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First Grade News

November 1-3
& November 8-12, 2010
What we’re learning
Our Bible stories for these weeks are ”The Parable of the Farmer and Seed,” “The
Parable of the Weeds and the Wheat,” “Jesus Calms the Storm,” and “Jesus Heals a
Man Who Couldn’t Walk.” We will be reading “Fish Mix”, “How Many Fish?”, and “Jog
Frog” in our basal reading books. We are working with short “i” and “o” words with “x”
and “s” endings. Subtraction stories and adding 1 math facts will be covered as well.
In social studies we are learning about our community and its workers. Our science
studies include different kinds of animals and how they grow.

Due to shortened weeks, there will be some changes in the weekly routine of
assignments. Take note of these below.

Here are some options for challenging your child:

• Math-Tell a math story to your child, and have him/her draw a picture and number
sentence to fit the story events.
• Christ Light– Act out the story and its events.
• Reading– Create a new ending to the story and add illustrations.

Monday 1st: Read Christ Light story “The Parable of the Farmer and Seed”
Math flash cards
Tuesday 2nd: Memory Treasure (Romans 10:17)
Read basal story “Fish Mix”
Monday 8th: Read Christ Light story “Jesus Calms the Storm”
Spelling Test
( mix, fix, six, in, him, did, on, they, *fox, box)
Tuesday 9th: Memory Treasure (Matthew 11:28)
Read basal story “How Many Fish?”
Assignments continued…
Wednesday 10th: Read basal story “Jog Frog”
Math Facts
Thursday 11th: Read Christ Light story “Jesus Heals a Man Who Couldn’t Walk”
Memory Treasure (8th Commandment) p. 20
Important Notes
• Report Cards will be going home on November 8th. Please be sure to sign and
return the envelope by Friday November 10th. Just a heads up...this first quarter
was a lot of review and work done together. In the quarters to follow, we will
gradually be taking steps up (more individual work, new and more difficult content,
more responsibilities, etc.) to prepare your child for 2nd grade and a more strict
percentage scale.
• New Book It reading logs will be handed out for the month of November. The
system will work just like last books, write the title, sign and date, and
get a free pizza.
• Thank you for a wonderful Reformation Service. What an encouragement to see
our young children confessing their faith in word and song!
• If you have any unwanted books, please bring them in for the Used Book Fair
coming up November 15-19.

Upcoming Events
• Nov 3– 12:00 Dismissal for AZ/CA Teacher’s Conference
• Nov 4– No School
• Nov 5– No School
• Nov 6-SonShine Station
• Nov 8– 1st Quarter Report Cards
• Nov 9– CPK Fundraiser Night 11 a.m.-9 p.m.
• Nov 13– Spelling Bee at Hope in Penryn
• Nov 14– Grades 1& 2 sing at 8:45 service

In Christ,
Miss Luehring

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