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1 Ladies Fellowship 6:30PM

2 WMU 9:00AM
7 Jambalaya Sale
Youth Committee Meeting 5:00PM
8 Two Rivers Pastor’s Conference 10:30AM
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11 Senior Adults to Golden Corral 10:00AM

Brotherhood 6:30PM Children’s Church Schedule Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ:
15-16 Louisiana Baptist Convention
(Age 3— Grade 3) Once again, it is time to fill the shoe boxes for
16 Deacon’s Meeting 6:30PM
Nov. 7th
Clifton & Diane “Operation Christmas Child.” What a wonderful
17 First Family Supper 5:30PM
ministry to children. Through these boxes, we can
Business Meeting 6:30PM Nov. 14th Judy & Tristen touch the lives of children for Christ Jesus. We can CAKE SALE &
Deadline for Shoe Boxes (OCC)
Chili Supper & Cake Auction
Nov. 21 th
Puppets—Matthew show God’s love for them and our love for them too. Tuesday
6:30PM I urge you and I plead with you to do twice as many
Office Closed for Thanksgiving
Nov. 28th No C.C.
boxes as you did last year. Let us strive to reach more November 23RD
children this year with the love of God through this
28 Hanging of the Greens 6:00PM ministry. 6:30PM
The church has set aside On Wednesday nights I have been teaching on the
designated times each day to topic of “Praying For The Lost.” I ask you, do you
Nov. 19th pray in unity for the church. know someone or some family who needs Jesus
Please be sure to have any information Please join us in prayer each Christ and His salvation that He offers? I urge you to
& articles for the December give me his or her name or their names so that we
newsletter turned in to Tammy in the
day at 5:30AM or 3:00PM.
can join together in prayer for their salvation. God
office by November 19th. Thanks! wants them to be saved, and He has called and
commanded us to pray for them. We need to be
serious about the spiritual condition of people in our Sunday
Happy NOVEMBER community and parish!

BIRTHDAYS November 28th

Birthday! Let us be warriors for Christ Jesus on our knees! God
can do great and mighty things if we pray and believe 6:00PM
that He can do all things!
14) MAKENZIE COX $5 Ornament Exchange
Christmas Songs Now may the grace and love of God in Christ Jesus be
Holiday Foods with you all, Amen.

21) CHARLES LANDRY Please come and invite a friend or someone Love in Christ,
who has not been to church in a while.
29) DAKOTA SPENCER This is an opportunity for us to encourage Bro. Mark
one another as sisters in Christ, no matter
30) RANDY NOONAN our age! So, please come and enjoy a
“ladies night out!”
Jambalaya Dinner
Sunday November 7th
First Family News
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Jambalaya, Roll,
Salad, & Cake

Proceeds will go to the

FBC Brotherhood Scholarship Fund
First Baptist Church, Greensburg
"Loving People to Christ"

Opportunities for Worship

Sunday Service:
9:15A.M. Sunday School
10:30A.M. Worship Service
Tammy Meadows………..Secretary/Treasurer
Mark Robinson………………………...Pastor

Children's Church
First Baptist Church

6:00P.M. Worship Service

Greensburg, LA 70441

FBC Staff

5:30P.M. First Family Supper

6:30P.M. Prayer Meeting
Kid's Power Hour
6260 Hwy 10
P.O. Box 37

A Nursery is provided for
Children ages birth to 3 years.