Rogers following
now that I have a key to the city to entice even the non-tennis an extended break due to injury,
I can’t wait to come back next fans to make the trip out to the gave the event an even stronger
year!” Daniel Island stadium. Rounding local flavor on this global stage.
The week-long tournament out the festival-like atmosphere Mark your diaries for next
isn’t just about tennis. It kicked were many fun Charleston-area year’s Volvo Car Open, which
A Fortnite-themed obstacle course was a off on March 30 with over 500 touches, including plein air takes place April 4 through 12,
big hit on Family Weekend. children attending the Family painting and an actual beach 2020.
Sunrise Presbyterian Church The Church of the Holy Cross
3222 Middle St. 843.883.3888 2520 Middle St. 843.883.3586
Sunday, April 14 Sunday, April 21
WHAT: Palm/Passion Sunday Services WHAT: Easter Service
at 9 and 11 a.m. Contemporary Service 9 a.m.
Easter Egg Hunt at 10 a.m. - bring your Children's/Family Service (please bring
Easter baskets flowers for the flowering of the cross)
Children’s Processional at 11 a.m. Immediately following the Children's/
MORE INFO: Please visit our facebook Family Service Egg Hunt 9:30 a.m.
page or Traditional Service 8 and 11 a.m.
Visit for details.
WHAT: Maundy Thursday Seder
WHERE: Fellowship Hall First United Methodist Church
WHEN: 6 p.m. 12 21stAve. 843.886.6610
Friday, April 19
WHAT: Good Friday Service of Sunday, April 14
Shadows 8:30 & 11 a.m. Traditional Services
WHEN: 7:30 p.m. 9:30 a.m. Praise Service
Sunday, April 21 Noon Children release of butterflies,
WHAT: 6:30 a.m. Easter Sunrise picnic on the grounds
Service on the beach at Breach Inlet Thursday, April 18
9 a.m. Celebration of the Resurrection 6:30 p.m. - Joint Service at Point Hope
11 a.m. Celebration of the Resurrection UMC, 3404 Turgot Lane (Park West)
Mount Pleasant
DeepWater Church Good Friday, April 19
300 Palm Blvd Noon - Stations of the Cross on the Beach, 21st Ave.
843.708.4970 beach access
Sunday, April 21 Easter Sunday,
WHAT: Easter Evening Service April 21
WHEN: 5 p.m. 8:30 and 11
MORE INFO: Children's ministry on a.m. Traditional
Easter will be offered for birth-4K. Services -
Children 5K-5th grade are encouraged Sanctuary
to participate in the Easter service 9:30 a.m. –
(on other Sundays they are offered Praise Service -
children's ministry). Fellowship Hall
April 12, 2019 15

Easter eggs on IOP


n Saturday, Apr. 20 at 10 a.m. sharp the Isle of Palms
Recreation Department will host its annual Easter Egg Hunt.
Children ages 12 and under are invited to participate in this
exciting morning of Easter egg fun.
This free event will be held at the Isle of Palms Recreation grounds,
located at #24 28th Ave., and will be sectioned off into four different
age groups for the hunt. Age groups will include 3 and under, 4-6
years, 7-9 years, and 10-12 years.
Each participant will receive a bag of Easter candy for their
efforts. The Easter Bunny will be in attendance for the children to
take pictures with. Children will also be able to enjoy jump castles,
sno cones, ice cream, and face painting. In the event of inclement
Participants in the 2018 Easter Egg Hunt on IOP. weather, all festivities will be moved to the gym in the Recreation
For more information call 843.886.8294 or visit
16 April 12, 2019

Wild Dunes Men’s Golf Assoc hosts PCF event



ne in nine men will be with finishing holes overlooking years. He and other members
diagnosed with prostrate Dewees Island and the Atlantic of the WDMGA Board at that
cancer in their lifetime, Ocean. time observed that women were
which is why events such as The tournament is a scramble actively working to address breast
the 6th Annual Prostate Cancer format, meaning each player tees cancer fundraising through
Foundation (PCF) charity golf from a hole, and then everyone events supporting the Susan G.
fundraiser, teeing off at 1 p.m. on plays from the spot of the best Komen Foundation, while the
May 11 at the Wild Dunes Links shot, typically based on certain men’s golf association was not
Course, are so important. specified rules or criteria. You can doing anything to raise money for
Over the years the event, sign up as a single, a twosome or prostate cancer research. Both
coordinated by the Wild Dunes a foursome. diseases warranted support.
