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My clothing store is oriented to avant-garde fashion, we will have shelves on both sides
where we will show our clothes and our accessories will be on top of it, such as handbags
and purses.
The dressing rooms will be close to the box. It is a simple design but pleasant and
comfortable for all our customers.


Contract for personal and professional services

Among the undersigned, namely Johan Sebastian Fernandez Acuña, mayor and
neighbor of Bogotá, D.C., identified with C.C. No. 123,456 of Bogotá, who acts in his
own name and who in future and for the purposes of this document will be called THE
CONTRACTOR on the one hand and on the other, Luz Adriana Ramirez Chambo major
and neighbor of Bogota, identified with Cédula de Ciudadanía No. 98.765.432 of
Monteria, who acts as Legal Representative of the COMPANY LUZÁSTORE and who
in forward and for the purposes of this document will be called THE COMPANY, we have
concluded the present Civil Contract for the Provision of Services, of a private nature
and that shall be governed by the relevant regulations of the Civil and Commercial Code
and in particular by the following clauses: Background: 1.-That the CONTRACTING
ENTITY through the program and / or agreement NAME OF THE CONVENTION
subscribed with THE COMPANY, the contract and / or agreement No. 2.- That the
aforementioned contract was concluded for the purpose of Stand rental for 2 days. 3.
That THE COMPANY has decided to contract the services of an employee named Luz
Adriana Ramirez Chambo, to give support in the activities that arise from the
aforementioned object. 4.- That Luz Adriana Ramirez Chambo meets the requirements
to develop this work, according to his academic preparation and work experience, so
the parties have decided to celebrate the present contract, which will be governed by
the following: Clauses: FIRST. OBJECT: THE CONTRACTOR on behalf of THE
COMPANY and complying with the obligations that directly or indirectly derive from this
contract, is obliged to provide the services and deliver the products and goals
established in this contract, as CONTRACTOR. SECOND. DEVELOPMENT: The
development and execution of this Contract will be done in accordance with the
provisions of its clauses and the terms and specifications agreed by the parties and
contained in this document or additional to it, signed by the parties. PARAGRAPH: The
development and execution of this contract will have the follow-up, supervision and
control of the legal representative of THE COMPANY, who will also endorse the
payments to the CONTRACTOR according to the products that it must deliver, as well
as the supervisory and accompaniment actions that advance Project Management
validity of this Contract, to: 1º.- Advance the necessary previous steps to allow that THE
CONTRA 2º.- To put in knowledge of the people interested and linked to the project,
about the work that THE CONTRACTOR will advance, in order to optimize each one of
the visits that are advanced. 3º.- To allow THE CONTRACTOR access to the facilities
and documentation linked to the project that it requires in the development of the object
of this Contract. 4º.- To cancel in a timely manner the collection accounts for the
rendering of services that THE CONTRACTOR generates in accordance with what is
established herein. The disbursements for these collection accounts will be made as
long as the required documentation is timely delivered as payment of Pensions, EPS
and ARL. 6º.- The others that derive directly or indirectly from this document. QUARTER.
RESPONSIBILITY: The CONTRACTOR shall be jointly and severally liable to THE
COMPANY, if for reasons attributable to him, the results of the project are not as
expected or if for the same reasons, the COMPANY is fined or sanctioned by the
CONTRACTOR. FIFTH TERM: The duration term of this contract will be two (2) days
counted from June 16, 2019. SIXTH. VALUE AND FORM OF PAYMENT: The total value
of this contract will be the sum of Eight hundred thousand pesos M / CTE ($ 800,000),
which will be paid by THE COMPANY to the CONTRACTOR for services and in
accordance with the schedule signed between the parties and which forms an integral
part of this contract. Payments will be made on a monthly basis upon presentation of a
bill of collection, proof of compliance of the President of THE COMPANY and payment
of contributions to the social security system (health, pensions and ARL). SEVENTH.
reservation and not disclose, in whole or in part, the information obtained in compliance
with this Contract, unless there is prior written authorization from THE COMPANY, nor
may it be used for purposes other than those related to it. directly with its execution.
EIGHTH. EXTENSION: Prior to the conclusion of this Contract, the parties may extend
it by common agreement, according to the needs of the Agreement, for the fulfillment of
the object of this Contract. NINTH. EXCLUSION OF THE LABOR RELATIONSHIP: It is
clearly understood that there will be no labor relationship between THE COMPANY and
THE CONTRACTOR in the execution of this Contract. ELEVENTH. ASSIGNMENT OF
THE CONTRACT: THE CONTRACTOR may not partially or totally assign the execution
of this Contract to a third party, except with the express and written authorization of the
Legal Representative of THE COMPANY, with the prior approval of the Financial
Controller of Juan Martinez. TWELFTH. TERMINATION: This contract will end: a.- For
the end of the term of duration b.- For the breach of any of the two parties, of the
obligations that directly or indirectly derive from the present contract. c.- For the other
causes established in the Law. D. C. is signed in Bogotá, in two copies of the same
tenor, the first day (1) of the month of March 2019.

DC No. 98,765,432 of Montería

DC No. 123,456 of Bogotá