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Kamesh Velu

Software QA Engineer
Phone: 408-829-3865

Seeking a technically challenging position in the area of networking, providing a highly
motivated, progressive, friendly environment. Which allows the pursuit of career advancement
and expand my knowledge and skills.

A results oriented individual! Expertise is broad in scope, including system software testing,
creation and documentation of test strategies and test cases, test automation, lab and regression
test bed setup. Possess a high technical aptitude and a high level of analytical ability. Trained in
the use and creation of test automation tools and applications customized for proprietary uses. I
understand and believe in the integration of techniques, I learn more and do more of the work,
add more value to the team. Be able to handle complex situations and time crunch schedules,
would create more value for the company and for the customer.

Around Six years of experience as software engineer, involved in testing and automation. Has
knowledge and experience in the area of Networking concepts, TCP/IP, BGP, OSPF, RIP, IGRP,
EIGRP, PPP, L2TP, IPSec, H.323, SS7, MGCP, SGCP, Wi-Fi, 802.11a, 802.11b, VPN, MPLS,
NAT, Cable modem, DOCSIS 1.0, ADSL modem and VoIP. Test automation using Expect/TCL
and Perl.
• Strongly self-motivated, willing to assume responsibilities.
• Can work independently, lead or work within a team environment.
• Excellent organizational and communication skills, both oral and written.

Contact details
Kamesh Velu
818 North Delaware Ave #310,
San Mateo,
CA – 94401.
Home : (650)-348-4239
Mobile: (408)-829-3865

Skill set
OS Solaris, Unix, Linux, Windows-x
C, C++, Perl, TCL/Expect, Unix Shell, AWK
TCP/IP, Routing Protocols (RIP, OSPF, BGP, IGRP, EIGRP), PPP,
Technologies MPLS, VPN, NAT, Multicast, Routing, ATM, Frame relay, VoIP, SNMP
Wireless 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, blue tooth
RTOS VxWorks, pSOS
IXIA, Smartbits, Adtech, QA-Robot, MGEN, Fore switch, iPerf, netPerf,
Traffic tools
Engineering tools DDTS, Extra view, GNATS, FogBugz, CVS, EDCS
SNMP tools IWL, HP Open View, Unix binaries
VoIP tools Cisco Call Manager, Abacus, Ameriteck
Cisco tools CSCCON, Pagent, MibCheck
Training programs Introduction to Smartbits.
Introduction to Scripting using Script Center (Smartbits).
Configuring Subscriber Management System (Redback).
Configuring and Setting up 6400, 6130, 6100 (Cisco).
Programming Perl.
Programming in TCL.
Dynamic communication skills.
Administration Quality control, Audit and Assessment.
Write monthly, weekly status reports.
Experience with SEI-CMM and ISO 9000.
Created a web based, company wide client to access, monitor and report
status of employees.
Skilled in both the writing and execution of system, functional and black
box Testing.

Work History
2003 July – Till date Instant802 Networks, Inc. Brisbane, US
Senior Software QA Engineer
Job Responsibility:
Instant802 Networks is a startup company focused on providing innovative turnkey
solutions for WLAN deployment.

Summary of duties:
• QA Technical Lead
• Define process, methodology and identify/develop tools for test and management.
• Writing and execution of test plan, conduct test plan review, testing schedule.
• Test and automation using Expect and Perl.

2003 April – 2003 July Juniper Networks, Inc. Sunnyvale, US

Senior Software QA Engineer
Job Responsibility:
Juniper Networks, Inc. is engaged in making networking gear for core, edge, cable and
wireless. Juniper is rated second best IP player in the industry. Worked in their Cable
division, the team was focused on testing CMTS (Cable modem terminating System) for
DOCSIS 1.1 and moving towards DOCIS 2.0 and packet cable. Unfortunately Juniper had to
drop the Cable division, so moved to Instant802 Networks.

Summary of duties:
• Test and automation of VoIP and QOS using Expect, TCL, IXIA and Abacus.
• Writing and execution of test plan, conduct test plan review, testing schedule.
• Involved in TLV 9000 quality process
2001 Feb - Till date Redback Networks, Inc. San Jose, US
Senior Software QA Engineer
Job Responsibility:
Redback Networks, Inc. is engaged in making User Intelligent Networks for edge
networking and subscriber management. Worked in their SMS division, The team was
focused on testing protocols and I/O interface. Primary responsibility involves testing Routing
protocols (OSPF, BGP, RIP), TCP/IP, Multicast, ICMP messages, 10/100 Ethernet and
Gigabit Ethernet I/O interface testing. Also involved in system testing and automation, there
by gained hands-on in PPP, L2TP, VLAN, IPSec, Perl and TCL/Expect. These experiences
helped me in setting up a regression test bed for our scripts.

