Continuum Consortium

Spanning the Scope of Structuring Families, Their Wealth, Governance & Global Family Entities

An Institutional Partner Introduction  

70%* of Family Wealth Transitions to the Next Generation Fail
The Statistics are Consistent Around the World

Continuum Consortium Clients Do Not Fail. Why Not?
They are Prepared for Change and Transitions They Make Better Decisions They Have Closer and More Productive Relationships with Trusted Advisors They Approach Their Family Office/ Private Family Trust Company as a Business They Have the Right Team

Family & Private Family Business Structures
For Wealth Transitions, Decisions, Retained Control, Oversight & Legacy

We are a consortium, a coordinated team of proven, collaborative professional experts in  family/family wealth/family office/ family trust company problem‐solving dedicated to  combating the endemic failure of families to successfully transition family wealth to future  generations.       We are family‐centric, expert and practical in problem‐solving solutions to improve the  possibility for families to succeed.   Our deliverables are pragmatic, objective and straight  forward in implementation.      “Our approach improves the likelihood of success, and helps to avoid failure for families  who are motivated, qualified and ready to take action.” Robin Coady Smith    
* The Williams Group, Stockton, CA,  Their research supports existing data on failure rates and causes.  Interviews  were conducted with 3,250 both here in the  US and in Europe with successful families that confirmed a failure rate of 65% to 75%. 

Continuum Consortium
Spanning the Scope of Structuring Families, Their Wealth, Governance & Global Family Entities

  Our Clients Engage Us for Results     To expand the families we can serve and meet the immediate actual needs of wealth  holders, we partner with select institutions or significant professional firms, financial  advisors and teams.  We are highly selective and cannot work with all potential.   Protecting Your Relationships, Acquiring New Ones Increasing competition and complexity in the family wealth market means that all trusted  advisors are finding their value propositions challenged and questioned.     You know that you have to prove your worth and value‐added every day.  We can help.    What We Look for in a Partner     We are currently working with a select group of providers and trusted advisors to wealthy  families.  Through a process of due diligence we are open to considering partnerships with  those who are already successful in delivering the highest standards of their expertise and  services to  the increasingly demanding ultra high net worth families with family offices  and/or other private family business structures.      We look for partners that actively understand their specific expertise and service or even  how their business model is supportive of family offices or other family business structures.  We look for partners that focus less on selling products and concentrate on problem‐ solving.    Continuum Consortium does not endorse, nor receive any material benefit or consideration  from any service or product providers.  We do not engage in investment, tax, legal or  accounting advice. Our focus is exclusively on the family side, while remaining product‐ solution‐neutral when engaged for the purpose of structuring.     All corporate or professional partnerships are on an “arms length” basis.  Professional  partnerships involve primarily sharing of ideas, opportunities and business development  efforts. 

Continuum Consortium
Spanning the Scope of Structuring Families, Their Wealth, Governance & Global Family Entities

Continuum Consortium team members are Laser Focused on Families, their Wealth and their  Structures  The engagements we seek include, business owning families and other ultra high net worth  families, in any of the following;  • • • • • • In the stages of wealth management for the family, wealth transfer or  inheritance, with partial or total distributions   Have, want, or should have either a single family office or a private family trust  company  Have complex investments and vehicles, including layers of partnerships and   multiple family trusts  Have at least 50% of asset in trusts with individual trustees in a family office  The family operating business stock is the major asset to transition to family  members via a suite of trust structures with multiple private trustees  Practice, regulatory, trustee, trust or investment accounting‐ accuracy problems  and challenges that are not being solved  ‐ affect quality of statements

   Our Proprietary Problem Solutions 
  The consulting expertise of our principals enables ultra high net worth families and their  trusted advisors and professionals to enjoy:    • More effective and efficient wealth management structures   • Achieve stronger family oversight, control, decision making for structures and  practices  • Increase family engagement and commitment to active roles  • Customized and effective governance for multiple entities/generations of family  • More effective working relationships with providers and all trusted advisors.  • Synchronization of extended family operating businesses, wealth creating and  charitable entities  • Optimize decision making and  fulfillment around organized, meaningful wealth‐ related information and data  • Clarity of wealth vehicles, e.g., partnerships, asset holding trusts   


Continuum Consortium
Spanning the Scope of Structuring Families, Their Wealth, Governance & Global Family Entities

The Continuum Consortium team members include;   
• • • • Robin Coady Smith, Managing Partner, Our Family, Our Wealth, LLC    Amelia Renkert‐Thomas, President, Fisher Renkert, LLC    Lisa Gray, Managing Member, graymatter STRATEGIES, LLC    Dr. Tania Neild, President & CEO, Infograte, Inc.    

Coordinated Team Member Expertise
•Family Member Preparation & Support •Infrastructure Build for Family, Boards, Committees, etc. Orchestrating Practices Family Office Private Family Trust Company •Family Entity Structuring •Family Support for Wealth Transfer Entity & Strategies •Implementation Robin Coady  Smith Dr.Tania H.  Neild •Technical and Operational Build and Solutions for Family Offices Trust Companies

Amy Renkert‐ Thomas

Lisa Gray

•Customized, Workable Governance  •Roles of Family Entities •Multi‐Generations of Family •Risk Management & Protection of Authentic Assets

2010@ Our Family, Our Wealth All Rights Reserved 

  For more information or for confidential inquiry, please contact me directly by email  or phone for time by phone or face to face.  Robin Coady Smith, Managing Member                                                                             Our Family, Our Wealth and member of Continuum Consortium                                 
Tel:  302‐635‐7012  Cell:  302‐379‐1458                                                                                            Email:                                                                                                                   Visit on the web at                                                           Linked In:     

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