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Digital Communications - Glover & Grant

An up-to-date and comprehensive text on the rapidly expanding field of fixed and
mobilecommunications, including data networks and packet switched systems. The aim of the book
is fourfold- (1) to develop the mathematical theory behind signal processing as used in
modern digitalcommunications systems, (2) to extend these theoretical signalling concepts into
information links which are robust in the presence of noise and other impairment mechanisms, (3) to
investigate how these transmission links can be developed into fixed and mobile
data communications systems for voice and video transmission, and (4) to develop queuing
theory techniques and explore their development in small and large scale data transmission
networks such as ISDN. The material is set in an appropriate historical context, and a substantial
number of numerical and practical examples are included in the text.

#2 | IT eBooks » Network / Securing VoIP Networks

20 December 2007 {rating} | Author: iNDEx | [com-link] Comments (9)[/com-link] | Views:
Tomorrow, all communications will happen over IP. In the past, telecom operators handled
mostcommunications, and the main business for them was voice communication. In reality, almost
all last-mile communications today still happen over the conventional telecom infrastructure. The
backbone of the Internet has been going through a fast transition to faster and faster fiber optics
and digital data transfer. The era of analog communications has been over for some time already.

Today, people speak of Voice over IP, but a better name for the Next Generation Networks is
Everything over IP (EoIP). And all of that communication will be wireless. But what does that have to
do with the topic of this book? It means the world has to finally wake up to the security of
thecommunications networks.

To be secure, you have to understand that wireless networks are always open. While in traditional
telephone networks all the switches were kept behind locked doors and all the cabling was
protected, in wireless technology there are no cables and everyone has access to wireless access
points. One compromised infrastructure component, and the entire network is compromised. One
virus-contaminated access device, and everyone in the network will be contaminated.

#3 | Thinking / Say It Right The First Time

19 March 2007 {rating} | Author: iNDEx | [com-link] Comments (10)[/com-link] | Views:
Say It Right The First Time

Being a business professional is all about managing, motivating, and leading, or, in other words,
getting people to do what you want. And, far and away, the most important tool for accomplishing
this objective is language.

Written by an internationally recognized expert on business communications, this book offers

managers deep insights into the power of language and how to wield it effectively in any

Loretta Malandro arms readers with more than 200 power words and phrases designed to help
readers become better managers, leaders, and coaches. She also reveals communication secrets
such as emotional triggers, victim versus ownership language, escape phrases, as well as language
for "softening the edges," reframing, accountability, and recovering from communication gaffes.

#4 | IT eBooks » 3D / Digital Animation Bible: Creating

Professional Animation with 3ds Max, Lightwave, and
Maya (Paperback)
25 December 2007 {rating} | Author: iNDEx | [com-link] Comments (18)[/com-link] | Views:
Digital animation has become essential part of commercials, corporate presentations, and
filmmaking. Virtually every commercial on television, and most TV shows and films,
use digital animation effects. Hugely reduced start up costs have resulted in small digital animation
studios cropping up all over the country, and established video shops adding animation to their
palettes. This is a one-stop resources for setting up and operating an animation studio - it deals with
every basic digital animation techniquein step by step methods, and covers each major
software package available. It is designed to be a must-have resource for one of media's fastest
growing markets.

#5 | Engineering / Speech Enhancement (Signals and

Communication Technology)
30 April 2007 {rating} | Author: iNDEx | [com-link] Comments (6)[/com-link] | Views: 2233

We live in a noisy world! In all applications (telecommunications, hands-free communications,

recording, human-machine interfaces, etc.) that require at least one microphone, the signal of
interest is usually contaminated by noise and reverberation. As a result, the microphone signal has
to be “cleaned” with digital signal processing tools before it is played out, transmitted, or stored.
This book is about speech enhancement. Different well-known and state-of-the-art methods for noise
reduction, with one or multiple microphones, are discussed. By speech enhancement, we mean not
only noise reduction but also dereverberation and separation of independent signals.

These topics are also covered in this book. However, the general emphasis is on noise reduction
because of the large number of applications that can benefit from this technology. The goal of this
book is to provide a strong reference for researchers, engineers, and graduate students who are
interested in the problem of signal and speech enhancement. To do so, we invited well-known
experts to contribute chapters covering the state of the art in this focused field.

#6 | IT eBooks » Graphics / Photoshop CS3 Workflow:

The Digital Photographer’s Guide - Tim Grey Guides
5 September 2007 {rating} | Author: iNDEx | [com-link] Comments (5)[/com-link] | Views:
Set up an effective workflow and set your imagination free!

If you're like most artists, the idea of structuring your work may seem at odds with true creativity,
but you'll be surprised to learn from digital imaging expert Tim Grey that just the opposite is true.
This latest edition of his bestselling guide to Photoshop shows you how proper workflow can free you
from the repetitive parts of a project and let you focus on your vision. Discover techniques that
streamline processes, reduce your time and effort, and produce striking results. You'll:

• Explore the new Photoshop CS3 interface and updates.