Men’s Golf Association (WDMGA), There is also an option to attend WDMGA Chairman John
has raised more than $180,000 just the event’s charity auction Cipkala has posted a statement
for the PCF through the generous and dinner, which entails a $30 online through Nextdoor Wild
donations of individuals and tax-deductible contribution. Dunes (a private social networking
businesses in the Lowcountry. The live and silent auction service for neighborhoods) about
In 2018, it generated $60,000 in dinner will be held 6:30 p.m. the charity event requesting a call
net proceeds. Money is raised in at the Sweetgrass Pavilion and to action for auction donations,
a variety of ways including golf Tournament founder Stuart Bascomb feature a buffet dinner and seeking items such as tickets
tournament fees, hole sponsors, address players and guests at the 2018 open bar. Sample auction items to sporting events, donations of
live and silent auctions, and cash charity dinner. up for bidding include a Club rental properties or souvenirs
donations. Car golf cart, golf and vacation that might be of interest to
The tournament’s beneficiary, player, which includes a $50 tax- packages, a round of golf at area collectors.
PCF, is firmly committed to curing deductible gift to PCF as well as courses, memorabilia and more.
To register for the event, call the
prostrate cancer and describes green fees, box lunch, cart rental, Additionally, special guest Dr.
itself as the “world’s leading Michael B. Lilly, a prostate cancer Links Pro Shop at 843.886.2002.
drinks, buffet dinner, awards and If unable to attend, please
philanthropic organization auction. Entrants have a shot at specialist with MUSC, will speak
funding and accelerating at the event. consider making a donation
winning a $20,000 hole-in-one payable to WDMGA for the benefit
prostate cancer research,” having contest in which the winnings The charity event was
provided funding to “more than originated and developed by the of PCF and mail to Mike Driscoll,
are split 50-50 with PCF. The
2,000 research programs at more Tom Fazio-designed Links WDMGA. Member and prostate PCF treasurer, 13 Linkside Court,
than 210 cancer centers and Course is located near downtown cancer survivor Stuart Bascomb Isle of Palms, SC 29451. For more
universities.” Charleston on the Isle of Palms, chaired the event the first 3 information on PCF, visit
Cost to enter is $110 per
April 12, 2019 17
Into the swamp

he sign along the canal
pointed “To Fargo and
all points south (if you
know how).” It was a wise-
crack reminder that this place
the Indians called “The Land
of Trembling Earth” is an ever-
changing, confusing landscape.
“It’s really easy to get disoriented
out here… People disappear.
You can get 100 feet away from
a trail and get lost,” our guide
Charlie warned as we motored (above) Charlie, the local guide at the
down the Suwannee Canal in Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. PHOTOS BY CAROL ANTMAN
the Okefenokee National Wildlife (right) Alligators are a common sight at
Refuge. This huge area, over the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. go bankrupt after harvesting homesteads in the swamp after
630 square miles, is actually a over one million cubic board the Seminoles were driven out.
bog inside of a saucer-shaped question: “Have you ever been feet of timber from old growth During Prohibition, most of the
depression that was once part attacked by an alligator?” “No,” forests. “All that mayhem and liquor in New York and Chicago
of the ocean floor. A thick layer he said, “but I’ve been close and carnage was to produce chipped was made in stills here and it
of peat, sometimes up to 30 feet I’ve got the scars to prove it.” On wood pellets to export to China was a hub for drug importation
deep, lies beneath the swamp cue, he pulled the boat beside for heating. Paraquat was spread in the 1970s. In what Charlie
covered by black reflective water. a lolling gator that let out an on everything to promote tree called “A Second Trail of Tears”,
Sometimes lightening ignites the unexpectedly loud hiss, causing growth and harvesting,” Charlie these hardscrabble settlers were
peat and the fires burn for weeks. us to bolt from our seats. explained. He and another boat also driven out when harvesting
Pieces of peat often break off and We were motoring down a guide Melvin are fierce protectors began.
