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Club Officers Announcements

President: Brendan Alexander

What a week for KH Toastmasters. The club hosted the Tall Tales Contest… read more about that below. In
VP Education: Bob Kienzle addition it was KHTM’s 5th Anniversary we had a great time partying well into the night w/ cake, costumes,
VP Membership: Sue Kim drinks, friends and even face-paint!
VP Public Relations: Tim Pelletier
Treasurer: Vernon Phillips Check out the KH Toastmasters Facebook Page to see pictures of the event and all the crazy costumes!
Secretary: Kate Baklitskaya
Sergeant at Arms: Grace Lee How can we out-do ourselves? How about another special event! This Tuesday KHTM transforms into an
Lieutenant of Leadership: Robyn Pazicni Advanced Club! Click here for more info on “Advanced Club Night” at KH Toastmasters.

Meeting Summary for 26th October 2010

Theme: Tall Tales Contest and Halloween Party

Everybody was decked out in their craziest costumes

for Korea’s first ever Tall Tales Speech Contest at KHTM!
KH Toastmasters celebrated its 5th Host Sue Kim kicked off the night dressed in red devil ears
anniversary this Tuesday. and a shirt that was a tall tale in itself. She introduced each
of the 7 speakers competing in the contest.
In honor of this milestone here are some
fun facts about KHTM. Before we jumped into the speeches Table Topics Master
Peter Beresford called up a number of volunteers and
Club name: KH Toastmasters randomly assigned each a speaker to evaluate. A very cool
What’s the KH stand for? Kingdom of twist on the Table Topics session.
Established: October 25th, 2005 Next up were the speeches. Brendan started us off with
Founder: Tony S. D’Ath dressed up and speaking as Russ the Redneck and told a
Current Members: 36 farfetched story about fighting off a bear attack. Then it was
Club Level: Presidents Distinguished Rose’s turn as she told the South African folk tale of
Oldest Member: Jacob Michaels (March Annajie. After Rose was Grace who told us all the story of
2007) her chance meeting with Russel Crowe down-under and her
Newest Member: Frank Lev (Oct 2010) recent rise to super-stardom as an actress. Then it was Yuni’s turn as she told a story about a wacky shopping
No. of Members with CC: 9 (Tim, Jacob, trip and a magical dress (which she just happened to be wearing). Next up we had Tim up who told us the
Saraubh, Fiona, Rose, Kate, Ji Yeon, unlikely story of Korea’s favorite elderly hero and protector. Then we had Sook Young who told us a chilling
Kurt, Rusty) story of a girl who made friends with ghosts. Last up was Bob dressed as a reject villain from the Saw movies
No. of Members with ACS: 1 (Frank) (or something like that) who told us the folk tale of an unlikely love between two familiar Bears 
No. of Members with ACG: 2 (Sook
Young, Bob K) In the end the votes were tallied and the winner of the competition was: Bob! With Rose and Grace placing 2nd
No. of Members with CL: 2 (Tim, Fiona) and 3rd. Congratulations to all who participated. And thank you to the judging team and everybody who helped
No. of members with ALB: 1 (Sook make the contest so successful!
No. of members with ALS: 1 (Bob K.)
Reigning Speech Contest Champion:
Kate Baklitskaya
Prepared Speech Session
Signature Events: Peca Kucha, Poetry Speaker Speech # Speaker Speech #
Contest, Comedy Night, Scary Speech Bob K. Forest Love Rose Annajie
Conest, Tall Tales Speech Contest, Seoul
Collaboration and so much more…
Nationalities of KHTM Members: Brendan Man vs Bear: A True Story! Tim Kim Jun Hee, the Super Ajusshi
Korean (18), USA (11), Canada (3),
Australia (1), Ukraine (1), South Africa Grace The Best Ogre Contest in Far Sook Young Has She Found You Yet?
(1), India (1), New Zealand (1)
No. of Married Members: 8
Far Away
No. of Unmarried Members: 28 Yuni Shopping
No. of love connections started at
KHTM? 3 (that we know of )

Upcoming Events
2 Nov – Advanced Club Agenda Night – KHTM transforms into an Advanced Club with help of Seoul Advanced Toastmasters Club
member Bob Kienzle. We will run the meeting using the SATM agenda where evaluations are the name of the game. Email Bob at for more details.

