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i RE GE any rotndspatone "| ros cone 02212010 FORM TP 2018172 _——__—— MAYHUUNE 2018 CARIBBEAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL ‘CARIBBEAN ADVANCED PROFICIENCY EXAMINATION® cuesusrey UNIT2 - Paper O1 T hour 30 minutes JUNE (pm) READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. L.This test consists of 45 items. You will eve 1 hour and 30 minutes to answer them. 2 Inaditon to this test booklet, you should have an answer shet anda data booklet 2. Rach item in this ost as fo sugges answers etre (A), (R)-(C) (D). Read each item YoU are about to answer and decide which coe i bes. 4. On your answer shes, find the number which coresponds to your item and shade the space having the same letters the answer you have chosen. Look a the sample tem below. Sample tem Which ofthe folowing energy transitions s the HIGHEST in an ongane eompound? ‘Sample Anse (A) ntoas @@60 @ ctor (nox ® re The correet answer to this item is “oto 0", so (B) has been shaded, 5. If you want to change your answver, eras it completely before you fill n your new choice 6. When you are told to begin, turn the page and work as quickly and as carefully as you can, If yu cannot answer an tem, go on tothe next one. You may return to that item later. 7. You may do any rough work inthis booklet. 8. Figures are not necessarily drawn to sale 9. Youmay usea silent, non-programmable calculator fo answer items DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO. Copyright © 2016 Caribbesn Examinations Council All ights reserved, 2 Inwhich ofthe following pairs of formulae 2. Which ofthe following compounds show is the molecular formula and empirical optical activity? Formula correct for butanoie acid? 1. CH,CH(OH) Coon Molecular Empirical Ml, HOCH=CHOH Formula Formala mm, BeG@pIc. GO, cHo (A) Land only ® CHO, cHo ® only © cHo. CHO (©) Wandiltonly © CHO CHo ©) tad Which ofthe following pairs of isomers have idential boiling points? itil I nec en, mt HEE Cet W | @ ¢—H H oO H | © Amd BGP e on GOON TO THE NEXT PAGE Alkane molecules are cracked into smaller molecules which may include smaller alkanes, alkenes and hydrogen molecules. ‘Which of the following equations shows the cracking of C,H,.? (A) Cally Clty? CH, B) Cale Ce + Cy © Cathy — Cela * CH @) Cathy > CHa CH, Which of the following statements about polyunsaturated oils (trigyleerides) is FALSE? (A) They undergo saponiicaton, (B) They are hydrolysed to produce liplycerides. (©) Theirshectivesare protonged with hydrogenation. (D) They are hydrogenated to produce margarine. ‘Analcoholistreated with aiid K,Cr.0, and the cesuling mixture gives a postive ‘wisiodoform test. Which ofthe following structures BEST represents the alcohol used? “ cH—oH H ® ato, ou ae © tenn 4 de cu, © o-o—cH, on 1 ‘When CH,CH = CH, is treated with hot swidifed KMnO,, which ofthe following products isfare formed? (A) Bthanoic acid only (B) —_Propanoie seid only (©) Ethanoic acid, CO, and 1,0 (D) Propancic acid, CO, and H,0 Which of the following methods could [NOT be used to diferentiate ethanal fom ropanal? (A) Using Tollen’s reagent (B) Measuring boiling point (©) Molecular mass determination (D) Empirical formula determination Which ofthe following statements is true forthe nation of benzene? (A) The eaction is electrophilic dition. (B)_Theresction is carried out at room temperature. (© Nitrobenzene, pale yellow iquid, is formed, (©) Theniating misture is diue nitric avid and dilute sulfurie acid, GO ON TO THE NEXTPAGE