float, turning into little islands. canal that began construction in of this unique environment. “Folks out here don’t like the
Mother Nature at her wildest. the late 1800s to harvest Cypress With an accent like molasses government. We like privacy,”
As Sandhill cranes honk trees. It was a doomed venture. punctuated by spits of tobacco Charlie insisted. Melvin delights
overhead and alligators sunned Poor engineering, mosquitoes, into the water, Melvin celebrated in going to classrooms with
along the bank, another tourist market conditions and convict the many renegades, outlaws
asked Charlie the ubiquitous labor caused the companies to and hermits that built remote Roadtrip continues on page 21
April 17 I s l a nd E y e C a l e nd a r June 15
ONGOING Meeting St. Third Friday of the Month Tchaikovsky's Rococo Variations Monday, April 22 for feedback and encouragement. and tickets call 843.795.4386 or visit Saturday, May 18
First Monday of the Month WHEN: 10-11 a.m. WHAT: Homeschool History (featuring cellist/faculty member Natalia 843.883.3914. Brought
MORE INFO: Toddler Day classes Khoma), Antonín Dvořák's Symphony WHAT: Snap Circuits STEM to you by Dasani, Kirkman Broadcasting WHAT: Shaggin’ on the Cooper
WHAT: Blue Plate Special Days Play (tweens and teens) WHERE: Mt. Pleasant Pier
are designed for toddlers (18 months WHERE: Charleston Museum, 360 No. 8 in G Major and a world premiere WHAT: Shaggin’ on the Cooper and CCPRC.
Speaker Series – 3 years) and a parent, grandparent, of The Overview Effect by College of WHERE: Poe Branch Library WHEN: 7-11 p.m.
Meeting St. WHERE: Mt. Pleasant Pier
WHERE: Burton’s Grill, Mt. Pleasant or friend to play and explore in The Charleston composition student Will WHEN: 2 -4 p.m. MORE INFO: Brought to you by
WHEN: 7-11 p.m.
WHEN: noon Charleston Museum. With a focus
WHEN: 10-11 a.m.
MORE INFO: A special program for Goss. Admission is free, with $20 MORE INFO: Explore electronics with MORE INFO: Brought to you by Saturday, May 11 Charleston County Parks, monthly
MORE INFO: East Cooper Democrats on developing fine motor skills. $6 suggested donation for adults. For Snap CIrcuits. 843.883.3914. series. Tickets sell out so buy
home schooling families. These programs Charleston County Parks, monthly series. WHAT: PCF Charity Golf
and Progressives regular meetings held Members/$9 Non-Members. To register information, contact CofC Concerts at early. $8 per person. For info and
feature one of our field trip classes, a For info and tickets call 843.795.4386 or Tournament
the 1st Monday of every month. Topics visit 843.953.6315 or visit tickets call 843.795.4386 or visit
will include the Equal Rights Amendment, chance to go through the Museum, and
concerts/cofc-ensembles. Tuesday, April 23 visit WHERE: Wild Dunes Links
Trump's Tariffs and Trade Wars, Common an activity. Free with paid admission. To WHEN: 1 p.m.
Thursdays WHAT: POE-etry Writers Group
Sense Gun Control, Immigration Reform, register visit Sunday, April 28 MORE INFO: Scramble format. $110
Saturday, May 25
Transportation, Voting Rights, and other WHAT: Mah Jongg Nights Friday, April 19 (adults)
WHERE: Poe Branch Library WHAT: CATR Blue Jean Ball
per player, which includes a $50 tax-
deductible gift to PCF, green fees, box
topics of interest. $2/person at the door.
