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Main points Examples

Using animals in scientific tests is a According to the US Department of
sign of bad science Agriculture, in 2011, five small, long-tailed
rodents, died as a result of neglect and
dehydration after being used for a stude.
2 Animal testing, although "​ Public and Scientists' Views on Science and
controversial, is the most used way Society" in 2015 suggest that 89% of scientists
by scientists surveyed by the Pew Research Center were in
favor of animal testing for scientific research
3 To avoid animal testing we can use According to PETA, a variety of cell-based
alternative way like cell- culture tests and tissue models can be used to assess the
safety of drugs, chemicals, cosmetics, and
consumer products.
4 Religious reasons The bible, Buddhism

Main points Examples
1 The movement to take nude
photos for charity or to protect the
environment is not new in the
world, nude photos are said to be
taken to attract the public’s
attention to the surrounding
environment, which is being
destroyed by humans.
2 However, the idea of nudity for Some Vietnamese famous names had done
environment is not praised by the nude shots that they so claimed “for the
public. environment and charity” before, but they
received many disagreement on their acts.

3 It is normal for models to take

nude pictures but nude photos
must have good ideas and be
4 In most cases, nudity for For example, they (people who do nude
environment is not welcomed by shots) can set the wrong idea on the young
most people, and there is no point about life aspects. Like it is such a false
to post nude photos on newspaper belief if they link nudity to environment or
and means of media. They will charity, when they are the topics that need
just raise public’s attention on the to be considered in a serious manner.
act of being nude itself, not the
environment, and just lead to