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SAL Heavy Lift

We innovate solutions A member of the Group

MV “Lone” with two

living quarter modules
(Norway – Nigeria)
shipping solutions
business areas 2

SAL Heavy Lift is one of the leading carriers worldwide For more than 30 years, SAL Heavy Lift has developed an
specialized in the transport of heavy lift cargo. Its ex- extensive portfolio of international clients who rely on our
tensive worldwide experience makes SAL Heavy Lift expertise. Amongst these are the most renowned players in
the partner of choice for the fast and safe delivery of all the project market. A common feature of all our clients is the
types of project cargoes. high value of their cargo and their requirement for safe and
professional execution of their transportation needs.

REpower Systems SE / Jan Oelker

Oil & Gas Wind Energy Cranes & Shiploaders

Heavy Machinery Power Plants Floating Cargo

offshore installation solutions
3 Offshore / subsea installations

In response to requests from the market, SAL Heavy

Lift has entered the offshore installation arena. Two
strategic steps have been taken: the upgrade of the MV
“Lone” to DP 2 and the formation of a dedicated Off-
shore Department. Experienced engineers create inno-
vative solutions for the offshore sector, including SAL
Heavy Lift’s first DP 2 offshore project in the Mediter-
ranean Sea.

The main installation vessel is the MV “Lone” of Type 183 with

two 1,000 mtons NMF cranes, a Kongsberg DP 2 System,
huge deck space and large storage capacity – well-equipped
to operate in the offshore subsea installation market.

Subsea Installation Wind Energy (Offshore)

Fleet CapacitY

With a modern fleet of 16 vessels, SAL Heavy Lift is able to

provide the utmost of flexibility to our client(s). The vessels
are characterized by their uniform lean structure, their low
draft and their unrivalled speed of 20 knots. The combined
crane capacity of the vessels reaches up to 2,000 mtons
SWL – the largest lifting capacity worldwide in the heavy lift
vessel sector.

Crane capacity Hold size

up to 2,000 mtons SWL 107.10 × 17.00 × 13.20 m

MV “Lone” loading two HP absorbers of 1,350 mtons each MV “Svenja” loading four reactors weighing up to 1,423 mtons MV “Anne-Sofie” discharging a 800 mtons spider buoy
in Ortona and Monfalcone / Italy, destined for Mussafah/ UAE.
  in Wilhelmshaven / Germany. directly into the sea.
high speed
5 fastest heavy Lift vessels worldwide

With a maximum speed of up to 20 knots, SAL Heavy

Lift vessels are the fastest heavy lift ships in the market.
Consequently, the vessels are able to offer short transit
times, imperative for time-sensitive cargoes.

While the high speed guarantees for fast arrival in most

ports worldwide, the vessels‘ competitive advantage further
lies in their ability to call at remote ports due to their high
degree of maneuverability and on-board cargo handling

Deck space unrivalled speed

128.50 × 27.50 m of 20 knots

Utilizing deck space to the maximum: MV “Svenja” with six coke MV “Regine” with reactors totalling 5,775 mtons MV “Grietje” with Liebherr cranes weighing up to 260 mtons each.
drums – a total of 27,000 cbm ( Japan – Saudi Arabia). (Japan / Korea –Turkey).
shiploader & Pier construction

Shiploader, 47 m high, 1,100 mtons Precision work: wharf modules

MV “Lone” was called upon to move a 1,100 mtons and 47 For a new Iron Ore Berth, MV “Svenja” loaded 5 wharf mod-
m high shiploader from a remote and highly exposed loca- ules of up to 700 mtons in Thailand and transported them to
tion at Abbot Point, Queensland/Australia to Mokpo, South site in Geraldton, Australia. The modules were discharged
Korea. Perfect summer conditions greeted MV “Lone” on directly onto the stabbing piles, requiring very accurate and
her arrival at Abbot Point, and the shiploader was safely careful cargo handling. Despite challenging swell condi-
loaded and seafastened in just under four days, MV “Lone” tions, the operation was completed safely and efficiently.
demonstrating her world class lifting and stability charac-
teristics. After a 10 day voyage, the shiploader was safely
discharged onto the quay in Mokpo.
Oil & Gas / Onshore Equipment

SAL’s Heaviest Lift Ever:

