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1. Jan Kruska (11,773 bytes)
38: ...te, [http://w w w .operationaw Operation
Aw areness] w as run by a w oman named Jan Kruska, in Glendale...
63: [http://w w w .operationaw Operation
Aw areness]<br>
82: amanda@operationaw
2. Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign (51,717 bytes)
60: [[Operation Aw areness]]
3. Tom Madison (6,233 bytes)
60: [http://w w w .operationaw Operation
Aw areness]<br>
4. SOclear Media Productions (11,229 bytes)
16: -- Jackie Sparling - Chief Operations Officer}}
105: [http://w w w .operationaw Operation
Aw areness]<br>
5. Jim Freeman (11,359 bytes)
66: [http://w w w .operationaw Operation
Aw areness]<br>
6. Johnny Ray Lee (9,659 bytes)
39: ... as [http://w w w .operationaw Operation
Aw areness], [[SOSEN]] and others on w hich registered sex o...
7. Derek Logue (14,929 bytes)
67: [http://w w w .operationaw Operation
Aw areness]<br>
Page 1/4 Awareness&fulltext=Search
8. Lee Lee Lawless (12,246 bytes)
59: [[Operation Aw areness]]<br>
9. Cheryl Griffiths (14,164 bytes)
10: ...r', aka "Your Royal Hiney", is the current Chief Operations Officer
(COO) and Media Director of the Sex Offe...
83: [[Operation Aw areness]]<br>
10. Truthseeker (12,049 bytes)
151: [[Operation Aw areness]]<br>
11. TMaximus95 (16,761 bytes)
112: [[Operation Aw areness]]<br>
160:, but I did use money and gifts to gain their cooperation. It w as
hard for me to talk about the idea of con...
12. JustaDadatHome (13,757 bytes)
107: [[Operation Aw areness]]<br>
13. Michael Resann (19,642 bytes)
118: [[Operation Aw areness]]<br>
14. SOSEN Staff (27,261 bytes)
13: * Promote education and public aw areness of the facts and myths of
sexual abuse and sex of...
98: ==Daily Operation of the Forums==

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Operation Aw areness
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