Attendees order their own lunch. Limited WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library, 1921 Wednesday, April 17 WHAT: Snap Circuits STEM WHEN: 10:30 a.m. WHERE: 2669 Hamilton Rd. Johns Island lunch, cart rental, drinks, buffet dinner, WHAT: Battery2Beach Ride
to 40 people. I’on Avenue. Play (tweens and teens) MORE INFO: Gather with fellow WHEN: 4-7 p.m. awards, and auction. $30 for auction/ WHERE: Sullivan’s Island and IOP
WHAT: Third System of US poets to share and improve your work. WHEN: 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
WHEN: 5:30-8:00 p.m. Coastal Ports WHERE: Poe Branch Library MORE INFO: Locally-sourced dinner by dinner only. 6:30 p.m. at the Sweetgrass
MORE INFO: Learn to play the fun and WHEN: 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. 843.883.3914. Crazy Dutchman Catering. Refreshing Pavilion, buffet dinner and open bar. MORE INFO: The Town of Sullivan’s
Mondays WHERE: Ft. Moultrie Visitor Center Island and City of IOP have completely
fast-paced game of American Mah Jongg.  WHEN: 6:30 p.m. MORE INFO: Explore electronics with drinks by EVO Pizza, Low Tide Brewing Live and silent auctions: Club Car
WHAT: Memoir Writing Circle  Snap CIrcuits. 843.883.3914. golf cart, numerous golf and vacation installed their segments of Charleston
WHERE: Poe Branch Library
Beginners welcome. 843.883.3914. MORE INFO: Fort expert and author Thursday, April 25 & Mamasita's Margaritas. Live music by
Vocal Duo, Returning, and pianist, Chris packages, round of golf at area courses, Moves Battery2Beach route. We will enjoy
WHEN: 10:30 a.m. John R. Weaver II will speak about a slow-paced 7-mile group ride from
May. Silent and live auctions benefit memorabilia, and more. Call the Links
MORE INFO: Come and share your
WHAT: Jazz Night
WHERE: The Refuge, IOP
the most extensive program of coastal
defense in US history, begun in 1816.
Saturday, April 20 WHAT: Kenny Chesney
WHERE: Volvo Car Stadium CATR's Student Scholarship Program. For Pro Shop to register 843.886.2002. PARD Park on Sullivan’s Island to IOP,
stories. 843.883.3914. tickets and info visit ending for lunch back on Sullivan’s Island
WHEN: 6:30-9:30 p.m. Over 51 years, 42 third system forts were WHAT: Beach Lovers Book Club: WHEN: Doors at 6, show at 7 p.m.
  at Mex 1. The restaurant is generously
MORE INFO: The Todd Beals Trio hosts built from Maine through the Florida Educated (adults) MORE INFO: Chesney brings "Songs Thursday, May 17 offering happy hour pricing on beverages,
WHAT: Toddler Storytime
jazz every Thursday night.Traditional
swing tunes, ballads and bossa novas.
Keys to New Orleans, with two forts on
the west coast, in San Francisco Bay. Fort
WHERE: Poe Branch Library
WHEN: 10:30 a.m.
for the Saints Tour" to Charleston with
special guests David Lee Murphy and
Saturday, May 4 WHAT: Carolina Wine Mixer
and complimentary chips and salsa. This
Singers & horn players welcome. For info is a celebration of Battery2Beach progress.
WHERE: Poe Branch Library Sumter was originally a third system fort. MORE INFO: Come for a discussion Caroline Jones. Tickets start at $150 at WHAT: Motown in the WHERE: SC Aquarium
WHEN: 10:30 a.m. visit Program is free. For info visit of Educated by Tara Westover. Light Moonlight WHEN: 7 p.m.
MORE INFO: Enjoy picture books, fosu or call 843.883.3123. refreshments provided. 843.883.3914. WHERE: Mt. Pleasant Pier MORE INFO: All-inclusive event features Saturday, June 15
flannel board fun, sing-a-longs, poetry Fridays 5 wine tasting stations sampling 2 wines
and activities that encourage language WHAT: CofC Orchestra’s Spring WHAT: Snap Circuits STEM
Saturday, April 27 WHEN: 7-11 p.m.
MORE INFO: Brought to you by each throughout the Aquarium, small WHAT: Shaggin’ on the Cooper
WHAT: Board Game Afternoon WHERE: Mt. Pleasant Pier
skills. (Ages 2-3 with adult) 843.883.3914. Concert Play (tweens and teens) WHAT: Children’s Writing Charleston County Parks, monthly plates, additional bar refreshments, and
(family) WHEN: 7-11 p.m.
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Debussy’s Petite Suite, Pyotr Ilyich per person for ages 4 and up. For info
20 April 12, 2019
Candidates continues from page 5 will operate reliably under flood conditions. We are also fortunate to
have the accreted land between us and the ocean. Proper care and
and expeditious passage of emergency vehicles, Island wide. Parking management of this area is crucial for the benefit and protection of
is free to residents and visitors alike and the plan in place comes the Island as a whole. Root systems stabilize the soil better anything
with none of the headaches that our neighboring communities face else can. This land lowers our flood insurance rates and saves the
with paid parking, annual stickers, and enforcement of differing high costs of repeated beach nourishment projects that neighboring
rules based on location. islands experience. We simply must think in this way because, as
All of that said we must continue to look at ways traffic flow can a barrier island, we will always face the brunt of oncoming storms
be improved to include re-zoning lots within the commercial district and flooding. On the human side of readiness and preparation, I am
such that more surface parking is created. Balancing the desire for very proud of our Town staff. With demonstrated professionalism
more commercial district parking with traffic flow and residential and years of experience, they stand ready for emergencies. We are
concerns is of paramount importance when addressing this issue. thankful to have them.
