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Twenty-Third A


You . . . our
‘Twas the Night of the Auction
‘Twas the night of the auction, at Stoney Creek Inn A bundle of bid numbers they had flung on their backs,
All helpers were bidding, each face with a grin; And they looked peddlers just opening their packs.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, Their eyes -- how they twinkled! Their dimples how merry!
In hopes that John Henry would hear everyone’s prayer; Their cheeks were like roses, their smiles were cheery!

Young children were nestled all snug in their beds, They bid on everything, that wasn’t tied down,
While Newman teens worked and help up the sleds; They wanted to help students, there wasn’t a frown;

And Kelly in her 'kerchief, and C.Ann in a cap, The numbers were pulled out like swords from a sheath,
Had dreamed about later and a long winter's nap, And bid motions encircled their heads like a wreath;

When up on the stage there arose such a clatter, They had a proud face and talked to Kelly,
I sprang from my table to see what was the matter. And I heard one was named after a star named Shelly.

Away to the center I flew like a flash, The auctioneer stepped in, a right jolly old elf,
Saw the auctioneer and his funny moustache. And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself;

More rapid than eagles his numbers they came, A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name; Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;

"Now, Hundreds! now, Thousands! now, Fifty and Seven! He spoke fast words, and went straight to his work,
On, Parents! on Alums! Bid for high heaven! And filled all the bidding; then turned with a jerk,

To the top of the stage! to the top of the goal! And laying his finger aside of his nose,
Now spend away! spend away! spend even more!" And giving a nod, stood up on his toes;

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, He sprang to the mic, and gave all a big signal,
When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky, The auction was o’r; cheers for the Cardinal.

So up with the values the bidders went high, And I heard everyone exclaim, as they drove out of sight,
With a wave of a hand, helping future alumni. "Supporting Newman Catholic Schools is a true delight!"

And then, in a twinkling, I heard in the room I’ll stand up and shout my secret is out;
The clapping and shouting of each bidding tune. A poet I’m not, so I’ll end on the dot.

As I drew in my head, and was turning around, Thank you for your support.
In the room more guests came with a bound. Best wishes and God’s blessings.

They were dressed all in fur, from their head to their feet, Jan Klosinski, President
And their clothes were all garnished with everything neat; Newman Catholic Schools

Registration & Checkout
•Pick up your bid number & catalog
•Bid number may be used for all bidding and raffles
(no cash necessary)
•If using a credit card this evening, we strongly encourage you
to swipe at registration (Express Pay), thus eliminating the
need to see the cashier at the end of the event. Your bid
number will be stamped PAID and your receipt will be mailed.

Check Out: Opens at 8:30 pm

Closes at 11:00 pm

Item pick up: Verification of winning bid number must be presented!

• Express Pay (Pre Swipe): If you chose Express Pay option at

Registration, please show your pre-certified bid number (stamped PAID)
to the Silent / Live Auction volunteer and collect your item. NO NEED TO
REPORT TO CHECKOUT. Your receipt will be mailed within a few days.

• Traditional Pay: (Cash, check, MasterCard or VISA) at end of event)

Obtain yellow copies of bid sheet(s) and proceed to Check Out to settle
payment. Check Out volunteer will total all purchases and upon proper
payment, sheets will be marked PAID. Show PAID yellow bid sheet copies
to booth volunteers to retrieve your items.

All items should be claimed the evening of the Auction and removed from
the premises. Large items must be removed no later than Sunday,
between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

To make other arrangements please call Kelly Meverden, 715-573-0606,

or NCS Development Office, 715-842-4805.

Happy 23rd Annual Winter Wonderland Auction!
On behalf of the Faculty, Staff and Students of Newman Catholic Schools, thank you for
your support.
At the heart of Newman Catholic Schools is an educational experience that fosters Catholic
faith formation with a great academic experience. Each Newman student is a special reason
why this auction is so important. Our students are a beautiful reflection of the work our
Catholic community accomplishes together. Please join us tonight in helping to sustain our
outstanding Catholic school system by reaching this year’s goal of $200,000.
Tonight’s festivities support the educational programs contained in the 2010-2011
operating budget, and a large part of that budget is used for teacher salaries. We all agree that
our students are blessed with outstanding educators and tonight’s auction helps us keep our
commitment to these dedicated individuals.
Your generosity ensures the continued success of our educational mission. Thank you to all
of our parents, pastors, alumni, supporters and staff for the numerous hours of work that
has been offered to make tonight special.
Here’s to another exciting auction! Have fun, share in fellowship, bid often, and bid high.
Let the fun begin!

Winter Wonderland Program Dinner Menu

5:00 pm Cash Bar & Hors d’oeuvres Roasted Red Pepper and
Silent Auctions & Raffles
Goat Cheese Salad
6:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm General Admission Brined Pork Loin with
8:00 pm Live Auction Brown Sugar Bourbon Glaze

Silent Auction Closings

8:30 pm 100’s Gifts for Leisure & Luxury Mashed Yukon Potatoes with
8:50 pm 200’s Gifts for Holiday & Home Horseradish Butter
9:10 pm 300’s Gifts for Sport
9:30 pm 400’s Gifts for Kids & Kritters
Sherried Green Beans
8:45 pm Check Out Opens and Mushrooms
11:00 pm Check Out Closes
Holiday Desserts and Coffee
Music and Dancing
Following Live Auction
Magical Nights Moble DJ Inc.

Our Mission
Newman Catholic Schools provides excellence in education in a Catholic environment and
enhances the personal and spiritual growth of our students to meet life’s challenges.

A Ministry Rich in Education

Newman Catholic Schools stands by a set of guiding beliefs that are used to fulfill our
educational mission. We want our Catholic schools to be places where:
• Students, parents, and teachers experience a community that fosters
development in the Catholic faith
• Students are challenged to live a life filled with love and devotion to God, and
respect for others and self
• There is a shared commitment among all involved in the operation and
governance of the schools
• A focus on Catholic faith formation, academic excellence, and high expectations
are values shared by all
• The Catholic school community acknowledges its influences on students and
uses this to help them grow in faith, personal responsibility, and confidence
• Hard work is valued as a means to serve God and represents a life that leads
one to their fullest potential as a person of God
• Education beyond high school, and throughout one’s life, is valued as a means
to a life of service and leadership
• There is a personal approach to each student

Prayer excerpt by
Blessed John Henry Newman
God has created me to do Him some
definite service
He has committed some work to me
which He has not committed to another
I may never know it in this life, but I shall
be told it in the next
A bond of connection between persons
He has not created me for naught
I shall do good -- I shall do His work

Take NCS Classrooms
to the Next Level with SMART!
Every child is a great individual and each learns in a
different way. Some are captivated by visuals, some
understand best by listening while others like to get
hands-on. A classroom is one place where
all of these great minds come together.

NCS strives to teach 21st Century skills; thinking critically,

applying knowledge to new situations, analyzing
information, being open to and comprehending new ideas
and new technology, communicating, working
collaboratively, solving problems and making decisions.
How can we, the Newman Catholic Schools family,
engage all of our students and help them gain
valuable 21st Century skills?

Let’s take our students to the next level of

learning, let’s move forward with SMART
We can make the future bright by helping the next
generation be SMART! We have been blessed with several
Smart Interactive Board donations throughout our NCS
buildings! Please help us continue to get SMART!

SMART Wish List

•Interactive White Boards - $2,600
•Table Interactive Learning Center - $6,000
•Classroom Response LE - Wireless Remotes - $900
•LCD Projector - $1,200
•Document Camera - $750
•Sympodium Interactive Pen Display - $2,500
•Flip Video Cameras - $300
•Audio System - $350
Training & professional development to help
our teachers get the most out of
SMART technology – PRICELES S!

Table Sponsors

2010 Winter Wonderland Committee
Thanking our lucky stars!
Coordinator Kelly Meverden Entertainment Mike Frankel
Magical Nights Mobile DJ, Inc.
Acquisitions Christina Kimball
Lynne Goethel Inventory Margie Gress
Sandy Krach Dianne Ress
Shannon Simmons Mary Beth Hollis
Paula Slaby
Amy Tallitsch Live Auction Tracy Etten
Kim Olson
Catalog C.Ann Dietrich
Sue Grunow Raffle Booth Janice & Hershel Webb
Jill Mabry Mary Peksa
Kelly Meverden
Emily Nowak Registration Marsha Lang

Cashier Joyce Stieber School
Coordinators Wendy Furrer
Check Out Jean Frankel Lynne Goethel
Marsha Lang
Computers Jason Schenzel Tammy Leischer
Stephanie Hackett
Data Entry Jill Mabry
Emily Nowak Silent Auction Sue Grunow
Dawn Wood
Decorations C.Ann Dietrich
Meghan Kennedy Volunteer
Carol Kraemer Coordinators Cathy Bush
Tori Glenetski
Dinner/Hospitality Mary Brotz

Display Lori Menzner

Julie Vesel
Barb Boehm
Amy Janke

Save the date

The 24th Winter Wonderland

November 12, 2011
Singing Praises to the Aution Angels!
Seraphim Guardian Angel
$2000 & up $250 - $499
Ray & Alice Hartke E. O. Johnson Office Technologies
Jim & Tori Glenetski
Cherubim Jeny & Eli Gustafson
$1000 - $1999
Matt & Lori Hattenhauer
Aspirus Network
Hovda Orthodontics
Aspirus Wausau Hospital
Dave & Laurie Kallstrom
The David Family
In Memory of Thomas Allen David Ray Knippel
First Impressions SC Gary J. Kohl, D.D.S.
Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics Steve & Karen Krahn
Mark & Kerry Hoffmann Ron & Caryn Miles
Integrity First Bank
Paul & Carol Luetmer Angel
$1 - $249
M & I Bank
Bill & Liz Abell
Marathon Cheese Corp.
Advantage Community Bank
Menzner Lumber & Supply Company
Stephanie Breese
Ministry Health Care
Marie & David Burish
Olson Tire & Auto Service, Inc
CLC Dental Laboratory - Cliff & Linda Chack
O’Malley Cadillac Honda
Cloverbelt Credit Union
Nancy & Barry Passini
Daubert Law Firm, LLC
People’s State Bank
Ellen Gabler
Urology Specialists of Wisconsin
Terry & Becky Garske
Wausau Financial Sytems
Cindy & Dave Hahn
Archangel Robert & Shirley Jehn
$500 - $999 Roger Kemp
France Propane Services, Inc. Gordon & Florence Kieffer
Jarp Industries Brad & Marcia Kita Family
Jeff & Karla Kurtz Dean & Katy Little
Lori & Dennis Peck Tina & Michael Meyer
Jay & Tamara Peerenboom Bernie Meyer
Dianne & Jerry Ress Gaye & Gerald Rosekrans
River Valley State Bank Paul & Mary Seidl
Jim & Karen Sislo David & Ellen Schumann
John W. Stilp, D.D.S., SC Dr. Elizabeth Wilson-Ward
UMR Wipfli, LLP
Wausau Container Corporation

Race for Raffles!
Tickets are available for sale at Raffle Central at the back of the room.
Or watch for the NCHS Students floating the balloon ID thoughout the room.
Raffle Price Odds Balloon ID
Disney Vacation $40 Mickey
Tuition Raffle $50 1/200 Apple
TV Raffle $40 5/200 3D
Diamond Choice $40 1/50 Diamond Ring
Chocolates & Diamond Pendant $25 1/50 Chocolate Kiss
Amethyst Pendant and Earrings $20 1/50 Purple Taper Swirl
Rifle $50 1/50 Deer
Shotgun $40 1/50 Hunter
Packer Tickets & Limo $30 1/75 Packer Football
Wine Lovers $20 1/50 Wine Glasses
Beer Lovers $10 1/100 Beer Mug
Verve Salon & Spa $ 5 1/75 Girl
Texas Roadhouse $ 5 1/100 Boot

Elf Raffles
Mini Netbook $15 1/50 Computer
iPod Touch $15 1/50 T
Flip Video Camera $15 1/50 Clapboard Take 1
Wii $10 1/50 W
Kindle $10 1/50 K
Nintendo DSi XL $10 1/50 X
Pandora Bracelet $10 1/50 Casino Club
Pandora Lanyard $ 5 1/50 Red Diamond
iPod Nano $ 5 1/50 Music Notes

Seeing Red! $5/6 Tickets Cardinal

Diamond Pendant Packer Jacket & Football
Stoney Creek Package Cardinal Tabletop Tree
Kindle Massage Therapy Associates

50/50 Stocking Stuffer $5/6 Tickets Stocking
A Tree-mendous Sure Win! $10 & $20 Gifts Tree
Heads or Tails $5 Red Star

Raffle Licenses: R0021797B-02111 R0014378A-00011

Disney World VAcation
Reservations for 4 ~ Roundtrip Airfare ~ Park Hopper Passes ~ $40 per Ticket
Package Includes
* 6 Nights at Disney World All Star Resort * 5 Day Park Hopper Passes
* Quick Service Dining Plan * Round Trip Airfare from Milwaukee
* Airport Magical Express Shuttle Service * Suggested Retail Value $5,500
Holiday Black out dates and space restrictions may apply.
Travel dates subject to availability and must be completed by 10/31/11.
NCS reseves the right to make final determination of qualifying offer.
Package upgrades/destination changes are subject to approval not to exceed $3000.
Winner responsible for local, state and federal taxes & airline baggage fees.

