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Rand, Randbetween, Lookup, Vlookup

2. Index and Match
3. Text Functions
4. If, Countif

1. Write a formula to generate a random number between 25 and 26 (25 and 26 are not included).
Formula: Sample Value:

You are working as a Senior Business Analyst with a retail shop named Funbazaar. Funbazaar captures daily sales data
from its various Point of Sale (POS) terminals/ system. From the POS database, you have extracted relevant information
in an Excel sheet Revenue.
The Revenue sheet contains Order Id in column A, Date (dd/mm/yyyy) of Order is in Column B. The data has been
sorted with respect to date column. The No of items contained in a transaction is in column C. The Discount
Offered on the transaction in Column D. Column E, F and G contains data on Revenue before Discount, Revenue after
Discount and Revenue after 4% VAT respectively. In column H, the data related to Payment mode has been given. It
shows “Cash” if it is a cash payment and 16-digit Credit-Card number if payment is made through credit card.
Funbazaar accepts only two types of credit cards, namely, Master and Visa. The MASTER credit card starts
with the number ‘5’, and VISA card stars with ‘4’
As a senior business analyst, answer the questions 2 to 6 below:

2. Write a Lookup (not the Vlookup) formula to extract the revenue after discount for the order id 4000. Create
Named Ranges for all the columns and use these names in the formula.

3. Write a Vlookup function to extract the Revenue after 4% VAT for the order id 4500.
Formula: Value:

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4. Write a formula to extract the data in Column ‘D’, Row ‘25’.
Formula: Value:

5. Payments for successful transaction were made using either Credit Card or Cash.
Write a formula to know how many transactions payments were made by Cash.
Formula: Value:

6. Write the formula to know how many payments were made using Visa Card.
Formula: Value:

7. You are working as a HR Manager to ABC Pvt Ltd. Employee number, age as on 15-Oct-2013(in yrs.), duration of
working for ABC Pvt Ltd in months and existing monthly salary in column A, B, C, D respectively, is given in a
worksheet named HR. Your task is to revise the salary of each employee based on the following conditions using
1. If age is less than or equal to 30 then s/he will receive a hike of 20% of existing salary.
2. If age is greater than 30 years but less than or equal to 32 years then s/he will receive a hike of 30% of
existing salary.
3. All others will get a hike of 40% of existing salary.
Write a Nested IF function to calculate the revised salary of each employee.
Formula: Value:

8. Refer to worksheet SALE. Write a function to extract the name of the product which has maximum sale for June
2012. You should not sort the data to get the answer.
Formulae: Value:

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