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& ‘CANDIDATE PLEASE NOTE [PRINT your name on the fine below and retuen| Gi bole wi oe eee | Test cope 02207010 FORM TP 2018155 MAY/JUNE 2018 CARIBBEAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL CARIBBEAN ADVANCED PROFICIENCY EXAMINATION® BIOLOGY UNIT 2-Paper 01 J hour 30 minutes READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. This test consists of 45 items. You will have 1 hour and 30 minutes to answer them. In addition to this test booklet, you should have an answer sheet. Do not be concerned that the answer sheet provides spaces for more answers than there are items in this test. Each item in this test has four suggested answers lettered (A), (B), (C), (D). Read each item you are about to answer and decide which choice is best. On your answer sheet, find the number which corresponds to your item and shade the space having the same letter as the answer you have chosen. Look at the sample item below. Sample Item Which of the following chemical compounds is NOT a form of energy storage? Sample Answer ar e®©O8 (B) Lipid (©) Aleohol (D) Lactic acid ‘The correct answer to this item is “ATP”, so (A) has been shaded. If you want to change your answer, erase it completely before you fill in your new choice. When you are told to begin, turn the page and work as quickly and as carefully as you can. If you cannot answer an item, go on to the next one. You may return to that item later. ‘You may do any rough work in this booklet. Figures are not necessarily drawn to scale. ‘The use of non-programmable calculators is allowed. DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO. Copyright © 2017 Caribbean Examinations Council. Alll rights reserved. 0220701 0/CAPE 2018 Item 1 refers to the following diagram of a longitudinal section through a dicotyledonous leaf. Which of the following combinations correctly identifies Cell X and its importance in photosynthesis? al h te in importance cl piaiarabeas (A) |Spongy | Contains numerous chloroplasts {B) | Palisade | Contains photosynthetic pigments {© | Spongy | Contains photosynthetic pigments D) | Palisade | Contains numerous mitochondria In non-cyclic photophosphorylation, photolysis occurs, oxygen is released and hydrogen is taken up by an acceptor molecule. Which of the following molecules accepts hydrogen? (A) FA (B) NAD (© Rupp (D) NADP 02207010/CAPE 2018 Which of the following combinations correctly identify the MAIN factors the rate of photosynthesis? 1. Light intensity and temperature II. Carbon dioxide concentration and state of the stomata II. NAD and ATP availability (A) Land I only (B) Land Ill only (©) Wand Il only (D) 1, Mand ll The yield of greenhouse crops is higher than that of field crops due to increased photosyntheticactivity by the plants. Which factors MOST likely contribute to this? 1. Constant application of farmyard manure I, Humidair‘and moist soil conditions II. Higher tharvaverage carbon di levels’ (A) Land Ii only (B) Land {ll/only (C) Wand Ill only (D) 1, Wand att In anaerobic respiration, the maximum number of ATP molecules that may be produced from a molecule of glucose is (A) 2 (Gy Fe (© 34 (D) 38 GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE 6 During aerobic respiration in mammals, tem 8 refers to the following experimental acetyl coenzyme A is set up. (A) used in the Krebs cycle Pipette tip (B) converted to lactic acid (©) _used to synthesize glycogen (D) one of the products of the Krebs eycle 7. Cofactors of the electron transport chain include (A) vitamin A (B) vitamin B (©) vitamin c ©) vitaminD tae peas Dry non-absorbent cotton Absorbent cotton soaked with KOH A possible reason for setting up Apparatus is to (A) measure the amount of carbon dioxide being evolved by dry peas ef (B) verify that oxygen gas is being consumed only by germinating peas (©) compare the amount of carbon dioxide used by peas in both tubes (D) _controltheamount of oxygen being consumed by germinating peas in Apparatus I GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE, 02207010/CAPE 2018 .