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Section – A
Q1. Choose the correct options.
1. The founder of Algebra, a famous Muslim scientist born in 780 A.D was _____________
a. Al - Khwarizmi c. Al – Kandi
b. Al - Beruni d. Naseer Uddin Tusi
2. One meter is equal to __________ nanometer.
a. 103 c. 109
b. 10 d. 1022
3. If the length of the pendulum becomes four times, its time period will become _________
a. Four Times c. Three Times
b. Twice d. Eight Times
4. The S.I Unit of pressure is __________
a. Pascal c. Newton Meter
b. Newton d. Kilogram per cube meter
5. The emission of rays from the nucleus is called
a. Chemical Process c. Radio Activity
b. Atomic Process d. Atomic Dispersion
6. The eye and the camera are similar because the image formed in both is _____________
a. Real, inverted and small c. Virtual, erect and small
b. Real, erect and small d. Real, inverted and enlarged
7. The speed of light is
a. 3 x 106 c. 3 x 108
b. 3 x 10 d. 1.86 x 106
8. If the force acting on a body is doubled, then the acceleration produced is ____________
a. 1/2 c. Double
b. 1/7 d. Quadrupled
9. G is called
a. Gravitation attraction c. Gravitation due to gravity
b. Gravitation force d. Gravitation constant
10. Which of the following belongs to the second kind of lever?
a. Pair of scissor c. Door
b. Pair of forceps d. Arm Balance
11. The center of gravity of body is point where ____________
a. The torque c. The external force
b. The weight of the body d. None of these
12. Elasticity of a substance depends on its
a. Temperature c. Natured
b. Size d. None of these
13. Dr Abdus Salam was awarded Nobel Prize for his work on
a. Electronics c. Gravitation
b. Radiation d. Grand unification threoy
14. One meter is equal to ____________
a. 104 mm c. 102 mm
b. 10 mm d. 106 mm
15. ______________ is a scalar quantity
a. Torque c. Distance
b. Distance d. Momentum
16. According to the Quantum theory, photons are _____________
a. Waves c. Electromagnetic
b. Energy packets d. Particles
17. The reason for bursting water piper during very cold weather is that ________________
a. Water pipe contract when cooled c. Ice expands on freezing
b. Water expands an freezing d. None of these

Section – B

Note: Answer any Eight (8) Questions from this section (40)
Q2. State coulomb’s law and define its unit of charge?
Q3. Define center of gravity. How can we determine center of gravity of an irregular center of
gravity of irregular plate?
Q4. Define friction. Describe the methods of reducing friction?
Q5. What do you meant by conventional current?
Q6. What is difference between real and virtual image?
Q7. Find the potential difference between two ends of the conductor, if it offers a resistance
of 0.5 ohm. Take the current flowing through the conductor as 15 ampere.
Q8. Define work. Also define positive work, negative work and unit of work.
Q9. Two balls of 40 and 20 Kg act force of 3.33 x 10-7 N. Find the distance between the
mass. ( G= 6.67 x 10-11 N.m2 / Kg2)
Q10. Why does the flash of lightening seen earlier than the sound of thunder?
Q11. How is rainbow formed?
Q12. Prove that S = Vi t + ½ at2
Section – C
Note: Answer any Two (2) Questions from this section (28)
Q13. What are the main defects of human eye? How are they removed?
Q14. Find the focal length of the lens if the object is placed at distance 5cm from the lens and
image is formed at 10cm.
Q15. Explain series and parallel combination of resistance.
Q16. A number of 40 waves pass through a point on a surface of pond in two seconds.
Calculate the wave length if the velocity of waves is 3.5 m/s
Q17. State and explain the law of Gravitation?
Q18. A series circuit consisting of three resistors having resistances of 40 Ω, 50 Ω, and 20 Ω
respectively is connected across a voltage source of 120v as shown in figure below. Find
the current in the circuit and the potential difference across each resistor.
-^^^^^^^- -^^^^^^^- -^^^^^^^-
40 Ω 50 Ω 20 Ω