• Download, sort, and organize digital images for top efficiency.
• Process RAW captures to retain maximum detail.
• Crop, rotate, repair, and adjust tone and color in your images.
• Harness new Clone, Curves, and blend mode features.
• Get creative with colorization, filters, and more.
• Automate tasks and optimize your output.
• Adjust images with the revamped and easier-to-use Curves tool.
• Produce more dramatic black-and-white images with a new adjustment layer.
• Apply creative effects to your images.

#7 | IT eBooks » Security / Windows Forensics-The Field

Guide For Corporate Computer Investigations
14 December 2007 {rating} | Author: iNDEx | [com-link] Comments (9)[/com-link] | Views:

An arcane pursuit a decade ago, forensic science today is a household term. And while the computer
forensic analyst may not lead as exciting a life as TV's CSIs do, he or she relies just as heavily on
scientific principles and just as surely solves crime.
Whether you are contemplating a career in this growing field or are already an analyst in a
Unix/Linux environment, this book prepares you to combat computer crime in the Windows world.
Here are the tools to help you recover sabotaged files, track down the source of threatening e-mails,
investigate industrial espionage, and expose computer criminals.

Computer forensics applies the same scientific principles as other forensics fields to the
identification, acquisition, and analysis of digital evidence. With the advent of the Internet, both
network and system forensics are becoming increasingly interrelated. The digital evidence sought
by an analyst might reside on any number of devices, including personal digital assistants (PDAs),
USB pen drives,digital cameras, and cell phones. Additionally, all modern operating systems are
network capable, and it is rare to find standalone PCs with no external connections, providing further
evidence on routers, servers, firewalls, and proxys. The field of computer forensics encompasses
both system forensics and network forensics, and an understanding of both is required to conduct a
thorough investigation.

#8 | Miscelleanous / Sign With Your Baby: How to

Communicate With Infants Before They Can Speak
16 June 2007 {rating} | Author: iNDEx | [com-link] Comments (2)[/com-link] | Views: 1289

This book teaches hearing parents how to use simple sign language gestures to communicate with
their hearing infants before their infants can speak. Joseph Garcia uses anecdotes, practical
guidelines and humor to explain the benefits and method for taking advantage of this unique form of
earlycommunication. He will help you recognize when your child is receptive to learning. He
recommends which signs to teach first and shares ideas for games that can be fun and useful when
introducing new signs. The book is also a useful reference with 145 clearly illustrated signs, enabling
you to choose and teach the signs that will be most beneficial to you and your child. This book is
also included in a separate "package" edition called the SIGN with your BABY Complete Learning Kit
- which is comprised of the book, 60 minute training video and quick reference guide.

#9 | IT eBooks » Graphics / Adobe Photoshop CS3

Classroom in a Book
18 November 2007 {rating} | Author: iNDEx | [com-link] Comments (18)[/com-link] | Views:
This thorough, self-paced guide to Adobe Photoshop CS3–written by the experts at Adobe Systems'
is ideal for beginning users who want to learn key Photoshop concepts and techniques, while readers
who already have some experience with Photoshop can use this book to learn Photoshop CS3's more
advanced features and newest tools. Using clear, step-by-step, project-based lessons, each chapter
walks readers through the creation of a specific project, with each chapter building on the reader's
growing knowledge of the program, while review questions at the end of each chapter reinforce the
skills learned in each lesson. Photoshop CS3, long the industry standard for digital imaging software,
offers plenty of new features and enhancements for creative professionals and digital photographers
alike. Users can enjoy unrivaled editing with non-destructive Smart Filters, improved curves, and
adjustable cloning and healing with Preview Overlay. Increase productivity with Photoshop CS3's
streamlined interface and new Photoshop Lightroom " integration. Anyone who wants to create a
composite will benefit from the revamped Photomerge® tool, which lets you apply automatic layer
alignment and blending to your images, while the new Quick Selection tool lets you select pixels not
just by color, but by texture and shape as well. And digital photographers will be pleased to know
that they can now process multiple Camera Raw images in a fraction of the time it used to take.

#10 | IT eBooks » Others IT eBooks / GPS For Dummies

12 January 2008 {rating} | Author: iNDEx | [com-link] Comments (7)[/com-link] | Views:

GPS For Dummies gives new meaning to finding yourself. In fact, with a GPS (global positioning
system) receiver, you can determine precisely where you are anywhere on this planet. If you’re are
planning on buying a GPS receiver or if you have one and want to get your money’s worth, this
guide tells you what you need to know, including:

• Basic GPS principles and concepts such as waypoints, routes, tracks, and coordinate
• Recommended features for GPS receivers to be used in various types of activities, including
hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, geocaching, hunting, ATVing, mapping, and more
• How to do digital mapping on your computer, including software packages you can use to
work with aerial photos, topographic maps, and road maps
• The main providers of digital map data for the U.S. and their Web sites
• The scoop on geocaching—a high-tech treasure hunt