RPLC Deep Conversion Project

On her maiden voyage, the company’s latest vessel On her voyage, the MV “Lone” first called at the Japanese
MV “Lone” performed SAL’s heaviest lift ever. With her lift- port of Higashi Harima where two hydrocracking reactors
ing capacity of 2 × 1,000 mtons SWL, the vessel loaded were loaded, and continued on to Muroran to take six fur-
eight reactors, the heaviest weighing 1,719 mtons and the ther hydrotreating reactors on board. From Muroran the
largest measuring 45 × 8 × 8 m. vessel navigated through the Panama Canal directly on to
the port of Chaguaramas in Trinidad where the reactors are
The reactors were manufactured in Japan for PDVSA and temporarily stored before being carried to their final desti-
their RPLC Deep Conversion Project Phase II in Venezuela. nation of Puerto La Cruz in Venezuela. After careful prepara-
The project was awarded to SAL Heavy Lift by the Dutch tion, the reactors were discharged in record time: the heavi-
heavy lift specialist Mammoet Logistics BV. est reactor of 1,719 mtons was set ashore in only 2.5 hours.
oil & gas / offshore Equipment
NEW Offshore Department 8

The growing challenges of meeting worldwide energy SAL’s First DP2 Offshore Project
demands have led major oil and gas producers to in-
crease exploration with a heavy emphasis on offshore SAL Heavy Lift’s investments in upgrading MV “Lone” to
infrastructure. With this global development, SAL Heavy DP 2 class were rewarded during the first DP 2 offshore proj-
Lift has become increasingly involved in providing ect: the vessel, crew and DP system all performed superbly.
transportation solutions to complex (offshore) oil and
gas pro­jects. Two structures were loaded, transported to the field and de-
ployed to the seabed: a protection cover of 80 mtons was
The array of services offered by SAL Heavy Lift’s in-house loaded in Ortona, Italy. The second structure, a Pipeline End
engineering division includes: Manifold (PLEM) weighing 120 mtons, was loaded in Limas-
sol, Cyprus.
• Complete analysis of HLV load-out, transportation and
mooring operations During the deployment and installation process, the MV
• Analysis of offshore operational requirements “Lone” was supported by the client’s diving support vessel
• Planning of load-outs, lift-offs, upending of jackets and (DSV): Divers were deployed from the DSV to the sea bed
positioning with own cranes to assist with structure positioning and de-rigging once the
• Cribbing and lashing designs structures had been accurately placed on the seabed.
• Calculation of wave loads and motion analysis
• Mooring analysis and calculations of anchor designs on
• Structural design verifications for sea transport
• Analysis of mating activities and load transfers
• Preparation of subsea lift-offs and subsea handshakes
with construction vessels.

3 D simulation of subsea handshake

with anchor handling tug
oil & gas / offshore Equipment

Concordia wreck removal project MA-D6 Oil Field Project

SAL Heavy Lift was contracted to perform installation works For the MA-D6 project, an oil field located at the Indian East To this purpose, numerous modifications on the vessel were
in support of the Costa Concordia wreck removal on DP. coast, three heavy lift vessels were mobilized to load both developed by SAL Heavy Lift’s offshore engineering team,
The main works for MV “Svenja” included the installation in Europe and Asia to discharge offshore equipment off the e. g. the strengthening of the shipside for a dynamic load
of four subsea platforms and two floatation sponsons. The Bay of Bengal: umbilicals and risers, an STP system, nine of 1,000 mtons and the design of a special underwater tra-
heaviest of the subsea platforms weighed 1,000 mtons, anchor piles, a manifold foundation suction anchor and a verse. In addition, a linear winch was installed to enable the
which is a record breaking subsea installation for a heavy lift production manifold. lowering and transfer of the manifold below sea level to an
transportation vessel. The operation was completed within installation vessel.
the expected time scope.

Installation of sponson Offshore load-out and upending of anchor pile Deployment of manifold (330 mtons)
oil & gas / offshore Equipment

Goliat Project – Drilling templates

for offshore exploration

In two consecutive voyages, MV “Svenja” was commis-

sioned to transport a total of eight drilling templates for the
Goliat Offshore Exploration Project in Hammerfest, Norway.
With a crane outreach of 38 m and a combined lifting ca-
pacity of 2,000 mtons SWL, the new building was the ideal
candidate to load the units with the extraordinary dimensions
of 33.40 × 23.09 × 16.50 m. The cargo was loaded in Eger-
sund and arrived safely in Hammerfest despite challenging
weather conditions.
oil & gas / offshore Equipment

