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European Imperialism 4/14/19

European Imperialism
By Dylan Breneman

Presentation Supplemented by:

Crash Course - Imperialism: Crash Course World History #35
European Route of Industrial Heritage

§ The following standards for 10th grade social science

will be met or touched upon in this presentation:

1. 10.4.1. Describe the rise of industrial

economies and their link to imperialism and
colonial ism (e.g., the role played by national
security and strategic advantage; moral issues
raised by the search for national hegemony,
Grade Social
Social Darwinism, and the missionary impulse;
material issues such as land, resources, and Science
2. 10.4.2. Discuss the locations of the colonial rule
of such nations as England, France, Germany,
Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain,
Portugal, and the United States.

§ On your own, think about the Agricultural Revolution in

Europe. How might an increase in food and productivity
impact the societies, economies, and populations of 18 th
Think. and 19 th century Europe? W hat do you predict will

Pair. happen next in history? Feel free to write out some of

your ideas!

Share! § W hen you are ready, find a partner in class. Share your
thoughts and have a discussion with your partner. W rite
down any questions you and your partner may have.

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European Imperialism 4/14/19

§ Europe in the 18 th century experienced a boom in


§ Increased production of food resulted in an increase in

population drove

Another § Economy is demanded to produce more, faster, in a

more efficient manner

§ Enter the industrial revolution: this was a slow spread of

technological advancements that helped European
nations produce more “stuff”

§ More “stuff” (like food and labor) increases the

demands on society to provide jobs

§ W hen demands are not met, Europeans take an

extroverted approach: lets spread outwards –
§ raw materials become scarce and labor is out of

New Demands work/housing/food

§ Growing middle/lower class
and § Newer technologies enable Europeans to fight against
New Technology the rest of the world (and win)

§ They also want to secure power against other European


§ “Our country is so awesome, we should share

our awesomeness with a developing
country… ”
– Nationalist Country
§ Usually accompanied by the greed of
§ They want as much profit as possible, and don’t
care about the natives of new colonies
Nationalism § Government gains power through claiming
more land, increasing its influence, and
securing more natural resources
§ European nation didn’t have to rely on each
other for materials or goods because they
could bring resources back from their colonies
to manufacture goods

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European Imperialism 4/14/19

How or why did the agricultural revolution lead to

the industrial revolution in Europe? Use the boxes
below to guide your answer.

Agricultural Increase
Revolution Goods

§ China is a powerful world economy, but highly

regulates who can trade, visit, and export goods to and
from China

§ British were selling opium to the Chinese through

select port towns
British Empire § Opium is highly addictive :(

in § Chinese fear addiction and try to cut the British out

China § The British force their way into markets with

military/naval power

§ Treaty of Nanjing allow British to open trading ports on

Chinese lands

§ Industrial technology allows Europeans to colonize


§ prestige/nationalism (we own these colonies, HA), more

so about owning the means of production (raw

Scramble materials- cotton copper, iron, rubber),

for § Africans were immune to European diseases, they had

their own diseases that repelled Europeans,
Africa § Maxim Machine Gun
§ medicines allow Europeans to go further than their
coastal trading posts

Dylan Breneman 3
European Imperialism 4/14/19


Africans fought back aggressively

The result was major casualties for

Scramble African natives

for European weapons and medicine

Africa allowed them to breach the natural
barriers of Africa

They were able to breach further than

they had ever gone before

§ Why do you believe

there are countries
without ocean access
in Africa? How were
these borders
§ What happened
between the first
map and the second?

1 2

Dylan Breneman 4
European Imperialism 4/14/19

Europeans controlled colonies through intermediaries and collaborators;

indirect rule through controlling native leaders to control the large


Native rulers maintained most of their power, but answered to European

military power

Other Many gained access to advantages

Rulers Mahatma Ghandi received his education in Britain

The alternative was violence – many chose the less deadly route

§ “His Majesty's dominions, on which the sun never sets”

- Christopher North

British § Sun never sets on the British Empire:

Everywhere § Opium markets in China

§ Scramble for Africa
§ British Raj in India

A gricultural

Final Activity:

Think about the

relationship between each N ew

of the listed concepts.

Explain how and why each
of these concepts formed
the Industrial Revolution.

Industrial Revolution

Dylan Breneman 5
European Imperialism 4/14/19

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