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Kuai Le, Haeng-bok, Felicidad. Those three words are happiness in

Mandarin, Korean and Spanish.

Good morning, I bid to the honourable judges, accurate time

keeper, and my wonderful audiences. To begin, let me introduce
myself. I am Dominic the Great. On this beautiful morning, I would
like to enlighten every one of you here about happiness.

Happiness is a noun. The opposite of happiness is sadness.

According to, it is a feeling of pleasure and positivity.
It is one of the elements in the journey of life.

Everyone is looking for happiness, in today’s world, many people are

trying to reach and achieve happiness in many ways.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, to truly reach full

happiness, you need to recognize that everything in your life is good.
Perhaps at most of the time when you are feeling under, you might
miss a moment which might be your happy moment. Even the simplest
thing can be your true happiness. For example, my inek came over to
our house and made me her special cookies and hot milo just because
she thinks that I am slightly skinny. The tastiness of the cookies
filling up my tummy and made me feel special as her grandson. True
happiness is you will never get tired with the simplest things in life.

“Money can’t buy true happiness”. My fellow audience, it is

undeniable what effect money has to an individual. In fact, some say
“money is the root to all evil”. People say that when you have money,
you can do anything that you desire. But some rich people in this
world money can’t guarantee 100% happiness in life. Some of them
felt the feeling of emptiness although with mountains of money they
can afford everything. Some of those rich people thinks that by
sharing their fortune to the needy is one of their keys to happiness,
which I think is true. For the poor, a bowl of rice, a warm chicken
soup or milk is enough to put smile on their face. The sense of
helping those living in poverty for instance, is self-satisfaction in a
good way.
My dear friends,

Happiness is an ongoing process in life. Happiness can be in past,

present or in future. We cannot expect our life is 365 days perfect.
Everything happened in the past or future has logical reasons. What
happened in the past, try to let them go, just follow the flow. Follow
the principals of life, embrace and value every moment in life. Let me
say this to you, you can only be happy if you choose to be happy. Yes,
I know happiness is a choice. But here’s a thing, God did not give you
a problem that you cannot overcome. Again, everything happened has
reasons. Thank God instead of complaining for the challenges, and
you will be 60% happier. Trust me.

Next, connect with people. It is said that people with strong

and broad relationship are happier. Close relationships be it with
family and friends provide love and support. Healthy relationships
with family and friends guaranteed our wellbeing and happiness.
Psychologists has proven that having broader relationship and good
social support decrease the chances of depression.

Last but not least, the key to happiness is our own body. Our
body and our mind are connected. Being active and physically fit will
improve our mood. Yoga and Zumba are on trend nowadays. By
participating actively in those activities, not only they stay healthy
but also influencing others to lead a healthier lifestyle within their
social circle. What do you like to do during your leisure time? For
me, I prefer…………………………………………………………………..
Finally, my sharing has come to an end. Last but not least,
happiness is not free, you have to work and earn for happiness. Now,
I would like to end with a simple poem.

Having fun,

Always happy and smiling,

Playing with friends

Peace around the world.

It’s a pleasant feeling.

Nice and warm.

Enjoying life

Stimulated by love and

Surrender of sorrow as well.

Thank you for listening and God bless.