We have freely given access to all who visit Sullivan’s Island and Climate change is a very big threat to our island. Our newly
rightfully so.  We are lucky in that our Police Department does a completed Comprehensive Plan now includes a section on climate
good job controlling traffic given the current routes. I will address change outlining how to address sea level rise, storms and flood
this issue in 4 key ways: risk. We need to develop a resiliency plan that focuses on nature-
1. Designated golf cart parking at all beach paths and in the based solutions and green infrastructure, which have been proven
commercial district would give residents much easier access. to be most effective. Well-informed land use planning should be at
Currently, there are only 4 designated spots for golf carts in the the center of our mitigation efforts, looking at where we build and
commercial district. Adding more will alleviate congestion and further how we build. In the last few years we have developed a building
reduce our carbon footprint.   ordinance addressing storm water run-off. We need to continue
2. I will sit down with the SC DOT and determine a long-term assessing current ordinances to ensure that we protect our existing
strategy to relieve bottleneck pressures in the commercial zone.  infrastructure and that new construction supports our overall
3. I will explore utilizing the lot behind the Post Office as designated mitigation goals. In the last few years we have become hyper focused
parking for commercial zone staff. This would free up the spaces on on improving stormwater management and its impact on island
Middle St., which are generally tied up for hours with staff parked in flooding. We need to continue doing this, including discussion around
public spaces.  protecting open space to manage floodwater. We are very lucky on
4. I will ensure the burden of policing and cleanup from visitors Sullivan’s Island that we have the accreted land, which buffers us
will not be a financial burden to our town. It could even be a source from increased flooding and helps reduce our insurance rates. No
of income via paid parking. resiliency efforts/plans will be easy or quick but will be necessary to
tackle an ever-increasing risk to our island.
3. This is a two part question: B. SMITH
a) Do you acknowledge the existence of global warming and Taking the long view there is no way to protect homes and
climate change? infrastructure from the effects of sea level rise. There will come a time
b) As a coastal community, how can Sullivan’s Island best when future generations no longer call Sullivan’s Island home. It is
position itself to protect homes and infrastructure from the for this reason I advocated for and saw the passage of an ordinance
effects of global warming and sea level rise? that allowed a residential lot to be placed under the permanent
protection of an easement in exchange for the owner agreeing not
HAMMOND to build a house and to limit construction to a small storage type
This is a funny question to me and seems more at home in a facility. Retreat from the coast is the only viable long-term solution.
Presidential election.  Yes, according to people who know more than Residents know our Island is facing rising sea levels, higher tides,
me, climate change and global warming are real.  Actually, I recently and increased frequency and severity of rain events. Residents want
stopped eating meat due to its harmful environmental impact. some relief and forward thinking to protect property in the shorter
Although rising seas and global warming are things that we will term (being however long Mother Nature allows us to live here). For
have to contend with, the reach of our Town Council is fairly limited this reason I am spearheading the up-fit of our wastewater treatment
on the stage of geo-politics.  We need to focus efforts where we can facility and collection system; seeking ways to create redundancy
make an impact – right in our own backyard.  For an island so in our water delivery system; taking a lead role in addressing
focused on the environment, we are surprisingly behind the times. stormwater (see today’s ad); and protecting our accreting land and
IOP and Folly Beach passed plastic bag bans over 2 years before fledgling maritime forest as a first line of defense to rising seas from
Sullivan’s.  We rely solely on volunteers to remove littered plastic and aggressive management.
dog waste from our beach.  We don’t ask, nor require, people to keep K. SMITH
off our sand dunes (which, going to the original question, are our a. Climate change is real. The science is irrefutable. 
only real protection).  We build beach access paths through, instead b. We can protect our island and community by doing our part to
of over our dunes.  We can do a lot to make our island a better help reverse the effects of global warming:
place for residents and the environment.  The problem is, we get so 1. I will encourage efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and live a
wrapped up on single issues that we fail to address anything else. more environmentally sustainable way. 
