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Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia

Academic and Research Vice-rector

Activity 2 – Writing assignment

1. General description of the course

Faculty or Vicerrectoría de Relaciones Internacionales

Academic Unit
Academic Level Professional, specialization, master
Academic Field Common basic interdisciplinary training
Course Name English B1
Course Code 900003
Course Type Methodological Can be yes ☐ No ☒
Number of Credits 3

2. Description of the activity

Type of the Individu Collaborativ Number

☐ ☒ 16
activity: al e of weeks
Moment of Intermediat
Initial ☐ ☐ Final ☐
evaluation: e:
Delivery Environment: Monitoring
Evaluative score: 90
and Evaluation
Starting date: April 11 th
Closing date: May 11th 2019
Competence to develop:
Build a text that accounts for work produced with the support of the E-
Tutor and e-students. Through this exercise, the student will e-
recognition and ownership of the contents of the units, their
environment and the context to express themselves according to their
Topics to develop:
Grammar, Unit 1 and 2
Should, simple past tense, modal verbs of advice: should,
ought to, had to, comparatives, go +ing
Recommendations, giving advice. Description of price and length,
past events, recreational activities.
Steps, phases of the learning strategy to develop:
Central task - Writing assignment - Production
Phase 1: Students work in collaborative groups.
Phase 2: Students present a written text.
Phase 3: Students give feedback and reflection on the task.
Activities to carry out:
Step 1
Introduce yourself Each student share IN ENGLISH this following
personal information (Name, age, address, phone number and
occupation, choose a role)

Step 2

Check exercises on the knowledge environment.

Group has to check “Knowledge Environment” and develop all the

Writing exercises. There are 5 students in the group for five parts in
writing exercises. Each student develops two writing assignments in
the Forum. For Instance:
For example, Student 1 will develop first and second writing exercises
and share them in the forum, Student 2 will develop third and fourth
writing exercises and share them in the forum….

Develope Grammatical topics: Each student will select ONE topic to

a. Imperatives
b. Modal verbs
c. Simple past tense.
d. Gerunds after prepositions
e. Superlatives.
You cannot repeat topics.
After student chooses the topic, he should look for a video that explains its
gramar usage with its rules and write five sentences as an example of its use.
The video and the sentences will be post in the forum


You will write a letter to your best friend to tell him/her about you
have a new job. As a group choose a job to develop. Each student
must develop a paragraph about that job. It means that each student
will select one paragraph, one color and develop it as in this

Paragraph one: Describe the job. (Use images for do it)

Example: I am a teacher now at the San Pablo’s school. I
have 26 children in my classroom. They are 8 years old. I
teach English and Spanish. I have to work from 6:00 a.m to
4:00 p.m. My classroom is big, the walls are white and we
have a decoration of the looney toons. Every day when I
leave class, I prepare what I will teach in the next class.
Sometimes I qualify worksheets or some evaluations that I
did in the classroom. I no longer use heels because they are
uncomfortable to play with children. Now I have a sweatshirt
as a uniform…..
Paragraph two. Describe workplace. San Pablo School is located
near the beach in Cartagena, Colombia. Also, It offers many subjects
like mathematics, physics, English, Arabic, French, Science, and
Spanish. It has a big library, tennis court, football court, swimming
pool and a Gym. In addition, San Pablo has a large beautiful garden
with a big playground. It is has around 700 students. Finally. It has
many strict teachers
Paragraph Three: Say why you like it
I love teaching children. I really enjoy playing with them. I
love sharing their experiences and I like seeing how they
enjoy learning new things. I like the way I have to dress at
Paragraph Four: Say why you dislike it
I do not like getting up early. The working day seems long...
Paragraph five: Say whether you best friend think would like
your job.
I imagine that you think it is very stressful to work with
1. You should start your letter for instance: Dear Angela
2. You should end your letter with: your friend, Julian

NOTE: In the event that a student does not participate in the forum,
other students must write his/her paragraph.

