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Crossword challenge

Complete the crossword below. Save your file using the following format Name:
EmployeeName_BadgeNumber.pdf and email it back to

1 2
M e r c u r y
4 5
r d
d a u
e v c o b a l t
s i a
a o i t
l l e
i n c i n e r a t i o n x
n t t
a i
13 11 12
m t b i o f u e l
e i e
t o
h n

Across Down

1. This metal used in fluorescent bulbs can cause damage to the 2. The ozone layer traps these harmful rays from the sun
kidneys and nervous system 3. Chemical used to spray on oil spills to break the oil film in oceans
7. Mining of this metal in Congo for lithium ion batteries has high 4. Polyester and synthetic clothes release these into the environment.
environmental and human cost Already 1.4 million trillion are in the oceans and water bodies
10. Bio-medical waste is disposed of through this method 5. The world’s largest e-waste recycling facility is located here
11. A renewable fuel made from plant biomass 6. This process converts sea water into potable water but contributes
14. Starch from this vegetable is used to make biodegradable and to global warming due to high energy consumption
water-soluble plastic bags 8. Petrofac implemented a conservation programme for endangered
15. A plastic bag stays in environment for 400 years, though the Lora turtles here
average usage time of a plastic bag is only __ minutes 9. After agriculture this industry is the second largest polluter of clean
12. The approximate percentage of sea birds that already have some
sort of plastic substance in their digestive tracts
13. Food production and food waste generate this greenhouse gas