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Tuition: Tuition cost is $100 per course

• We believe that the Bible is the Word
Housing: The School will help with lo-
cating housing at reasonable cost. Burmese
of God and is inspired and inerrant as President: Rev. Wayne B. Wager
originally given. Academic Dean: Dr. Thuam Cin Khai
• We believe that God is eternal, three Dean of Students: Rev. Wayne Wager, Jr.

Treasurer: Mrs. Cherie Lass
persons in One: Father, Son, and Holy
Spirit. Faculty: Pastors with Advanced de-
• We believe in the deity of Jesus grees and experience leading growing
Christ, His virgin birth, His sinless churches, and guest professors from
perfect life, His vicarious and aton- Wesleyan Universities, Colleges and
ing death through His shed blood, His Bible Schools:

bodily resurrection and His present Pastor Than Aung
dominion at the right hand of God the Dr. Timothy Bissell

Rev. Daniel Jones
Dr. Kelvin Jones

• We believe in the present ministry Dr. Thuam C. Khai


of the Holy Spirit, whose indwelling in Dr. Joseph Liddick

fullness enables the Christian to lead a Rev. Matthew Stewart
godly, loving life and provides power for Rev. Matthew Pickering
service. Dr. Eric Paashaus
• We believe in the resurrection from Rev. Wayne Wager, Jr.

the dead of both the saved and the
Board of Trustees:
lost; they that are saved, into the res-

Rev. Gary VanRiper

urrection of life, and those who have
T. 2008
Rev. Matthew Stewart
not known God, into the resurrection of Mrs. Amy Tetta
• We believe in the spiritual unity of For further information and application
believers in our Lord Jesus Christ. form please contact:
• We believe that Christians are to be Dr. Thuam Cin Khai
baptized and partake in the Lord’s sup- Burmese Bible School
per. 2626 Court Street
Syracuse, NY 13208 2626 Court Street
• We believe in the personal return of
the Lord Jesus Christ in power and glory Syracuse, NY 13208
to receive His church unto Himself. E-mail:
Phone: 315-440-2419
About the Burmese Vision: To provide well trained
1. Certificate in Ministerial
pastors and missionaries, leaders and
Bible School Studies: A twelve-month program
including the following courses:
educators to serve the various ethnic
The Burmese Bible School was founded groups of Myanmar (formerly Burma) re-
in July of 2008 under the authorization Basic English and Computer Skills located in communities in United States
of the Central New York District of The Introduction to New Testament and around the world with the ministry
Wesleyan Church and the approval of Introduction to Old Testament of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
the International Center of The Wes- Methods of Bible Study Mission: To equip Christians to
leyan Church. The School welcomes General Church History evangelize the ethnic groups of Myan-
students from around the world from Introduction to Theology mar, by providing a quality education in
various denominations who desire to be Doctrine of Holiness the areas of Biblical and Historical stud-
trained in the Burmese language to be- Christian Education
ies, Theology, Missiology, Evangelism,
come pastors, missionaries and ministry Spiritual Formation
Discipleship, Church Growth, Prayer,
leaders to their own people wherever Evangelism & Church Health
and Pastoral Care, with emphasis upon
they are located. Pastoral Ministries
practical experience resulting in effec-
Introduction to Homiletics
The Burmese Bible School is located tive ministry to the whole person.
in Syracuse, New York, with classes 2. Diploma in Ministerial Studies: Objectives: To provide well edu-
conducted at the Lyncourt Wesleyan A twenty-four month program that cated leadership called by God to revive
Church, 2626 Court Street. in addition to the Certificate courses and renew existing churches for effec-
includes the following advanced tive evangelism and discipleship and to
Educational Options: courses: plant new churches among the ethnic
A Certificate in Ministerial Studies may groups of Myanmar in fulfillment of
be earned upon completing twelve Sociology the great commission. It is to prepare
courses in twelve months. A Diploma in Psychology servant-leaders who will faithfully serve
Ministerial Studies may be earned with Philosophy & Ethics the Lord Jesus Christ with evangelical
an additional year and the completion Old Testament elective passion and ministry skill in providing
of twelve advanced courses. Supervised New Testament elective
biblically rooted and culturally relevant
practical ministry is required in both Advanced Theology
ministries to meet human need.
educational options. Global/Intercultural Ministries
Expository Preaching
Classes may be taken at the Syracuse
Church Leadership & Management
campus or at one of several extension
Denominational Distinctives
locations in:
Pastoral Counseling
3. Lay Leadership Training: All
New York State courses are open for lay leadership
North Carolina training.