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Cross Examination – Prosecution

1. Mr. Reddy – House owner

1. Is this your statement given to the Intelligence officer?
2. Is this your signature in this document?
3. Is it true that you’ve mentioned in your statement that you are very close to Mr. Paul
4. Are you the person who informed the local police about the accused’s stay and
5. Do you know that not informing the local police is punishable under the Foreigners
6. Is it true in your statement you didn’t have any problem with the accused staying in
your apartment because he regularly paid the rent?
7. So if anyone pays you rent on time, you’ll allow them to stay in your apartment? (So
If your paid money, you’ll also depose?)
8. Do you know which apartment your accused tenant was living in? ( If any number
other than 7: Accused mentioned his address as 7)
9. Which floor is it on?
10. Do you anyone by name Mr.Joshi?
11. Which apartment does he live in? (How is it you know so little about Joshi and so
much about Zuma?)
12. Are you closely associated with the accused person?
13. What is the name of your watchman?
14. Is it true in your 67 statement you’ve stated that you cannot be sure if accused had
indulged in any form of intoxication?
15. So Accused might be involved in drugs?
16. Did Accused state his nature of occupation to you before entering into the tenancy
17. You are aware that he’s a Nigerian national?
(I put it to you, that you accommodate anybody who simple pays money to you)
(You check neither identity nor background not his conduct)
Ram Prasad – Restaurant Eater
1. Is it true that you are a widower?
2. It must be extremely hard for you, losing somebody so close, correct?
3. You also have to take care of your son as a single parent correct?
4. You also run your firm, apart from these responsibilities, correct?
I put it to you sir, that you are basically a very stressed and burdened person.
5. Is it true that you had mentioned that RK puram was very crowded that day?
6. You saw someone coming in a Honda Activa?
7. And you didn’t see his face, correct? (if he says he saw, not in statement)
8. And then you saw him surrounded by certain civilians?
9. The civilians were well dressed?
10. And you saw them holding something in their palm, and you were 20 feet away,
11. I could have been anything, not necessarily an ID card, correct?
12. Is it true that you gave your statement to the Investigating Officer at the crime

I put it to you that you are lying! In your S67 Statement you have expressly
mentioned that the officers left immediately and that you did not follow up!

I put it to you, that what you saw was not an ID card, but a cinema ticket. I put
it to you that a group of friends, flashed their cinema tickets and not their ID
You saw a group of normal cinema goers who took their friend to a local
cinema theatre!
Paul Zuma – Accused
1. Is it true that the NCB team searched you for possession of contrabands?
2. Were you served with notice u/s 50 NDPS?
3. Were you forcibly taken in custody?
4. Were you subjected to any physical or mental torture?
5. Were you examined by a doctor?
6. So you were not given notice u/s 50, forcibly taken to police station where
you were subjected to physical and mental torture and were not produced
before a doctor- so you were not offered any human rights at all? Correct?

7. You were produced before the same court on 31.12.2015 and the very same
bench asked you whether any of your legal rights were violated. You clearly
answered to this court that you were never harassed.

Did you lie on that day or are you lying today?

I put it to you that your version today is nothing but a fabricated story.

8. For how long have you been staying in India?

9. Do you know what is meant by FRRO?
10. With what name did you register to obtain a residential permit and visa?
11. What is your real name?
12. Then how is it that no such record has been found under that name at the
13. Do you know who Vishnu Reddy is?
14. What is your relationship with Vishnu reddy?
15. Is it true that you saw Vishnu Reddy for the first time on 29.12.2015?

SO I Put it to you that Vishnu Reddy has no ulterior motive to implicate you
in the said offence!