Summary of duties:
• Development testing Gigabit Ethernet I/O, involves writing and execution of test plan,
conduct test plan review, testing schedule and define SQA entrance.
• Interoperability, Bench Marking (RFC 2544 & 2432), performance, stress testing for I/Os.
• Design and execute functional and black box test plan and test procedure for ICMP
messages, Multicast and 802.1Q (VLAN).
• Functional test for routing protocols (OSPF, BGP, RIP).
• System testing with PPP, L2TP, Routing protocols, ACLs enabled.
• Test automation using TCL/Expect, Perl, IXIA, Smartbits and conduct code reviews.
• Developed an interface for Perl scripts to call TCL libraries for IXIA. Seeing the benefits
of this tool, QA team across Redback decided to use this for automation.
• Received award of reorganization for involving in gigabit Ethernet development
• Build regression test bed.

1999 Jan - 2001 Jan CISCO Systems, Inc - HCL Technologies Ltd, Chennai, India
Member Technical Staff - (Level III)
Job Responsibility:
HCL Technologies Ltd is a Cisco offshore development center in Chennai, India. Cisco
systems is involved in providing end-to-end networking solutions and networking gear.
Worked in their DevTest division; the team was focused on testing consumer line of products
like Cable and ADSL modem, VoIP. Primary responsibility involves leading the team in India,
Supporting Cisco Systems in development testing, project transactions from Cisco systems to
Offshore, setting up device testing lab network, build regression test bed and test automation.
I was working offshore in Cisco Systems in San Jose and Austin to bring up the lab network. I
worked on three projects by that time. These experience helped me in leading the team,
designing a lab network and helped me in getting more projects from Cisco Systems. I
enjoyed working in Cisco, as it was my first networking company.

Summary of duties:
Development test for Voice Hub - (2000 Jun - 2001 Jan)
This project involves testing Cisco VoIP solution using ADSL modem. Voice hub would
support four phone lines with primary line fail over, call waiting, call forwarding facilities,
data fax modem and 911 service. H.323 umbrella protocol was implemented to support all
multimedia services.
• Leading the development test team in India.
• Developed system test plan and procedure to test VoIP protocols (H.323, SS7).
• Developed test plan and procedures to test SNMP MIB objects implemented (UPS MIB).
• Tested MIBs, using IWL (Internet Working Labs).
• Participated in ISO and CMM certifications.

Development test for ADSL modems - (1999 Nov - 2000 Jun)

This project involves test Cisco’s ADSL modem with VoIP and HomePNA. ADSL modem
supports data transfer using Ethernet port. RJ11 interface to hook up phone lines or fax
modems. SGCP/MGCP (as the CPE doesn’t need much intelligence) was implemented in
this modem to support calls and video services.
• Leading the development test team in India.
• Developed test plan and test procedure for VoIP protocols (SGCP, MGCP).
• Developed test plan and procedure to test Data forwarding and filtering capabilities of
ADSL modem.
• Test automation using TCL/Expect, Abacus (bulk call generator), IXIA and Smartbits.
• Build lab network and development test bed in Cisco Systems (San Jose).
• Six months offshore experience in Cisco Systems.

Development test for Cable modem - (1999 Jan - 1999 Nov)

This project involves testing DOCSIS 1.0 Cable modems. I was involved in testing ETH-
01 and ETH-02, MP, BPI and OSS of DOCSIS 1.0 ATP.
• Test automation for Data forwarding and filtering test cases (ETH-01 and ETH-02 of
• Testing MP, BPI and OSS (DOCSIS 1.0 ATP).
• Fine-tuned the scripts in regression to reduce test run time by a day.

1998 April - 1998 Dec – Sys Info Tech - Chennai, India

Freelance Programmer
Job Responsibility:
Sys Info Tech is an outsourcing company for K7 computing (Vx2000), Which was involved
in designing anti virus solutions and vaccines. I was involved in coding vaccines for Boot and
Partition sector virus.

Summary of duties:
• Program to backup Boot and Partition sector as a vaccine for virus.
• Coding was done in C.

1997 Jan - March & Nov - Dec - Chennai Metro Water - Chennai, India
Job Responsibility:
Chennai Metro water is a government organization involved in water supply management for
Chennai metropolitan city. I was involved in developing a dispatch manager to track the
quantity of water been received and sent through trucks. Chennai metro water was using
Ingress as Database. I developed a GUI interface using curses to access the database. I was
also involved in exporting the database to SQL server and developed an interface for the
database using Visual Basic.

Summary of duties:
• Developed Dispatch Manager, using Bourne Shell scripts in Sco UNIX and a GUI
interface using Curses in C.
• Visual Basic with SQL server programming.

Other activities

• Designing web pages and CGI scripts for team management - Status reporting, Regression
testing, Team Management, Action Tracking, Bug Tracking.
• Developed tools for documentation, Status reporting, Minutes of meeting, logging test bed
issues and monitoring Action Items for CMM.
• Good knowledge in DHTML using Java Scripts.
• Participate in documentation for ISO, CMM.

1994 - 1998Adhiyamaan College of Engineering Hosur – India
Bachelors in Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering