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07 GSWICS-SMAW-01 Rev.5 SAUDI ARAMCO. BI-10-00578 Sines mean Une i.sGip# Open Drain Tanks Projects Departm PWHT Yes MDMT 0c. Karan Offehore Piatform & Subsox Pipline Dlv.| Sour Service Yes 32-SAMSS-030 PO 1022, Jobol All, Dubal KAREN OFFSHORE PLATFORM Log# — 0.059 ‘i ‘AND SUBSEA PIPELINES uate | WELDING PROCEDURE SPECIFICATION emir) WPS) REVIEW REVIEW STATUS Status Jomaser/vontr Gulf Stoel Works a Gen > | wrsire, _ GSWICS/SMAW/01_Rev 6 ¥ Weld mep/owg. —_ Sea below 52. Pune Date B./Contractno, ”_# 6600021809 aiano | po.numver Not referenced peTORNTO: Equipment No, or coming Teerancos! Previous log reference: KOPPOIT-0218/10 hog # Kom REVIEW STATUS DEFINITIONS: “APPROVED ‘APPROVED AS NOTED. FABRICATION MAY PROCEED [ - APPROVED AS NOTED, FABRICATION MAY PROCEED, SUBMIT CORRECTED COPY NOT APPROVED; CORRECT AND RESUBMIT §- REVIEW NOT REQUIRED ‘COMMENTS Weld Maps: D-3012-046-D-024-WM-01 Rev 1 D-3012-@46-D.025-WM.01 Rev 4 D-3012-049-D-024-WM-01 Rev 1 WPS GSWICS/SMAWIO1 Rev 5 is approved with corrections as follows: 1, The maximum deposit thickness has been corrected to be in accordance with ASME IX, Qw-451.4, frnos ie ir cette fretetnpscualurorsrar te | — Facsruna er |Seee.te Sera, = oN ey iar fescneetaae Are ea fesenteaptat we fetes, tee oh Senta AO tami nO 35k