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The Real Estate Regulation & Development Act, 2016 directs promoters to withdraw the
amounts from the separate account, to cover the cost of the project, in proportion to the
percentage of completion of the project. And, it also directs the promoters to withdraw
such amount after it has been duly certified by an Architect, an Engineer, and a CA in

A template of the Architect’s Certificate is as given below:


(To be submitted for withdrawal of Money from Designated Account)

The_____________(Name & Address of the Promoter)

Subject: Certificate of Percentage of Completion of Construction Work of

_____________No. of Building(s)___________Wing(s) of the ____________Phase of
the Project (Bihar RERA Registration Number) situated on the Plot bearing C.N.
No/CTS No./Survey no./Final Plot no______________ demarcated by its boundaries
(latitude and longitude of the end points)____________to the North _________to the
South ___________ to the East _________to the West of Division ___________village
__________ taluka ________________District __________ PIN ___________
admeasuring ____________ sq.mts. area being developed by (Promoter’s Name)

I/We ___________ have undertaken assignment as Architect/Engineer of certifying
Percentage of Completion of Construction Work of
the_____________Building(s)/___________Wing(s) of the ____________Phase of the
Project, situated on the plot bearing C.N. No./CTS No./Survey no./Final Plot
no.____________ of Division ___________ village _____________ taluka
_____________ District ________________ PIN _____________
admeasuring___________ sq.mts. area being developed by
________________(Promoter’s Name) as per the approved plan.

Following technical professionals are appointed by Owner/Promoter:- (as applicable)

i. M/s./Shri/Smt._______________________ as Architect/Engineer
ii. M/s./Shri/Smt._______________________ as Structural Consultant
iii. M/s./Shri/Smt._______________________ as MEP Consultant
iv. M/s./Shri/Smt._______________________ as Site Supervisor/Clerk of Works

Based on Site Inspection, with respect to each of the Building/Wing of the aforesaid
Real Estate Project, I certify that as on the date of this certificate, the Percentage of
Work done for each of the building/Wing of the Real Estate Project as registered vide
number _______________ under Bihar RERA is as per table A
herein below. The percentage of the work executed with respect to each of the activity
of the entire phase is detailed in Table A and B.

Table – A
Building/Wing Number _______ (to be prepared separately for each Building/Wing of
the Project)

Sr. Tasks/Activities Percenta

No. ge of
1 Excavation
2 _______ no. of basement(s) & Plinth
3 _______ no. of podiums
4 Stilt Floor
5 _______ no. of slabs of super structure
6 Internal walls, Internal Plaster, Floorings within
Flats/Premises, Doors and Windows to each of the
7 Sanitary Fittings within the Flat/Premises
8 Staircases, Lifts Wells and Lobbies at each Floor level
connecting Staircases and Lifts, Overhead and Underground
Water Tanks
9 The external plumbing and external plaster, elevation,
completion of terraces with waterproofing of the Building/Wing
10 Installation of lifts, water pumps, Fire Fighting Fittings and
Equipment as per CFO NOC, Electrical fittings to Common
Areas, electro, mechanical equipment, compliance to
conditions of environment/CRZ NOC, Finishing to entrance
lobby/s, plinth protection, paving of areas appurtenant to
Building/Wing, Compound Wall and all other requirements as
may be required to Obtain Occupation/Completion Certificate

Table - B
Internal & External Development Works in Respect of the entire Registered Phase
Propos Percenta
Common areas and Facilities ed ge of Remark
Sr. No
Amenities (Yes/No work s
) done
1 Internal Roads & Footpaths
2 Water Supply
3 Sewerage (chamber, lines, Septic Tank,
4 Storm Water Drains
5 Landscaping & Tree Planting
6 Street Lighting
7 Community Buildings
8 Treatment and disposal of sewage and
sullage water /STP
9 Solid Waste Management & Disposal
10 Water Conservation, Rain Water
Harvesting , Percolating Well/Pit
11 Energy Management
12 Fire Protection and Fire Safety
13 Electrical Meter Room, Sub-station,
Receiving Station
14 Others (Option to Add more)

Yours Faithfully,

Signature & Name (IN BLOCK LETTERS) of Architect

(License No.......................)

The Architect is responsible for certifying the progress of work that is being/has been
executed in the project.

Note: This Architect certificate is independent of the Quarterly update of Project Status
as mentioned in mandatory compliances under Point 6.
This certificate is required to be obtained from an Architect in order to withdraw monies
which is to be used towards the cost of land and cost of development of the project.