Pyrenees Project –
800 mtons Spider Buoy

SAL Heavy Lift was awarded to engineer and execute the sea
transportation and offshore loadout of an 800 mtons spider
buoy for the Pyrenees Project in West Australia. MV “Anne-
Sofie” of type 176 was commissioned to this project due to
her high speed of 20 knots, her ability to sail with an open
hatch as well as SAL Heavy Lift’s commitment to HSE and ex-
perience in dealing with environmentally sensitive areas. The
vessel carried the buoy from its building factory in Shanghai
to the Malus Channel in the Dampier Archipelago, W. Aus-
tralia, where the buoy was directly discharged into the water.
oil & gas / offshore Equipment

“Total transport” of living quarter


SAL Heavy Lift carried out a “total transport” for two Living
Quarter Modules from the fabrication yard in Stord, Norway
to their destination in Onne, Nigeria. In addition to the sea
transportation, SAL Heavy Lift was responsible for on-site
transport and load-out to a barge using SPMT’s. The barge
was towed to the deepwater quay, where MV “Lone” loaded
each module weighing 661 and 593.5 mtons in a single lift
by means of her 1,000 mtons SWL cranes.
oil & gas / offshore Equipment

Landing cargo accurately to 12 mm

MV “Lone” loaded cranes and equipment in Rotterdam and

two reels two reels, each of 800 mtons and a diameter of
28.5 m, in Pori, Finland. In Florø, Norway the precious cargo
was installed directly onto a pipelay vessel. A significant
amount of delicacy was demanded of the crane operator
to unload the reels: only 12 mm space was left between
cargo and hold. SAL Heavy Lift’s engineers and crew again
performed a challenging job!

Direct installation of reel (800 mtons, 28.5 m in diameter) onto pipelay vessel
Wind Energy Projects

Monopiles for Walney Offshore Project

Another area of competence is the transportation of wind
energy equipment. SAL Heavy Lift looks back at a long Over the course of three months, SAL Heavy Lift’s vessel
history of shipping nacelles, hubs, blades and towers for MV  “Annette” performed 11 consecutive voyages between
a wide variety of onshore wind turbines. Apart from the Rostock and Barrow-in-Furness for the Walney Offshore Proj-
actual shipment, SAL Heavy Lift’s engineering depart- ect Phase I. In the course of the project, the vessel transport-
ment is also closely involved in the design of cribbings ed 51 monopiles with a weight between 480 mtons and 550
and frames for efficient stowage and safe delivery. mtons and dimensions of up to 55 × 6 m. With a high speed
With the large expansion of offshore wind, SAL Heavy Lift of 20 knots, the vessel was able to accommodate the time-
is also developing transportation solutions for both off- sensitive schedule of the client.
shore turbines as well as transportation and installation
of the subsea foundations.
Wind Energy Projects

Ormonde Windfarm Project

SAL Heavy Lift was awarded the transportation of 30 5 MW

offshore turbines for the Ormonde Windfarm Project. The
components included nacelles, hubs, blades and tower
MV  “Maria” loaded the cargo in three German ports and
delivered to the port of Belfast. The contract was performed
with 13 consecutive voyages over the course of four months.
Blade photos (2): REpower Systems SE / Jan Oelker
Type 183

Heavy Lift Vessel with Dynamic Positioning

Type 183
Deadweight 12,500 mtons With its latest generation of high capacity vessels, SAL
Heavy Lift continues to push the lifting envelope by intro-
Tonnage 15,200 GT / 4,600 NT ducing a crane capacity of 2 × 1,000 mtons SWL. In addi-
tion to this unrivalled crane capacity, both heavy lift vessels
GL + 100 A5, G General Cargo Ship
Class Strengthened for Heavy Cargo, BWM-S, are equipped with a Dynamic Positioning System: While
EP, SOLAS II-2, Reg. 19, MC AUT MV “Svenja” is equipped with a DP I system, MV “Lone” has
a redundant DP II system.
160.50 m
over all

Beam 27.50 m extensive scope of capabilities

Deck 128.50 × 27.50 m
The DP System greatly enhances operations at sea where
107.10 × 17.00 × 13.70 m mooring or anchoring is not feasible due to deep water or
Hold Adjustable tweendeck congestion at the sea bottom. Offshore support to other ves-
Capable of trading with open hatch
sels and facilities as well as offshore windfarm installation are
2 electrical-hydraulic turning cranes amongst the scope of activities for the two vessels.
with a lifting capacity of 1,000 mtons
SWL each, both mounted on portside,
combinable up to 2,000 mtons SWL
first class equipment
Crane 16 m – 1,000 mtons
25 m – 800 mtons
outreach 38 m – 500 mtons The DP System manufactured by market leader Kongsberg
is designed to keep the vessels within a specified position
Engine MAN 58 / 64 Diesel Engine of 17,136 HP and predefined heading limits. To optimize the capability of
Service the vessels while in DP mode, careful consideration has been
20 knots given to the selection of thrusters, switchboards, and power
distribution. Mindful of the variety of water depths in differ-
J. J. Sietas KG Schiffswerft
Shipyard ent projects, SAL Heavy Lift decided to install the following
GmbH u. Co., Hamburg / Germany
reference equipment: DGPS, RADius, Light Weight taut wire
Delivery December 2010, March 2011 and Fanbeam.
Type 183

The Type 183 vessels continue SAL Heavy Lift’s commitment

towards a continuously safe and environmentally friendly ap-
proach on board. They are certified with an “Environmental
2 cranes of 1,000 mtons SWL
Passport” in compliance with the highest environmental pro- Unobstructed working deck
lifting capacity each,
of 128.50 × 27.50 m
tection specifications. In addition, the ships, as all other SAL in combination 2,000 mtons
Heavy Lift vessels, are ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certi-

MV Svenja MV Lone
DP Facts (DP I) (DP II)

1 ×  2 × 
1,200 kW 1,200 kW
1 ×  1 × 
800 kW 800 kW
2 × 
Azimuth –
1,200 kW

Auto Heading Mode 3 3

Auto Position Mode 3 3

Joystick Mode 3 3

Autopilot Mode 3 3

Green Control Mode 3 3

Auto Track Mode – 3

Heavy Lift Mode * 3 3

* The heavy lift mode adjusts potential adverse effects on
the DP system during heavy lift operations.
2 bowthrusters, 1,200 kW each 2 azimuths, 1,200 kW each 1 sternthruster of 800 kW
Engineering and Know-How

• In-house engineering team

• Custom-made solutions
• Experienced technical inspectors
• Worldwide network of own offices and agents

With its team of experienced master mariners and en- Our technical team regularly attends loading and dischar­
gineers, SAL Heavy Lift’s in-house engineering division ging operations and provides assistance with respect to lif­
provides solutions for the transportation of cargo with ex- ting, cradling, special securing, and any other aspects to
traordinary dimensions and / or weights. The preparation of ensure a successful implementation of the cargo operation.
stowage plans, loading manuals and lashing arrangements
is developed in dialogue with customers and manufacturers
well in advance of the actual loading dates.

3.3 BRH to NSO

7.1 BRH to NSO 7.3 BRH to NSO
ROV spare parts 10'
Control Equipment in 10'' Container
3m x 2,45m x 2,55m 6,5t
ROV in A-Frame 20' 3,05m x 2,438m x 2,385m 5t

6,058m x 2,438m x 2,591m 10t

3.5 BRH to NSO 7.2 BRH to NSO

Hose Reel ROV Control Room 20'
5,7m x 3,5m x 3,6m 30t 6,058m x 2,438m x 2,591m 5t
2.2 BRH to NSO
5,3m x 2,4m x 2,57m 16,3t

4.11 BRH to NSO

Hose reel (for stinger OP)
2,45m x 2,22m x 2,275m 5t 8.1 BRH to NSO
20' Storage Container
6,058m x 2,438m x 2,591m 8t
3.2 BRH to NSO
Powerpack 3.1 BRH to NSO 4.2 BRH to NSO

Hydrohammer+Anvil 96''
2.3 BRH to NSO
4.1 BRH to NSO

10m x 3,5m x 3,4m 48t

10' Spare Part Container
3,4m x 1,52m x 1,7m 1,9t 2,991m x 2,438m x 2,591m 10,2t
2.1 BRH to NSO Grout Pan Mixer
Vibrator with X-Plate
7,25m x 4m x 5m 3,7t
18,285m x 3,478m x 0m 223t
4.12 BRH to NSO
5,139m x 2,182m x 5,867m 33t 7cbm Waste Container
3,665m x 1,87m x 1,25m 10t 8.2 BRH to NSO
4.5 BRH to NSO
10' Grout labratory 20' Storage Container
2,991m x 2,438m x 2,385m 10,2t
6,058m x 2,438m x 2,591m 8t
3.4 BRH to NSO
10' Spare Parts+Tools Container
2,991m x 2,438m x 2,591m 10,2t