9 Nov – Global Culture Night – Bob’s Global Culture class from SSKU visits KHTM to observe a meeting themed around “Global Culture”.
Email Bob at for more details.

16 Nov – Election Education Session – The current Executive team holds an educational session prepping the club for their upcoming
elections in December. If you are interested in running for an executive position you don’t want to miss this peek at what goes on with the
executive team.
Tip of the Week Member Profile
Tips on How to Use Your Body Profile: Jacob Michaels
Hometown: I don't know. Somewhere in Texas or
Here’s how you can incorporate appropriate body language into your Georgia
speeches: Occupation: Christian Teacher Recruiter / English
A Member of KHTM since: March 2007
 Start with eye contact. Being prepared – having control of Awards: CC
your message – is a prerequisite for being able to project and Executive Positions: Treasurer, Interclub Liaison Officer,
establish a bond with the audience. Don’t just pass your gaze President, Area Governor
throughout the room; try to focus on individual listeners and
create a bond with them by looking them directly in the eyes It's movie night, what movie are we watching first? The Ring. Followed by a
for five to 10 seconds. hilarious comedy to stem to the flow of scared urine entering my pants.
 Smile! I need a book for a long flight, what do you recommend?
 Express emotion with your facial muscles. For inspiration, the Oxford Dictionary. Page 337 is my favorite.
take a look at the The Human Face, a BBC documentary
narrated by John Cleese of Monty Python fame, now available It's your last meal, what is on your plate? Grilled Sirloin,
on DVD. 600g cooked medium-well. Also, grilled asparagus and
 Avoid distracting mannerisms – have a friend watch as you
sautéed mushrooms. Everything would be coated with life
extending juice, of course.
practice and look for nervous expressions such as fidgeting,
twitching, lip biting, key jingling, hands in pockets or behind the The bartender asks "What are you drinking".
back. What is your answer? "What's your name, pretty lady?"
 Telling a story? Highlight the action verbs and look for ways
to act out one or more parts. Speaking about marathon You are a long time member and former president
running? Run a few steps. of KHTM. How has the club changed over the years?
 Stay true to your personality. Don’t copy gestures from a
The club has really grown and matured a lot over the
years. When I first came to KH in early 2007, I found a
book or other speaker, but respond naturally to what you feel club that needed members and officer leadership. We only had 8-10 people at the
and say. meetings on average. Most weeks, we had several people drop off the agenda, and
 Make gestures convincing. Every hand gesture should be we had no officer meetings because the officers never came. Now, we have no
total body movement that starts from the shoulder – never from problem with getting enough members, or getting enough officer support and
the elbow. Half-hearted gestures look artificial. commitment. Due to bringing in high quality leaders who lead the club by example,
 Vary your speaking position by moving from one spot on
our club is now stronger than ever before. We have really been changing for the
better, and that is 100% due to the quality of the people that KH has been attracting
the stage to another. For example, walk to the other side of and retaining.
the stage as you move to a new topic or move toward the
audience as you ask a question. You were just named an Area Governor, what do you have planned for this
new position? I plan to rule with an iron fist. Just kidding, I have no real power,
and my main function is that of a facilitator in helping individual clubs in my area

Quote of the Week

develop and meet their Distinguished Club goals. That means that LG, PS, SC, and
Yonsei all stay on track and continue to bring in new members and build up the
current ones. I want all of us to have more mobility in visiting other clubs and have
“Go to the people. Learn from them. Live with them. Start with a hand in helping other clubs succeed.
what they know. Build with what they have. The best of leaders
when the job is done, when the task is accomplished, the people What are your upcoming goals inside and outside of KHTM?
Inside: Finishing my CL and ACB. Although I've been involved with Toastmasters
will say we have done it ourselves.” for a long time, I've been taking my time going through the educational program. I
- Lao Tzo now realize that Arkansawnians are speeding through their program, and I should
be moving faster. If people from Arkansas can do it....
Outside: Finish this writing in record time!

October Birthdays KHTM Anniversaries Next Week …

Michael Yang Oct 4 Saraubh Saxena Oct 08 – 2 years
Howard Kim Oct 18 Bob Kienzle Oct 08 - 2 years
KH Toastmasters Oct 25th Brahm deBuys Oct 08 - 2 years
Bob Taylor Oct 09 - 1 year
Lauren Go Oct 09 – 1 year

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