HOWARD 2. I will urge Charleston County to fix our broken recycling system
As a native islander, close attention to weather and climate is and send less waste to landfill.  Our current recycling program is
ingrained. There is certainly an increase in tidal and stormwater vastly inadequate. In the last months, 100% of our recycling is being
flooding and more frequent hurricanes in our future. Fortunately, buried in the landfill polluting our land, air, and water. Landfilling of
climate change is built into Island standards for planning and waste releases methane, an extremely harmful greenhouse gas into
construction. The current water and sewer upgrades meet higher flood the atmosphere leading directly to global warming.
standards. The renovation of the Fire Station will increase its storm 3. I will explore significant grant money available through NOAA
rating for wind, rain and flood. The planned sewer pump lift stations Coastal Resilience, Department of Interior, and EPA, to name a few,
to fund sea rise defense practices. Sea
rise effects are already visible on the
back of our island during King Tides
where there is often property flooding.
Sullivan’s Island alone cannot stop sea
level rise, but we can do our part to
bolster our resiliency on the marsh and
4. I will leverage The Department of
Natural Resources’ citizen volunteer
programs to preserve our salt marshes
as sea levels rise. 
The Municipal Election Commission
of the Town of Sullivan’s Island will
conduct The Town of Sullivan’s Island
Municipal Election on Tuesday, May 7,
at the Sunrise Presbyterian Church. The
polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.
The following offices shall be included in
this election: Three Council seats – 4-year
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The sign along the Suwannee Canal.

If You Go
Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge:
Laura Walker State Park:
Stephen Foster State Park:

beakers of methane gas collected from peat and lighting it on fire to

explain the area’s ecology. With a mischievous smile, he described
the excitement, “It smells like an elephant just walked into the room.”
This primeval beauty can be visited in several ways. A main
entrance near Folkston, GA is best for short visits. A visitor center
and boat tours are available there. Stephen C. Foster State Park near
Fargo in the park’s west has boardwalks, boating and hiking trails,
fishing, guided boat tours, motor boat and canoe rentals, camping
and cabins. Laura Walker State Park is near Waycross, close to the
park’s northern entrance. That park boasts an 18-hole golf course,
modern cabins, camping, beach, boat ramps and fishing deck.
My husband and I have stayed in both state parks and enjoyed
having our bicycles along. We pedaled back to our cabin at Stephen
Foster one day to find a mother bear and cubs scavenging in our
back yard. Our favorite bike ride was the Swamp Island Drive, a
7-mile loop (also open to cars) with numbered markers that pointed
out historic and natural points of interest.
An interesting stop was Chesser Island Homestead built on a 592-
acre island in the late 1800’s. Family members lived there until 1958
in a largely self-sufficient lifestyle. Remnants of their determination
to carve a life from the harsh conditions include syrup shed, a
smokehouse and the hand-built timber house. You can also totally
retreat from civilization by camping in the swamp for 2 to 5 days by
permit. Shelters and camping islands are provided but no motorized
boats are permitted. The park website warns of many considerations
including: “Paddling can be slow-going and strenuous on shallow
and/or narrow trails. You may have to get out of your canoe and
push across peat blowups or shallow water.”
Today, over one million visitors a year come to the Okefenokee,
especially in the spring when thousands of blooming lily pads are
intoxicating. It is the largest area in the Southeastern United States
not intersected by roads, providing a rare opportunity for solitude and
undisturbed recreation. Charlie calls it, “A very spooky, metaphysical
place. That’s what makes it exciting: it’s not our world.”
