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David Bryan Vilela Castillo

Jail Tour Reflection

Having a tour at the Spanish Fork jail was a quiet of experience I like it and I learned a lot. When

I just barely arrive at the place I learn that is very important to be very organize, to know pretty

well people behaviors and movements signs, and always having things plan ahead in order to run

a jail. Before I enter in to the facility I had many thoughts about how bad inside the jail can it

looks, I was having many ideas how my experience around the jail will be, some of those thoughts

were wrong, I learn great things having the tour. Learn how the jail works, how inmates are

treated, and how inmates deal with their lives inside.

When I arrive there, I was able to notice that the facility was well take care of, before we enter

we have a little information given to us so we can be aware of few things inside. Our tour guy

who was Sargent Crist, he has been working at the jail for about 10 years, he told us he had great

learning experiences in the jail also was able to help a lot of inmates. He shared to us that there

are three things which makes majority of inmates to get to jail, these things are: Drugs or Alcohol,

despair, Violence. All those three things come because of poor choices that people make.

We got to know that inmates are treated well depending in the way they behave in their time

being there, depending with the time and the inmate’s behavior they get privileges that allow

them to get a job in there, they can get better things from the outside of course depending of

the objects, the jail have a lot of security, security cameras, cops inside, electrics doors, and if it

necessary the cops are willing to use tasers to make sure the jail is pretty secure. We have the

opportunity also to hear from an inmate, her name was Karissa, she had been through a lot, her

parents left them, she got involve on selling marijuana, selling drugs and got to be abuse by her
David Bryan Vilela Castillo

boyfriend, she has 2 children, she got in prison several occasions. Her time in jail make her think

more of getting out from it because of her children but is really hard for her to lose her addiction

to drugs. Her time being in jail help her to learn a few things she educated herself with GED

classes and is currently in addiction recovery. After all I have learn from this tour that each one

of us can be put in jail if we follow our poor decisions that we have in life. We can avoid our bad

decision by thinking what is best for us and the people that care about us. I am really glad I took

the tour it help me to open my eyes.