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RB [CANDIDATE= PLEASE NOTE |PRIN your name. te ite Delow and ren] te bao wis het Faure laner Sacra: "| rest cope 02111010 FORM TP 2018166 |—#—____ MAYAUNE 2018 CARIBBEAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL CARIBBEAN ADVANCED PROFICIENCY EXAMINATION? CARIBBEAN STUDIES Paper 01 1 hour 30 minutes 31 MAY 2018 (p.m) READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. 1. This test consists of 45 items. You will have | hour and 30 minutes to answer them. 2. Inaddition to this test booklet, you should have an answer sheet 3. Donotbe concemed that the answer sheet provides spaces for more answers than there are items in this test. 4. Each item in this test has four suggested answers lettered (A), (B), (C), (D). Read each item you are about to answer and decide which choice is best. ‘On your answer sheet, find the number which corresponds to your item and shade the space having the same letter as the answer you have chosen. Look at the sample item below. ‘Sample lem Cultural renewal refers to the revival of ‘Sample Answer (A) the art form (B) cultural practices @ e@ ©® (C) natural resources (D) human interaction ‘The best answer to this item is “cultural practices”, so (B) has been shaded, 6. Ifyou want to change your answer, erase it completely before you fill in your new choice. 7. When you are told to begin, tum the page and work as quickly and as carefully as you can. If you cannot answer an item, go on to the next one, You may return to that item later. 8. You may do any rough work in this booklet. DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO. Copyright © 2016 Caribbean Examinations Council. All rights reserved. 02111010/CAPE 2018 A diaspora is BEST described as (A) people who live away from their country (8) communities developed away from their original homelends (©) communities which are scattered over a large geographic area (D) people who were settled and worked on plantations in the Caribbean Which of the following outeomes did NOT result from adult suffrage inthe Caribbean? (A) Decolonization (8) Democratic reform (C) Government approval (D) Political enfranchisement ‘To what section of the slave trade does the Middle Passage refer? (A) The journey from West Africa 10 the New World {B) The interior to the coast of West Africa (C) The Caribbean sugar plantations to Europe (D) West Africa to the slave trading ports of Europe Under slavery, Caribbean society was characterized by (A) social mobility {B) rigid separation of classes (C) equality among all people {D) the rise of middle-class groups 6. ®: The enslavement of Africans in the Caribbean contributed to the erasure of their cultural practices because they (A) voluntarily converted to Christianity (B) were encouraged to retain some of their customs (C) were separated fiom their family and kinship groups (D) were made to live with persons of the same tribe on the plantation ‘The MAIN aim of colonial education in the Caribbean was to (A) control the masses at the time (B) prepare the masses for managerial positions (©) encourage the masses to become independent (D) provide the masses with skills needed to function in society Which of the following festivals celebrated in Toronto? (A) Caribana (B) Reggae Sumfest (©) Labour Day Parade (D) Notting Hill Carnival Which of the following indigenous groups settled in Central America in pre-Columbian times? (A) Taino (B) Maya (C) — Ciboney () — Kalinago 10. i. Which of the following terms BEST describes the near extermination of the indigenous population caused by European exploration and settlementinthe Caribbean region? (A) Slavery (@) Suicide (©) — Genocide (D) Infanticide Item 10) refers to the following pie chart which shows population distribution in a Caribbean country by nationality/ethnicity. Indian 43.65% EE Atrican/pincr 30.45% Mixed 16.74% BE Amerindian 9.16% Which ofthe following Caribbean countries is MOST likely being depicted by the pie chart? (A) Antigua (B) Guyana (C) Jamaica (D) Barbados Which ofthe following approaches wasused by Caribbean peopleto challenge European domination during the sixteenth century? (A) Burning plantations (B) Subsistence farming (©) Micro-level resistance (D) Economic independence 2. LB. 14. Whichof the following beliefs BEST shows the link between a cultural norm and a cultural value? (A) Caring for the old signifies a person’s wealth, (B) Cooking extra food for unexpected ‘guests signifies hospitality. (C) Using picong as a means of developing literary competence. (D) Taking care of relatives allows caretakers to get money from family members. Mr Polygan has been advised by the agricultural agency that he needs to minimize soil erosion on his hillside farm. Which of the following conservation methods is BEST for him to use? (A) Terracing (B) Crop rotation (C) Slash and bun (D) Mono eropping Which of the following practices did indigenous peoples contribute to Caribbean culinary traditions? 1. Use of cassareep HI. —_Dishes made from maize II]. Use of salted codfish (A) Mlonly (B) Land Ml only (C) Land Ilonly (D) Mand IM only Julia migrated to the United States where she works and sends money to her mother who takes care ofher children. This money is known as (A) revenue (B) reparation (©) remitance (D) investment