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Moon in aries in 12th house

This indicates an excitable and impetuous disposition. Feelings are enthusiastic, instinctive,
and directly expressed. Self-sufficiency and decisiveness may lead you to jump to
conclusions. The need for independence is quite strong and if the Moon is not well-aspected,
relationships can be rather short-lived. This independence may extend to a periodic need for
a new and fresh relationship, particularly for men. You generally insist on doing things your
own way, often refusing to accept interference from others. As with all fire signs, little
thought is generally given before making an emotional response, since emotions tend to be
strongly felt and spring from your surface conscious mind. Relatedly, you can be rather
sensitive towards the reactions of other people, taking them quite personally.

There is an unconventional nature to this expression that constantly probes the environment
for new adventures. When you identify something you like, you become involved, but this
involvement may sometimes be short-lived. You are very sure of yourself, depending more
on your own perception and intuition rather than listening to what others have to say. Your
decisiveness works well with major issues, but you tend to grieve over minor concerns; you
often end up nit-picking if you are distracted by them. Such events may induce outbursts of
temper, but these too are usually short-lived. Overall, you should try to become more aware
of the end result(s) of your actions.

In the twelfth house, a person either (1) goes to sleep spiritually, (2) taps into the power of
the unconscious self and possibly becomes a medium, or (3) faces the consequences of
some past life karma which was connected to selfish higher ideals.

The Moon enhances sensitivity and vulnerability here, especially for those who sleep
spiritually. You may be initially shy in company and prefer an uncomplicated, easygoing life
by accepting normal customs and beliefs. There is a tendency to live in the world of
imagination, and you are rather evasive.

Those who can tap into the power of the spirit have a natural gift of psychic abilities and
could become a medium. Both require proper development to avoid unpleasant experiences.

Those who face the consequences of a past life have the greatest challenge as there is a
tendency to sidestep any tasks and become rather lazy. In extreme cases, the use of drugs
and/or institutionalization can occur.

In general, this Moon position can often indicate an unusual relationship to your mother or
grandmother. As a child you were probably very receptive to her emotional world and
remained so even as you developed your own way of life. It is possible that even after the
death of a close family member, you maintain a close relationship to this person by way of
dreams, mediumistic experiences and visions. Many twelfth house Moon individuals can be
very escapist in mood and find themselves literally soaking up the vibrations of others
around them. You may then mistake such transferred emotions for your own feelings. You
should develop the means to protect yourself against such influences without totally
renouncing your sensitivity. Meditation (grounding) is one method that would help you to
retain your sensitivity, instead of allowing it to be exploited by others.