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4/11/2018 'Tuk-tuk not suitable for Malaysia' | Daily Express Newspaper Online, Sabah, Malaysia.


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'Tuk-tuk not suitable for Malaysia' Appeal Court was wrong: JPs Council
Published on: Friday, January 16, 2015
'What PM meant by consensus'

Kuala Lumpur: Transport, consumer and road safety bodies shot down the idea by Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) to Weaknesses of hospitals being looked into

introduce motorised tricycle or tuk-tuk' as a new form of feeder service in the suburbs.
EPF gives devt project to TSR

Association for the Improvement of Mass Transit (Transit) advisor Moaz Ahmad pointed out that SPAD should ensure that existing
Sha e was eyeing DPM post: CM
public transport services run effectively before introducing a new type of service.
PBS may use own ag if proposal is pursued
"Transit is against the tuk-tuk' idea as it won't offer comfort, convenience or safety advantages over taxis and buses. Adding a new type
of public transport is not the solution to the current problems," he said. May 9 is a school holiday

Commenting on the touted rationale that tuk tuk's may provide higher frequency of service, Moaz said: "It doesn't hold water. A tuk-tuk MAB, FlyFire y & Maswings waive ight change fee

would still be stuck in the tra c as other vehicles since it is wider than a motorcycle." Too long wait for Labuan bridge: PKR

SPAD chairman Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar had mooted the idea to introduce the tuk-tuk – commonly known as Autorick, Baby Taxi, Gabungan: Seat distribution nalised
Bajaj, Coco, Mototaxi, Pedicab or Tempo in other parts of the world – here as a cheaper alternative to taxis in the suburbs.

SPAD is mulling the introduction of tuk tuk's as an urban feeder service for townships and housing estates to ferry passengers from ADVERTISEMENT
LRT, KTM and future MRT stations as well as public transit hubs.

"The tuk tuk ts the requirements for higher frequency of service, (it is) cost effective, easy to operate and can offer affordable fares for
the masses especially for workers, college students and school children," Syed Hamid had said.

Commenting on the suggestion, National Consumer Complaints Centre (NCCC) board of trustees member Muhammad Sha'ani
Abdullah opined that introducing motorised tricycles as a form of public transport here would be "a step backward".

"I am afraid it will turn out like the 'Mini Bus' situation in the 80's and 90's. Would SPAD makes it mandatory for the motorised tricycle
riders to undergo training, be disciplined at all times and ensure the tuk-tuk operators can steer clear of the 'pajak' (leasing) practice?"
he asked.

"Even with the current problems with Klang Valley taxis, SPAD already has its hands full and is still struggling to improve the taxi
industry and weed out the problematic cabbies. What more with new addition of transport on the road," Sha'ani added.

Meanwhile, Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros) director-general Prof Dr Wong Shaw Voon expressed concern as to the
plausible frailty of motorised tricycle as public transport vehicles.

"I am surprised to hear this suggestion as tuk-tuk's lack safety features and doesn't offer much protection to passengers and the rider. It
may look practical in housing estates and universities when the tricycle is travelling at low speed but I fear the likelihood of danger
when a tuk tuk shares the space with other vehicles especially on the main roads. There has got to be a better idea for a new type of
road transport," added Wong.


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4/11/2018 'Tuk-tuk not suitable for Malaysia' | Daily Express Newspaper Online, Sabah, Malaysia.

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