2.4 BRH to NSO 8.3 BRH to NSO

Hose bundle
20' Storage Container
4.4 BRH to NSO
10' Spare Parts+Tools
6,058m x 2,438m x 2,591m 8t
2,991m x 2,438m x 2,385m 10,2t

80m x 5m x 0m 4t 5.3 BRH to NSO

10' Spare Part container
8.4 BRH to NSO
20' Workshop Container
2,991m x 2,438m x 2,385m 0,9t
6,058m x 2,438m x 2,591m 8t

1.10 BRH to NSO

Pile 96''
46,9m x 2,438m x 2,438m 124,9t 2.5 BRH to NSO 8.5 BRH to NSO
20' Drying Container
Storage rack
5m x 4m x 2,5m 5t 6,058m x 2,438m x 2,591m 8t

1.11 BRH to NSO

Pile 96''
46,9m x 2,438m x 2,438m 124,9t 8.6 BRH to NSO
20' Office/Site Mgmt Container
6,058m x 2,438m x 2,591m 8t
1.12 BRH to NSO
Pile 96'' 4.3 BRH to NSO
5.1 BRH to NSO
400t Leveling Tool

46,9m x 2,438m x 2,438m 124,9t

3,3m x 4m x 0m 12t
Spare Pump
3,4m x 1,52m x 1,7m 1,9t

max Tiefgang WL 9080 1.13 BRH to NSO

Pile 96''
46,9m x 2,438m x 2,438m 124,9t

Lifting plans – offshore installation

Experienced Crew

Amongst the particular assets of SAL Heavy Lift is the ex- SAL Heavy Lift is committed to offer opportunities for ca-
perienced and highly skilled crew. The careful recruitment reer advancement and longevity in employment. In addition,
of the crew is handled in close cooperation between SAL SAL Heavy Lift is dedicated to offer comprehensive fam-
Heavy Lift’s crewing department in Hamburg and SAL ily and social services. The crew – some of which are with
Heavy Lift affiliate “Oste Crewing” in Manila providing ex- SAL Heavy Lift in their second generation – is supervised
clusive services for SAL Heavy Lift. by masters with a strong background in heavy lift shipping.
Health, Safety & Environment (HSEQ)
HSEQ: A way of thinking and behaving 20

The Management of SAL Heavy Lift is commit- In our quest towards improving the safety of our
ted to providing an injury-free workplace and personnel, we have taken many proactive steps
requires an active commitment and account- in order to avoid accidents and also towards
ability for HSEQ from all SAL employees. The fostering and enhancing our safety culture.
ongoing implementation of HSEQ standards “Safety starts with you and me” was introduced
on board and ashore is a mutual shared re- recently, a Safety Management Program focused
sponsibility. Our performance depends on our on encouraging a culture of personal responsibil-
ability to continually improve the quality of the ser- ity and awareness that puts HSE on everybody’s
vices we provide to our clients; as well as on agenda.

• Striving persistently towards avoiding personal and Dressing up for Safety:

property losses in the workplace Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
• Minimizing our environmental footprint in particular to
the marine environment A comprehensive HSE policy extends to both crew and visi-
• Delivering outstanding quality by adapting the SAL tors. Thus protective gear is required for everyone seeking
Heavy Lift 5 P Quality Value Motto: “Proper Planning access to the vessels. A set of safety rules and regulations
Prevents Poor Performance”. have been developed to ensure visitors stay safe on board.
To further contribute to a safe working environment on
board, regular incident analyses are conducted.
21 Health, Safety, Environment and Quality are core values

Health, Safety and Environmental

(HSEQ) Protection Policy

It is the declared health, safety and environmental

protection policy of SAL Heavy Lift to:

1. provide for healthy and safe practices in ship ope­

ration and a safe working environment

2. prevent human injury, ill health and loss of lives

3. avoid damages to the environment, in particular to

the marine environment

4. establish safeguards against identified risks and hazards

5. set measures to control operational and process risks

in order to minimize hazards to our employees, con-
tractors and the general public

