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A development chart for 9-12 age


Physical Physical

They experience a steady increase in large Plan activities that allow them to move about;
muscle development, strength, balance and Vary activities – don’t rely solely on sports,
coordination;; general physical activities are important as
They are very active, with a lot of energy; well;
There will be different maturation rates Avoid competitions between genders.
between the sexes; girls will tend to mature
faster than boys;
They will experience an increase in small
muscle coordination.

Social Social

They generally see adults as authority; Clarify and enforce reasonable limits;
They follow rules out of respect for authority; Plan plenty of time to be with individuals
They are loyal to groups, clubs, gangs, etc. from their same gender;
They enjoy code languages and passwords; Group activities are important.
They identify with individuals of the same
They prefer to work in groups in cooperative
They approach solving problems with a
negotiating style, compromising with peers.

Emotional Emotional

They are accepting parent/family beliefs; Provide correction quietly – one-on-one;

They admire and imitate older youth; Give positive feedback and look for
They are developing decision-making skills; successes;
They are beginning to question authority; Avoid generalized praise;
They need involvement with caring adult; Be present at group activities, be visible but
They find comparisons with others difficult be in the background;
to process. Provide safety net of an adult that will
maintain boundaries.

Intellectual Intellectual

Their academic abilities vary greatly; Youth in this age bracket still very much
They have an increased attention span, but enjoy “hands-on” activities;
many have interests which change rapidly; Help youth form groups/clubs with common
They are learning to use good judgment; interests or hobbies;
They judge ideas in absolutes, right or wrong Vary the activities offered to engage rapidly
not much tolerance for middle ground; changing interests.
They have interests in collections and