Correcting, feedback and publishing: Each participant will write,

correct and feedback the different parts of the final text, along with
the help of the tutor.

nt for the
Collaborative Learning
Upload the Final Document in PDF or Word format with
following information:

1. First page: complete name, CEAD and academic

Products program.
to deliver 2.Second/third page: Writing practices from the
by student Knowledge Environment
3. Fourth/fifth page: videos and examples of
grammatical topics.
4. Six: Letter with all paragraphs.

General guidelines for the collaborative work

Planning of
activities for
Each student has to write at least 3 interventions in
order to accomplish the selected role.
Roles to Each student has to write at least two significant and
perform by objective comments regarding the opinions of other
the student members of the group.
in the
collaborative The comments should remark mistakes, aspects to
group improve and contribute to the debate.
Collector: Articulate the contributions of all the
participants of the collaborative group in order to
consolidate the final paper; including only those who
Roles and took part of the whole process.
es for the Reviewer: To verify that the final paper and process
delivery of meet all the requirements stipulated by the teacher.
Evaluator: To verify that the final paper meets the
criteria stipulated by the rubric. The evaluator must
inform the group about any corrections or
adjustments regarding the quality of the document.

Submissions: To keep track and inform the group

about the submission time, upload the final paper on
time, using the link provided by the teacher or
stipulated by the activity guide. To notify the group
members the final paper was submitted.

Alerts: To notify all the group members about

changes or news related to the submission or
elaboration of the final paper. To notify the teacher
through the collaborative forum and the course
messaging that the final paper was submitted.
It is necessary to use the APA standards in order to
Use of
provide a bibliography of the sources cited in the
According to Dictionaries de la Real Academia
Española “Plagiarism is the action of substantially
copying other people's works, presenting them as own
creation." Therefore, plagiarism is a serious offense;
academically speaking it is equivalent to theft. A
student who plagiarizes does not take his education
seriously, and does not respect the intellectual work of

There is no small plagiarism. Using any portion of

another person's work, without acknowledging the
author or source is plagiarism. Now, it is evident that
we all take some ideas from others when it comes to
presenting ours, and that our knowledge is based on
someone else’s knowledge. But when we rely on the
work of others, academic honesty requires that we
explicitly announce the fact that we are using an
external source, either by citing or by paraphrasing
(these terms will be defined below). When we cite or
paraphrase, we clearly identify our source, not only to
give recognition to its author, but also to allow the
reader to look up in a reference text.

There are certain academic events in which it is not

acceptable to quote or paraphrase the work of others.
For instance, if a teacher assigns his or her students a
task in which they are clearly required to answer
using their own ideas and words, then the student
should not consider external sources regardless if they
are properly referenced.

4. Evaluation rubric

Evaluation rubric
Activity Individual Collaborative
☐ ☒
type: Activity Activity
Moment of
the Initial ☐ Intermediate ☒ Final ☐
Performance levels of the collaborative
Assessed Scor
Aspect e
High score Media score Low score
participations There is
are relevant, minimum
articulated participation in
and contribute the writing
to the forum, besides it There is not
Participatio construction of neither meets forum
n the final the participation at
& document. requirements of all.
interaction The the guide and
contributions schedule nor the
are posted netiquette
according to standards.
the schedule.
(Up to 30 (Up to 15 (Up to 0
points) points) points)
The written The grammatical
The proper
outcome structures used
Use of use of
contains some are simple, they 30
grammar grammar
grammatical do not match
shows a good
inconsistencies the difficulty
knowledge of and the level according
the structures. simplicity of the to the contents
sentences show of the course.
difficulties in the
(Up to 30 (Up to 5 (Up to 0
points) points) points)
The document
The written
shows The ideas and
final document
inconsistencies sentences
contains a
in the written in the
organization and document look
construction of
construction of disorganized,
sentences and
Coherence ideas; however, they are not 15
the objective or articulated, or
making use of
main point of do not have a
view is clear objective.
(Up to 15 (Up to 10 (Up to 0
points) points) points)
Although the
The final vocabulary used
document in the final The vocabulary
contains wide document is very limited
variety of matches the and does not
words which difficulty level match the
are used according to the difficulty level
Vocabulary coherently, contents of the according to the
with course, it is contents of the
appropriate limited and has course.
spelling. some spelling
(Up to 15 (Up to 10 (Up to 0
points) points) points)
Final score 90