Arrangements by

Sponsored by
5303 E. Jelinek Avenue, Schofield, WI 54476 Mark & Kerry Hoffmann
715-355-4437 Paul & Carol Luetmer

2011-2012 Tuition Raffle

Elementar y, Middle or High School
Not to exceed $4,100 ~ Transferrable
Winner responsible for any additional fees

$50 per Ticket ~ only 200 Sold!

Sponsored by Ray & Alice Hartke

Toshiba 3D TV Raffle
$40 per Ticket ~Only 200 Sold!
Grand Prize 46” 3D LED TV
“Immerse yourself in entertainment”
Plus, FOUR 19” toshiba HD LED TV Winners!
Price Consideration
Chris Kalafice, Merrill House of Music & Home Entertainment
912 East Main Street, Merrill

Take your best shot! Rifle through this!
Browning Maxus
12 ga Shotgun
3” Chamber Remington Model
Walnut Stock 700 Mountain LSS

270 Winchester, Leupold ScopeVXIII

3.5x10x40 & hard case

$40 A Ticket ~ 50 sold!

$ 50 a Ticket ~ 50 sold
$1400 value
Donated by $1600 Value
John & Sally Hattenhauer Donated by
Jeff & Karla Kurtz Menzner Lumber & Supply

Steppin’ ouT...
Texas Roadhouse
e v e ry b u y e r b a g s a p r i z e !

December 26, 2010 ~ 3:15 p.m. $5 a bag ~ 100 Bags sold

4 Tickets + round Trip Grand Prize
Limo to Lambeau Dinner for 2 for a year!
$360 Value
$950 Value 2nd Prize
Dinner for 4
$30 a ticket ~ 75 sold! $60 Value

Donated by 3rd & 4th Prizes

Dinner for 2
Malbrit Mechanical, INc. $30 Value
Brad & Marcia Kita
Price Consideration
Texas roadHouse
Baumer Limousine, LLC Brian and Tina Johnson

Diamonds! Chocolate Box Raffle!
Diamonds! $25 box of
The Winner chooses! Chocolates
50 Boxes sold
14K Textured White Gold Pave Diamond
win a
Bracelet or Pendant or Ring Luxuriously
Textured 14K yellow gold

diamond pendant
$750 Value
$40 A Ticket ~ 50 Tickets sold! Donors
$1200 Value Sue & Jerry Grunow
Price consideration

Donated by Jim Kryshak Jewelers PK Creations

Fit for a Queen!

14k gold Amethyst
Pendant & Earrings
$20 a ticket ~ 50 sold!
$650 Value
PLUS handy treat

$5 a ticket~75 sold
1st Prize
Couples Massage
Donated by $ 1 2 0 Va l u e
2nd Price
Michael and Janet Klosinski S pa Fa c i a l
$ 6 5 Va l u e

Baer’s Beverage
Wine Lovers Raffle Beer Lovers Raffle
$20 A Bottle ~ 50 Bottles sold!
$ 10 a glass ~ 100 sold
Sampling Glass is yours to keep!
Wine Chiller 1st Prize
Case of Wine 1 case a month
for a year
Wine Accessories
2nd Prize
Donated by Wheel Barrel of Bud Light Lime
Quality Foods IGA - Rib Mountain Present your glass at the bar!
Jason & Kristin Fritsche Samples: Bud Light
Kevin & Amy Janke Budweiser
New Belgium Fat Tire

Seeing RED!
6 tickets for $5
Choose your odds!
Diamond Pendant
$1600 Value 50/50
Cardinal Christmas Tree Stocking
Kindle ~ $199 Value
Donor Stuffer!
Study guide tutoring Services, LLC
Stoney Creek Inn Package $5 for 6 tickets
$250 Value
Packer Package
2010 Team Stamped Ball 50% for the winner
& Packer Jacket
Donors: Green BayPackers 50% for St. Nick
Jim and Virginia Ro manski

Massage Therapy Associates

Two 1 Hour Sessions – $100 Value

AND, The Elves Have It!

Mini Netbook Flip Video Camera

$15 a ticket ~ 50 sold $15 a ticket
donor 50 ~ sold
Newman Catholic Middle School
Donated by
Hilary & Jim McIntyre

$10 a ticket
50 ~ sold
iPod Touch
$15 a ticket ~50 sold
Donor Wausau Neurosurgery
Fire-Ex Systems Engineering, Inc. Dr. Chris MacKay

Kindle Pa n d o r a
$10 a ticket Bracelet
50 sold
$10 a ticket ~ 50 sold

Paula & Russ Slaby
L a n ya r d
$5 a ticket
Nintendo 50 ~ sold

$10 a ticket
D r e w & C h r i s t i n a G ru n o w

iPod Nano
50~sold $5 a ticket
N e w m a n C at h o l i c
E l e m e n t a ry - S t. A n n e donor
N e w m a n C at h o l i c M i d d l e S c h o o l

Tree-mendous Wins!
$10 & $20 Grab-a-Gift Donors

2510 Restaurant & Deli/Bakery Iozzo’s Restaurant

Angelo’s Family Pizzeria Marathon Cheese Corporation
Ballweg Auto Collection McDonald’s Restaurants
Buffalo Wings & Rings Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N Bake Pizza
C.Ann Dietrich Quality Foods of Wausau
Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe Rocky Rococo
CarBuff ’s R-Store / Riiser Energy
Carmelo’s Italian Restaurant Shadow Lake Enterprises, Inc. - Subway
Carol & Jim Kraemer Shopko
Culver’s of Wausau, Sky Club Supper Club
Cedar Creek & Bridge Street Sweet Dreams Bakery
Downtown Grocery.Com Thomas St. Dairy Queen
Fantastic Sams Tim & Christina Kimball
Grand Avenue Dairy Queen Wal-Mart Store #2127
Hudson’s Grill Wausau Mine Co.

Heads or Tails?
Wanna Play? Buy a Necklace!
$5 at Raffle Central or find the BIG RED STAR!

$200 Cash Prize!

Make a 2010 Winter Wonderland Memory!

Magical Nights Photo Booth
$5 ~ 4 Snaps!
Your bid number is registered in your name.
Use this number when you bid.
Do not allow anyone else to use your number.
Joe Mellem, Auctioneer Mike Frankel, Emcee
J ohnson Auctioneering Magical Nights Mobile DJ Inc
7724 365th St. Way 715-842-0593 or 715-574-0593
Cannon Falls, MN 55009-5226

Live Auction Rules

1. Live auction will begin at 8:00 p.m. and continue until all items have been auctioned. Each guest has a registered
number to be used for all bidding.

2. Each person desiring to make a bid shall raise the bid card issued at Registration. If using Express Pay, your bid
number will be noted with a PAID stamp. Guests are strongly encouraged to use the Express Pay option for ease
at Check Out.

3. The successful bidder’s number will be recorded with each item number as won. An auction spotter will then
request the successful bidder’s signature to verify the winning bid amount.

4. All sales are final. All items are sold as is. There will be no exchanges or refunds on items by the donor or by
Newman Catholic Schools except where specified, or unless the donor is unable to fulfill the obligation as

5. Item pick up: Verification of winning bid number must be presented following Live Auction in order to receive
the merchandise.

• E x p r e s s Pay : If you chose Express Pay option at Registration, please show your pre-
certified bid number (stamped PAID) to the Live Auction volunteer and collect your item.
YOU DO NOT NEED TO REPORT TO CHECKOUT. Your receipt will be mailed.

• Traditional Pay: (Cash, check, MasterCard or VISA at end of event) - Obtain yellow
copies of bid sheet(s) and proceed to Check Out to settle payment. Check Out volunteer
will total all purchases and upon proper payment, sheets will be marked PAID. Return to Live
Auction and show PAID bid sheet copies to volunteers.

6. Payment arrangements are to be made in full the evening of the Auction. Checkout will close at 11:00 pm. Any
bidder not arranging for payment in full on the night of the auction may forfeit his/her right of purchase.

7. The values stated in catalog are the donor’s estimates of fair market value and are not guaranteed by NCS. For
tax purposes, a charitable deduction is limited to the excess contribution over the declared value.

8. Unless otherwise specified, all auction items and services must be used within one year from the date of the
auction. Dates and times are to be arranged at the mutual convenience of the donor and buyer within 30 days.
To avoid disappointment, please make all vacation reservations well in advance.

9. All items must be removed from the Stoney Creek Inn by no later than noon on Sunday, November 14,
2010. Call NCS Development Office at 715-842-4805 for other arrangements.

Live Auction 6. Buffalo Wild Wings - Newman Style
Tablegate Buff style with your very own table and
chairs.  This little piece of nostalgia is from the original
decor and saved special for our very own Newman
1. Grand Lodge by Stoney Creek Inn crowd.  Perfect for your rec room, cottage or college
Whether you are planning a family vacation or family student's dorm - there's a party at every table at Buffs. 
reunion, Grand Lodge  will exceed your expectations!  Enjoy burgers, ribs, sweet barbeque wings to blazin'
Our atmosphere is Northwoods  - warm and cozy, wings and more with this $50 gift certificate.  Race ya'
a touch of at home comfort.  Our attitude is friendly, to Buffs!
eager to serve, and "pleased to meet ya'!"  Enjoy a Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar
one night stay in an expanded King or Queen suite.  Sandy & Marty Krach
Our oversized guest rooms offer  king or queen-size Carol & Jim Kraemer Priceless
bed, sofa sleeper, desk, dresser, club chair, refrigerator,
coffee maker, and microwave.  Includes four waterpark 7. Relieve the Stress
passes and an in room gift basket.  Come join the fun. Time for an adjustment?  Then this is for you - certificate
Grand Lodge $300.00 good for one entire immediate family to receive all
inclusive chiropractic care for one month by Dr. Daniel
2. Spring Cleaning Throm D.C.  See Additional Package Details page 40.
Dive into spring cleaning with this certificate for up Allied Health Chiropractic Clinic
to 1,000 square feet of household carpet cleaning.  Bautch East $5,000
Remember to wipe your feet please!
K-Tech Environmental Services, Inc. $400.00 8. A Real Prince
Take home your very own Milwaukee Brewer Baseball
3. Ladies Road Bike keepsake.  Will he be traded next year?  Say it ain't so! 
Marin Stinson EZ step comfort bike - size 17”.  Built Add this autographed Prince Fielder baseball to your
with rider safety and positioning in mind and to make collection.  Winner of the 2009 Home Run Derby, holds
the job of getting in shape quite simply a whole lot of Milwaukee Brewers franchise records for home runs,
fun!  Full step-thru for easy riding in a razzy red color.  walks and RBIs in a single season. He was "crowned"
Accesorize with this $100 gift card. major league RBI leader and is the youngest player
Dan & Jody Seybold ever to hit 50 home runs in a single season.  A prince
Sprocketz Bike $615.00 of a souvenir.
Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club Priceless
4. Golf Around Town
Want to take five strokes off your game? - use an 9. Mexican Cooking Class
eraser!  Play a round for four with carts at Pine Valley If you long to discover the secret of cooking authentic
Golf Course and  afterward relax and enjoy dinner at Mexican food, then bid on this!  A truly hands on
Pinewood Supper Club.  Next weekend do it all over experience - learn the artistry behind the Cocina
again at Greenwood Hills Country Club  and Basil Mexicana with Isabel and Monica.  They will open the
Restaurant.  Go fore it!  See Additional Package Details door to one of the most magical cuisines in the world
page 40. with a Mexican Cooking Class for eight people in your
Basil Restaurant home (2-3 hours), any weekend from December 2010
Greenwood Hills Country Club and Restaurant - April 2011.  (Provide your own beverages).  See
Sandy & Marty Krach Additional Package Details page 40.
Pinewood Supper Club $525.00 Monica Kettner
Isabelle Mandli Priceless
5. A Second Coat
Freshen up two rooms with a new coat of paint.  You 10. Leather Chair
pick the color - we'll do the work! Nothing is more luxurious, comfortable and
Painted Wall Décor satisfying  than a well made chair and nobody does
Paul and Sylvia Legenza $600.00 it better.  Beautiful Cosmopolitan theater chair, hand
crafted in top grain leather with a motorized recline. 
Make room for this!
United Leather - Shelly Norman $1,800.00