Roadtrips Charleston highlights interesting destinations within a few
hours’ drive of Charleston, S.C. as well as more far flung locales. Carol
Antman’s wanderlust is driven by a passion for outdoor adventure,
artistic experiences, cultural insights and challenging travel. For hot
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Acme Lowcountry Kitchen
island eats
meals. Open 7 days a week. Delivery Pizza 450
Specializing in local and sustainable available. $ Sizable pizza joint serving hefty pies and
seafood. All Altantic Ocean sourced 882-8088 housemade ice cream, plus breakfast &
Seafood. $$-$$$ coffee. $$
886-FISH (3474) 2019 Middle St, Sullivan's Island 2213-B Middle St, Sullivan's Island
31 JC Long Blvd, Isle of Palms
The Dinghy 843.789.4107
Beard Cat’s Laid back Key West Vibe, great food
Gelato made from locally sourced options, unique beers on tap, spacious Pizza Hut
ingredients, and coffee shop that sits side porch, and live music. $-$$ Now serving Isle of Palms in the Harris
below Obstinate Daughter. $ 242-8310 Teeter shopping center. Deliver right to
416-5020 your door or get carryout. $ 8 JC Long Blvd, Isle of Palms 886-5759
2063 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island
Dunleavy’s Pub 1515 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms
Ben & Jerry’s Set in a cabin like building, this Irish
Enjoy an array of ice cream flavors, from bar stages weekly live folk, country & Poe’s Tavern
Chocolate Therapy, to Peach Cobbler on acoustic music. $-$$ Famous for their gourmet burgers and
Isle of Palms’ Front Beach. $ 883-9646 chicken sandwiches, this Poe-inspired
886-6314 eatery also features great deals on fresh 2213 Middle St., Sullivan's Island fish tacos. $$
your island hair salon 1009 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms 883-0083
High Thyme
843-883-9101 The Boathouse A small island bistro, with a wide range 2210 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island
2205 Middle St, Sullivan's Island Fresh, local seafood, and phenomenal of dishes, from seafood, tapas on Tuesday,
sunset views from the upper deck on and a Sunday brunch. $$-$$$ Republic Ice Cream
Breach Inlet. $$-$$$ 883-3536 Local ice cream shop serving homemade
886.8000 ice cream and local Charleston coffee. $ 2213 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island
101 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms 2120 Middle St., Sullivans Island
Home Team BBQ
Cafe Paname Not limited to barbeque, this casual eatery Saltworks Dockside Deli
Family owned and operated coffee shop also serves salads, wraps, tacos, and Located inside the Isle of Palms Marina
serving locally roasted coffee. $$ quesadillas, Sunday Brunch. $$ Market, come enjoy breakfast, smoothies,
885-6303 883-3131 and sandwiches. $-$$ 883-3355
1202 Palm Blvd., A, Isle of Palms 2209 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island
50 41st Ave, Isle of Palms
Chills 360 Mex1
Dallas based shop serving Thai inspired Hip eatery serving Mexican favorites, Seabiscuit Cafe
rolled ice cream. $ including tacos & tortas, with an island A bright, cozy cafe with nautical touches
242-8469 vibe. Live music, outdoor seating. $$ serving a simple menu of homestyle 882-8172 breakfast & lunch. $-$$
1515 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms
2205 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island 21 JC Long Blvd, Isle of Palms
Coconut Joe’s &
Island Joe’s Coffee Morgan Creek Grill Sullivan’s
Spectacular views of the Atlantic on the Relax with a front row seat on the Grab a casual dinner of fried flounder or
rooftop bar and live music every night Intracoastal Waterway while enjoying crab cakes in a cozy atmosphere as well
during the summer. $-$$. Island Joe’s fresh seafood and southern hospitality. $$ as lunch on the weekends. $$
next door featuring coffee and ice cream. 886-8980 883-3222
886-0046 8040 1st Ave, Isle of Palms 2019 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island
1120 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms The Obstinate Daughter Windjammer
Restaurant serving contemporary Lively spot with a bar menu, a deck
The Co-Op Southern cuisine, pizza & pasta in a overlooking the water, and beach volleyball
A gourmet deli specializing in breakfast rustic, coastal-inspired space. court out back.$-$$
