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Thank you for agreeing to participate in the development and deployment of a training program for the

Communication Training Course at James Madison University. Your candid feedback is valuable in
determining the effectiveness of the training provided as well as the professionalism of the trainers-in-
development. When completed, please return this form via e-mail to Sarah Taylor Mayhak, at

Client Evaluation

RANK Strongly Somewhat Somewhat Disagree Not sure

agree agree disagree
The goals for training were clear. X
The goals of the training X
matched the needs of our
The trainers communicated well X
with me throughout the
The trainers solicited and X
incorporated my feedback
throughout the process.
Having an outsider training X
perspective was beneficial.
Your expectations regarding the X
trainers were met.
Trainers were professional. X
Trainers respected your time. X
We would be open to having X
these students facilitate another
training if the need arose.
Our participants gained skills or X
knowledge from the training.
Trainers were organized and X
prompt for the training.
I would refer this training X
session to other organizations
with similar needs.

1) If you felt that participants gained something from this training, on what do you base that? What
specific changes have you seen or do you expect to see that will indicate the training was successful?

Being able to talk with our volunteers in attendance has helped to gather feedback from them. They
felt that the training was helpful in gaining knowledge on how to share the mission of New Creation
with students on campus. While they were familiar with many of the ideas shared because of their
experiences interacting with customers, this training would be excellent for new volunteers in giving
them strategies to connect with peers. Seeing volunteers begin to utilize and engage in the strategies
provided will be the strongest indicator of the success of the training.

2) Have participants continued to talk about the training? What have they expressed to you about the

Yes! They gained some great strategies for connecting with their peers. There was great conversation
happening during the training! As I begin connecting more with the newer volunteer, I feel this
training will give her a great baseline for sharing New Creation with others.

3) Do you foresee this training being used again by your organization? If so, could you duplicate this
training with the materials the trainers have left you or would you prefer to have another training

Yes! I’d love to see this training evolve into an ambassador program on campus where students are
connecting with their classmates through classes, clubs, organizations and even hosting pop-up

4) Would you be willing to work with student trainers from the Communication Training class in the

As I evaluate the needs of our volunteer programs and the training, I can see working with more
student trainers. Perhaps not for a new training (unless the need arises) but to take this training to the
next level and facilitate putting it into action.

5) Please feel free to add any additional comments about this process.

The SCOM students were wonderful to work with! They were well prepared with each meeting we
had, asked great questions and kept in constant communication. I felt it was a great balance of the
group keeping me informed of their progress and asking questions as needed without being too
overwhelming with added tasks on my end. Their preparedness at each meeting made it very easy to
work with them each step of the way! Each member of the group participated and it did feel very
much like a group effort where everyone had a role and a part in creating this training.

The training itself went well! The group was well prepared and even had snacks for the volunteers!
Each member shared their information effectively and used great strategies to engage us as they
shared. The trainees were encouraged to participate throughout the training, which lead to a deeper
understanding of how to put this training into action. Job well done!