11. Murder in the Wild West Party 15. October Hunt
Who shot the sheriff?  Saddle up your dogies and join A classic October grouse and woodcock hunt in 2011. 
the guests at Lil's Last Chance Saloon as they try to For two marksmen guided by Ross Dreger featuring
figure out who was holding the smoking gun.  Come his two English Setters, Mac and Turbo.  All you need
dressed in your best western attire and be ready for is a suitable shotgun, hunting attire and a good pair
a Wild West adventure on Saturday, June 11, 2011.  of boots.  Your guide will provide lunch in the woods
Cocktails and appetizers begin at 5:00 PM and dinner and dressing of birds.  Later that evening toast the
will be served shortly thereafter.  Wrangle the range successful hunt with your date at a gourmet game
until 10:00 PM.  For 6 to 8 couples. dinner prepared by Ross and his wife at their home. 
Century 21 Contempo - The main entree will include the day's bounty.  A
Matt & Coleen Kraskowski fetching good day!  Date to be mutually agreed upon.
NCS Middle & High School Faculty & Staff Ross & Kelly Dreger Priceless
Steve & Ann Robison
Kelly & Mike Meverden Priceless 16. PS3 Move Bundle
PlayStation Move redefines motion gaming with the
12. No Ordinary Teeter Totter most immersed and realistic gaming experience only
What do you get when you cross a helicopter with a possible on the PlayStation3 system. The simple,
see saw?  A whole lot of fun!  Up and down, side to easy-to-use controller captures a full range of motion
side; the Lifetime Helicopter Teeter Totter will have giving you ultimate control over how you play the game. 
your kids rockin' and rollin'.  Add some imagination to With a diverse selection of games and new ones
their backyard fun! launching all the time, you can enjoy hours of fun with
Wayne & Patty Thomson friends and family.  Watch your favorite DVD and high-
Kelly & Mike Meverden $285.00 definition Blu-ray movies.  Challenge friends online
with PlayStation network.  Stream music and movies
13. Beaver Creek Condo Getaway from your PS3 and browse the Internet through built-in
Beaver Creek, CO enjoys 300 days of sun per year, Wi-Fi.  Includes Sports Champions games:  Archery,
an average snowfall of 311 inches and over 1,800 Gladiator Duel, Bocce, Table Tennis, Disc Golf and
skiable acres.  Experience Beaver Creek and all of its Beach Volleyball.  Move into the action!
finest when you stay at the Park Plaza in Beaver Creek NC Early Childhood Center - St. Michael
Village.  Nestled among all of your favorite restaurants NC Elementary School - St. Anne $400.00
and shops, this three bedroom, ski in / ski out condo
offers a dream vacation!  Arrival date Saturday, 17. Fiesta in the Barn
December 4, 2010 through Friday, December 10, Rrrriba.....Fiesta with fifty of your adult amigos in the
2010.  Make this your early Christmas getaway!  See Szmanda Barn.  Salsa the afternoon / evening away
Additional Package Details page 40. with Mexican cuisine and beverages.  Sera una grand
Mary Jo Freeman & David Tange $3,500.00 fiesta!
Jim & Karlene Lemke
14. Soundolier Duo Wireless Speaker Lamps Peter & Barbara Rock
As the original and innovative product in a full line Jeanne & Paul Szmanda Priceless
of wireless audio products, Soundolier is pleased to
introduce the world's first wireless speaker lamp.  This 18. Toshiba - Visualize Without Compromise
unique blend of sound and light brings the rich beauty of When you want top-of-the-line home entertainment
audio and the warmth of light to your home - wirelessly.  put this Toshiba 26" HD LED TV at the top of your
Featured on ABC - Good Morning America!  Two list.  A great family Christmas gift!  Stunning picture
speaker/lamps and the maestro wireless transmitter.  quality, superior sound, smooth crisp image and ultra
Provides full 360 degree sound dispersion and an thin sleek design.
internal 5 1/4 inch full range speaker.  The brightest Merrill House of Music & Home Entertainment -
idea in sound! Chris Kalafice $500.00
Sound World $640.00

19. Beautiful Smiles 25. Shuffleboard Game Table
Braces do more than give you a beautiful smile.  Own the "Hottest" new game of the year!  A nine
Orthodontic treatment can improve your ability to foot ultra glide shuffleboard game table with chrome
chew, to keep your teeth clean, to effectively use accents and a black wood veneer finish.  Great fun for
your jaw muscles, to speak and -  yes - to build your all ages!
self-confidence and willingness to smile.  Dr. John Stew, Tracy, Clark & Treva Etten $425.00
Dovorany utilizes the latest technologies to bring
healthy beautiful smiles to the greater Wausau area.  26. La Prima - Taste La Differenzi
Enjoy one full orthodontic treatment package to include Known  for authentic Italian appetizers, an array of
all exams, records, consultations, upper and lower traditional Italian and American cuisine and dedication
braces, retainers and all appointments needed to to using only the finest quality ingredients.  Dinner's
fulfill this treatment.  Any insurance benefit will be filed ready...with this certificate for dinner for two, once  a
accordingly and this is transferable to another family month, for six months.  Dinners to include entrees, side
member if needed.  Everyone deserves a beautiful dish, bread and dessert.  Pick it up on your way home!
smile! La Prima, LLC $250.00
Dovorany Orthodontics $6,000.00
27. Nikon - At the Heart of the Image
20. Adirondacks Zoom closer, shoot faster, do more with this Nikon
Kick back in the Adirondacks.  Ahh - simple pleasures! Coolpix P100 Digital Camera.  Incredible 26 x zoom
TD Fischer Group, Inc. $750.00 with high speed action and HD movie capability.  A
definite step above a pocket size, this camera has 10.3
21. Egg Harbor Getaway megapixels for stunning prints , 3" LCD screen, Full
You will be treated to two nights at the beautiful Bay HD, Vibration Reduction, camera case, memory card
Point Inn in Egg Harbor, WI in Door County between and an extra rechargeable battery.  A perfect gift for
November 2010 and May 2011.  Check it out at your graduate!  Contact Innkeeper Myles Dr. Thomas & Elaine Schneider $465.00
Dannhausen and ask for the Newman Catholic
Schools auction package in Unit #23.  Myles will be 28. Enlightening Escape Spa Package
happy to tell you about available dates and optional Urban Retreat....treat yourself and a friend, daughter
in-room services including candlelight dinners, flowers or sister to a day of beauty for two!  You will start off
and massages. the day with a complete hair color with hi or low lites,
Chuck & Peggy MacCarthy $455.00 designer cut, blow dry and styling lesson topped off by
a brow wax.  Next experience a complete age defying
22. Go Pack Go facial treatment with makeup session followed by a spa
Green Bay Packer defensive tackle  #90 B. J. Raji manicure and pedicure.  Take the day off and relax....
autographed framed jersey. Perfect for the Packer but wait there's more.....each guest will take home a
collector! Unite product basket of shampoo, conditioner and two
Bergstrom Corporation Priceless recommended products to aid your new "do".  This day
is truly priceless!
23. Fiesta Dinner Studio E Salon & Spa $1,031.00
A fiesta dinner awaits, prepared by our very own
NCHS teacher Mrs. Joy Orozco.  Fiesta autentica will 29. "Wheel" Have a "Barrow" of Fun!
be delivered to your casa that includes appetizers, No green thumb?  Then this is for you.  This complete
main dish, side dishes and desserts for 8 - 10 of your perennial garden package comes with a shovel, rake,
amigos.  Muy Delicioso! hose, tools, fertilizer and much more.  Just prep your
Joy & Jaime Orozco Priceless soil and a complete perennial garden of over 20 plants
will be hand delivered and planted for you in the Spring
of 2011.  Personally designed for your space will be
24. Step Out in Style Day Lilies, Mums, Iris, Oriental Lilies, Cone Flowers
A fabulous dress for that special occasion.  This will get and more for beautiful full summer color.
you noticed! Carol & Jim Kraemer
Nicole's ~ PRO - Build Priceless
A Boutique for Women & Children Priceless

30. A Gem of a Party! 34. Rockets Red Glare Party
A crafty ladies night out soiree for 8 friends!  Beadazzle The bombs bursting in air... Enjoy an up close view
your own gem and wire project with instructor Jill Mabry from the deck or pool side with this cocktail party for
while enjoying wine and hors d'oeuvres in the newly 20.  The perfect setting to watch the sky light up, cuz'
renovated Studio Classroom!  An artful way to shake the fireworks are plentiful.  Just ask past attendees....
the winter blues!  Schedule by mutual availability. What a blast!  Appetizers and drinks included!  Come
Allister Deacon's ooh and aah the night away!
Center for the Visual Arts Brian & Mary Brotz Priceless
Jill Mabry $450.00
35. A Day at Pine Valley
31. Go Bucky Enjoy the family atmosphere and patron-friendly
University of Wisconsin Hockey Jersey and Stick amenities; not to mention meticulously groomed greens
Autographed by UW Badger Hockey Head Coach and expansive views of the rolling countryside.  Pine
Mike Eaves.  After playing a career that ended with Valley Golf Course is tucked into central Wisconsin's
the most prolific scoring numbers in Wisconsin hockey quiet landscape, practically a chip shot away.  Enjoy a
history and an NCAA title, Mike Eaves returned to his day of golf for four with carts, Badger golf bag and Taylor
alma mater for the 2002-03 season as the fifth coach Made Rescue Re Ax 65 3 Iron.
in the modern era of Badger hockey. Now through Pine Valley Golf Course $518.00
eight years behind the bench, Eaves has added to
his legacy, bringing the program's sixth NCAA title to 36. Spring Break in Sanibel Island
Madison in 2006. His team came within one game of Looking for an idea for Spring Break 2011?  Here's
a second NCAA title in 2010.  Firmly entrenched as your answer.  Experience fun and sun during your
one of the most respected coaches in college hockey, seven-night stay in Southwest Florida.  Relax
Eaves led the Badgers to their fifth top-three WCHA with family and friends in the fully furnished three-
finish in seven years during the 2009-10 season.  Go bedroom, three-bath, top floor penthouse with a water
Badgers! view.  Enjoy an afternoon swim, fabulous fishing and
Brainard Funeral Home & breathtaking sunsets from your private balcony.  There
Cremation Center Priceless is something for everyone at this world-famous resort
and spa - your own private paradise directly on San
32. Guided Fishing Trip Carlos Bay, Southwest Florida.  Includes access to the
The waters of northern Wisconsin are truly a fisherman's condominium pool, harbor beach and restaurant.  Visit
paradise.  Land that elusive walleye, muskie, bass or website -
northern with a day of fishing with professional guide SanibelHarbour.htm, scroll to Sanibel Harbour Resort
Jim Weston.  Your adventure includes fishing for #1131 for pictures, further details and availability.  Don't
three people in the scenic Boulder Junction area, bait panic - Spring Break 2011 will show as unavailable - it
and lunch.  Jim works hard to uncover those fishing has been reserved for our Winter Wonderland winner! 
"hotspots" and will teach you tips and tricks to keep (Most other weeks available good through September
you on the fish and show you a good time out on the 30, 2011).  See Additional Package Details page 40.
water!  Fishing is second to none and you can't beat Kevin & Anne Flaherty $3,700.00
the scenery.
Phil & Lori Menzner 37. Mens Road Bike
Mike & Julie Vesel Priceless This lightweight aluminum comfort bike rolls fast  for
quick rides across town or the casual path ride.  Light,
33. Best Seat in the House tough and dependable this Marin San Rafael size
Adorn your home with this  casual contemporary 19” mens bike is ready to ride when you are.  Pedal
recliner chair and one half.  Heavily padded arms and like ya' mean it!  Stay safe and add a helmet or
back for superior support.  Plenty of room to snuggle. other accessories with this $100 gift card.
Furniture & Appliance Mart $1,250.00 Dan & Jody Seybold
Sprocketz Bikes $630.00