and lunch sandwiches as well as local $$-$$$ 886-8596
coffee. Enjoy pantry staples including 416-5020
beer and wine along with locally made 1008 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms
products and house made take and go 2063 Middle St,Sullivan’s Island

off-island eats
388-3654 and deli sandwiches. $
Regional Italian restaurant featuring 971-8830
fresh pastas, fior di latte mozzarella and 2664 Highway 17N, Mt. Pleasant
Neapolitan style pizzas from the wood 3008 N Highway 17, Mt Pleasant
burning oven. $$$ Ghost Monkey Nano Brewery
843.884.6969 Features a consistent rotation of locally Rusty Rudder brewed beer made in Mount Pleasant. Easygoing hangout offering American
976 Houston Northcutt Blvd, Mt. Pleasant Taproom, live music, food. $$ eats such as BBQ, seafood & steak, plus a
843.352.3462 bar & outdoor seats. $$
Bistro Toulouse 843.388.3177
Parisian-style nook serving seasonal, 522 Wando Ln, Mt Pleasant
regional French dishes with a modern 3563 N Hwy 17, Mt Pleasant
twist, plus global wines. $-$$ H&R Sweet Shop
216-3434 Famous redfish and rice, fried chicken, Sewee Restaurant shrimp, bbq ribs. $ Southern-style seafood & other fried fare
1220 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mt Pleasant 843.884.2118 in a casual joint with checkered tables &
102 Royall Ave, Mt Pleasant homey decor. $$
Bon Banh Mi 843.928.3609
Southeast Asian Cuisine, Rice Bowls, Jack's Cosmic Dogs
Noodles, Sandwiches, Small Plates, Kitschy space-themed spot serving hot 4808 N Hwy 17, Awendaw
Vegetarian Options $ dogs topped with creative condiments,
388-7080 plus sides & ice cream. $ Stack’s Coastal Kitchen 884-7677 Join us for lunch, where we offer fresh
1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mt Pleasant soup, salads, and sandwiches. Enjoy
2805 N Hwy 17, Mt Pleasant dinner in a casual bistro-style setting, nice
Eggs Up Grill selection and outdoor seating. $$
Relaxed chain serving a menu of Not Just Franks 843.388.6968
breakfast, burgers & sandwiches in a Quick and tasty breakfast and lunch stand.
colorful setting. $-$$ Egg sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, grilled 1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mt. Pleasant


othing says summer like Music schedule:
listening to live music and • April 27: The Hot Pepper Band
dancing the night away. • May 18: Shem Creek Boogie Band
Starting in April, Charleston • June 15: The Coppertones
County Parks is offering its • July 13: The Sneakers
popular Shaggin’ on the Cooper • August 10: Vinyl Daze
series. On April 27, the Mount • September 7: Recollections
Pleasant Pier will come alive with
the sounds of beach music when Advance tickets are $8 per
the Shaggin’ on the Cooper series person. Space is limited. If
kicks off with Charleston-based available, tickets sold on site are
The Hot Pepper Band. $10. Gates open at 7 p.m. and
As summer settles on music starts at 8 p.m. Beverages
the South, bands from the
Charleston area and throughout are available for purchase on site
the state will perform monthly and food is available for sale at the
at the Mount Pleasant Pier (see Mount Pleasant Pier’s River Watch
schedule below). All Shaggin’ Café. Coolers are not allowed.
on the Cooper events are held Guests are allowed to bring their
at the foot of the 1250-foot-long own chair. To purchase advance
pier next to Memorial Waterfront tickets or for more information on
Park, the perfect spot to catch these events, call 843.795.4386
the cool breezes and the views or visit CharlestonCountyParks.
of Charleston Harbor and the com.
Ravenel Bridge.

Breac h Inlet Tide Char t

Date High Tide Low Tide
Apr 12 1:25am/2:06pm 8:01am/8:11pm
Apr 13 2:33am/3:17pm 9:06am/9:20pm
Apr 14 3:44am/4:26pm 10:11am/10:29pm
Apr 15 4:51am/5:31pm 11:12am/11:33pm
Apr 16 5:53am/6:30pm 12:07pm
Apr 17 6:50am/7:24pm 12:33am/12:59pm
Apr 18 7:42am/8:16pm 1:28am/1:48pm
Apr 19 8:32am/9:05pm 2:21am/2:35pm
Apr 20 9:20am/9:52pm 3:11am/3:20pm
Apr 21 10:06am/10:38pm 4:00am/4:05pm
Apr 22 10:52am/11:25pm 4:49am/4:50pm
Apr 23 11:39am 5:37am/5:35pm
Apr 24 12:12am/12:28pm 6:26am/6:23pm
Apr 25 1:02am/1:19pm 7:17am/7:15pm

Hurricanes, storms etc., are NOT included in the predictions. Tidal

current direction changes and tide time predictions can be very
different. Tide predictions are PREDICTIONS; they can be wrong so
use common sense.