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20 Marheshvan 5771

October 28, 2010

The President of the United States of America

His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama

Dear Mr. President,

Re: The Preservation of Jewish Legal Rights to the Land

of Israel

We, the Organization of Land of Israel Loyalists, representing Jews resident in the regions of
Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem as well as throughout all the Land of Israel, who have come
together to preserve the integrity of the Holy Land under the sovereignty of the Jewish People,
wish to bring to your attention, Mr. President, that your policy of “Two states for two peoples”
can only lead to a substantive violation of the rights of the Jewish People.

As a reader of Scripture who declares his faith in the

Heavenly Master of All, you undoubtedly know that the
Divine Creator of Heaven and Earth granted to the
forefathers of the People of Israel, and to their progeny
after them, sovereign rights to settle the Land of Israel
as an eternal legacy, as we are told in the very section of
the Book of Genesis the Jewish People read this past
Sabbath in their synagogues the world over, regarding
the Divine Promise to Abraham the Patriarch: “And I have
bestowed upon you and your progeny after you the land in
which you reside, the entirety of the Land of Canaan, as
an eternal legacy” (Genesis 17:8).

Just as the United States of America does not share
with others its sovereignty over its spacious dominion, so
– and even more so – the Jewish People do not have now,
nor will they have in the future, any sovereign partners in
the small country we have inherited from our

No person on earth, not even one who is recognized as the

leader of the greatest nation on Earth, has the authority
to bring about the transfer of portions of the Land of
Israel to other peoples. If, despite this, anyone should
attempt to do so, such a deed would be tantamount to a
declaration of war against the Creator of the World.

We wish further to bring to your attention that under

international law, as well as under the domestic law of the
United States of America, it is forbidden to violate the
legal rights of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel
already recognized by the world community, as confirmed
by the League of Nations in 1922 and, even earlier, stated
explicitly in the Resolution adopted by the San Remo
Peace Conference in April 1920, the boundaries of which
were defined at that time in agreements negotiated
between the Mandatory Powers, the United Kingdom and
France, as the borders of the Jewish National Home.

Enclosed with this letter are appendices documenting the

fact that the preservation of the entirety of the Land of
Israel under the sovereignty of the Jewish People is part
and parcel of the domestic law of your own country, under
the Anglo-American Convention on Palestine ratified in
1924 and proclaimed before a joint session of Congress a
year later, in December 1925.
Furthermore, according to Conventions compiled under
the auspices of the United Nations regarding Indigenous
Peoples, the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria and
of Jerusalem, by virtue of their being the original
inhabitants of these regions as scions of the Jewish
People, are protected from any forceful evacuation as
well as any other interference in their everyday lives.

Please note that the above assertion – that all of the

Promised Land, from Sinai to Lebanon – was divinely
bequeathed to the Children of Israel is supported also by
many serious Muslim scholars and accords with what many
Muslims in this area know and accept!

Having brought all the foregoing to your attention, Mr.

President, we are certain that you will reconsider and
repudiate your present policy and proclaim to the world at
large that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish
People alone. Such a step would indeed make a
contribution to the cause of peace and restore the
fundamental world order, as well as enhance your own
stature in the eyes of your own people and in the eyes of
the world, including the Islamic peoples thereof. In
contrast, continuing along the path of your present policy
will unfortunately lead to disaster of cataclysmic
proportions, to an international conflagration and to
devastating consequences which will undoubtedly endure
for many generations – a catastrophe that will be recalled
in history under your own illustrious name.

This is our first and only appeal to you, as a believer in
Divine Providence and in the Holy Scriptures, as a leader
responsible to his own people and for the peace and
welfare of the entire world: cease all plans to detach
sections from the Land of Israel and rather assist the
Jewish People to settle throughout its homeland in peace
and security.

If you do so, you will be blessed by the Sages of Israel,

whose blessing is that of the Almighty, as stated in the
very same Book of the Bible cited above (Genesis 12:2):
“And be you a blessing!” This has been understood by our
Sages as meaning: “All blessings are in your hands!” – in
itself a blessing for all the nations of the world, in
accordance with the Divine message to Abraham (Genesis
17:5): “I have made you as a father to many nations!”

Harav Shalom Dov Ber Halevi Wolpo, Chair
Harav Israel Ariel, Chief Rabbi of the Temple Mount
Prof. Hillel Weiss.
Mrs Anat Livny