38. Experience Wausau Country Club Golf 41. Hobie Kayak
The meticulously manicured fairways and greens are Long, narrow and lightweight.  The Hobie Mirage Oasis
surrounded by Lake Wausau, and, as a result, water tandem kayak offers surprising performance-minded
comes into play on 8 of the 18 majestic holes. A mix qualities, such as quick acceleration and an impressive
of northern Wisconsin pine and hardwood trees line hull speed, without sacrificing utility or hauling capacity. 
the fairways and provide picturesque golf throughout The new Hobie Mirage Oasis features three enclosed
spring, summer and fall.  The practice areas and highly stowage areas and one large on-deck cargo area, dual
trained staff complete the Troon Golf private club steering controls, a roomy cockpit with dual Mirage
experience at Wausau Country Club.  A round of golf Drives, and the ability to go anywhere, anytime. 
for four with two carts - valid through October 21, 2011.  Whether you're alone or with a companion, you'll be
Call for reservations.  See Additional Package Details amazed at the performance.  Mirage is a patented
page 40. pedal system kayak, stable and sleek with plenty of
Wausau Country Club $392.00 room.  You can pedal, paddle or sail!
M & J Marine, Inc. $2,500.00
39. Apple iPad
It's here...the hard to fine Apple iPad, a magical and 42. Happy Anniversary
revolutionary product with Wi-Fi and 3G ~ 32 gig.  The Happy Anniversary, Happy Valentines Day, Happy
best way to experience the web, email, photos and Birthday.......Whatever the occasion, celebrate with
video.  Page through websites, write an email, flick this  getaway to the most luxurious boutique hotel in
through photos or watch a movie with just the touch Central Wisconsin.  Elegant accommodations, deluxe
of a finger! amenities, and dinner at City Grill are just the beginning. 
Nick & Laura Zeimetz $730.00 Treat that special someone to this relaxing getaway in
a spectacular Jefferson Street Inn Luxury Suite, and
40. Captain Morgan's Retreat - Belize enjoy a couples massage at the adjacent Day Spring
Welcome to paradise where comfort, luxury HealthSpa.  Next stroll down the street to the Artsblock
and adventure are part of your week's stay at and enjoy tickets for two to "Southern Fried Chicks" on
Captain  Morgan's Retreat on the Island of Belize.  Friday, January 28, 2011.  What a getaway!
Running along 270 miles of gorgeous Caribbean City Grill an American Bistro
coast,  Belize has more in common with the sunny Compass Properties
Caribbean than with its neighboring Latin republics.  Day Spring Spa
Its laid back lifestyle makes it Paradise-like.  Spend Jefferson Street Inn $449.00
your days sitting by the white sandy beaches, diving in
the coral gardens or experience the extraordinary rain 43. Irish Eyes Will be Smilin'
forests and mystical Mayan world.  This is more than At this traditional St. Patrick Day celebration.  Tip
a vacation - don't miss this opportunity to visit one of a bit of brew and good Irish whiskey.   Dinner for 8 -
the last unspoiled places on earth.  As an added bonus 10 featuring corned beef and cabbage, roasted root
we've included scuba diving lessons, so you're ready vegetables, Irish soda bread, topped off with fresh fruit
to dive right in.  Travel and meals not included.  Dates and grasshopper pie will arrive at your door ready to
based on availability - must book by December 31, serve.  Schedule a mutually agreed upon date.
2010 to begin planning this dream vacation. The O'Dietrich's Priceless
Joseph "Pep" and Frances Simek
Klein Scuba, Inc $2,750.00 44. Pickin' and Grinnin'
A  "New Old Stock" Gretsch Historic Series G3202
Hawaiian Flat top acoustic guitar. This is an older model
that's no longer in production and is a really cool guitar
that's quite rare to find these days.  Jumbo type body
with the Gretsch Rancher style triangle soundhole. 
It's got a big sound with great projection and a slightly
boomy bass response.   A great guitar with a very
unique look and some classic Gretsch style!
The Sylvia and William Gretsch
Memorial Foundation $960.00

45. Let's Play House
This will be tough to fit under the tree, but most likely
it's on their Christmas list.  Our elves have built this for
you - now let your kids build their imagination!  This
wonderful wood playhouse will provide years of fun
and creativity for kids of all ages.
Wayne & Patty Thomson $400.00

46. Let it Snow

The weather outside is frightful - no problem.  Let the
Kemp crew plow your cares away with one season
of snow plowing within the Wausau city limits.  See
Additional Package Details page 40.
Kemp Service Center Inc. $400.00

47. Tree Mendous

Our elves have done it again!  They have been busy
magically trimming Christmas trees and one is ready to
take home.  It can't get any easier - you choose between
two trees and the other will be donated by Newman
Catholic Schools to Festival of Trees.  Ornaments are
wired for secure home delivery.  Take home a little of
your very own "winter wonderland.”
St. Nick Priceless

Winter Wonderland
for NCS Operating Budget.

Silent Auction Rules
1. Silent Auction booths open for bidding at 5:00 pm. and will close at various times throughout the evening.
Closing times are posted in the catalogue and will be announced prior to the booth closing. Silent Auction
booth volunteers (those wearing bright colored vest) will be at booths for assistance.

2. Each item in Silent Auctions has a corresponding bid sheet nearby on the table. Generally bid sheets are
in numerical order. Bid sheets show the starting bid and raise increments. Guests bid by writing their bid
number next to the bid amount.

3. Each new bid must be written on the bid sheet for the item, and must exceed the previous bid by at least the
minimum raise amount listed on bid sheet.

4. An authorized Silent Auction volunteer may disqualify your bid if you are blocking the bidder’s table prior to
the closing of the booth.

5. In the event that two guests are in the process of bidding on the same item when a booth closes, an auction
official may conduct a mini-oral auction between the two bidders. The winning bid / bidder will be noted on
the bid sheet.

6. When a booth closes, winning bid numbers are circled by Silent Auction Chairpersons. The top white copy
of bid sheets are collected and sent to Data Entry for processing. The yellow and pink copies remain at

7. Item pick up: Verification of winning bid number must be presented at booth in order to receive the

• Express Pay: If you chose Express Pay option at Registration, please show your pre-certified bid
number (stamped PAID) to the Silent Auction Booth volunteer and collect your item. YOU DO
NOT NEED TO REPORT TO CHECKOUT. Your receipt will be mailed within a few days.

• Traditional Pay: (Cash, check, MasterCard or VISA at end of event) - Obtain yellow copies of
bid sheet(s) and proceed to Check Out to settle payment. Check Out volunteer will total all
purchases and upon proper payment, sheets will be marked PAID. Show PAID yellow bid sheet
copies to booth volunteers.

8. Payment arrangements are to be made in full the evening of the Auction. Checkout will close at 11:00 pm.
Any bidder not arranging for payment in full on the night of the auction may forfeit his/her right of purchase.

9. All items should be claimed the evening of the Auction and removed from the premises. Large items should
be picked up no later than Sunday, November 14, 2010 between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Call NCS
Development Office, 715-842-4805 to make any necessary arrangements.

10. The values stated in catalog are the donor’s estimates of fair market value and are not guaranteed by NCS. For
tax purposes, a charitable deduction is limited to the excess contribution over the declared value.

11. Unless otherwise specified, all auction items and services must be used within one year from the date of the
auction. The dates and times are to be arranged at the mutual convenience of the donor and buyer. Dinners,
services, events, etc. must be booked at least 30 days in advance.

Gifts for Leisure & Luxury 108. Weekend Road Trip!
Travel Trailer 3 night rental with refrigerator and
microwave, sleeps 6-8.  Model based on availability.
Talk about family fun!
101. Get Packin'! King's Campers $300.00
Bag and tag this 4 piece red American Tourister
luggage set for your next vacation! 109. A Sweetheart of a Holiday!
Denis & Jeanne Lang $200.00 Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites one night stay in a king
whirlpool suite with dinner and a movie for two.
102. Vacation Vouchers Green Mill Restaurant
Two $250 travel vouchers to be used toward any Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites $175.00
future travel arrangement booked with Travel Leaders
of Wausau for Apple Vacations or Royal Caribbean 110. A Sure Bet!
Cruise Lines.  Packages priced at $3000 or more! One night stay in a standard room for two at The Lake
Perfect for booking that winter holiday! of the Torches Resort Casino in Lac Du Flambeau.
Travel Leaders of Wausau $500.00 Lake of the Torches Resort Casino $100.00
103. Park Hoppers! 111. A Corker!
Four one day park hopper passes to either the Magic Wooden wine barrel that holds four bottles of Trig's best! 
Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios or Disney Selection includes Waterbrook 2008 Chardonnay, 2007
Animal Kingdom. Lyeth Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007 Primivo Zinfandel
Walt Disney World Company $544.00 by Layer Cake and a Sparking Wine by Toad Hollow
Vineyards of California.
104. Milwaukee Musings! Trig's - Wausau $120.00
Two tickets for admission to the Milwaukee Public
Museum, to be used by October 2011.   112. Cheese Whiz!
Milwaukee Public Museum $25.00 Bletsoe Cheese gift box!  This is a third generation
cheese maker family. The process that Bletsoe uses
105. Osceola & St. Croix Railway- Minnesota to make cheese is "hands on."  Keep your Christmas
Train Museum mice happy!
Minnesota Train Museum Passes for two adults and up Bletsoe's Cheese, Inc. $50.00
to four children. The Osceola - St. Croix Valley Railway
is located in historic Osceola, Wisconsin. The railway 113. Fruit of the Vine!
provides a truly unique opportunity for kids of all ages Boutique wines made with the finest and freshest of
to view the scenic St. Croix River Valley. Weekend train ingredients using locally grown fruit and ingredients
rides May through October on the Marine on St. Croix whenever possible from Munson Bridge Winery in
or to Dresser Wisconsin. Withee.  Selections include Black Raspberry, Plum,
Minnesota Transportation Museum $66.00 Elderberry, Sweet Maple, Crab Apple and Mango
106. Hodag Country Fest #1 Theresa M. Legner $150.00
One weekend ticket to Hodag Country Festival, shirt,
mug, hat and one meet and greet with entertainer to 114. Weird Wisconsin!
be announced.  2011 welcomes Rodney Atkins, Little Your travel guide to Wisconsin's local legends and best
Big Town, Laura Bell Bundy and Jake Owen.  Get your kept secrets!
calendar set July 7-10, 2011. St. Nick $20.00
Hodag Country Festival $200.00
115. Grape Expectations!
107. Hodag Country Fest #2 Choice Bottle of Tourdot Wine from our own vintner! 
One weekend ticket to Hodag Country Festival, shirt, The alchemist's mystery question:  What vintage will
mug, hat and a meet and greet with entertainer to be appear?  Pinot Grigio or Gravit Staminer or Sweet Red
announced.  2011 welcomes Rodney Atkins, Little Big Zinfandel.  Only time will tell!
Town, Laura Bell Bundy and Jake Owen. Get your Robert Tourdot $20.00
calendar set July 7-10, 2011.
Hodag Country Festival $200.00

