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Application Form

for the BANKSETA Doctoral & Post-Doctoral Research Funding 2010

1 Applicant (Employer or Research Institute)

1.1 Name organisation

1.2 SDL number (if registered with

BANKSETA) or HE registration number
(if registered with DoHET)
1.3 Contact person (name, position and Name:
contact details

Contact details:

1.4 Person signing agreement between Name:

BANKSETA and applicant i.r.o. this
grant funding Designation:

Contact details:

2 Nominee (Employee/Researcher Beneficiary)

2.1 Name

2.2 ID number

2.3 South African citizen Yes No

2.4 Position

2.5 Employed with/ aligned to applicant

since (if applicable)
2.6 Relationship with applicant (employee,
independent researcher, etc.)
2.7 Contact details (postal address, email
address, telephone and fax number)
2.8 Gender Female Male

2.9 Race (as per BEE Act 53 of 2003) African Coloured Indian White Other

2.10 Disability status (as per Employment Disabled Not disabled

Equity Act 55 of 1998)

3 Research Programme and Institution

3.1 Title of research programme

BANKSETA – Doctoral & Post-Doctoral Research Funding 2010 Application Form

Application Form

3.2 Period in which research is conducted

(starting date, completion date)
3.3 Has the research started already –
if yes, what is the status of progress
3.4 Does the research topic address
scarce skills in banking sector
3.5 Is the research topic prioritised by
BANKSETA (see addendum)
3.6 Name institution where research is
3.7 Registration status of institution with
Department of Education
3.8 Is the institution a previously
disadvantaged public institution for HE
3.9 Name and contact details of professor Name:
approving or supervising the research

Contact details:

3.10 Has the research proposal ** been

approved? (if yes, professor is to sign)
3.11 Result of completion of research
(e.g. thesis, publication, etc.)
3.12 Result of research at the end of the
2010 academic year (e.g. survey, etc)

4 Summary of Research Proposal

Key question(s) to
be researched

Expected outcomes

beneficiaries of
research results
4.4 Aim:
Summary outline of
research proposal Approach:

(maximum 100 Activities:


BANKSETA – Doctoral & Post-Doctoral Research Funding 2010 Application Form

Application Form

How will the
research benefit the
banking and micro-
finance sector

(maximum 100

5 Funds applied for

5.1 What costs are to be covered
(e.g. fees, expenses, publication) *
5.2 Total amount required

5.3 Total amount requested

5.4 When is the amount due?

5.5 Are other public agencies approached to

fund this research? (if yes, specify)

* The Breakdown of this Budget to be attached

** Please attach a copy of the Research Proposal (max 10 pages, a sample outline
is attached)

Signature applicant Signature approving professor

Please submit this completed Application Form with a copy of the full Research Proposal
and a Breakdown of the Budget to:

BANKSETA Bursary Agent
Phone: +27-11-648 6001
Fax: +27-11-487 1647

PO Box 32137
Braamfontein 2017

BANKSETA – Doctoral & Post-Doctoral Research Funding 2010 Application Form

Application Form

Sample outline for Research Proposal

Title of the research

1. Key question(s) to be researched

1.1. Background

1.2. Research question(s)

1.3. Novelty

1.4. Rationale and motivation

2. Research outline

2.1. Research aims

2.2. Research activities (with timeline and milestones)

2.3. Research approaches/ methods/ techniques

2.4. Collaborations (if applicable)

3. Expected outcomes

4. Expected beneficiaries of the research results

5. How will the research benefit the banking and micro-finance sector?

6. Budget

6.1. Research operational costs

6.2. Budget motivation

7. Related (existing and expected) outputs of the researcher (if applicable)

BANKSETA – Doctoral & Post-Doctoral Research Funding 2010 Application Form