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The Prophet SAW Comes your mother Comes your mother Cause who used to hug
Told us that be must obey Allah Who next? Your mother Who next? Your mother
And buy you new clothes
and his messenger at all time Who next? Your mother Who next? Your mother
Comb your hair
But after that, who else did he And then your father And then your father
tells And blow your nose

to listen to And when you cry

Cause who used to hold you Cause who used to hear you
and be close to Who wiped your tears?
And clean you and clothes you Before you could talk
Your mother (chorus) Knows your fears
Who used to feed you? Who used to hold you?
Yes. Well done Who really cares?
And always be with you Before you could walk
My mother
When you were sick And when you fell who picked
Who should I give my love to? you up
Stay up all night
My respect and my honor to Clean your cut Say Alhamdulillah
Holding you tight
Who should I pay good mind to? No one but your mother Thank you Allah
That's right no other
After Allah My mother Thank you Allah
My mother
And Rasulullah For my mother.

Who should I stay right close to?

Who should I take good care of?
Listen most to
Giving all my love
Never say no to
Who should I think most of?
After Allah
After Allah
And Rasulullah
And Rasulullah
Comes your mother

Who next? Your mother

Who next? Your mother

And then your father

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