116. Pairings! 123. No Stage is too Big #2
3 bottles from the Cedar Creek Winery to pair with Family Season Pass (two adults and two children) to
your menu:  Chardonnay, Old Mill Red and Waterfall Central Wisconsin Children's Theater!  Ticket Package
Riesling. Performances include:  Annie, November 26-27, Dora
Theresa M. Legner $30.00 the Explorer, March 2011, and Footloose, June 2011.
Central Wisconsin Children's Theatre $110.00
117. Grape Escape!
3 Bottles of Cedar Creek Wine for your holidays! 124. No Stage is too Big #3
Chardonnay, Old Mill Red and Waterfall Riesling. Family Season Pass (two adults and two children) to
Theresa M. Legner $30.00 Central Wisconsin Children's Theater!  Ticket Package
Performances include:  Annie, November 26-27, Dora
118. A Stopper! the Explorer, March 2011, and Footloose, June 2011.
3 Bottles of Cedar Creek Wine provide a show stopper Central Wisconsin Children's Theatre $110.00
for your holiday meal!  Pinot Grigio, Vidal Blanc and
Spice. 125. No Stage is Too Big #4
Theresa M. Legner $30.00 Family Season Pass (two adults and two children) to
Central Wisconsin Children's Theater!  Ticket Package
119. Let it Breathe! Performances include:  Annie, November 26-27, Dora
3 Bottles of Cedar Creek Wine offer a festive breath to the Explorer, March 2011, and Footloose, June 2011.
your menu!  Pinot Grigio, Vidal Blanc and Spice. Central Wisconsin Children's Theatre $110.00
Theresa M. Legner $30.00
126. Home Theater!
120. LeGrand Event! All you need for movie night!  Popcorn, chocolate,
Wine tasting for two at a scheduled tasting event!  snacks, hot cocoa and more!  Plus three flicks for
Tastings are presented in a sit-down, mini-wine dinner hours of entertainment.
style in which you are served 9 - 12 wines (both red NCHS - Junior Class $110.00
and white).  In addition to cheese and cracker trays,
approximately four wines are served with appropriate 127. Playbill Passes!
food pairings in appetizer size portions in a family style Two Wausau Community Theater flex passes for
manner- (but don't spoil your appetite, as we serve admission to any remaining 2010-2011 production:   A
plenty for most!)  Visit for wine Christmas Carol, December 17-19, 2010; Hello Dolly,
tasting event schedules. March 10-13, 2011; Smokey Joe's Cafe, June 23-26,
Cafe LeGrand $50.00 2011.
Wausau Community Theatre $42.00
121. Stand in the Light!
John Angotti's Stand in the Light recording is a sharing 128. Encore!
of songs that are true testimonies of  John's own Two Wausau Community Theater flex passes for
awakening moments and songs that will lead any admission to any remaining 2010-2011 production:   A
listener to the realization that our vocation is to love Christmas Carol, December 17-19, 2010; Hello Dolly,
one another and our salvation is only through the cross. March 10-13, 2011; Smokey Joe's Cafe, June 23-26,
You will absolutely love John's renditions of Jesus Is 2011.
Just Alright and Show Me the Way.  Personally signed Wausau Community Theatre $42.00
by John Angotti.
NCHS Music Department $25.00 129. Bliss to You
Dean Koontz autographed this hilarious book ~  Trixie's
122. No Stage is Too Big #1 Guide to a Happy Life...Dean's look at a dog's life.
Family Season Pass (two adults and two children) to Dean Koontz Priceless
Central Wisconsin Children's Theater!  Ticket Package
Performances include:  Annie, November 26-27, Dora 130. A Big Little Life...
the Explorer, March 2011, and Footloose, June 2011. Memoir of a Joyful Dog and New York Times bestseller
Central Wisconsin Children's Theatre $110.00 personally autographed.
Dean Koontz Priceless

131. Smile Pretty

This certificate takes the bite out of the exam, x-ray
and whitening!
Wausau Family Dental $580.00

132. Rub Down! 141. Color Your World!
Enhance your health and well being...enjoy a massage Hair color service.  Great for a holiday lift!
session. Mary's Beauty Salon $70.00
Alternative Health Therapy Unlimited $65.00
142. Put Your Feet Up!
133. Kissable Treat your tired feet to this ultimate foot care
Delightful handmade reed basket filled with a Sonic experience.  Begin with a foot soak that will wash
Care electric toothbrush with built in sanitizer, the day away and end with a warming paraffin mask.
assortment of toothpaste and floss, and Certificate for Amazing experience!
teeth whitening! Squire Salon and Spa $45.00
Dental Associates of Cedar Creek
Dr. David Barr, Dr. Ross Dreger and 143. Pinewood Supper Club
Dr. Jason Doering $455.00 Fine feasting in the pines!
Pinewood Supper Club $50.00
134. Whiter Whites!
Delightful handmade reed basket filled with a Sonic 144. Sweet Nothings!
Care electric toothbrush with built in sanitizer, Simplify your holiday baking with 3 dozen fancy
assortment of toothpaste and floss and Certificate for Christmas cut out cookies.
teeth whitening! Sweet Nothings $125.00
Dental Associates of Cedar Creek
Dr. David Barr, Dr. Ross Dreger and 145. Burrachos!
Dr. Jason Doering $455.00 Fresh Mexican Grill dinner for 4 includes entrees, chips
and salsa and soda.
135. Shape Up! Burracho's Fresh Mexican Grill $45.00
Enjoy one month pass!  Coupon expires 12/31/10.
Wausau Health & Fitness $60.00 146. Keep in Touch
Beautiful handcrafted cards for all occasions.
136. Terradea Ultimate Relaxation! Ann Ebben-McManus $25.00
A 90 minute Swedish massage will work out knots and
calm your body and mind.  Reflexology foot massage 147. The Wright Place
ends the wonderful and blissful treatment. It is the place to be!  Dress casually - dine elegantly. 
Terradea Salon $110.00 Discover Wisconsin hails The Wright Place on 6th
"as one of the most exciting culinary experiences in
137. Pearly Whites! Wisconsin."  It's charming and elegant.
Professional whitening, new patient exam with Wright Place on 6th $25.00
complete x-rays, dental cleaning and Sonicare
Flexcare toothbrush basket. 148. Pen a Note!
Skutak Dental, SC $680.00 Beautiful handcrafted cards for all occasions.
Ann Ebben-McManus $25.00
138. Take Care!
Taking care of yourself starts here with supplements 149. Tour the Dane!
for healthy living! Brewery tour and beer tasting for five guests that
Rebecca Bernau Boehlke Priceless includes four appetizers and 15 pints of beer.  TGIF!
Great Dane Pub & Brewery $140.00
139. Blushing Beauty!
Makeup essentials for the holidays! 150. A Bit of Fusion!
Rebecca Bernau Boehlke Priceless Glass fusing experience!  Party and Pendants for 4
adults with sweets for the sweet from Wausau's only
140. Rejuvenate! cupcakery to tickle your taste buds!
DermaRenew Medical Cosmetic Care offers a choice Clay Corner Studio LLC
of one DermaRenew service:  Micro-Dermabrasion, Sweet Lola's Cupcakery & Bakeshop $75.00
Glycolic Peel or Facial.
DermaRenew Medical Spa $75.00 151. Wing Party
Gather the gang and head down to The Bar...Let's see
you polish off 200 Wings!
The Bar of Wausau $50.00

152. Fruits and Passion 158. Beautiful Baubles!
Cucina product line from SC Johnson showcasing Maidens Blush pink necklace and matching earrings.
hand cream, massage oil,  hand wash, shampoo and Erin Klein Jewelry Design $110.00
conditioner plus the ever popular kitchen products.
Kurt Baumann $170.00 159. Charming!
Amber and bronze bracelet and earrings.
153. Shopping Spree! Joan Klehr $15.00
This trip to Wausau Center Mall includes Aeropostale,
American Eagle, Footlocker, Hollister, and Subway 160. Sparkling Spirit!
NC Elementary School - St. Anne $150.00 Handcrafted Newman spirit wear jewelry.  Accessorize
with Newman pride!
154. Too Taxing! Mike & Barb Boehm $125.00
Help is on the way! Certificate good for any tax service.
H & R Block $50.00 161. In the Pink!
Beautiful soft pink crystal necklace with rhinestone
155. Fine Thymes! snowflake dangle.
Thymes Moonflower Body Lotion and Eau de Parfum, Joan Klehr $25.00
necklace and earrings, with an exotic leather Hobo
wallet clutch! 162. Bit of Blue Bangle!
Isaac's Fine Apparel $222.00 Blue and crystal choker hand beaded necklace with
elephant dangle.
156. Coach Handbag Joan Klehr $25.00
Relaxed elegance with matching scarf!  Everyone
should have at least one coach purse! 163. Sparkling!
Barb, Dale & Natalie Larson $250.00 Hand beaded choker in burgundy, black and gold tones
with rhinestone dangle heart.
157. A Must See! Joan Klehr $25.00
Beautiful brown and gold necklace with turquoise cross
and matching bracelet.  Locally designed.
To Bead or Not to Bead $125.00

Newman Catholic Schools Locations

Newman Catholic High School Newman Catholic Middle School
1130 W. Bridge Street, Wausau, WI 54401 1130 W. Bridge St., Suite 2, Wausau, WI 54401
715-845-8274 715-845-8274
Grades 9 - 12 Grades 6 - 8
Newman Catholic Elementary Schools
604 N. 6th Avenue, Wausau, WI 54401 602 Military Road, Rothschild, WI 54474
715-845-5754 715-359-9662
Grades K - 5 Grades Pre K - 5
Newman Catholic Early Childhood Centers
112 W. Kort Street, Schofield, WI 54476 615 Stark Street, Wausau, WI 54403
715-355-5254 715-848-0206
Infant - 12 years Infant - 6 years

Gifts for Holiday & Home 210. Gourmet Basket
Holiday treats including coffee, biscotti, chocolate
popcorn and more!
Flowers By Christine, LLC $25.00
201. Family Photo 211. Tastefully Simple
Everyone smile pretty!  A deluxe portrait session for The food you love - the time you deserve.  Easy to
family, friends or you decide.  In your home or in studio prepare foods for every day and every occasion in a
plus a 24" wall portrait. keepsake suitcase.
John Hartman Contemporary Photography Kerry & Mark Fehrman $100.00
202. Say Cheese! 212. Camping Adventure
One hour family portrait session, on location or in A good start for your next camping trip.  Don't forget the
studio.  Includes two 8 x 10 and four 5 x 7 photos and marshmallows!
access to proof website.  Perfect for Christmas. NCHS - Freshman Class Priceless
Robert Michael Photography $190.00
213. Grillin'
203. Seiko Wall Clock Don't put the grill away for winter.  Enjoy charbroiled
Beautiful Seiko Melodies in Motion retired series wall flavor all year long with this basket of grilling
clock.  Plays one of two melodies every hour on the accessories.
hour.  Featuring rotating pendulum decorated with 44 Sarah & John Amrein $60.00
swarovski crystals.
Paula Brainard $275.00 214. Hand Crafted Rug
This original design hand dyed and hooked rug features
204. Cardinals Sitting Pretty cardinals perched in a pine tree watching over  their
Find the perfect spot in your home for this cardinal pair future family.
print. Cathy Stephan $350.00
Cindy Markowski $48.00
215. Put Your Feet Up
205. Giraffe Print Spruce up the house for the holidays with this
Your very own piece of National Geographic.  Framed certificate for  two hours of residential or commercial
11 x 14 original print. cleaning.  Normal rates apply for additional cleaning. 
Cindy Markowski $62.00 Due to limited availability, desired dates may not be
available, therefore, please call far enough in advance
206. Penguin Waddle to schedule your appointment.  Certificate to be used
Framed 9 x 12 penguin print - perfect for the penguin by November 2011.
lover in your life. J. Heil Cleaning Service $50.00
Cindy Markowski $35.00
216. Relax - It's Done
207. "Ric's Day Job" Photograph We'll spruce things up with this certificate for two hours
Is this feline ready for attack or sending his feathered of residential or commercial cleaning.  Normal rates
friends good luck?  Lovely matted 16 x 20 picture apply for additional cleaning.  Due to limited availability,
featuring a black cat watching winter birds. desired dates may not be available, therefore,
Carol Miller Photography $125.00 please call far enough in advance to schedule your
appointment.  Certificate to be used by November
208. Algerian Ivy Topiary 2011.
No green thumb?  No need with this algerian ivy topiary J. Heil Cleaning Service $50.00
ball with basket.
J. W. Perry, Inc. $150.00 217. Caldrea Care
Caring for the home should be as luxurious as caring
209. Grates, Shreds & More for your body.  Caldrea - beautifully clean & elegantly
You'll be the next Top Chef with this mandoline slicer. green!
Carol & Jim Kraemer $25.00 Kurt Baumann $140.00