6. set and review occupational health and environmen-

tal objectives and targets
Our safety culture involves close project monitoring from the tice (BMP) plan that serves as an emergency guideline for
planning stages to successful completion. Given the sensi- all vessels. The BMP includes regulations concerning the 7. continuously improve HSE management skills of per-
sonnel ashore and on board the ship, including prep-
tivity of most heavy lift cargoes, risk assessments, toolbox transit of high risk areas, actual pirate attacks as well as
aration for emergencies related to health, safety and
talks and maintenance of critical equipment are performed hostage taking.
environmental protection
so as to ensure an optimum level of safety is maintained
during loading, discharging and sea passages. All vessels transiting the high risk area are registered for 8. comply with mandatory rules, regulations, legal re-
Governance and compliance is managed by SAL Heavy the Group Transport (GT) which is supervised by an inter- quirements, industry standards and local applicable
Lift’s HSEQ management division. Frequent HSE meetings national navy support system. A set of special precaution
and trainings are held not only on board but also in SAL’s measures has been developed by the company to protect 9. be prepared for emergencies
main office to encourage a culture of personal responsibil- the crew, the vessel and the cargo on board for the duration 10. take into account applicable codes, guidelines and
ity and awareness that puts HSE at the top of everybody’s of the entire transit through this high risk area. standards recommended by the company, nation-
agenda. Since 2006, all vessels of the SAL Heavy Lift fleet are certi- al and international administration, classification
fied to the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards – the societies and other maritime organizations
Addressing the threat of piracy highest certification obtainable for environmental protec- 11. communicate the content of this policy to our clients,
tion and occupational health and safety. In addition, all employees and contractors, to maintain wide ranging
The prevalence of piracy in the Gulf of Aden and its adja- new buildings within the fleet are equipped with an Envi- contact on health, safety and environmental issues,
cent territory constitutes a persistent threat to the safety on ronmental Passport and an advanced Biological Sewage to improve awareness
board. To address these imminent threats, SAL Heavy Lift Treatment System.
The content of above policy is available to all interested
has developed a comprehensive Best Management Prac- parties.
Company Profile
SAL Heavy Lift – where modern high tech meets tradition 22

2013 – relocation to hamburg 2011 – 100 % Ownership by “K” Line Group 1980 – Launching of the Modern Office

After more than 30 years in Steinkirchen in the Altes Land After four years of fruitful partnership, “K” Line purchased In 1980, the modern SAL office was founded by Hans Hein-
district, the main office of SAL Heavy Lift was relocated to the remaining 50 percent of SAL Heavy Lift in June 2011 rich in Steinkirchen. In 1984, the first geared vessel with
the new heart of Hamburg, the HafenCity. and with that became a 100 % shareholder of the company. 2 × 30 mtons SWL was ordered. Only 25 years later, the
Amongst the wide array of synergies between the two com- vessels of type 183 feature cranes with 2 × 1,000 mtons
Today, the company has a staff of about 130 ashore and panies with their long histories is the establishment of an SWL.
600 crew members. SAL Heavy Lift maintains an extensive extensive global network of sales offices.
network around the globe. 1865 – Delivery of First Vessel
2007 – Joint Venture with “K” Line
The history of SAL Heavy Lift can be traced back as far as
In April 2007, SAL with its shareholders Hans Heinrich, 1865, when the first sailing vessel SS “Amoenitas” was de-
Claus Heinrich and Lars Rolner entered a joint venture with livered to the Heinrich family by the Sietas shipyard in Ger-
the Japanese “K” Line Group headed by Kawasaki Kisen many. Over the next 150 years, five generations continued
Kaisa, Ltd. to be engaged in shipping.

SAL Heavy Lift’s new headquarters in Hamburg’s HafenCity


“ ”
Economic globalization has led to unprecedented energy
and infrastructural demands in the world. It is SAL Heavy
Lift’s goal to satisfy the emerging transportation needs by
continuously innovating and modernizing its fleet for both
onshore as well as offshore operations.

Apart from further developing its hardware, SAL Heavy Lift

commits itself to the sustainability of development by building
the capacity of its personnel and pursuing a strong policy of
health, safety and environmental protection.

May 2013 • Photos: Michael Krone, Tim Lofthouse, Martin Haag, Knut Hauschildt, Jan Oelker,, Fregatte Augsburg, Foto Flite, Fotolia, SAL Heavy Lift staff, crew & friends
Graphic Design: Claudia Badouin, Neubiberg / Frank Werbung, Bönningstedt
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