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中国国家留学生基金管理委员会 CSC

中国 北京西城区车公庄大街9号A3楼13层 100044
Level 13, Building A3, No.9 Chegongzhuang Avense Beijing 经费办法: 学习专业:
100044 P.R China
Fax:0086-10-66093915 Http://

( The above table is only for CSC )



Personal Information:
Agency No. Agency Name
5861 Embassy of P.R. China in Pakistan

Surname Given Name


Chinese Name Gender


Date of Birth Marital Status

1994-04-10 Single

Nationality Native Language Passport No. Date of Expiration

Pakistan English AJ6779101 2021-10-04

Country of Birth City of Birth Religion

Pakistan Swabi Islam

Permanent Contact Tel Permanent Contact Fax Permanent Contact E-mail


Permanent Contact Address

Mohalla Bar Lory Village and P.O Box Panjpir District Swabi, KPK, Pakistan

Present Contact Tel Present Contact Fax Present Contact E-mail


Present Contact Address

Mohalla Bar Lory Village and P.O Box Panjpir District Swabi, KPK, Pakistan

Education and Employment History:

Highest Education
Institute Name
UST Bannu

Years Attended Field of Study

2012-10-10--2016-10-10 Software Engineering

Qualification (eg. BA. BSc)


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Other Education Certificates Ⅰ
Institute Name
Quaid-e-Azam Group of Colleges

Years Attended Field of Study

2010-01-01 -- 2012-01-01 Pre-Engineering

Qualification (eg. BA. BSc)


Other Education Certificates Ⅱ

Institute Name
Quaid-e-Azam Group of Schools

Years Attended Field of Study

2008-01-01 -- 2010-01-01 Science

Qualification (eg. BA. BSc)


Employment History
GTC Swabi

Employment Duration Work Engaged

2017-07-17 -- 2018-03-31 Teaching

Title & Position


Language Proficiency and Study Plan:

Chinese Proficiency Level of Obtained HSK Certificate

English Proficiency Obtained English Proficiency Certificate

Excellent Yes

Apply as Discipline Applying For

Master's Degree Engineering

Preferred Teaching Language Major Applying for

English Computer Science and Technology

Preferences of Institute Ⅰ
Harbin Institute of Technology

Preferences of Institute Ⅱ
Harbin University of Science and Technology

Preferences of Institute Ⅲ
Heilongjiang University

Duration of Major Study

2012-10-01 -- 2016-10-01

Ever studied or worked in China?


Institute or Employer Employment Duration


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Ever studied in China under a Chinese Government Scholarship?

Institute Name Employment Duration


Other Contacts:
Name of Contact Person or Organization in China Tel
Syed Waleed 008615626264063

E-mail Fax

International Student Dormitory West 1, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou

Spouse's Name

Spouse's Age Spouse's Occupation

Father's Name

Father's Age Father's Occupation

Mother's Name

Mother's Age Mother's Occupation

◆ Supporting Documents:
✓ 证件照片;

✓ Certificates of Highest Education (Notarized Copy):

Bachelor's Degree Master's Doctor's Other
✓ Transcripts of Highest Education (Notarized Copy);

✓ Study Plan;
✓ Two Recommendation Letters;

Passport Home Page;

✓ Physical Examination Record for Foreigner;

Admission Letter or Admission Notice of Chinese Universities;

Articles or Papers Written or Published;

Examples of Art(6 color pictures)and Music(1 audio tape)Work(Only for the applicants applying for Fine Arts and

Other Attachments(List Needed): 。

Note: All supporting documents uploaded must be clear scanning copies of the original documents. Each Set of the
complete materials should not exceed 20 pages.Please use DIN A4.

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◆ I Hereby Declare That:
1. All information and supporting documentation provided for this application are complete, true and correct;

2. During my stay in China, I shall abide by the laws and decrees of the Chinese government, and will not participate
in any activities in China which are deemed to be adverse to the social order of China and are inappropriate to the
capacity as a student;

3. I will agree to the arrangements of my institution and specialty of study in China made by CSC,and will not apply
for any changes in these two fields without valid reasons;
4. During my study in China, I shall abide the rules and regulations of the host university, and concentrate on my
studies and researches, and follow the teaching programs arranged by the university;

5. I shall go through the procedures of the Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship Status as required;
6. I shall return to my home country as soon as l complete my scheduled program in China, and will not extend my
stay without valid reasons;

7. If I am judged by the Chinese laws and decrees and the rules and regulations of the university as having violated any
of the above, I will not lodge any appeal against the decision of CSC on suspending, or withdrawing my scholarship,or
other penalties。

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Statement of Applicant

China Scholarship Council (CSC)

Thank you for using the Chinese Government Scholarship Information System. Before proceeding, please read the
terms and conditions carefully. If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions, you may choose not to submit
your application. You (the applicant) should be aware that by submitting this application, you will have consented to
the terms and conditions, regardless of the application’s final result.
1. Each applicant will be issued a username and password by the CSC after they have completed the registration
process. The applicant is fully responsible for the username and password. The applicant will be liable for activities
and events carried out under this account.

2. The applicant is fully responsible for the authenticity, legality, validity and accuracy of all the information contained
within the application. The applicants must not impersonate others and must not include any information in the
application that does not belong to them. The applicants will be unable to edit the application after the submission.
Any false or misleading information contained in the submitted application will negatively influence the scholarship
application and the applicant will be responsible for the corresponding consequences.
3. Each scholarship awardee cannot partake in more than one Chinese government provided scholarship program
during his/her study period in China. If an awardee is to have breached this rule, the CSC reserves the right to cancel
the scholarship that might already have been awarded to him/her.

4. In the circumstance that the applicant is refused by all three preferred universities of Type A application, CSC will
do its best to arrange another Chinese university to enroll the applicant. Applicants that still can not be admitted
after this process will lose the scholarship opportunity.
5. Within each enrollment year, each applicant is allowed submit no more than five applications, including a
maximum of two Type A and three Type B applications.

6. Terms of Privacy: User privacy is one of the CSC’s most valued principles. The CSC will strive to protect the private
information of applicants through technical, management and other measures. Once the application is submitted, the
applicants agree that the relevant data contained in the application will be provided to the dispatching authorities and
universities, for the purposes of their admissions and studies.
✓ I confirm that I have read and accept the CSC’s “Statement of Applicant”.

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