218. Holiday Scent Basket 229. Car Detail Package
Arbonne - inner and outer health and beauty, A happy car makes for a happy owner!  Complete
unparallelled in quality. deep clean for your car includes, clean & shine vinyl,
Dana Parlier Pease - Independent Arbonne vacuum interior, shampoo carpeting and upholstery,
International Consultant $150.00 exterior wash, degrease engine compartment, dress
wheels/tires, remove bugs & tar, clean door jambs,
219. Wireless Weather Station polish paint, hand wash, thorough window cleaning. 
Tracks indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, and Full service oil change, lube, 100 point inspection,
includes an ice alarm. battery and electrical system test, premium air filter,
Carol & Jim Kraemer $30.00 rain-x wiper blades, rotate and balance of tires!  Call
for appointment.  Wow!
220. Laptop Bag Olson Tire & Auto Service, Inc. $340.00
Great for student, business professional or traveler.
Marshfield Clinic - Wausau Center $50.00 230. Feathered Friends
Your feathered friends will stay close to home with this
221. Financial Planning wood feeder and supreme bird seed.
Retirement investment research package with two Marathon Town & Country Store $50.00
confidential meetings.
Waddell & Reed Financial Advisors $300.00 231. Peace Maker Quilt
Beautiful quilt handmade by the Parish of St. Matthew
222. Don't Delay Peace Makers.  Size is approximately 50" by 78".
Certificate for Basic Will for a married couple or a Dr. Elizabeth Wilson-Ward $100.00
single person.
Attorney Mark A. Seidl - 232. Tea Time
Seidl & Stingl, S. C. $300.00 Have a spot of tea with this cast iron Staub teapot with
two canisters of tea.
223. Mr. & Mrs. Wills Grebe's $165.00
Certificate for time and services for preparation of
husband and wife simple wills. 233. Take a Memo
Crooks, Low & Connell, S.C $350.00 You'll be late for dinner - don't forget to leave a note!
Carol & Jim Kraemer $20.00
224. Car TLC Gift Card
Keep your vehicle looking great and lasting longer with 234. Snowman Bird House
this car wash card to be used at Mount View Mobil Hwy Ceramic round bird house - how unique!
39 / NN, Rib Mountain. Carol & Jim Kraemer $15.00
Mount View Mobil $100.00
235.Purple Opal Gazing Globe
225. Car Wash Gift Card Gazing garden ball  and stand  - a lovely way to add
Your car will sparkle with this car wash card to be used flare to your garden and hummingbirds love 'em.  
at Mount View Mobil / Hwy 39 & NN, Rib Mountain. The Secret Garden $104.00
Mount View Mobil $100.00
236. Ceramic Cardinals
226. Fight the Road Salt Decorate any table with this cardinal dish.
Car wash card to be used at Mount View Mobil / Hwy 39 Carol & Jim Kraemer $15.00
& NN, Rib Mountain.  Don't let the winter road salt win!
Mount View Mobil $100.00 237. Glass Bowl
Magnificent handmade glass dish.  A lovely piece
227. Service or Parts made in Italy.
Discount coupon for service or parts for any make or The Lamplighter $33.00
model vehicle.
Dave Kasten Motors, Inc. $50.00 238. Snowman Bean Pot
Ceramic Snowman Bean Pot made in the Centennial,
228. Auto Care CO studios of Expressly Yours - signed and dated. 
Everything you need to keep your vehicle clean. How fun!
Rebecca Bernau Boehlke Priceless Brian & Mary Brotz $80.00

239. Serve it With Style 252. Sleigh Ride
On this Food Network five piece party tray. A winter wonderland sleigh ride for two set among the
Carol & Jim Kraemer $40.00 pine trees with a roaring bon fire.
Starwood Farms/ Rides $65.00
240. Oak Mirror
Enchanting oval oak mirror with scroll work tree design. 253. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Basket
Judy Pederson $175.00 Clean like the dickens, yet smell like a garden. 
Includes: dryer sheets, all purpose cleaner, laundry
241. St. John's Bible soap, dish soap, fabric softener, scour powder, surface
Beautiful hard bound St. John's Bible. wipes, liquid hand soap and more.
Mary Jo & Stephen Gassner $70.00 Kurt Baumann $100.00

242. Botanical Design 254. Whistle While You Work

Permanent botanical design to enhance any decor. Products that make life easier and keep your home
Blossoms and Bows $100.00 clean and beautiful.
Kurt Baumann $100.00
243. Wipe Your Feet
23" x 43" floral tapestry rug in soft green hue. 255. Spring Cleaning
Nigbur's Fine Furniture $100.00 Just what you need to keep your home looking its best.
Kurt Baumann $100.00
244. Back Door Throw
23" x 43" floral tapestry rug with black background and 256. Holiday Spruce Up
rose accents. Everything you to need to make your home sparkle
Nigbur's Fine Furniture $100.00 for holiday guests.
Kurt Baumann $100.00
245. Runner
23" x 43" floral tapestry rug in wine color. 257. Sparkle
Nigbur's Fine Furniture $100.00 The best products for home and family.
Kurt Baumann $100.00
246. Warm The Hearth
23" x 43" tapestry floral rug in hunter green. 258. Zip It!
Nigbur's Fine Furniture $100.00 Block out air and lock in freshness.  With the smart zip
247. A Cozy Carpet Kurt Baumann $75.00
23" x 43" floral tapestry rug in rose.
Nigbur's Fine Furniture $100.00 259. Giving Thanks
Prep the turkey, set the table and give thanks for
248. Scatter Rug twelve. Williams Sonoma turkey brine and gravy starter
23" x 43" tapestry floral rug in black, with rose accent. all rolled up in a turkey roasting pan.
Nigbur's Fine Furniture $100.00 C.Ann Dietrich $150.00

249. Protect the Hardwood 260. Triple Treat

23" x 43" tapestry floral rug in sea foam green with Add a special touch to Halloween, Thanksgiving and
amber accents. Christmas.
Nigbur's Fine Furniture $100.00 Virginia & Paul Gottschalk $20.00

250. Window Box Christmas 261. Decorate!

Perfect for Christmas decorating and more. Pumpkin / Christmas ornament for holiday decorating.
The Window Box Garden Gift and Home $25.00 Virginia & Paul Gottschalk $20.00

251. A Slice of Yum 262. Festive Fun

Tasty pizza and two tees.  Experience a slice or two Pumpkin / Christmas ornament for October through
with pizza dining for two.  December decorating.
Polito's Pizza $50.00 Virginia & Paul Gottschalk $20.00

263. Proudly Perched 270. NCES St. Anne Concert Seats
Framed original iris folded cardinal. Grades 3 - 5
Tirzah Clark Priceless NCES St. Anne Grades 3 - 5 Christmas concert seats
for four with parking space - Tuesday, December 7,
264. Proudly Perched #2 2010, 6:30 PM.
Framed original iris folded cardinal. NC Elementary School - St. Anne Priceless
Tirzah Clark Priceless
271. NCES St. Anne Concert Seats
265. Hoppy Easter Grades K - 2
A traditional Easter feast - ham!  Serve on beautiful NCES St. Anne Grades K - 2 Christmas concert seats
Spode and decorate your table with hand crocheted for four with parking space - Tuesday, December 14,
eggs. 2010, 6:30 PM.
C. Ann & Dean Dietrich NC Elementary School - St. Anne Priceless
Zillman's Meat Market $115.00
272. NCES St. Mark Concert Seats
266. Fall Landscaping NCES St. Mark Christmas concert seats for six with
$50 off any tree in the nursery.  Not to be combined parking space - Thursday, December 9, 2010, 6:30
with any other discount.  Tree must be picked up within PM.
two weeks of auction. NC Elementary School - St. Mark Priceless
Majestic Farms $50.00
273. NCECC St. Michael Concert Tickets
267. Arbor Day NC Early Childhood Center - St. Michael  Christmas
$50 off any tree in the nursery.  Not to be combined concert seats for six with parking space - Friday,
with any other discount.  Tree must be picked up within December 16, 2010, 6:30 PM.
two weeks of Winter Wonderland. NC Early Child Development Centers Priceless
Majestic Farms $50.00
274. Nutcracker Ballet
268. NCMS Concert Seats - Choir Side Welcome the Christmas holiday with Clara and the
NCMS reserved Christmas concert seats for six, choir sugar plum fairies.  Four tickets to the Nutcracker
side. Concert is Monday, December 6, 2010, 6:30 PM. ballet on Saturday, December 4, 2010 - 7:30 PM.
Newman Catholic Middle School Priceless Central Wisconsin School of Ballet $120.00

269. NCMS Concert Seats - Band Side 275. Ho Ho Ho

NCMS  Christmas concert seats for six -  Band side. You will love this Santa candy dish.
Concert is Monday, December 6, 2010, 6:30 PM. Kelly & Mike Meverden Priceless
Newman Catholic Middle School Priceless

Price Considerations

Baumer Limousine, LLC PK Creations, LLC

Evolutions in Design Sprocketz Bikes
Gander Mountain Sun Printing
Jim Kryshak Jewelers Stoney Creek Inn
Magical Nights Mobile DJ, Inc. The Mint Cafe

Merrill House of Music & Home The Rose Garden

Entertainment Travel Leaders

276. Handcrafted Stocking Door Hanger 282.Santa
Large hand hooked Christmas door stocking with Free standing Santa perfect for your holiday display at
mixed greens.  The stocking is pure wool, red and home!
white stripes with a plaid cuff.  All done by hand! Mary Jo & Stephen Gassner $50.00
Cathy Stephan $150.00
283.Christmas Merriment
277. Adorn Your Holiday Table Join in the fun this holiday season with a basket
With this Christmas centerpiece. filled with martini glasses, napkins and ornaments all
Al-Rene's Flowers $35.00 decorated for Christmas.  This festive package comes
with a special candy cane martini recipe and fixings
278. Holiday Baking you need to enjoy the holidays.
Holiday baking set that includes Penzey spices, cookie Colette & Matt Brill $200.00
sheets, cooling racks, cookbook and gingerbread
cookie cutters. 284. Christmas Creche
C.Ann Dietrich Spread the joy of Christmas year after year.
St. Nick $90.00 Virginia & Paul Gottschalk $200.00

279. Festival of Trees 285. Say a Little Prayer for Me

Framed collection of iris folded trees. Hand carved olive wood from Jerusalem.
Tirzah Clark Priceless Kathy & Mike Weise 65.00

280. Angelic
Adorn your front door with this beautiful tin angel.
Enid Dietrich $59.00

281. Oh Christmas Tree

Holiday decoration perfect for every decor. 
Carol & Jim Kraemer $14.00

Celebrate the Good News!

Newman Catholic Schools is an accredited school district
through AdvancED. The largest accreditation and school
improvement organization in the world.

Gifts for Sport 310. Does a Woodchuck Chuck?
Twelve Woodchuck baseball flex tickets for the 2011
season.  General admission seats are good anytime.
Wisconsin Woodchucks Baseball $65.00

301. Be A Player! 311. Filson Wool...Need We Say More?

Multi-activity table includes hockey, bowling, Known for it's rugged wear and warmth, you'll keep
shuffleboard, finger football, basketball, ring-toss and cozy all winter long in this men's size XL jacket.
dartboard.  Keep the family occupied for hours! Baeseman's Shoe & Clothing $265.00
Kathy & Randy Petterson $180.00
312. Bat Girl to the Rescue
302. You'll be the next Maria Sharapova Sit on the bench and be the bat girl for any home NCHS
Be a Pro! Five one hour tennis lessons from a Newman Softball game of the 2011 season.
Girls Varsity Player, tennis balls, accessories, tennis NCHS Girls Softball Team Priceless
jewelery and note cards.
NCHS - Girls Tennis Team Priceless 313. Hoop it Up Birthday Party
Host your child's birthday party with two hours of fun
303. Reel Weeds and basketball in the NCHS gym. Mr. Roz will provide
How cool is this?  Way Cool...make your own structure the games and activities, you provide the food and
out of these reel weeds and the fish will come!  All you goodie bags.
need is to drop your line and hook one! NCS Athletic Department
LaDredge Outdoors $80.00 Mr. Danny Rozwadowski $100.00

304. Can You See Me? 314. Honorary Volleyball Coach

Binoculars are perfect for backyard bird or deer Sit on the sidelines and be the honorary coach for
viewing.  These are Bushnell and have a 25mm 10X a game in the 2011 Volleyball season.  Date to be
power lens. determined.
Wisconsin Public Service Corporation $24.00 NCHS Girls Volleyball Team
Coach Betty Lange Priceless
305. Play Hookey For The Day
Take the day off and golf Indianhead with a friend, 315. Volleyball Summer Skills Camp
eighteen holes plus a cart. You can't pass this up. One free registration to the annual skills camp held in
Indianhead Golf Course $125.00 the NCHS gym.  Date yet to be determined for the 2011
306. Better Game? Better Swing? NCHS Girls Volleyball Team
Looking to purchase that new club?  Use this discount Coach Betty Lange $50.00
coupon for any Taylor Made Iron for a man or woman.
Goal Line Golf and Hockey Shop $100.00 316. Summer Specialty Camp Registration
One free registration to a specialty volleyball camp
307. Play 9 directed by Head NCHS Volleyball Coach, Betty
Take an afternoon break and take three buddies to play Lange. The 2011 date is yet to be determined.
nine holes at Indianhead Golf Course.  Comes with a NCHS Girls Volleyball Team
golf umbrella and a package of balls! Coach Betty Lange $50.00
Kevin Klasinski Insurance Agency $100.00
317. NCHS Track Workout
308. Cooler Combo Everything you need to get in shape to be on the State
Head off to the lake and keep your food and drinks cool Championship team at NCHS.  Items not found in the
with this padded cooler tote and mat. school store include shirt, short, socks and more!
Wisconsin Public Service Corporation $22.00 NCHS Track Team Priceless

309. Walk On 318. Franck's Gym

Beautiful hand carved red cardinal walking stick to One of the best gym's in town has a three month
accompany you on your travels. individual membership just for you!
Mary & Kevin Lieders $25.00 Franck’s Gym $117.00

319. Notre Dame Tee 327. Autographed Mini Helmet - Don Beebe
Available on campus only. Football tee-shirt in size Mini Packer helmet personally autographed by
large. retired Packer wide receiver Don Beebe.  His story of
Paul & Joan Steinlage $15.00 reaching and excelling in the NFL is considered one of
the greatest inspirational stories in all of professional
319 A. Notre Dame Tee sports.
Available on campus only. Football tee-shirt in size Newman Catholic Schools Priceless
extra large. Go Irish!
Paul & Joan Steinlage $15.00 328. Wooden Green Bay Packer
Handmade Packer yard ornament stands between
320. Letter Jacket three and four feet tall and wears a real helmet.  A real
Newman Letter jacket for your student athlete- male or Packer backer!
female. Go Newman!! Dale & Beth Thoreson $75.00
Webko, Inc. $250.00
329. Autographed Mini Helmet - Bill
321. Boys Basketball Camp #1 Schroeder
Camp registration for the boys basketball camp held in Mini Packer helmet personally autographed by retired
late June. This camp is usually a sell-out! Packer wide receiver Bill Schroeder.  A Wisconsin
NCHS Boys Basketball Team native.
Coach Jeff Gress $50.00 Newman Catholic Schools Priceless

322. Boys Basketball Camp #2 330. Go Pack Go!

He Shoots...and Scores!  Camp registration for the Be in style when you head out to the game.
boys basketball camp held in late June. Sign up now! St. Nick $8.00
NCHS Boys Basketball Team
Coach Jeff Gress $50.00 331. Hoop it Up in Milwaukee!
Two tickets to a 2010-2011 Milwaukee Bucks game. 
323. Coach from the Bench Game Exclusions- Lakers, Miami, Boston, Orlando
Be an Assistant Coach with NCHS Head Coach Jeff and Chicago. Catch the NBA fever!
Gress from the sidelines during the boy's basketball Milwaukee Bucks $104.00
game on January 27, 2011, vs Northland Lutheran. 
Winner to be announced in the pre-game and sit on 332. Take Me Out to the Ball Game
the bench!  Grade 3 - 6 only. Voucher good for four people to attend a Brewer game
NCHS Boys Basketball Team and sit in club level seats.  Good any Monday through
Coach Jeff Gress Priceless Thursday home game.  Not valid for Marquee games
or any all-fan giveaway dates.  Certificate must be
324. Coach for a Game redeemed at least 10 days prior to game.
Help the Boy's Basketball Head Coach, Jeff Gress Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club $150.00
from the sidelines during the boy's basketball game on
February 1, 2011, vs Pittsville.  Be announced in the 333. Brewers 40th Anniversary
pre-game and sit on the bench!  Grade 3 - 6 only. Only season ticket holders could collect this package....
NCHS Boys Basketball Team now you can!  40th Anniversary package includes
Coach Jeff Gress Priceless bobble heads of the decades - Hank Aaron, Robin
Yount, Cecil Cooper, CC Sabathia and Ben Oglivie.
325. Go Girls Soccer! Cheer towel and a collector's anniversary poster
Scooore!!! With this soccer ball autographed by the included.
2011 team. Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club $125.00
NCHS Girls Soccer Team Priceless
334. Family Play Date
326. Go Cards Go Passes for a family of four to a single day use of Sylvan
Support Newman by wearing Spirit Wear!  Duffle bag Hill tubing.
filled with: pom-poms, ball cap, striped socks, fleece Marathon County Parks,
blanket, capri pants, long sleeve shirt and mardi gras Recreation & Forestry $30.00
beads to complete your outfit.
NCHS Pep Club $100.00

335. Swim Like a Fish... 342. Girls State Basketball Champs
Join the fish in the sea and take a $50 discount off the NCHS 2010 Girls State Champions photo and signed
annual membership. basketball.  A real keepsake.
Marathon Area Swim Association $50.00 NCHS Girls Basketball
Coaches Tipple and Weinkauf Priceless
336. Ready, Aim, Fire!
One year membership in the club plus four hours of 343. Fantasy Football Draft
instruction in trapshooting with  NRA/ATA certified Perfect for your fantasy football dreams.  Play the draft!
trapshooting coach Russ Slaby.  Shells and targets Jim & Virginia Romanski $50.00
Weston Trap Club $120.00 344. Be a Team Player!
Special package of NCHS football apparel not available
337. Neighborhood Bowling! in the school store.  Polo, Sweatshirt, Special Football
Game coupons for twenty free games...Make it a party! and more!
Coral Lanes, Inc. $40.00 NCHS Football Team Priceless

338. Autographed NCHS Boys Soccer Ball 345. Snow Boogie Board
Autographed  Boys team soccer ball signed by the Shoot the moguls or at least your driveway with a
2010 Conference, Regional and Sectional Champs!  Whamo Snow Boogie Air Thunder board.
STATE BOUND!! Greg & Tammy Leischer $28.00
NCHS Boys Soccer Team Priceless
346. Marquette Basketball Package
339. Cheer Them On Package to include a pair of tickets to two Big East
2010 boys soccer sweatshirt, size large. games as well as spirit/team wear.  Ticket dates will be
Mike Switalski $20.00 available after December 1st.  Spirit wear includes: XL
Sweatshirt, Two short sleeve tee-shirts in M & L, One
340. Girls Summer Basketball Camp #1 long sleeve tee shirt in XL, blue and gold beads and a
Camp registration for a week of basketball camp to be mini basketball hoop. M-U Rah! Rah!
held in the NCHS gym.  Date to be determined.  Learn The Connolly Family $150.00
from the State Champs!
NCHS Girls Basketball 347. Get in the School Spirit
Coaches Tipple and Weinkauf $50.00 The perfect accessories for every Newman event! 
Hand knit cardinal colored scarf and hat.
341. Girls Summer Basketball Camp #2 Ed & Micki Koth $55.00
Camp registration for a week of basketball camp to be
held in the NCHS gym. Date to be determined.  Learn
from the State Champs!
NCHS Girls Basketball
Coaches Tipple and Weinkauf $50.00

We are most pleased to announce that

Newman Catholic Schools has been choosen as a

Kennedy Center Partner in Education!

NCS is the first private school in the nation to

become a Kennedy Center partner!
Gifts for Kids & Kritters 410. Welcome Mortals to Mount Olympus!
Lose yourself in an ancient world as you brave four
thrilling lands.  37 steep and slippery slides.  6 hair-
raising roller coasters.  8 curve-hugging go-kart tracks. 
A titanic array of attractions, wet and dry. These four
401. Sweet Cycling! off season passes are good until May 2011.
Girls Six Speed 20" Bike. Mt. Olympus Resort and Theme Park $100.00
NC Elementary School - St. Mark $95.00
411. Top Secret!
402. Razor Electric Dirt Bike 10 tickets equals a party at the "Top Secret" in the
Razor electric dirt bike, powerful enough to carry riders Wisconsin Dells.  Experience an upside down white
weightng up to 140 lbs and runs for up to 10 miles on house and all the hidden secrets and unplanned
a single charge at up to 14 mph! Features riser bars, detours.
twist-grip throttle and more. Eat dirt hills for breakfast. Top Secret, Inc. $100.00
NC Elementary School - St. Mark $235.00
412. 2010 Holiday Barbie
403. Razor Ripstick Caster Board "Your little angel can celebrate the holidays with this
Just twist and go!  The Ripstick Caster Board brings beautiful Holiday Barbie Doll in her snowy white gown!"
the carving thrill of surfing and snowboarding to dry NC Elementary School - St. Mark $42.00
land!  Its unique twisting motion moves you forward!
NC Elementary School - St. Mark $125.00 413. Meet Lanie!
The American Girl Doll of  2010!  She discovers the
404. Look! It's a Giraffe! world in her own backyard!  Package includes doll,
Your kids will have a safari blast with this Giraffe book, plus several outfits.
shaped tent which stands 40" high.  Easy setup for NC Elementary School - St. Mark $140.00
ages three and up.
Carol & Jim Kraemer $25.00 414. Disney Princess Paper Doll Kit
Princesses and friends for hours of pretend!
405. Look! It's a Zebra! St. Nick $14.00
Striped Zebra play tent, easy to pop up for your child's
safari adventure.  Ages three and up. 415. Little Mommy Walk and Giggle
Carol & Jim Kraemer $25.00 Girls will have fun trying to keep up with this little mover
and shaker! This fully interactive doll can sit, stand,
406. Nerf Outdoor Sports Action Pack and walk, all by herself! She also loves to play peek-
This multi-sport Nerf pack includes a pocket-sized a-boo, "drink" from her bottle, and take her puppy pull
Vortex Football for those long balls.  Throw curveballs, toy for a stroll.  Ages three and up.
sinkers and other trick pitches with 3 Curve Pitch Mills Fleet Farm $60.00
Greg & Tammy Leischer $30.00 416. Bowl & Party at Days!
Group bowling package for five people.  Perfect for a
407. On the Road Again birthday party!  Includes shoe rental, pizza and soft
All he needs for a road trip! drinks.
NC Early Child Development Centers $50.00 Day's Bowl A Dome $40.00
408. GPX Karaoke Party Machine 417. Slumber Party!
Features include a built-in 5.5" black and white monitor, All that's needed for a girl to enjoy a slumber party with
a screen that displays CD+G graphics, a top-loading friends.
CD/CDR/CDR-W player with 2-digit led display and NC Elementary School - St. Anne $130.00
MUCH more!  Santa will be a hit with this one!
NC Elementary School - St. Mark $85.00 418. 1st Class Pet Lodge
Two nights boarding with a grooming package and gift
409. It's Big ~ It's Wild ~ It's Western! basket of healthy treats.
The 53rd Mid-Western Rodeo in Manawa!  A family First Class Pet Lodge $250.00
pack of tickets good for any performance of the rodeo
for July 1-3, 2011.
Mid-Western Rodeo $42.00

419. Kronenwetter Vet Clinic 428. Preschool Play!
Pet care by people who care!  Certificate for any Two push toys!  One musical and one popper!  Plus a
services. push button telephone!  Santa's shopping complete!
Kronenwetter Veterinary Care $75.00 St. Nick $35.00

420. Garfield's Health Care Plan 429. Bilingual Laptop!

The best health for your cat includes: physical exam, English and Spanish with a touch of a button!
rabies and FDCR vaccination with a fecal exam. Jim & Virginia Romanski $50.00
Marathon Animal Hospital S.C. $110.00
430. Antoine's Adult Park Adventure
421. Fido's Health Care Plan Personally autographed by Newman Alumn and author
The best health for your dog includes: physical exam Matt Ackermann.  Ages 3 and up.
and rabies, DHL/PAP, heartworm vaccination with a Matthew Ackermann $12.00
fecal exam.
Marathon Animal Hospital S.C. $140.00 431. Highlights for Kids
Two gift subscriptions to Highlights or High 5
422. Super Fly! magazines, 8 different Highlight workbooks that include
Parachute Monkey launches high! Floats down!  Puzzlemania, Hidden Pictures, Mathmania and more!
Whether with slingshot or thrown ~ Hear Superfly Highlights for Children $100.00
St. Nick $8.00 432. Seaside Sidekicks Day at the Beach!
Clicker Crab and Flex Octopus gathered horse shoes,
423. Sugar Puppy! pail & shovel, sand molds and sunhat with a bright
You will want to snuggle up to this cute Build-a-Bear green beach bag and book to go!
stuffed pup with sound in the paw plus outfits! Janke Book Store $110.00
Mary Jo Gassner $40.00
433. Disney Music Player Storybook
424. A Zhu-Zhu Pair! Deluxe storybook and play CD pack for toddlers and
Two Zhu-Zhu pets ~ fun loving hamsters each with preschoolers to hum along with tunes inspired by all of
unique personalities and sounds. They chatter, scatter, Disney's favorite friends.
scoot, and scurry!  Includes bed, blanket and drive in St. Nick $11.00
movie theater.
St. Nick $38.00 434. Princess Magical Learn & Go
Vtech Disney Princess Magical Learn & Go builds skills
425. Me & My Mom including letter recognition, alphabet order, spelling,
A bear cub delights in spending a fun-filled day with his logic, music and more!
mother.  Book and Bear make a delightful gift! St. Nick $15.00
St. Nick $12.00
435. Disney Tinker Bell!
426. Jackson Street Roundhouse Light up Tinker Bell and her fairy home ~ the perfect
The Great Northern Railways historic Jackson Street gift for your little girl!
Roundhouse, provides a unique opportunity for kids of St. Nick $28.00
all ages to experience railroading in the Twin Cities and
Upper Midwest.  Located near downtown St. Paul this 436. To Infinity and Beyond!
offers wonderful activities for the entire family.  Passes This is so cute that any adult will want to take it home! 
for two adults and three children. Your very own talking Buzz Light Year ready to fly!
Minnesota Transportation Museum $46.00 St. Nick $15.00

427. Thomas Tank Toolbox! 437. Mr. Potato Head

The Thomas & Friends Toolbox Sound Book: Right on Take along Mr. Potato Head anywhere in this travel
Time Rescues is an interactive storybook and toy tool case.
set!  The book comes with a toy wrench, toy hammer, St. Nick $15.00
and toy screwdriver for young mechanics to use.  Ages
18 months & up.
St. Nick $12.00

438. Little Chefs! 447. Twlight Ladybug Night Light
Cookbooks, homemade apron, mixing bowl & whisk Starry, Starry Night!  Twilight constellation night light
and baking items packaged for your budding Bobby creates a magical, restful environment that helps your
Flay or Rachel Ray! child drift off to sleep. 
The Goetz Family $75.00 NC Elementary School - St. Mark $27.00

439. Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker 448. Sick Day Sitter

Cup cake maker that allows microwave baking and The winning bidder will received up to 8 1/2 hours of in-
tools to decorate with icing and sprinkles! Comes with your-home care when your child is mildly ill and unable
two refills - one vanilla, one chocolate. to go to school or daycare.  Offers weekday care within
St. Nick $30.00 a 20 mile radius of Rib Mountain.
Sick Day Sitter, LLC $130.00
440. Pottery Party
Do you have a crafty kid? An artsy adolescent? Then 449. Find It!
here is the party for you!  The NCHS pottery party with Spin it, twist it, shake it, it's so much fun! Kids and
Principal Theiss and NCHS Art Teacher, Rob Tourdot adults will become addicted to this colorful, fun game! 
is right up your alley.  Let your creative juices flow! You'll be looking at it for hours trying to find the objects
Your child plus seven friends will make a plate using inside.
our wide selection of ceramic glazes.  The party will St. Nick $14.00
include a scavenger hunt and party prizes. Held at
Newman Catholic High School.  Mutually agreed date 450. Paper Jamz Guitar and Amp
please. Paper Jamz Guitar, Style #6 with built in songs by
NCHS - Art Department, Rob Tourdot Nickleback &  Hinder.  Paper Jamz is the only affordable
NCHS - Principal Larry Theiss Priceless and innovative play instrument that provides an instant
rock star experience and open-ended play!  The
441. Traditional Tinker Toys creative blend of technology and play is made possible
Bring a piece of your childhood home! with Active Graphics TechnologyTM which allows for
St. Nick $20.00 circuit-embedded paper, enabling you to play like a pro
by simply touching the paper surface! Comes with it's
442. Lego Star Wars! own amplifier.
Create the X-Wing Fighter out of  Legos!  Ages 8 -14. St. Nick $40.00
Legos under the tree ~ building holiday memories that
last all year long! 451. Nikon Coolpix Camera
Mills Fleet Farm $60.00 Nikon's commitment to technological innovation
continues to pack even more power and greater
443. K'NEX Fire Rescue expressive capability into their easy to handle
Imagine, Build, Play!  Packed with 127 parts plus step- COOLPIX digital cameras. You cannot miss with this
by-step instructions and building ideas for 10 unique RED 12.0 megapixels, 36x optical 200 zoom and a 3
models!  Ages 5 and up. inch LCD screen.
St. Nick $15.00 NC Elementary School - St. Mark $125.00

444. Scrabble Flash 452. Bohemian Beads

It's up to you to find words in a "flash" with this fun, Bead and create!  Be on the cutting edge of fashion
electronic version of the classic SCRABBLE game! with this fun kit.
SmartLink tiles build your words and flash and beep St. Nick $10.00
with each word you make!  It's fast-paced, addictive,
word-building fun. 453. Tie Dye Mania
St. Nick $25.00 Cool!  Be the best dressed kid on the block and create
your own clothing.
445. Nintendo DSI St. Nick $18.00
With the Mario & Luigi Bundle!
Paula & Russ Slaby $150.00 454. 501 Things to Draw
How to draw (nearly) everything. Kids won't know
446. Doodle Dice! which of the hundreds of characters to start with first!
Fun, challenging way for everyone in your family to be St. Nick $12.00
a 'doodle artist'! Game for 2-6 players, ages 6 and up.
St. Nick $15.00

455. Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory 459. Reading Buddy Chair & Books
Keep it moving and keep the fun coming with this Child's reading chair with stuffed animals and books,
awesome moving MEGA FUN FACTORY conveyor books, books!
belt set.  Load your Play-Doh in one end and turn on Debbie, Matt & Josh Watson $162.00
your conveyor belt to stamp out pretend toys or food
from one of the two gear molds. 460. Student Desk
NC Elementary School - St. Mark $32.00 Wooden desk with a spacious work surface, two
shelves and slide out keyboard shelf.  The perfect
456. Petite Picasso addition to any bedroom  for your student at home,
Melissa & Doug Art Easel and supplies! Folds nice or..... in a college student's house.  (Hey, it might be
and comes with the accessories needed to help turn their best piece of furniture).   Loaded with additional
your child into the next Picasso! "must have" supplies.
NC Early Child Development Centers $150.00 Stew & Tracy Etten $320.00

457. For the Budding Artist! 461. Victorian Doll House

Professional art supplies for the young painter.  Easel, Vintage Victorian hand crafted wooden doll house
mixed media paper, colored pencils, paints, canvas, decorated for the season furnished for that favorite
sketch book and more! little girl in your life!  This is a treasure!
NC Elementary School - St. Anne $150.00 Dolores & Jack Stacker Priceless

458. Playskool Creativity Table

Your Toddler will love this all-in-one Clipo station with
its spinning gears, bright chunky connecting pieces,
shape sorters and drop slots. Spinning turntable adds
to the fun and removes for stand-alone play.
Greg & Tammy Leischer $40.00

Additional Package Details
4. Greenwood Hills Golf
Greenwood Hills is a private golf club and access to the course is restricted on certain
days and times. Dress code required.

7. Relieve The Stress

Allied Health Chiropractic – Bautch Chiropractic East
Care will be provided by Dr. Dan Throm D.C. at 305 N. 6th Street, EAST Wausau. Call
715-842-0818 to set up appointments and discuss needs.

9. Mexican Cooking Class

Please provide your own beverages - No alcohol will be provided.

13. Beaver Creek Condo

Arrival date is Saturday, December 4, 2010 with departure date of Friday, December 10,
2010. Maximum occupancy – eight people. Other on site amenities include: full kitchen,
fireplace, washer/dryer, balcony, Jacuzzi, indoor pool, sauna, steam room, daily maid ser-
vice, covered parking and ski storage. Visit for more information
and photos.

36. Sanibel Condo

Anne Flaherty will be happy to help you with questions and rental assistance. Contact
her at 715-842-4228. The Flahertys were kind enough to book NCS / Wausau School
District Spring Break 2011 week (3/27 – 4/2) for the Winter Wonderland high bidder! This
is a wonderful opportunity for two couples / two families. Includes two Kings, two Queen
sleepers, and two twins. Visit Guests are encouraged to
take full advantage of the resort’s five outdoor pools. Eight clay tennis courts, a fitness
center, a Pilates and yoga studio, and a 40,000-square-foot spa with 29 treatment rooms
available for a fee. In the evenings, Sanibel Harbour’s private yacht, the Sun Princess,
offers open-air dinner cruises. Private charters are also available.

38. Wausau Country Club Golf

Wausau Country Club is a private club and access to the course is restricted on certain
days and times. Call the golf shop for reservations at 715-359-6164. Dress code required
– no denim allowed. Not valid on Saturdays before noon.

46. Let It Snow – Kemp Snow Plowing

Plowing is done by truck, after more than an inch of snow has fallen. No sidewalk shovel-
ing included.

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2010 Newman Catholic High School
Newman Catholic High School students consistently score above other local
high schools on the American College Test (ACT). The ACT measures
knowledge, understanding and skills acquired during the K-12 educational
experience. The vast majority of Newman students voluntarily take the ACT
each year.
SCHOOL Enrollment Number of Percentage of Composite
Students Tested Students Tested ACT
Newman Catholic 48 42 87.5% 23.5
High School
Athens HS 40 27 67% 22.1
D C Everest HS 436 270 61% 22.4
Edgar HS 56 40 71% 22.4
Merrill HS 278 131 47% 22.3
Mosinee HS 188 105 55% 22.0
Spencer HS 45 24 53.3% 22.6
Stratford Jr/Sr Hi 77 39 50.6% 22.8
Wausau East HS 335 198 59.1% 22.2
Wausau West HS 439 273 62% 21.8
(from Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction WINNS Website at

Advance Placement Testing

A total of 56 tests were administered to 34 students with an average school composite score of 3.286.
(5 being the highest score)
Overall 39% of Newman Catholic High School seniors took an AP exam and 84% of the seniors received
an AP score of 3 or higher on at least one exam exceeding the state average by more than 60%.
In 2009 only 17.5% of Wisconsin high school graduates received an AP test score of a 3 or better with just
over 25% of the state’s seniors taking an AP exam.
(Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

School Report Card

100% Graduating students annually who continue their education at a post-secondary institution of
their choice
69% Newman Catholic High School Seniors take a minimum of one AP Class
88% Newman Catholic students who are ready for the rigors of college English
(based on the College Board ACT School Performance Report)
100% Graduating students who take 3 years of science and 3 years of math (minimally)
83% Students who participate in at least one school co-curricular activity or sport
100% Newman’s annual graduation rate

A Few Fast Facts

� 46 students in the Class of 2010 were awarded over $474,000 in college scholarships
� 12:1 student-to-teacher ratio ensures small learning environments focusing on student success
� New science lab, science prep room and chemistry classroom completed in November 2008
� Completed successful Capital Campaign for facility updates and athletic fields renovation 2009
� New multi-media classroom w/portable computer lab and wireless internet added 2010
� Fighting Cardinals athletic team presence in State Tournament every year since 2001

For More Information about NCHS

Larry Theiss, Principal, 715-845-8274
Or visit us on the web:

You . . . our
Twenty-Third A